Monday, October 20, 2014

Reception Desk Buyers Guide 2014

This year the industries best have all introduced new reception desks that are sure to impress your valued clientele while enhancing your corporate appeal. In today's post we'll showcase the top rated brands and models to help our shoppers select the perfect station for their specific business needs. Enjoy!

1.) Mayline

Napoli Reception Station

With 10 popular casegoods furniture collections to choose from, Mayline is an excellent source for high quality reception desks in 2014. Lines like Napoli and CSII offer offer trend setting reception desks that blend wood, laminate, glass, and metal accents to form some of the best selling models on the market. Those going for traditional appeal will love Mayline furniture collections like Sorrento. The hardwood veneer reception desks from the Sorrento collection boast a luxurious look that works well in high end applications.

2.) Cherryman Industries

2 Person Reception Desk

This year Cherryman Industries expanded the best selling Amber collection to include multi user reception desks for larger waiting areas. These affordable stations are available in a 5 stunning laminate finish options and can be outfitted with the storage components needed to keep any receptionist well organized. In addition to the Amber reception desk models, Cherryman's Verde collection has also been a premier choice for reception desk shoppers. The highly contemporary stations showcased in the Verde line will make any space pop!

3.) OFM, Inc.

Marque Reception Desk

OFM's Marque reception desk collection has been hugely popular since it's inception in 2012. This extensive line of curved reception desks includes models in 3 finish options and a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any waiting area. Marque reception desks are exceptionally versatile. These user friendly units require no tools for assembly and can be expanded to meet the requirements of any waiting area. This year, OFM expanded the Marque line by adding ADA compliant reception stations that have further propelled this best selling collection.

4.) Global Total Office

Zira Desking

Global is a manufacturer that always seems to be ahead of the curve. This full service office furniture and seating brand is steadily releasing innovative collections that will take your office decor to the next level. This year Global added to their already successful Zira collection by adding truly stunning reception desks. These stations can be configured to accommodate multiple users and are available in a wide range of two tone finish options that will let your design ingenuity shine. Zira stations are truly unique and unlike any other on the market. If you're looking for the best of the best, Zira is the only way to go!

5.) Offices To Go

Reception Desk

Offices To Go has firmly planted there flag in the office furniture world! This year, OTG has expanded their Superior Laminate Desking Collection to include espresso finished reception stations in both rectangular and L shaped models. Offices To Go reception desks can be purchased with full size pedestals that will help keep your area well organized and operating efficiently. These affordable units start as low as $369.99. Now that's value!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Office Makeover Q & A with

 Modern Office Interiors

When tackling and office makeover, asking the right questions will help keep your project on track and running smoothly. In today's post, we've compiled the most commonly asked office design questions from our readers and combined them into this Q & A article to help provide insight on the latest trends, styles, and advice needed to get your project started off on the right foot. Enjoy!

Q: What is needed for proper space planning?

To properly plan your new office space you'll definitely need a few essential tools. As accurate measurements are everything, having a tape measure will be your first must have. Basic space planning tools like drawing pencils and grid style drafting paper will definitely come in handy. Last but certainly not least, a decent 3 way scale ruler should be picked up at your local hobby store to help you plot your space correctly. Scale rulers are easy to use and will help you prevent space planning mistakes. In the long run, the old adage of measure twice and cut once applies. Be sure to take accurate dimensions of your space while notating where entry ways, windows, and power outlets are located.

Q: What brands are hot in 2014?

In 2014, brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, Cherryman Industries, and OFM are all trending. Mayline offers modern and traditional casegoods furniture collections that work well in both home and business applications along with a wide range of training room tables and new office chairs that really impress. Global Total Office offers provides high end ergonomic seating and excellent professional furnishings for all essential office areas. Cherryman is a full service brand that should be considered for both traditional and modern office makeover projects. There high quality desking and new iDesk series chairs are absolute winners. Last but not least, OFM is a great choice for lounge and lobby makeover projects. Their selection of contemporary seating and tables is sure to take any waiting area over the top.

