Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why A Curved Reception Desk Is Right For Your Business

It's true what they say. You never get a second chance at a first impression. In a competitive business climate, it never hurts to make a statement in with interior design. Lobbies, waiting rooms, and reception areas are often the first places guests and visitors will see when they enter your office, so it's important that these places pack plenty of modern appeal. One of the top trending ways to get this appeal is with stylish curved reception desks. In today's article, we'll be highlighting the benefits and shortfalls to help you decide if a cool curved desk is right for you!

One of the greatest benefits of curved reception desks is that they look good from any angle! In big reception areas, waiting rooms, and lobbies, a desk that can face the whole room is a huge plus, because visitors can feel welcomed from any place in the room. Also, the receptionist typically has more space to work from with a curved desk. Available in crescent, half moon, and circular designs, curved reception desks are easily the most noticeable piece of office reception furniture for guests to find, so they will never be without the receptionist's assistance!

In addition to eye-catching appeal, curved modern reception desks offer plenty of advanced design features. Not only does the curved wall enforce a modular layout, but many curved reception desks offer space for multiple users. This way, receptionists can reach everything at their desk easily and greet customers from every corner of the room. Additionally, most curved reception desks also feature sophisticated transaction counters for dealing with visitors. Many curved desk collections, such as the Marque from OFM boast contemporary stylings as well. Wood finishes accented by chrome and glass are trending looks that definitely turn heads in the workplace.

Marque series reception desks, like many others, are also available in a variety of size options for shopper convenience. Where curved desks used to be a favorite only of large office spaces, now smaller reception areas can enjoy all the style and practical benefits of these desks as well. Options like the Marque 55290 small reception station by OFM can seat one receptionist. The compact design makes it the perfect corner desk for a waiting room or lobby. However, if you've got space to spare, larger reception desks for sale, such as the Marque 55314 reception station are still rocking the old school designs!

Unfortunately, while curved reception desks do offer all sorts of amazing style benefits to a contemporary workspace, everything has its drawbacks. With curved desks, sometimes it's that cool curvy construction that keeps offices from using them. On rare occasions, the bulging edges can interfere with existing furniture layouts or decor. As with all furniture additions to a space, accurate measurements of the room need to be taken before deciding if a curved desk is right for you. Too often, amateur designers fail to take doorways, windows, and power outlets into account, causing problems down the road when decorating. If a curved desk isn't right for you, don't worry. There are plenty of stylish salon reception stations to fit in offices of every size and shape!

For those who have measured their spaces and taken additional furniture into account, we cannot recommend curved reception stations enough. Stylish, utilitarian, modular, and modern, these curvy desks are always on the cutting edge of contemporary design. However, of all the curved desks out there, the Marque reception desk collection by OFM remains the favorite. With no tools required for assembly and an expandable modular design, these desks function as good as they look. Most Marque desks are offered in three stunning finishes, with shining chrome and glass accents to boot. Available in a number of sizes, these dazzling desks are too tough to top!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall 2014: Best Selling Office Chairs

The Fall season has officially begun! In today's post we'll be highlighting best selling office chair styles from top brands like Cherryman Industries, Global Total Office, Eurotech Seating, Woodstock Marketing and many RFM to help keep your office working comfortably and in style. Enjoy!

1.) Cherryman iDesk Seating

Oroblanco Chair

Cherryman is doing big things with there new iDesk Seating collection. With hot new models like the Ambarella and Oroblanco available for sale now, we thought it would be most beneficial to highlight the iDesk line as a whole. Cherryman has integrated a wide range of sophisticated ergonomic features and modern design characteristics into the iDesk collection to provide users with the ultimate sitting experience. If you wan't to take your workplace to the next level this Fall, choose an iDesk chair from Cherryman!

2.) Global Spree Chairs

Global Spree Chair

Talk about modern appeal! Global Total Office Spree chairs are truly cutting edge. This line of mesh back and fully upholstered office chairs is ideal for professional work environments. Spree chair backs are specifically designed to avoid restricting upper body movement allowing the user to easily access space all around their work station. The chair's lumbar area wraps around the users waist to provide a secure feeling and excellent support. Spree seats slide to the rear and recline while tilting to provide a smooth and comfortable tilt action. Choose from a variety of cool mesh back colors, fabric, and leather options to meet your decor needs.

