Friday, December 19, 2014

Woodstock Sweetwater Mesh Office Chair Closeout Sale!

Woodstock Marketing is making way for some hot new office chairs heading your way in 2015. That being said, some of their long time favorites have to go. This makes for the perfect opportunity to purchase an awesome new office chair for your home or business at an incredible price! In our attempt to help Woodstock Marketing purge their inventory, we will be offering Sweetwater mesh chairs on sale for just $150.00 + FREE Shipping while supplies last. Get your Sweetwater chair today before it's too late!

View All 4 Color Options for Sale Here: Sweetwater Chairs

Woodstock Sweetwater Chairs


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Are Cubicles History?

4 Person Open Desking LayoutFor decades cubicles ruled the office work floor. However, it's seems these days that a new trend is taking over in a major way. Open desking collections are rapidly becoming the industry standard for open floor furnishings and are replacing the cubicles of the past. In today's post we'll take an up close look at open desking configurations to determine if cubicles are really gone for good.

Open Desking ConfigurationOpen desking configurations offer a lot of benefits not obtainable through the use of traditional panel furniture configurations. The ability to collaborate and operate in groups is much more effective with open desking as it's naturally open feel encourages team interaction.

e5 Open DeskingIn addition to the collaboration aspect, open desking configurations also offer a wide range of cutting edge power options not typically seen in today's best selling cubicle lines. The plug and play power capabilities at work surface height prevent those pesky trips under the desk that used to be necessary to plug in devices.

Open desking configurations also offer a ton of modular benefits. These simple to spec multi user work station designs can be grown easily with the needs of your business and offer a wide range of super cool storage components that can be integrated in to keep your team well organized. Going modular is just plain smart and will definitely save your business money in the long run. This makes open desking a premier option for businesses on the rise!

Bridges II Open DeskingIn terms of style, it's hard to beat the modern appeal achieved through the use of a cutting edge open desking configuration. As the modern office furniture trend is in full swing, open workstations provide a high tech look that's sure to earn your work floor and abundance of positive compliments. As cubicles tend to make office areas look overcrowded and bulky, open desking is far more appealing and will no doubt make your space look far larger.

Modern Office FurnitureIt appears the industries top manufacturers have also begun the shift from cubicles to open workstations as well. Brands like Mayline have introduced popular new lines like Transaction and e5 while Global Total Office is enjoying ample success with lines like their new Bridges collection. This major momentum swing is not good news for panel furniture.

All things considered, there are definitely some draw backs and limitations when it comes to open desking. For starters, noise is a major concern. With the open layout style, panel walls that reduce sound are no more. Additionally, open desking configurations lack privacy. When computing at your station, you'll definitely be hearing and seeing what your teammates are doing. While this could be considered a good thing by some, most value their privacy in the workplace and this could be viewed as a major draw back.

Transaction Open DeskingIn the long run, open desking configurations are the wave of the future. While cubicles will always have their place in business, we do believe that niche will become smaller and smaller. The sophisticated power options, open feel, modularity, and overall appeal of open desk configurations is certainly winning the race.

So, are cubicles history? We think they are an awesome part of history with a place in the future. Cubicles have served us well, but more effective solutions for modern businesses are coming fast. The industries top office furniture manufacturers know that in business, if you're not ahead of the curve your falling behind. That being said, open desking configurations will be the big winner of the workplace for years to come.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Best of 2014 Awards: Office Chairs

While we won't be handing out any prizes, we still thought it would be fun to showcase our favorite office chairs of the year! In today's post we'll highlight our teams top 5 favorite seating solutions and their benefits. We hope you've had a comfortable year in the workplace, but if you haven't... these chairs will certainly help!

Presidential Office ChairThe Concorde Presidential chair by Global Total Office was our teams top luxury office chair pick of the year. With unmatched ergonomic features, high quality upholstery, and a form fitting design, the Concorde Presidential chair is an absolute winner. While this 2409 model chair from Global doesn't come cheap, those want the ultimate in office comfort will be highly rewarded with their investment in a Concorde chair. Additional Concorde chairs like the Pulsor model can even be outfitted with awesome back massage features. Now that's living good!