Q: What finishes are trending?

This year, dark tones are definitely a hit! Finish options like mocha, espresso, and dark cherry offer the perfect blend of modern and traditional appeal. Dark wood and laminate finishes show minimal wear and will ensure your office space looks great for years to come. In addition to darker finish options, brands like Mayline are seeing ample success with new finish options like Gray Steel on there popular Medina collection. Many office makeover professionals are suggesting gray tones in place of classic finish options like maple, mahogany, and cherry.

Q: What does the average office makeover cost?

The cost of an office makeover project depends on the size of your space, brand you choose for your project, and office furniture collection you choose for your project. On average an executive office makeover project can cost anywhere between $1000 and $10,000 depending on the furniture chosen. Lobby and waiting room makeover projects also vary greatly on cost depending on the seating selected and how many guests your business is looking to accommodate. It's important to set a budget for your project that your business can live with, and proceed accordingly. Any good office furniture dealer will be happy to help you maximize your budget and meet your specific needs.

Q: What furniture lines do you prefer?

At we are huge fans of full service office furniture lines. The ability to use one office furniture collection throughout your business areas creates a professional, and cohesive look you can be proud of. That being said, lines like the new Mayline Medina Collection. Global Total Office Zira Collection, and Cherryman Verde Collection are our favorites for modern projects. The Mayline Sorrento Collection and Cherryman Emerald Collection are our top two staff favorites for traditionally themed makeover projects.

Q: How long should my office makeover take?

This is another commonly asked question that definitely depends on the size of your project and furniture brand you select. Made to order furniture typically takes about 3 to 5 weeks to manufacture and ship while in stock products can usually ship within a few business days. You'll want to factor in a few days for transit as well as the shopping, design, and installation process. Be sure to create a realistic timeline for project completion to avoid being rushed. Those who can take there time often end up much happier than those who are working on the fly!

Q: What decor themes are most popular this year?

These year the modern look is in! With the industries top brands in a race to one up each other with the latest and greatest furniture line, you'll be at no shortage of options for modern makeover projects. In addition, the retro look is also coming back in a major way. Vintage decor can be found at local antique stores and swap meets and has become really popular, as well as a great way to create a one of a kind space. In fact, even today's top brands like OFM are now manufacturing cool new furniture that features retro style characteristics!

Q: How do I save the most money when shopping for new furniture?

There are several great ways to save money when shopping for new office furniture. First and foremost you'll want to shop using a comparison engine like Google Shopping. Here you can sort through various products and easily compare pricing from a variety of the industries most recognized dealers. In addition, visiting popular coupon sites will also help you save a buck! For larger orders like multiple office chairs and desks, calling your dealer of choice directly is always a good idea. Be sure to inquire about bulk discount opportunities and additional savings. If you're just starting your search and have time, consider signing up for a few different email newsletters from furniture dealers you're interested in. You should be sent a monthly letter with specials, deals, and closeouts that can help you save.

Q: Do I need to have an interior design team?

Having an interior design team is definitely a huge help. While this service does come at a premium, it's not an absolute must. Believe it or not, you furniture dealer can provide helpful insight and suggestions on what products will work well together. If you're business is dealing with too many suggestions from various employees, an interior designer may be worth the investment. It's definitely hard to make everyone in a large office happy by selecting the desks and chairs for their individual areas! That being said, if you are in charge of your own makeover, it may be best to save the money and work directly with your dealer of choice.

Q: How hard is furniture installation?

In most cases office furniture installation is nothing to be scared of. A two person team can install most any office desk in approximately 1 hour. That being said, office furniture is often quite heavy. If you have a history of back problems, hiring an installation crew is probably a good idea. Office computer chairs can typically be assembled in about 20 minutes and should go together quite smoothly. For larger projects that include cubicle installation, powered furniture, and large numbers of office chairs, you'll definitely want to consult the professionals first before tackling your project. In most cases, you'll definitely want to inquire about professional installation.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Design Tips For A Retro Office Makeover

Mid century modern is a style that's all the rage nowadays, especially in home and office design. For anyone who wants to blend the cool retro appeal of the past with the convenience of modern technology, this is the style for you. In today's article, we'll be providing some great tips to decorate your home or business office in cool retro furniture. Enjoy!

