Friday, April 21, 2017

Office Chair Review: Rave by SitWell

SitWell Office Chair Review
SitWell specializes in the provision of high end ergonomic chairs designed to promote good posture and top notch appeal. Take one sit in their Rave task chair and you'll see what we mean. Today on the blog we'll be reviewing the Rave and the user friendly attributes that have made it a go-to option for shoppers looking to maximize comfort and style.

SitWell Rave Chair ReviewStyle:

The Rave chair is clean, classy, and a bit modern. Breathable mesh backs and contoured fabric seats are available in a variety of quick shipping color combinations that make it easy for shoppers to personalize their interiors. The two tone variations ultra cool and sure to make your workspace pop. If you're on the hunt for a popular mesh back office chair that will keep you comfy while earning an abundance of compliments from valued visitors, the Rave is definitely worth serious consideration in 2017 and beyond.

Best Office Chairs 2017Ergonomics:

There's no substitute for comfort. Sure you'll want your chair to look cool, but if it doesn't perform well during intensive work days, you'll be left fighting back pain and fatigue. Thankfully, the Rave mesh back task chair from SitWell offers an unrivaled combination of ergo features to match it's visually appealing design. The Rave comes standard with adjustable T shaped arms that make finding correct and healthy computing angles a breeze. The multi functional synchro tilt mechanism is easy to use adjust at a moments notice. To make a long story short, the Rave minimizes the ergonomic learning curve by simplifying basic angle and height changes that are commonly needed throughout the day.

Popular Office Tasking ChairApplications:

These days, shoppers are expecting more out of the chairs. Buying a chair for a single purpose is all well and good, but if you can use it for a variety of applications that's even better. SitWell fully understands this point as evidenced with the Rave chair. With a plethora of ergonomic features, the Rave is an awesome option for home computing and business tasking. In addition, these healthy posture office chairs can also be effectively integrated into professional meeting areas and conference rooms to promote guest comfort. The Rave probably isn't a top option for your executive office remodeling project, but that's really it's only limitation.

SitWell R-536-B ChairPrice:

Most of the top rated office chairs for sale in 2017 are priced around $500.00. Thankfully, SitWell has your budget in mind. They've priced the Rave competitively to make it a great option for shoppers looking to avoid breaking the bank without sacrificing comfort. The R-536-B model SitWell Rave chair is the most affordable at just $274.99. Higher end options like the R-536-WW-GREY are only a bit more pricey at $321.99. If you have the option, we definitely recommend testing a Rave chair in person to determine what features you really need to operate at peak performance levels. These chairs are available with a lot of bells and whistles including custom seats, mechanism, and more. In our opinion, the R-536-B is really the best all around buy from this collection.

SitWell Rave Chair Rating
We rate chairs on a 5 star scale based on style, versatility, quality, and most importantly, comfort. After a thorough testing session, we feel comfortable giving the Rave a 4 out of 5 start rating. It's attractive, well made, easy to use effectively in a variety of settings, and comfortable. As an added bonus, the Rave provides exceptional value. You'll be hard pressed to find a better office chair for everyday use at this price point. This collection has definitely earned its name. One you try the Rave you'll be singing its praises just like us.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ergonomic Advice: Avoid Extended Sits

Avoid Extended Sits In Your Office Chair
Sitting in your office chair for long periods of time is unhealthy. As you become involved with daily tasks and sit for hours on end, posture habits begin to slip and blood flow is reduced. When this happens, pain and fatigue are knocking at the door. Today on the blog we'll provide you with ergonomically correct advice and the tips needed to avoided extended operating sessions in 2017 and beyond.

Sit To Stand Desktop RiserWe fully understand that it's hard to take short breaks. During busy work days it seems almost crazy to stand up and walk outside for some fresh air. That being said, breaks are an absolute must. Sitting in your chair for long periods of time is almost counter productive. Once you've been seated for more than a couple of hours, your posture starts suffer and your productivity levels decrease.

It's all about continuous movement! Today's top ergonomic office furniture manufacturers are hard at work crafting sit to stand workplace solutions that increase blood flow and reduce fatigue. If taking short breaks just aren't realistic (and this is the case for many) than you need to consider integrating a sit to stand desktop riser.

OFM 5100 Desktop RiserYou can't go wrong with a sit to stand desktop riser like the Volante from Systematix. This professional grade product is made to work with just about any operating surface. It mounts in minutes and the benefits gained will last a lifetime. At just $299.99 it's a great investment that will help you avoid extended sitting sessions.

In truth, there's no substitute for good posture habits. A break will do you good, but if you return to your office chair and don't use it's features to gain support, sitting for long periods of time is even worse.

