Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chair Compare: Lume vs. Astra

Lume Office ChairEurotech is known for innovative office chairs and their commitment to ergonomics. In 2015, Eurotech has brought a variety of cool new seating solutions to the market that include both the Lume and Astra office chairs. In today's post we'll compare these two versatile chairs and their unique benefits. Enjoy!

Round 1: Style

Both the Lume and Astra office chairs from Eurotech Seating offers distinctive modern design characteristics. The Lume's name is derived from the checkered mesh back pattern that's sure to impress even the harshest critics. If you're going for wow factor, the Lume's got you covered! The Astra is no slouch in the style department either. With a contoured back engineered to limit body restrictions when operating and a sharp contemporary curves, the Astra has earned high marks with seating professionals. That being said, the Lume's unique back pattern makes it a bit more innovative in our opinion, and for that reason, the Lume wins round 1.

Astra Chair
Round 2: Ergonomics

The right combination of ergonomic chair features will help keep you operating a peak performance levels in the workplace. Both the Lume and Astra chairs from Eurotech come standard with adjustable arms, thick padded seats, and multi functional mechanisms. With virtually the same list of ergonomic features on both models, this round came down to the sit test! While both chairs were comfortable, we give a slight edge to the Lume. We felt the chair back was a bit more supportive.

Round 3: Applications

The Lume chair is perfect for office computing and tasking applications. The higher back makes it ideal for taller users, while the modern design is sure to make any interior stand out from the competition. The well rounded look of the Astra chair makes it a great choice for both home and professional business applications. The Astra's wide range of features and versatile characteristics give it a slight advantage in round three.

Round 4: Price

Lume Chair Side ViewThe Astra chair is available in 2015 for $203.50. Rest assured, you'll be hard pressed to find a better all around office chair for the money. The Lume is slightly more expensive at $279.00. While a bit more comfortable and appealing than the Astra in our opinion, the seventy plus dollar price increase gives the Astra the edge. It's definitely one of the best chair buys of the year.

Final Thoughts

With the matchup tied at two round apiece, the final deciding factor is of course comfort. As we felt the Lume was superior, we're giving this awesome chair the win. That being said, if you're shopping for a high quality ergonomic chair on a budget, the Astra is the way to go. The visual appeal, user friendly ergonomic features, and versatility make the Astra an absolute winner. You really can't go wrong with either of these seating solutions from Eurotech.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Best Of The Best: Powered Conference Tables

Powered conference room tables are the latest industry craze. Brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and Lesro have all introduced high tech tables designed to streamline the meeting process and improve functionality. In today's post we'll take a look at the best powered conference tables 2015 has to offer. Enjoy!

1.) Zira

Zira Powered Conference TableThe Zira conference table collection from Global Total Office is the best in the business. They are the easiest to spec and easiest to use. While most of the furniture world's powered furnishings can be quite confusing, Zira keeps things incredibly simple. This line of user friendly powered tables includes rectangular, boat shaped, curved end, and oval shaped solutions in a variety of sizes starting at 8' in length. Zira's powered conference tables can be outfitted with USB, HDMI, Audio, Phone, Ethernet, and virtually any other option you can think of.

2.) TransAction

TransAction Conference TableWhile a bit tricky to spec, Mayline's TransAction series conference tables are still a great option for any business looking to up the versatility of their meeting area. TransAction tables offer high end modern appeal that's showcased with metal bases and unique surface shapes. Mayline crafts TransAction conference room tables in lots of great finish options. This makes them a top choice of interior designers looking to provide their clients with high tech furniture that's still got plenty of aesthetic appeal. TransAction tables can be outfitted with a number of baseline modules that are further enhanced with upgraded input options that include USB, HDMI, Audio, Phone, and Ethernet ports. Larger tables can be outfitted with multiple power modules daisy chained together for a cohesive meeting experience and the need for only one outlet to run the entire table.

3.) Verde

Verde Conference TableSimple, functional, and really cool! Cherryman's Verde conference tables are sure to turn heads and earn any meeting area the compliments it deserves. With boat shape tops and white accented bases, Verde tables look fantastic in both the espresso and latte finish options. While most of today's top powered conference room tables are made to order and take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to manufacturer, Verde tables typically ship in just a couple business days. The modules available for Verde tables feature three prong and phone inputs. If you're looking to get your feet wet with your first powered table, you can't do much better than the Verde. Multiple table sizes are available from 8-12' in length. Rest assured, these trendy tables from Cherryman are an awesome buy!