Pick An Era

The good thing about mid-century modern decor is that there are so many eras to choose from. For this style, all of history is an open book, but generally, most designers tend to draw inspiration from decades between the 1920s to 1970s. Before designing, its best to do a little research on different styles to see which ones you like, and then pick an era to blend with your modern furniture. Thankfully, popular office furniture brands like Woodstock Marketing, Global Total Office, and OFM already specialize in both retro and modern furniture. They offer many desks, chairs, and table options that blend the best of both worlds, creating furniture with all the style of the past, and all the innovation of the future!

Choose A Chair

For mid-century modern and retro stylings, most interior designers choose chairs between the 50s to 70s for their comfort and sophisticated old-school style. For the most part, many of these chairs tend to look alike. Some models are bigger and boxier, while other chairs are very skinny. It all depends on the needs of the user. Thankfully, most of the chairs from these eras boast thick comfortable cushions. However, for those that want an older look, Woodstock offers retro chairs that go even further back for inspiration. Many of their wire furniture pieces draw from Bertoia, the Eames brothers, and other 1940s characters for classic designs. When combined with the ergonomic advancements of contemporary seating, any of these modern retro office chairs make a super compromise.

Deck Out Your Desk

An office is only as good as it's desk. In the workplace, this is typically the place where users sort, organize, and work for most of the day, so it's important not to skimp on functionality here. Fortunately, many of the modern modular workstations from contemporary manufacturers like Cherryman and Mayline provide excellent capability for vintage design. Many of these desks boast metallic accents like chrome, along with stunning wood laminates and veneers. These classic details in combination with current design innovations such as plentiful storage and modular layouts create beautiful, functional workspaces.


Any designer will tell you, "accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!" For most, this is the funnest part of any decor project, and with retro as the theme, the potential is endless. The cool thing about vintage styled office design is that there doesn't have to be a pattern. Generally, as long as colors go well together, "retro" will stay the theme no matter which eras you pull from. Bulky 1960s style chairs are easily matched with minimalist 70s style lamps and decor. "Modern" art from any era between the 1950s to the 1980s should look exceptional on the wall if placed with a designer's eye. Don't be afraid to mix up the ages!

A Burst Of Color

With retro furniture, there are usually two ways to go: lots of color, or very little. Both styles have the potential to look amazing. We find that black and white or monochromatic tends to look better for older furniture inspired by the 1920s-1940s, giving everything a sort of "vintage photograph" look. Alternatively, because retro stylings from the 60s and 70s tends to be more colorful anyway, we say, "the brighter the better" if you're more inspired by those eras. These days, its easy to shop colorful office chairs for sale from reputable dealers. Most furniture is offered in a wide variety of upholsteries, from fabric to mesh to leather. However, current shopping trends show that gray leather office chairs for monochromatic schemes are all the rage in 2014!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Showcasing Eurotech's Hottest Office Chairs of 2014

Eurotech is a seating manufacturer that's always ahead of the curve! This innovative seating brand prides themselves on cutting edge designs and high quality ergonomic features designed to take your office life to the next level. In today's post we'll highlight Eurotech's top 5 office chairs of 2014. Enjoy!

Ergo Elite ChairFirst up, the ME22ERGLT Ergo Elite series high back mesh chair. This sophisticated modern seating solution features an ultra cool mesh back pattern that really pops! The ME22ERGLT offers ergonomic features like tilt tension control, tilt lock, back angle adjustment, synchro-tilt, seat height adjustment and much more! The swiveling arms with depth adjustment add an extra element of versatility with the integrated head rest makes the Ergo Elite an excellent choice for executive office applications. Priced at $663.00, the Ergo Elite high back chair is an absolute winner! A mid back model with no head rest is also available.