The Cherryman iDesk Oroblanco chair is a relative new comer to the world of professional office seating. Released just a few short weeks ago, the Oroblanco it's already making it's presence felt. For that reason, the team picked the Oroblanco as this years best new comer. Both the 402B and 402W Oroblanco models offer excellent ergonomic features and an everyday low price point to match. Choose from a variety of cool mesh back colors to compliment the adjustable arms, contoured seat, and sleek curves. Look for Oroblanco chairs are sure to be a hit in 2015 and beyond.

Ribbed Back Office ChairThis year, ribbed back office chairs were incredibly popular. Interior designers and industry professionals alike recommended ribbed office chair models from the industries top brands regularly for conference and boardroom makeover projects. That being said, our pic for the years best ribbed back office chair goes to the 11730 by Offices To Go. With ample padding and an excellent ergonomic mechanism, the 11730 offers a more comfortable sit than most of the comparable models on the market. While there are both cheaper and more expensive ribbed chairs on the market, the triple threat of value, style, and ergonomics make the 11730 hard to beat.

Like with ribbed office chairs, the retro look was also incredibly popular in 2014. All factors considered, no retro office chair offered more appeal than the Hendrix from Woodstock Marketing. Available in 4 leather options, we feel the Hendrix chair would of made Jimi proud! The segmented cushion design is complimented by polished frame features that really pop. Both the high back and mid back Hendrix models were top sellers this year making it a no-brainer for today's list!

This years best mesh back chair award goes to the WAU from Eurotech. These cutting edge modern office chairs are available in both high and mid back variations that combine with awesome ergonomic features that are sure to help you get through those long days at the office. The Wau's breathable mesh back and seat design allows users to stay cool and comfortable while computing. Priced at $464.00, the Wau high back chair is a bit pricey for the average budget, but rest assured... these chairs are definitely worth it! The fact that many of today's ergonomic seating specialists are using Wau chairs in their own personal workspaces proves that Eurotech has really outdone themselves with this fantastic line!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The 6 Key Elements of A Fantastic Boardroom

If you want to take your office boardroom to the next level, today's post is a must read. Here we'll share the 6 key elements you'll need to create a productive, efficient, and professional meeting environment. Enjoy!

Visual Appeal

Boardroom Design

When guests walk into your boardroom, first impressions are made about your space. That being said it's absolutely vital to make a good one! When designing your boardroom you'll want to choose a decor theme that showcases your business personality. If you're business is technology based and on the cutting edge, a modern boardroom theme will work best for you. If you are with a high end law firm, traditional wood furniture will be ideal for your space. No matter the theme you choose to go with for your boardroom, be sure maximize visual appeal. If done correctly, you'll be earning plenty of design compliments when guests walk into your space.


Powered Conference Table

These days it's all about technology in the boardroom. The industries best conference room furniture manufacturers are in an ongoing race to provide businesses with the latest and greatest boardroom gadgets for improved meeting efficiency. This year it was all about plug and plan power modules for conference and boardroom tables. The ability to plug laptops, projectors, televisions and smart phones directly into table surfaces is in high demand. Far gone are the days of chasing wires and plugs across the table surface. These are nothing more than eye sores and tripping hazards these days!  New boardroom tables like the Zira from Global Total Office and Mystic from Lesro Industries are available with the factory installed power modules needed to help you create a well rounded meeting area.


Modular Conference Table

Can your boardroom adapt quickly at a moments notice? If not, it may the right time to consider going modular! Modular boardrooms are easy to reconfigure and help businesses create multi purpose work areas designed for a variety of applications. These space saving benefits will help you maximize your square footage and make the most of your furniture investment. Any industry professional will tell you that modular boardroom tables and accent furnishings are the way to go! Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office have plenty of solutions to shop if you're ready to take your space to the next level.

Comfy Chairs

Ribbed Conference Chair

You can't very well have a fantastic boardroom with uncomfortable seating. The addition of comfortable conference chairs is a must for any fantastic boardroom as the right chairs will enhance your decor while keeping your guest operating at peak performance levels. If you notice your meeting guests fidgeting throughout meetings, it may be time to consider new seating. This year sleek conference room chairs and ribbed back conference room chairs have been the most popular. These styles save space, look great, and will no doubt keep your boardroom up to date with the latest trends.