Make sure to keep your back in contact with the chair at all times. Don't hunch and lean away to type. When you do, your back and spin are left out to dry. You'll also want to keep your feet placed flat on the ground and facing forward. Don't use the base of the high tech ergonomic office chair you invested in as a foot rest. When you perform this common perching maneuver, blood flow is restricted that makes your sit more dangerous over the long haul.

To be at your best, you need to stay fresh. About once every hour, stand up to stretch out your muscles. The breaks you take don't have to be long at all. About 5 to 10 minutes will do the trick.

Sit To Stand Operating
Studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span. It's serious business to say the least. With that being said, how can you afford to not take a quick break or switch to a stand up desk that's ready to help you adapt?

In the long run, even those who do have the time to take short breaks don't. It's all about habit structure and what you're used to. If you fall into this category, consider investing in a desktop timer. Heck, your fancy smart phone probably has one. Set it to buzz every hour or so to serve as a reminder that it's time to stand up to fight back against the over-sitting epidemic.

If you're fighting pain and strain in the workplace, it's not to late. Don't get sucked into believing that it's okay to just deal with it and push through. You deserve to be comfortable and healthy at work. Form the habits needed to sit correctly and take breaks when needed. You should also highly consider integrating a sit to stand desktop attachment or adjustable height workstation into your space. Once you make the switch you'll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Designers Are Raving About The Sterling Furniture Collection!

Mayline Sterling Office Furniture Showcase
Mayline's unrivaled attention to detail and quality craftsmanship has made the Sterling furniture collection a premier choice for professional office remodeling projects. Interior design teams love the elite executive workstations, conference room tables, and luxury reception desks this upscale collection has to offer.

Sterling Textured Driftwood FinishToday we'll start off by giving you a quick overview of the trendy finish options Sterling has to offer. First and foremost, you'll want to check out Textured Driftwood. It's cool, coastal, and unique. If you're tired of traditional tones and looking for something different, it's definitely the way to go.

Sterling Textured Mocha FinishAdditionally, the Textured Mocha Sterling furniture finish provides high end appeal that will earn your interior the compliments it deserves. Dark wood laminate finish options like Textured Mocha show minimal wear over time to ensure long lasting good looks.

Sterling Textured Brown Sugar FinishLastly, the Sterling collection offers a unique Textured Brown Sugar option that's a breath of fresh air compared to traditional cherry, maple, and mahogany tones. With the perfect blend of modern and traditional appeal, Textured Brown Sugar offers a well rounded vibe that will rock your remodel.

Ergonomic Executive Office Desk with Height Adjustable BridgeOkay, now let's get to the desks! They've really put this line on the map. With opaque acrylic accents and attractive handle pulls, Sterling is the perfect option for executive interiors. Just this year, Mayline has introduced all new height adjustable bridges that promote continuous movement in the workplace while reducing the need for extended sitting sessions that can be damaging to your health. Popular ergonomic executive office desk layouts from the Sterling collection like the STL37H2 combine performance, versatility, and style that have designers in love!

Sterling Boardroom TableThe full range of products from the Sterling collection makes it perfect for large scale remodels. Take a look at the hybrid boat shaped conference room tables from this collection and you'll quickly see what we mean. Popular Sterling conference tables from Mayline like the STC12 boast intricate T shaped bases that combine with hand crafted knife edge surfaces. This 12' long model is perfect for seating up to 4 individuals per side and another 2 on each and.

Sterling Square Top Meeting Tables with 42" TopIn addition to larger boat shaped tables, Sterling offers the perfect square top table for a small meeting area that won't break the budget. The STC42 can be used effectively in larger executive environments as well as smaller group collaborating areas. At just $308.99 it's an absolute bargain buy.

Sterling Reception DeskInterior design teams love to craft interiors that make an instant impression on visitors. That being said, it's no wonder why teams across the country are raving about the professional guest reception desks from the Mayline Sterling collection. With unique work surface extensions and glass transaction counters, they're pretty much guaranteed to make an impact. The STG34 model Sterling office desk for a guest reception area even includes a file pedestal and modular low wall cabinet for organizing that can also be utilized to create additional operating space. It goes without saying, this collection has it all. If your designer recommends Sterling furniture, give them the thumbs up. They know what they're talking about!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Office Ergonomics: Posture Habits FAQ

Frequently Asked Office Posture Related Questions
Each month we receive a ton of questions regarding correct and efficient posture habits. As the importance of ergonomics in the workplace can't be overlooked, we've decided to compile your most commonly asked questions into an informative FAQ post to help. Today we'll tackle important posture habits while sharing advice on how to sit correct to reach peak performance levels in 2017. Enjoy!