Wau ChairSecond on out list of best selling Eurotech Office Chairs is the Wau series high back office chair priced at $464.00. This ultra modern office chair is available in a choice of all mesh or fully upholstered styles to meet your specific needs. Two frame finishes and mesh color options are also offered from Eurotech on the Wau mesh models. These ergo chairs blend the perfect combination of form and function to create one of the best selling computer chairs of all time. The Wau offers adjustable arms and a long list of ergonomic features that will no doubt improve your workplace productivity and have you saying WOW for real!

Europa ChairThe Eurotech Seating Europa chair features a contemporary ribbed back design and polished frame features that fall in line with two of the seating industries hottest trends. These versatile chairs work well in professional boardroom applications, executive offices, and home work spaces. The sleek design saves spaces and looks great. At first glance it's easy to see the European design influences incorporated into the Europa seating collection. Both black and brown leather upholstery options are available to compliment the shining metal accents on the arms and base.

Fuzion ChairEurotech's Fuzion seating collection has gained major momentum in 2014. These popular high back and mid back mesh chairs offer a luxurious look that's sure to earn any space an abundance of compliments. Models like the Fuzion FUZ8LX-LO feature adjustable arms, backs, and seats that allow for a customizable sit any user will appreciate. The Fuzion offers polished frame and base accents and just the right amount of modern appeal without going over the top. These chairs work well in conference room, executive office, and tasking applications where ergonomics are a top priority!

Green Chakra ChairLast but not least, the show stopping Chakra chair from Eurotech! Available in 5 cool color combinations, the Chakra chair is a true ergonomic wonder with the modern appeal to match. The zoomorphic structure is light and airy yet extremely comfortable. This innovative modern office chair focuses on the body's power centers for superior support. By specifically cushioning the chakras, and leaving the rest of the body free of tension, Eurotech has created and extremely comfortable seating solution that looks as good as it works. The Chakra chair speaks directly to our animated connection to the inanimate world. Seven independent cushions are mounted directly to the chair frame on specially engineered rubber foundations to support the user and move in cohesion with their body. Arm rests are joined directly to the frame and curve to offer ergonomically correct support. Specially designed arm pads are mounted on top for improved comfort. Needless to say, Chakra chairs offer a lot for only $400.00. These best selling chairs have no doubt been a huge success in 2014.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Mayline Goes Big in 2014!

Mayline is a brand that's always ahead of the curve! This industry leader offers several of the most innovative office furniture and seating collections on the market today. In this post we'll take a look at several of Mayline's newest releases that are sure to improve your corporate appeal and take your office interiors to the next level. Enjoy!

e5 Desking

e5 Desking

Mayline's e5 desking collection is nothing short of impressive. This line of easy to specify modular desking is great for open configurations, home office spaces, and executive work environments. The e5 was recently enhanced to include quick shipping desk typicals starting and well below $1000. With a wide variety of metal finishes and laminate color options to choose from, e5 can easily match any modern workspace to perfection!

Monitor Arms and Lighting

Mayline Ergonomic Products

To further improve there full service offering of office furniture, Mayline has added a variety of new ergonomic monitor arms and office lighting solutions that really rock! Both the single and dual screen mounting arms easily attach to desk surfaces via clamp style mounts or grommet style mounts to suit your individual office needs. Adjustable desk lamps and under mount LED lighting will help you stay more energy efficient while adding a super cool modern look to your office areas.

Gist Seating

Mayline Gist Chairs

Coming to an office near you in 2014 is Mayline's Gist seating collection! These trendy ergonomic mesh chairs are poised to take the world by storm! With the recent success of the Commute line, Mayline decided to go even bigger with the new Gist series chairs. These modern mesh chairs are offered in a variety of cool seat upholstery options that will make any workplace pop. If you're looking to show a bit of your personality with your office chair while staying supremely comfortably, we hope you'll get the Gist! Expect these awesome new office chairs to hit the market before the end of 2014.