4.) Mystic

Mystic Elliptical Conference TableCommonly referred to as one of the best reception furniture manufacturers in the world, Lesro made a huge splash with their Mystic collection. While this extensive line includes a wide range of Seating, Mystic also boasts super cool conference room tables. Both elliptical and rectangular top conference table variations are available with centrally located power grommets that feature three prong and phone inputs. Shoppers will love the metal legs available in two finish options and the attractive tops available in 6 finish options. Matching your decor just got easy! If you're tired of the same old furniture collections, check out an elliptical conference table from Lesro Industries. You'll be glad you did!

5.) Medina

Medina Conference TableLast but certainly not least, another great powered conference table collection from our friends at Mayline! As 2015's most popular office furniture line, it just wouldn't be right to highlight a table from the Medina collection. With cool finish options like Gray Steel, Textured Sea Salt, and Mocha, creating a meeting area that stands apart from the competition is firmly within your grasp. Medina conference tables feature straight sides and curved ends with silver modesty panels. Tables are available in 8', 10', and 12' lengths. As an added bonus, the power modules available for the Medina collection are available for just over two hundred bucks. That's about the cheapest on the market by industry standards! Medina's modules feature three prong and data inputs. Tables can be outfitted with as many as three individually wired modules.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Chair Whisperer: 5 Reasons To Choose A Mesh Back Office Chair

The Chair Whisperer
The Chair Whisperer is back and ready to provide you with more excellent ergonomic seating advice. In today's installment, The Chair Whisperer will share the top 5 reasons you should choose a mesh back office chair for your workspace. From breathability to versatility, The Whisperer has got your back!

1.) Breathability

Mesh Back Office ChairMesh back chairs keep things light and airy in the workplace. During the hot summer months, there's not better option than a mesh chair. Brands like Global Total Office, Eurotech Seating, and Offices To Go manufacturer high quality mesh seating designed to keep you cool when working. Chairs like the G20 from Global feature backs composed of alternating vertical rows of elastomeric yarns and polyester yarns that will help to keep you from overheating. While fabric and leather chairs have their individual benefits, when it comes to reducing body heat when working, mesh is the only way to go.

2.) Modern Appeal

Mesh back office chairs offer a modern appeal that's sure to impress in your various office interiors. In fact, most of today's top seating manufacturers have put their primary focus on creating innovative mesh chairs for just this reason. Mesh chairs look really cool. It's just that simple! If you're looking to earn your work environments some positive compliments, mesh chairs are a great option. Take a look at a cool new chair like the iOO from Eurotech Seating and you'll see what The Chair Whisperer means!

3.) Affordability

Designer leather and fabric office chairs can get pretty expensive depending on what grade of upholstery you choose. That being said, mesh back chairs help shoppers maximize the budget! While most of today's top leather executive chairs cost well over five hundred bucks, comparable mesh seating solutions like the 402W Oroblanco chair can be purchased for as little as $321.50. In the long run, mesh chairs are more affordable and available in a lot more color options for the money. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, go with a mesh chair!

4.) Back Support

When mesh chairs were first introduced to the seating world, the quality was a far cry from what it is today. The mesh chairs of the 90's would wear out easily and didn't provide the support needed to be ergonomic equals with fabric and leather models. In 2015, things couldn't be more different! Mesh back chairs are more durable and supportive than ever. With brands like Global Total Office and Eurotech Seating pushing the limits of what a chair can be, their commitment to quality craftsmanship has put modern mesh seating in a league of their own. Today's mesh back chairs provide unmatched comfort and the ergonomic attributes needed to keep users working at peak performance levels in the workplace.