Presentation Aids

Presentation Board

The right combination of presentation aids will transform your boardroom into a fully functional work area designed for the needs of any situation. Lecterns, marker boards, projector stands, and televisions are all great accessories to have on hand. These useful workplace tools will give your business a more professional feel and a leg up on the competition. In the long run, if you want a fantastic boardroom, you can't skip the little details. They tend to make the biggest difference!


Medina Low Wall Cabinet

A messy boardroom isn't doing your business any favors! It's time to clean up that cluttered space by adding some simple storage solutions. Boardroom wall cabinets offer excellent aesthetic appeal and will help to keep your stationary and reading materials well organized. A nice wall cabinet can also service as a beverage and snack station for your guests. In addition to wall cabinets, a laptop cart can be added to house and charge computers needed for multi media meetings. As a rule of thumb, you never want to start a boardroom meeting with evidence of the last one still present. Be sure to do a walk through of your space in advance to ensure your space is well organized.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Office Tech: e5 Powered Workstations by Mayline

Open Desking
If you're looking to create a cutting edge work environment for your team, it doesn't get much better than the Mayline e5 collection! This line of powered workstations offers impeccable style and modular benefits. As the traditional cubicles of the past make way for open desking solutions of the future, e5 is paving the way!

The e5 collection combines form and function in an easy to spec package. The wide selection of work surface sizes, finish options, and storage components makes this best selling collection an absolute winner in the workplace. 

Popular work surface shapes like rectangular, hatchet, and tapered designs make for professional versatility that is simply unmatched. Both individual e5 desks and larger configurations can be configured with all the plug and play power options you'll ever need!
Powered Office Furniture
If you're looking to prevent those pesky trips under the desk to plug in devices and turn on your computer, you'll love e5. Mayline has integrated power capabilities into the storage hutch and desk stations that make for efficient operation throughout the work day. Options like 3 prong outlets, USB inputs, HDMI inputs, and more can all be specified to make your day a breeze!

The e5 collection is making traditional office cubicles a thing of the past. The industrial yet modernized feel is what businesses have been craving for years. These cubicle alternatives work circles around most of the best selling panel furniture collections on the market. Competing furniture manufacturers across the country are working hard to come up with comparable solutions to e5 but we haven't seen anything quite like it just yet!

Mayline e5 Power StationsPerhaps the one downside of the e5 collection is the lead time. Those in need of new furniture in a hurry will not love the 30 day manufacturing time. That being said, Mayline does offer a new collection of in stock e5 desk configurations that may work for you. In the long run, if you're looking to take your workspace to the next level, plan out your project in advance and reap the rewards of e5.

In the long run, e5's array of privacy workstations, executive office solutions, and open desking puts it in a league of it's own. With plenty of high tech power options and storage components available to kick things up a notch, look for e5 to be one of the hottest lines on the market in 2015 and beyond.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

5 Must Know Facts About Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Advice

For those looking to select the perfect ergonomic chair for your office, it's vital to educate yourself in order to make an informed purchasing decision. That being said, in today's post we'll share 5 important facts that every office chair shopper needs to know. Enjoy!

Chairs Are Only As Good As Their Operators

Having the most expensive and cutting edge office chair on the market won't do you much good if you don't use it properly. In fact, those who use lesser quality office chairs properly, actually benefit more than those who purchase the fanciest models on the market. Failing to educate yourself properly on your chairs features is a recipe for office discomfort. When you purchase your new office chair, be sure to read the manual and instructions carefully. Take the time to read reviews and learn your chair frontwards and back. An office chair is an investment in your workplace comfort, and the only way to see a return on your investment is to achieve peak comfort levels and improved office functionality.

Not All Chairs Are Created Equal

These days the term "ergonomic" is thrown around pretty loosely. While office ergonomics is typically defined as any product that improves efficiency, not all ergonomic chairs are created equal. When shopping for new ergonomic office chairs for your home or business, be sure to compare the individual features and their benefits. While one chair may have more bells and whistles, another may have features you desperately need to reach optimal comfort.