Medina Casegoods

Medina Furniture

Mayline's newest casegoods collection, Medina will end this year as one of the hottest furniture lines on the market. There's no denying that Medina offers the perfect blend of modern and traditional style characteristics. Available in three trending finish options, Medina desks, conference tables, and storage solutions are surprisingly affordable and ship quick for those in need of new furniture in a hurry. This line takes it's style ques from it's sister collection Napoli. While Napoli's wood veneer construction makes it a bit pricey for the average consumer, Medina offers the same great looks at a fraction of the cost. This line is sure to earn any home office, executive space, and boardroom ample compliments.

Keep Modular Walls

Keep Modular Walls

Talk about cool! Mayline's new Keep series modular wall systems are totally unique and unlike the traditional wall dividers of the past. If you're looking to separate your office areas while simultaneously improving storage, Keep is a must consider. Set to be released in the near future, Keep wall systems are customizable to meet nearly any office demand. Use a keep wall in your breakroom, training room, lobby, or cafeteria and improve appeal while boosting versatility.

Cohere Tables

Cohere Boardroom Table

The all new Cohere collection from Mayline includes conference, training, and reception style tables with an ultra modern industrial vibe. These unique office solutions feature contemporary metal legs and are available in a variety of surface options to match decor. If you're tired of the same old laminate tables, consider a makeover project using Cohere's budget friendly products. You'll be glad you did!

RGE Tables

RGE Tables

Height adjustable desks and tables are the latest ergonomic craze! With the success of Mayline's VariTask line comes the new and improved RGE collection. This line of versatile ergonomic workstations providers users with the ability to go from sitting to standing work positions in a flash. RGE tables are available in a variety of color options and sizes to meet your workplace needs.

Friday, October 10, 2014

October 2014: Trending Reception Desks

Tired of the same old lack luster reception desks that do nothing for your corporate appeal? Us too! Luckily, brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and OFM have introduced stunning new options for modern minded businesses. This year, the industries best manufacturers decided that overpriced custom reception desks were going to get some serious competition! The best selling stations highlighted in today's post are a must consider for any reception area makeover project and will keep your professional waiting area looking great for years to come. Enjoy!

Zira Reception DeskGlobal's incredibly successful Zira series furniture line was recently expanded to include boardroom tables and professional reception desks, and we couldn't be more excited! These innovative U shaped, L shaped, rectangular, and 2 person reception desk solutions offer high end appeal that's sure to earn your waiting area an abundance of daily compliments. Zira series stations are a bit pricey when compared to the competition. However, if you want your business to stand apart from the crowd there's no better way to go! Choose from a variety of stunning two tone finish options and versatile storage components to customize your design.

Napoli Reception DeskThe combination of glass, wood, and metal is sure to take any professional reception space to the next level. That being said, reception stations from the Mayline Napoli collection are sure to do just that. While these innovative rectangular and L shaped stations have been around for some time now, the Napoli collection was a bit ahead of it's time. In 2014 these sophisticated reception desks are truly hitting there stride. Napoli stations can be ordered and shipped quickly in your choice of 3 wood veneer finish combinations. A variety of matching desks, storage components, and tables can be added to further enhance your office areas.

ADA Reception DeskOFM has enjoyed immense success with there Marque reception desk collection. The overwhelmingly positive response to the Marque line has prompted this innovative manufacturer to expand by adding ADA compliant stations designed for handicapped individuals and wheelchair users. OFM's new stations can be used in both single and multi user formats to meet your specific business needs. Three quick shipping finish options are also available. Marque stations offer modular design characteristics that will allow your business to expand in the future if needed. Stations require no tools for assemble and are some of the most user friendly on the market. You can't go wrong with an ADA reception desk from the Marque collection.