5.) Versatility

You can use mesh chairs effectively in any work environment. If you're taking on a conference room makeover project, your seating costs can eat up the budget. Space saving mesh chairs like the Baez from Woodstock Marketing will help you maximize your seating potential and budget. This same philosophy holds true in collaborative work environments like training rooms and classrooms. Mesh chairs like the Spree from Global Total Office are perfect for home and professional tasking applications while higher end models like the Ergohuman from Eurotech Seating are premier options for executive interiors. If you're going for versatility, mesh chairs have you covered!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Ergo Advice: Taking The Next Step

So you've got a great office chair, what's next? Adding user friendly accessories! Integrating versatile ergo products into your workspace will further enhance your office comfort and productivity. In today's post we'll cover the monitor arms, keyboard trays, CPU holders, adjustable height workstations, and portable power modules you'll need to take the next step in your ergonomic quest. Enjoy!

Dual Monitor Arm
The most popular ergonomic accessory of 2015 is the dual screen monitor arm. These handy tools allow users to operate with two screens to limit the time spent flipping between tabs and thus becoming more efficient. The adjustable nature of a dual screen monitor arm will also help to reduce eye strain. Do you currently look down at your computer screen when typing? This is a major no no! A dual screen monitor arm will allow you to adjust your screens to eye level and keep them even with your head to encourage good posture when computing. Last but certainly not least, getting your monitors up off your work surface will create more usable desk space. Needless, to say an ergonomic monitor arm is a must for any modern office!

Sit To Stand Keyboard TrayWhile most of our workstations are already outfitted with traditional keyboard trays that retract, the world of workplace ergonomics has come a long way since your keyboard tray was likely purchased and installed! This year, it's all about taking the next step with a sit to stand model. These new and improved keyboard trays allow users to quickly go from sitting to standing while computing. What's the benefit you ask? As sitting for long periods of time can cause major health risks, integrating a sit to stand keyboard tray will help to improve blood flow and promote continuous body movement in the workplace. If you're still operating with your keyboard situated on your desk surface, it's time for an upgrade. Go with a sit to stand model to make your space the best it can be!

If you're computer's power source is sitting on the ground, its susceptible to water damage and theft! For this reason, mounting your CPU underneath the desk surface just makes sense! Brands like ESI and Symmetry Office offer awesome CPU mounting devices that retract when not in use to provide additional leg room. Many of these holders lock to ensure your important digital files are nice and safe. In the long run, it's a real pain to bend over and strain your back trying to turn your computer on each morning. A CPU holder will put the power button at your finger tips. These user friendly ergonomic tools install in minutes and will last a lifetime. This is one upgrade every workspace needs!

Sit To Stand Desk
If you really want to kick your workplace ergonomics into high gear, a height adjustable desk is the only way to go! Adjustable height workstations and tables from brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and ESI provide a wide range of ergonomic benefits that will no doubt improve your effectiveness, comfort, and efficiency. In 2015, the best adjustable workstations on the market go up and down with the push of a button. These electronic desks are truly cutting edge! Like with a sit to stand keyboard tray, adjustable height desks promote continuous body movement and improve blood flow. Don't get stuck sitting for 8 hours a day. Enhance your office abilities with a sit to stand desk. Adjustable sit to stand desks are also great for training, reception, and classroom applications.

Isle Power ModulePortable power modules are the latest ergonomic craze. With many of the industries top furniture brands releasing cutting edge powered conference tables designed to streamline the meeting process, businesses on a budget won't be able to take advantage of this trend. Thankfully, portable power modules like the Isle and Juice from Symmetry office are ready to help take your interiors to the next level. These portable power stations offer USB and three prong inputs that will surely be appreciated in guest waiting areas, training rooms, executive office environments, and more. Going ergo is just as much about improving functionality as it is comfort. These portable power stations will add that extra element of effectiveness to any interior.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Check Out The Awesome New Medina Furniture Finishes From Mayline!

Mayline continues to impress in 2015. Their Medina furniture collection offers stunning modern desks, reception stations, and tables designed specifically to make your workplace interiors stand out from the competition. While the gray steel, mahogany, and mocha finish options introduced with this line have been super popular, Mayline is ready to showcase two new finishes that are sure to take the furniture world by storm. In today's post we'll highlight Medina products in the new textured sea salt and textured brown sugar finish options you've got to see to believe. Prepare to be impressed!