3.) Eurotech Ergo Elite Chairs

The Ergo Elite line of mesh back office chairs by Eurotech provides a top of the line seating solution. These high end modern office chairs are designed for impeccable comfort and style. The Ergo Elite chair features a wide variety of innovative ergonomic attributes and is also eco friendly. Choose from high back and mid back designs to compliment your posture needs.

4.) Woodstock Marketing Hendrix Chairs

Gray Leather Office Chair

Available in both high back and mid back variations, Woodstock Marketing Hendrix chairs offer a retro look inspired by the one and only Jimi Hendrix. Choose from 4 leather color options including black, white, gray, and brown to match the polished frame accents. Hendrix chairs work well in executive office and conference room environments.

5.) RFM Carmel Chairs

Carmel Chairs

The Carmel chair line by RFM has been a top seller for years. These innovative chairs were way ahead of their time and just starting to reach their peak! As modern back designs have become increasingly popular in 2014, it's no wonder why the Carmel has been a huge hit this year. RFM’s “ergonomics first” commitment is evident in the Carmel. The unique design with the narrow upper back shell encourages a “shoulders back” posture, which is the way the body was naturally designed to sit. Body-cradling thoracic support is created by adding a special thoracic ridge for optimal comfort. With tractor seats included as standard options, your body will feel the difference Carmel’s ergonomic seating provides. Choose from a variety of arm styles and upholstery options to suit your needs.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Modernize Your Office with Mayline e5 Furniture!

The Mayline e5 furniture collection is nothing short of impressive. This line of revolutionary desks and storage solutions offers the modular benefits needed to create one of a kind work environments. In today's post we'll be highlighting the amazing e5 collection and it's benefits. Enjoy!


e5 Workstation

Mayline e5 workstations are available in a choice of rectangular, hatchet, or tapered shapes. The seemingly unlimited offering of sizes makes it easy to specify the exact configuration needed to meet any users specific needs. Individual e5 table desks, U shaped workstations, open desking layouts, and executive desks are available from this extensive collection. Interior design teams and industry professionals alike will love the versatility and wide range of looks e5 has to offer.

Finish Options:

Mayline e5 Computer Furniture

The e5 collection is available in a choice of 6 thermally fused laminate finish options with matching edge banding. Steel parts such as legs and beltways are offered in 3 popular paint finishes to compliment your worksurface color of choice. Door and drawer pulls are standard in silver. Fabric options for mobile pedestal and cabinet cushions are also available to further enhance corporate appeal.

Power & Data:

e5 Power Options

If you're looking to keep your office up to date with the latest trends, you'll need to power up your space! The e5 collection delivers convenient power and data solutions via it's patent pending Technology-Beltway and Technology-Wall system. All connection points are within arms reach from the seated position. While power options on most furniture lines can be a real hassle to figure out, e5 offers pre-configured kits to make this process a breeze.


e5 4 Person Workstation

Mayline e5 has a number of overhead storage options for private office and open plan layouts. Traditional overhead cabinets with a choice of open fronts, frosted glass, or laminate hinged doors can be wall mounted or worksurface supported. Overhead units can also be mounted on the e5 technology beltway or wall for additional storage and privacy. Tackboard and dry erase board mounting options are available for rear units. In addition to overhead storage components, e5 offers a wide range of versatile file pedestals, wall storage cabinets and much more to help keep any workplace well organized and operating effectively.


Mayline e5 Desk with Monitor Arm

They say, no office furniture configuration is complete without the right combination of accessories! Mayline understands this well and is providing some really cool accessories available to match the e5 collection. From fabric pedestal cushions to LED lighting options, e5 has it all! The articulating arms for computer monitors are of particular note as they will free up additional desk space while providing a wide range of adjustment capabilities.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sit Correct with Eurotech Ergohuman Chairs

Ever since the ergonomic movement, manufacturers have been designing chairs to give users constant comfort and support throughout the workday. For most, back pain at work is caused by inappropriate posture. Slouching swiveling, and awkward sitting positions may seem comfortable at first, but over time they can cause serious pain. That's why today's article is all about the chairs that give all day comfort by encouraging good posture - Ergohuman chairs by Eurotech. Enjoy the review!