It's All About The Mechanism

To make things simple, think of your chairs mechanism as the brain. This control center is the key to finding workplace comfort. The chair mechanism controls important factors like height, tilt, angle, and much more. When shopping for a new office chair, be sure to inspect the mechanism thoroughly. Chairs with single lever extending off the mechanism will typically adjust less and provide a minimal range of movements. Multi functional mechanisms and syncro-tilt mechanisms offer multiple adjustment levers to control a variety of factors you may need to reach your full working potential.

Expensive Doesn't Mean Better

Spending thousands on an office chair doesn't mean you'll be working more comfortably than shoppers who spend a couple hundred bucks. While a chair that costs thousands will certainly have the latest and greatest features, it's more important to select an office chair that has the features you really need, rather than ones you will seldom use. Important factors to look for like adjustable arms and lumbar support have really become the industry standard. That being said they really won't cost you a fortune. In the long run, if you discuss your needs with a respected industry professional, they will be able to help you select an office chair that will work best for you and your budget!

Dimensions Matter

Dimensions are an important and often overlooked factor by chair shoppers. While most spend their shopping experience searching for the best selling office chairs on the market, few take the time to actually review the chairs dimensions. That being said, it's important to take note of a chairs seat width, back height, and seat depth as all these dimensions will help you determine how your chair will sit. Don't rush into a purchasing decision that you'll regret. There's nothing worse that buying a new office chair, only to find that you feel crammed when sitting in it!

Here's What To Expect From The Industries Best Office Furniture Brands In 2015!

The upcoming year is poised for office greatness! The industries best office furniture brands have big things in store, and we can't wait to share them with you. Manufacturers like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, Global Total Office, and more are all working hard to bring you the latest and greatest workplace solutions. Let's take a peek at what's to come!


New Mayline Furniture

We expect big things from Mayline in 2015. While this top brand has issued a minor price increase that goes into effect on the first of the year, they are also ready to unleash some hot new products. In terms of seating, Mayline is poised for success with their new Gist chair collection. These ergo wonders offer excellent support and high end appeal to match. As for furniture, Mayline is going modular in 2015. With a ton of hot new workstations, contemporary tables, and open desking solutions from collections like e5, Cohere, and RGE, Mayline has got us super excited!

Cherryman Industries

Cherryman Verde Furniture

Always on the cutting edge of innovation, we know Cherryman is sure to bring us at least one hot new furniture collection in 2015. With the success of their Verde and Amber collections this year, the rumor on the street is that this industry favorite is going to kick things up in a major way with modern desking that's cooler than anything on the market. In addition to a new desking collection, Cherryman will likely be releasing a few new office chairs to enhance their already successful iDesk seating collection.

Global Total Office

Global Total Office Princeton Furniture

One of our teams personal favorites, Global Total Office brings us awesome new products year after year. Their quality, craftsmanship, and service is simply unmatched by any brand in the furniture world. While the end of 2014 has brought with it hot new chairs like the Spree, Arti, G20, Popcorn, and Vion we expect even more after the first of the year. Look for Global to further enhance popular collections like Zira and Princeton with new conference tables, reception desks, and open desking configurations. As always, we known Global also has a few new chair releases up their sleeves to match!



2014 was anything but quiet for OFM, and we expect next year to be no different. With a variety of new Avenger chair models set for release in the coming weeks, OFM is taking the big and tall office seating world by storm. This year was marked by an abundance of cool new lounge and lobby seating solutions from OFM and in January we expect OFM to be ready to roll out new collections like the inspired Soft Seating line.

Offices To Go

Offices To Go Casegoods

Known as one of the industries most reliable and affordable office furniture manufacturers, we simply love Offices To Go. This preferred brand is regularly receiving praise and compliments on their incredibly stylish office chairs and desk collections... and for good reason. They rock! In 2015 we suspect Offices To Go will storm the office scene with several cool new office chairs including several white leather models to keep business interiors up to date with the hottest trends. In addition, Offices To Go is ready to roll out some great new office desks, reception stations, and storage solutions for both home and business applications. With a recently revamped website and exciting new furniture finish options, we know Offices To Go has big things in store for 2015!