Medina Executive Furniture
First up, this textured brown sugar finished executive furniture package! The rich woodgrain look of the brown sugar finish option compliments Medina's silver metal and glass accents to perfection. Priced at $2930.99, this 9 piece layout includes a 72" desk with two extensions for additional work surface space, along with an elegant rear wall storage configuration. This layout is perfect for the modern executive looking to make a lasting impression on office guests. Rest assured, this is sure to be one of the most popular new sets from the Medina lineup.

Medina Reception Desk
Up next is textured sea salt reception desk that's sure to take your office welcoming area decor to the next level. This L shaped reception station offers plenty of work surface space and the storage components to match. The glass transaction counter offers a luxurious touch that really makes this white wood grain tone pop! If you look closely, you'll notice the subtle silver accent trim that compliments the base of the reception station. This unit has it all! At the everyday low price of just $1962.99, you'll be hard pressed to finder a better reception desk for your business at even twice the price.

Medina U Desk
Talk about appeal! This brown sugar finished U shaped desk from the Medina collection is absolutely gorgeous. This layout features a 72" wide desk with corner extension, as well as a substantial return and matching rear wall credenza. The overhead hutch unit boasts plenty of storage space and glass doors to compliment the low wall cabinet configuration pictured on the right side of the room. If you're an executive looking for new furniture, give this package serious consideration. You'll be glad you did!

MNCR48 Round Table
The Mayline Medina office furniture collection also includes a wide range of conference and meeting tables in the new textured sea salt finish options! If you're limited on space, smaller round tables like this  MNCR48 model are a perfect option. Priced at just $273.99, this 48" unit is an excellent value. In addition, Medina offers professional modern conference tables from 8' to 12' in length. These cutting edge meeting area solutions are available with easy to spec power modules designed to streamline the meeting process and improve functionality in a flash. The best part? All Medina conference room furnishings ship quick. Don't feel limited by a tight project deadline. Choose Medina and you'll have time to spare.

Overhead Storage HutchLast but certainly not least, all of Medina's versatile storage components are now available in both of the new textured sea salt and brown sugar finish options. With bookcases, low wall cabinets, mobile desk pedestals, and overhead hutch units available, meeting your workspace organizational needs is a breeze. Medina is ready to keep your important documents and personal belongings nice and safe while you work. All of the storage solutions from this extensive line can be purchased as part of desk sets or individually as your storage needs grow.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Deal Of The Week: Cherryman iDesk Seating On Sale with Free Shipping!

Cherryman has just issued a mandatory price increase on the entire iDesk seating collection. As the new pricing won't go into affect until the beginning of September, we thought we'd pass along some savings while we still can! If you love chairs like the Oroblanco, Ambarrella, and Curva, now is the best time to buy. Pricing will never be lower! Shop today and save at

Oroblanco - $321.50

iDesk Oroblanco Chair On Sale

The Oroblanco chair offers a modern look and a ton of great ergonomic features. These cutting edge mesh back chairs are incredibly comfortable and versatile. Choose from a variety of frame and seat color options to compliment your space.

Ambarella - $214.00

Ambarella Chair On Sale

Another great task chair from the iDesk Seating collection, the Ambarella is affordable, comfortable, and stylish. These user friendly chairs are great for both home and professional workplace applications. In all black, the Ambarella is just $214.00. Additional color options are available at a small up charge.

Curva - $427.00 to $633.50

Curva Chair On Sale

The newest addition to the iDesk seating collection is an absolute winner! The Curva is the premier option for both executive office and professional conference room applications. Available in both mid back and high back variations, there's a Curva chair out there for everyone. Choose from black metallic and polished frame options.

Pommerac - $103.00 to $368.00

iDesk Pommerac On Sale

The iDesk Seating collection includes durable, and easy to clean seating from the super trendy Pommerac collection. These modernized bar stools and guest chairs are available individually and in sets to provide shoppers with additional savings. Choose from all black and white color options.

Tikal - $425.00 to $712.00

iDesk Tikal Chairs

Another new addition to the iDesk seating line from Cherryman Industries, the Tikal collection includes guest chairs and bar stools in super cool color options. Choose from a variety of base styles to compliment your space. Purchase iDesk Tikal seating in sets to save big!