Eurotech Ergohuman chairs were designed purely around style and comfort. Users can choose from a wide array of colorful chairs, offered in black, navy, or even a burgundy color for maximum versatility. Most models are offered in a breathable mesh upholstery, designed to allow air flow to reach the user, preventing the buildup of heat and germs. However, if mesh isn't your style, don't worry! This series also includes the LE9ERG, a leather ergonomic chair by Eurotech. For those that want the best of both worlds, there is also the LEM6ERGLO, a mesh and leather chair for the Ergohuman series. With all these incredible options, Eurotech has really outdone itself in style, but it's the incredible health features of this chair line that really kick things up a notch!

The Ergohuman chair line boasts one of the most extensive lists of ergonomic features for chairs in the same price range. Although these chairs have been around for some time, they underwent a redesign in 2011 to make them the best of the best. A dynamic lumbar, adjustable headrest, four position adjustable back, pivoting ratchet height adjustable arms, seat depth, and tilt tension control are just a few of the amazing features offered on the original Ergohuman chair model. Each feature is designed to target specific health concerns for office workers. Not only do they work to improve posture and health, but these ergonomic chairs offer comfort to last all day!

Part of why Ergohuman chairs are such a favorite in the ergonomic chair world is that they are highly adjustable. Ever since the redesign in 2011, Ergohuman chairs are more versatile and user friendly. An optional headrest on most models provides adaptable neck support. Arms now boast ratchet height adjustment, pivot capacity, and depth adjustability to maximize workplace comfort. Tired of searching for all the controls on your old office chair? The redesigned Ergohuman has all the important controls conveniently located on the right side, within arms reach. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy them!

Compared with competing brands, Ergohuman chairs are some of the top chairs with health benefits you can find. With all the amazing features covered by these models, Ergohuman chairs can increase comfort, reduce pain, and improve health at work. In the standard Ergohuman model, a four position height adjustable back with dynamic lumbar supports the body and improves posture, leading to a healthier work style with constant use. Highly adjustable arms encourage proper blood flow through the arms. In conjunction with healthy ergonomic keyboard trays, they can reduce hand and wrist pain when typing.

There are lots of great office furniture brands out there, but few can top Eurotech's Ergohuman collection. Not only are these chairs versatile, comfortable, adjustable, and healthy, but they're also offered at an extremely competitive price. Compared with other high end ergo chairs in leather and mesh upholsteries, the Ergohuman line leads the pack in value. If you're suffering from common office aches, such as wrist pain, neck pain, or back pain caused by poor posture, don't leave Ergohuman out of your office lineup!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Create A Luxurious Office Space with Mayline Sorrento Furniture

High end office appeal at it's best! The Mayline Sorrento furniture collection is nothing short of impressive. This line of luxurious office desks, conference room tables, reception stations, and office storage solutions is a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals alike. Today, we'll be highlighting the exquisite furnishings from Mayline's top of the line collection, guaranteed to take your work environments to the pinnacle of design success.

Sorrento Office Desks

Mayline Sorrento Desks

Mayline desks from the Sorrento collection area available in a variety of styles. Stand alone Sorrento desks are offered and work well for traditionally inspired home office makeover projects. U shaped Sorrento typicals are preferred for high end executive office. These elegant stations offer plenty of work surface space and storage to keep any office higher up working effectively. In addition to stand alone and U shaped desking options, the Sorrento collection also boasts a wide range of writing style desks that are great for both home and business applications. Choose from two absolutely gorgeous finish options including espresso and bourbon cherry to meet your individual decor needs.

Sorrento Conference Tables

Sorrento Conference Tables

The boardroom will never be the same! While many are looking to create cutting edge modern meeting areas designed around the latest and greatest gadgetry, the Mayline Sorrento Collection is staying true to it's traditional roots and finding an abundance of success. Sorrento conference tables are available in a boat shaped espresso version and rectangular bourbon cherry variation. Users will enjoy the wide range of size options from 6' to 30' in length. It's easy to appreciate the quality craftsmanship in these American hard wood tables.