Multi User Reception StationCherryman Industries recently boosted there already successful Amber casegoods line to include new desks, handle pulls, finish options, conference tables, and of course... reception desks! Like most, if your business is considering an office makeover project, budget is no doubt a primary concern. Luckily, the Amber collection from Cherryman has the incredibly stylish office furniture you need at a fraction of the cost when compared to nearly any line on the market. The professional grade reception desks from this collection include L shaped, rectangular, and even multi user stations available in 5 unique finishes. Choose from a variety of easy to integrate storage components to keep your receptionist well organized and operating efficiently.

Offices To Go Reception Desk
Often praised for their wide variety of affordable office seating solutions, Offices To Go was feeling a bit left out in the furniture world. This sister company to Global Total Office was ready to make there impression felt and expanded their Superior Laminate collection to include new espresso reception station models that really impress. The perfect combination of style, affordability, and functionality meet with these attractive stations. Both modular L shaped and rectangular models are available with a choice of file pedestals and wall storage cabinets. Priced starting at only $369.99 for the basic rectangular unit, you'll be hard pressed to find a better value on the market today. These modern reception desks look great, ship quick, and won't break your budget. There's really no way to go wrong!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

5 Earth Friendly Office Chair Favorites!

Looking for a chair that's both friendly to the green earth and the green in your pockets? You've come to the right place. In today's article, we'll be rounding off  a few of our favorite eco friendly office chairs  to add to your workplace. Lately, these Greenguard and Green Lead Certified, sustainably manufactured chairs are all the rage. With seating solutions like this, users can rest guilt free and comfortable, knowing both planets and pocketbooks are safer!

Gray Microsuede Chair by Eurotech
First up, it's hard to deny the modern day style of this stunning office chair. The SE804-GRY gray microsuede office chair by Eurotech, may feature a trendy green makeup, but it's the trendy gray microsuede upholstery that draws in the crowds. On chairs, gray anything is a definite plus. Not only are gray fabric and leather chairs the latest trend, but this neutral color also makes an excellent mediator in offices with sharp contrasts. As far as comfort goes, this chair offers a top notch value: adjustable ergonomic features for an affordable price!
Poise Office Chair by Safco
This next choice is the perfect option for a versatile office. The 6301 Poise Mid Back office chair by Safco can fit easily at a desk, in a conference room, or in a cubicle. Deep contours and a generous size let users experience office zen at a bargain price. This model is ideal for both employees and guests. It even features 360 degree swivel capability and additional ergonomic features for maximum comfort. Add it to cubicles, modular workstations, guest areas, and discount conference room furniture without breaking your bank.

Vion Chair by Global
For a higher end seating solution, take a gander at the 6321-0 Vion Chair by Global. This luxury ergonomic chair is extremely versatile, with far more color choices and options than most competing brands are willing to offer. Of course, being from Global, it's no surprise that the Vion is Greenguard certified for sustainable production. High end ergonomic features, such as a pneumatic seat adjustment, tilt tension control, and synchro tilt action render this chair ideal for both home and business use. It is one of the favorite Greenguard certified chairs that's as comfortable as it is affordable.

Tribeca Chair by Eurotech
Next, we offer a sleek office chair that's sure to draw attention in the workplace. The FE900 Tribeca chair by Eurotech certainly cuts a smooth silhouette in the office. The simple high back design makes the Tribeca a perfect choice for use both in personal offices and impressive luxury conference rooms. Add in the amazing price, and this is one deal no one should pass up!

Safco Bliss Chair
Finally, we leave you with the beautiful 7202BU1 Safco Bliss chair to express your organic soul. With a back that works with the user's body, this chair is as healthful and comfortable as it is pretty. A dazzling flower print upholstery hints at the Greenguard Certified construction behind this eco friendly chair. As if that weren't enough, the Bliss also features a 4-position locking synchro mechanism with tilt tension control for added ergonomic appeal. No wonder Safco named this luxury high back chair, the "Bliss!"