Muse - $150.00 to $546.00

iDesk Muse Chairs On Sale

Muse chairs are durable and completely customizable! Great for professional waiting areas, reception spaces, and classrooms, the Muse is one of the coolest new chairs on the market. Choose from red and white frame finish options and three leg choices to personalize your space. Optional seat cushions are available for a small up charge. All Muse chairs available individually or in sets for additional savings.

*As an added bonus, all iDesk seating from Cherryman Industries is available with special discount pricing. Call 800-867-1411 today for your coupon code!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Workplace Showcase: Ergonomic Interiors

Here at the Office Anything Blog, we love to give our visitors design inspiration, ergonomic tips, and space planning advice. In today's post, we get to provide you with all three! The ergonomic interiors showcased here offer cutting edge features designed specifically to improve productivity, comfort, and efficiency. Let's a take an in-depth look at what makes these spaces the best in the business and share with you the products needed to make a well rounded ergonomic interior for your personal needs.

Mayline VariTask WorkstationFirst up, a modern privacy station from our friends at Mayline! This one user space is outfitted with a height adjustable VariTask workstation that goes up and down at the push of a button. Desks like these promote continuous movement throughout the work day. An adjustable height desk will help reduce fatigue and improve blood flow when working. In addition, this ergo interior boasts a multi functional mesh back office chair that's sure to keep any user sitting pretty. When it comes to ergonomics in the workplace, Mayline has you covered. Electronic VariTask stations like this one start at around $1300.00 while Mayline's top new mesh chairs are available in 2015 for around three hundred bucks. Now that's value!

Ergonomic Concepts DeskWhile once thought of as a major task, creating ergonomic executive interiors is now easier than ever. Top furniture manufacturers like Ergonomic Concepts have introduced electronic executive desk solutions that offer high end appeal, cutting edge features, and plenty of storage.

Adjustable Height Executive DeskOur second interior showcases an Ergonomic Concepts desk with L shaped design. At first glance you may be thinking, this is just a good looking office desk. What makes it ergonomic? Then in a flash, this executive workstation raises to standing height in seconds. Shoppers will love the variety of attractive finish options and accessories available for Ergonomic Concepts adjustable height executive desks. Base units are available for as little as $1699.99 in 2015.

Systematix Workstation
Simple yet sophisticated! That's the name of the game for the ergo committed team and Systematix. While the third interior showcased in today's post may lack the room accents commonly seen in modern work environments, this space is all about business! The high tech ergonomic configuration shown here includes a sit to stand workstation and plenty of user friendly accessories from Systematix. The rail mounted monitor ensures users operate at eye level with their computer screen. The locking CPU holder is mounted directly underneath the desk surface for convenience and security. Last but not least, a rail mounted lamp is positioned directly to the right of the computer screen to shed some extra light on those important tasks you'll no doubt encounter throughout the workday.

Ergonomic Accessories
If a sit to stand desk isn't for you, there are still plenty of great ways to go ergo. Our fourth space has them all! This modern interior from Global Total Office is outfitted with an Alero series high back office chair with mesh back and headrest. If you're looking for the ultimate sitting experience, these chairs are hard to beat! In addition, this space is outfitted with a clamp mount single screen monitor arm designed to increase usable desk space and improve operational versatility. The adjustable footrest seen below the desk surface is great for taking pressure of the knees while the articulating keyboard tray makes computing at the proper angle a breeze. A laptop stand and CPU holders can be seen on both sides of this office space to provide additional ergonomic benefits. This interior single handedly shows the 5 most popular ergonomic office accessories on the market in 2015. The monitor arm, keyboard tray, footrest, CPU holder, and laptop holder should all be considered for professional work environments! Most are available for $150.00 and under!

Last but certainly not least, a super cool benching configuration! As collaborative work environments have become more popular than ever, industry leading brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions are steadily in search of innovative ways to improve comfort and productivity in these trendy work atmospheres. In this interior, we are immediately drawn to the modern appeal provided by the bright green ergonomic task chairs. Looking a bit further you'll quickly notice the multi screen monitor mounts from ESI. These adjustable units help users save time when computing and greatly improve the operating experience. Wether you're looking to create a single or multi user benching stations like this one, look no further than ESI for your ergonomic accessories!