Sorrento Reception Stations

Rest assured, you won't find a better reception station on the market! Mayline Sorrento series reception desks are available with truly stunning granite transaction counters and versatile storage options to keep any receptionist operating efficiently. Both rectangular and L shaped Sorrento stations are offered to meet the space requirements of any guest welcoming area. Both the espresso and bourbon cherry finish options will elevate your space to a whole new level. Just be sure to get the station situated in place the first time you try. These things are heavy!

Sorrento Storage Solutions

Sorrento Wall Cabinet

We've said it before and we'll say it again, no office space is complete without the right combination of accessories and storage solutions to help keep it well organized. That being said, the Mayline Sorrento collection offers plenty of wall cabinets, desk pedestals, and wood bookcases to help any business do just that. Sorrento series wall cabinets are perfect for conference, boardroom, and reception area applications. The desk pedestals from this collection are available in both file file and box box file variations to meet your organizing preferences. Sorrento bookcases look great in both home and business work environments and come in a variety of different size options. Overall, this is a truly well rounded line of luxury office furniture that's sure to provide your space with the high end look it deserves.

Monday, September 22, 2014

What's New: Cherryman iDesk Seating

Cherryman has long been a respected provider of the industries top office furniture for home and business use. With innovative desking collections and a wide range of versatile products, Cherryman has reached the pinnacle of workplace success. This month Cherryman further enhanced their already fantastic offering with the release of the new iDesk seating collection. In today's post we'll highlight the 3 new office chair lines available from iDesk and their out of this world benefits. Enjoy!


Ambarella Task Chair

Ambarella ChairTalk about wow factor! The new Ambarella chair collection from Cherryman's iDesk line is nothing short of incredible. These affordable task chairs feature contemporary design characteristics that work in harmony with a wide range of ergonomic features. Ambarella seating utilizes a sturdy metal frame that supports the chairs black mesh back along with adjustable arms and a polished 5 star base. The non stretch mesh sleeve ensures a lifetime of stability and comfort as it shapes the back to provide a natural lumbar. The advanced seat mechanism combines syncro-tilt and seat depth adjustment capabilities to help any user reach a desired seating position. Priced at $214.00 in the black on black color combination, you'll be hard pressed to find a better value on the market today.

Check out this spec sheet on the Ambarella chair line for more details!

Ambarella Task Chair Specifications


Oroblanco iDesk Chair

Oroblanco 402WIf you're going for that modern look, you'll surely love the new Oroblanco chair line from Cherryman! This iDesk chair is available in a choice of black or white frame styles to compliment the black or coal mesh back options. A choice of seat upholstery color is also available to help users showcase their personal style. In terms of ergonomics, the Oroblanco is sure to be a real winner in the workplace. These highly adjustable office chairs come standard with the same advanced syncro-tilt mechanism highlighted on it's brother, the Arambella. Multi functional arms are also standard and provide excellent support during those long days at the office. Side mounted chair controls make for quick and easy changes when needed. A built in user guide for personal adjustment is also a really nice attribute that's guaranteed to help any user learn their chair to perfection. Perhaps the best part about the new Oroblanco task chairs is the price! At only $321.50, these professional office seating solutions are truly an excellent value.

Check out this spec sheet on the Oroblanco chair line for more details!

Oroblanco Task Chair Specifications

Oroblanco Side Chairs

Oroblanco Side ChairsOroblanco Training Room ChairCherryman is revolutionizing the way industry professionals look at guest chairs with the all new Oroblanco side chair line. These versatile office chairs are great for office training room, reception, lounge, and lobby use. Oroblanco side chairs can be ordered individually for $164.50 or in sets of two for additional savings. Both the black and white frame Oroblanco side chair models offer unique design characteristics that are sure to earn any office waiting area an abundance of daily compliments. Don't be fooled by the good looks however, these chairs mean business! Both the 403B and 403W models offer excellent ergonomic benefits like a 2" thick contoured seat, natural lumbar support, and arm pads. Choose from a variety of seat upholstery options to match a choice of black or coal mesh back options and take your office decor to the next level. Still hungry for more? Oroblanco side chairs can be outfitted with durable casters to provide easy mobility around the workplace. For only ten bucks, this upgrade is a must consider!

Check out this spec sheet on the Oroblanco chair line for more details!

Oroblanco Side Chair Specifications

Overall, the new iDesk Seating collection from Cherryman Industries is a winner. We give this line an A+ for style and comfort. When compared to similar models on the market, iDesk chairs out perform at a fraction of the cost. These hot new seating solutions are officially available for order and here to stay!

Friday, September 19, 2014

5 Hacks to A Healthier Office Life

With winter on the way, it seems like everyone is looking for tactics to stay healthy and keep off the pounds - office workers most of all. The sedentary work life of many Americans isn't always friendly to all those pumpkin pies and ginger cookies that are so hard to resist this time of year. Working with tons of other people, germs are pretty hard to resist too. That's why in today's article we're rounding off some clever office life hacks to help you stay in shape mentally and physically this year!

Eat Right

Eating right is the first step to a healthy, productive life in the office. Unfortunately, the fall and winter seasons are chock full of yummy hard-to-resist treats. From Halloween candy to Thanksgiving pies to Santa's Christmas cookies, office workers everywhere have got a big challenge ahead of them this season, and it all starts with eating the right things. Fat-free or skim milk smoothies, fruits, and veggies   are the office employee's arsenal to a healthier, more comfortable work life. Try to go for things like blueberries, walnuts, tomatoes, avocados, fish, and broccoli.

*Bonus Tip: Instead of throwing out the pumpkin guts from this year's jack-o'-lantern on Halloween, rinse and toast up the pumpkin seeds for yummy work snack. Just a handful can give you the daily recommended amount of zinc to enhance critical thinking skills and memory!

Add A Plant

Being trapped in an office without windows is like being trapped in a room with no oxygen - literally! What most people don't realize is that without healthy office air purifiers, by the end of the day, everyone is breathing an unhealthy amount of each other's carbon dioxide. Sounds gross, right? That's why it is never a bad idea to keep small plants around the cubicles and workstations for healthy breathing! Many universities and government agencies like NASA have done lots of studies to determine which plants are the most adept at reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. Plants like peace lilies, spider plants, and lemon balms are all adept at removing indoor air toxins. With healthier air, office workers are focused, awake, and energized!

* Bonus Tip: According to, plants are also adept at preventing colds. Some good plants to help fight germs and cold symptoms include english ivy, heart-leaf philodendron, african violets, and dracaena.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Unfortunately, cookies and germs aren't the only heavyweights to box against in the colder months. Gray skies and cooler weather can also bring about aggravated health conditions along with the Monday blues. That's why it's so important to maximize workplace comfort and stay fit as much as possible. Shopping for discount ergonomic accessories such as dual screen monitor arms or retractable keyboard trays and implanting them into work life are great ways to keep the body healthy. Devices like these in conjunction with standing office desks, healthy chairs with ergonomic benefits, and plenty of "deskercise" help to boost muscles, increase comfort, and reduce common office aches.

Be Colorful

Fall is well known as the world's most colorful season, but did you know some colors can aid you in the workplace too? Studies have shown that some colors can influence human activity and behavior with prolonged exposure. For example, blue has been shown to increase productivity, making it the most common color for office environments, and green (currently the most popular color for interior design) is known to increase energy and release stress. Don't ever be afraid to decorate your cubicle, desk, or personal office in colors that speak to you. If the boss won't let you paint, shop colorful task chairs for your daily dose of visual vitamins!

* Here's a list of proven and suspected benefits from color exposure:

Blue - Studies show it to increase productivity. Currently the most popular decorating color for offices because of this. Represents calmness and stability
Green - Suspected to promote relaxed energy, improve focus, and reduce anxiety or stress.
Red - Energy promotion. Studies show prolonged exposure to red increases heart rates and breathing.
Orange - Associated with stimulation, encouragement, happiness and energy.
Purple - Associated with creativity.

Stay Clean

With October just around the corner, it's no surprise to start seeing the beauty of fall - pumpkins, spiced candles, autumn leaves, kleenex! That's right. Winter's on the way, and there's more than leaves in the air. As the seasons change, the colder air usually drives more people to stay indoors where close encounters of the germy kind are more likely to happen. If you want to avoid a runny nose this season, it's important to stay fastidiously clean, especially in the office. Computer mice, chair arms, retractable trays for keyboards, and door handles are all hot zones for germs in an office. Hand sanitizer, sanitary wipes, and conscious cleaning at the start and end of each work day are your tickets to a healthier office life. Stay clean!