Q: Do I really need to keep my back in contact with the chair at all times?

A: We get asked this question all the time. The answer is a resounding yes. Each time you lean away from your office chair, you're missing out on key back support and your posture is suffering. Make it a habit to keep your chair back upright. Stay in contact with it when computing and avoid hunching over to type at all costs.

Q: How should my feet be positioned when working from my office chair?

A: Your feet should be placed flat on the ground and facing forward when you're seated in your office chair. If you're using the base of your ergonomically correct office chair as a foot rest, it's not longer ergonomically correct. When you perch on the base of your chair, blood flow is restricted. When this happens fatigue, cramping, and even pain can set in. Keep those feet flat and forward.

Q: How can I synchronize my desk and workstation to improve posture?

A: First things first, you need to get your computer screens up to eye level. If you find yourself looking down when computing, your neck and posture are paying the price. Raising up your computer screens will ensure proper neck alignment and head positioning for good posture. Additionally, you'll want to raise your chair arms to a height that allows your forearms to sit flat when typing on your keyboard tray. These basic workstation synchronization tips will go a long way towards helping your work in posture perfect positions.

Q: What are some good ways to remember posture tips for improved performance?

A: There's no substitute for practice! Go through your chair adjustment features to ensure you're familiar with them. To remain posture perfect throughout the day, you'll need to adjust from time to time. Make sure you're ready to do so with a healthy knowledge of how your professional grade swivel chair operates.

Studies have shown that posting a chart or diagram with posture tips will help keep them fresh in your mind. During task filled work days, posture tips can be hard to remember. With tips posted near your computer screen you'll turn them into good habits that improve performance in no time.

Q: How do I know if my office posture is bad?

A: All too often, workers assume they have good posture. Those who take the time to question their sitting habits, typically improve them quickly. It's important to listen to the signs your body gives you. Don't be afraid to ask yourself honest questions like "Am I dealing with pain throughout the work day". If you answer yes, the odds are your posture has something to do with it. Analyze your sit from top to bottom. Are you keeping your feet flat on the ground? Is your personal computer chair raised to the correct height? Are you keeping your back in contact with the chair at all times when computing? If you answer "no" to any of these important posture related questions, there's definitely room for improvement.

Q: What ergonomic products will help improve my posture?

A: As we sit for long periods of time, posture suffers. That's why we have seen a huge influx in the number of sit to stand desk top attachments introduced in the last year. They promote continuous movement while reducing fatigue.

You can also integrate an adjustable height monitor arm. It will help you keep your screens at eye level to reduce neck pain and posture related issues caused from looking down when computing at your workstation.

Additional items like footrests and articulating keyboard trays are also must consider office add-ons. If for nothing more, a foot rest will act as a reminder that your feet need not be perched atop the office chair base. An articulating keyboard tray that mounts underneath the desk will ensure healthy computing angles if setup properly. They'll also create lots of extra desk space that you can benefit from.

Q: How can I get the most out of my office chair to improve posture?

A: It's no secret that office comfort starts with their chair. That being said, even the most expensive office chair is only as good as its owner. To get the most out of your chair, you have to take the time to get to know it. Go through your owners manual thoroughly. If available, watch demo videos only to provide you with visual understanding of features and benefits you may not be taking advantage. At all costs, avoid the set it and forget it approach. Don't get sucked into the belief that once your chair is assembled and set up "comfortably" that nothing needs to change. Alternatively, understand that adjusting throughout the day to achieve proper posture and support is a must. Familiarize yourself with your chairs levers, tension knob, and arms to the point of supreme confidence.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Deal of The Week: Modular Training Room Furniture On Sale!

Here at, our goal is to help you maximize your professional interiors without breaking the bank. That's why this week, we're offering best selling training room tables and chairs on sale with free shipping from industry leading brands like Mayline, OFM, and SitWell. These bargain buys won't be available for long, so take advantage of them while you can. Happy shopping!

1.) Mayline Sync Series 48" x 18" Training Table SY1848 - $305.99 + FREE Shipping!

Training Room Furniture On Sale

2.) Mayline KTX3 Thesis Series Tablet Arm Training Room Chairs - 2 Pack For $495.99 + FREE Shipping!

Tablet Arm Training Room Chair

3.) OFM Mesa Heavy Duty Training Room Table 66122 - $305.99 + FREE Shipping!

Heavy Duty Training Table

4.) OFM Stanza 309-P Stackable Training Room Chairs - 4 Pack for $454.99 + FREE Shipping!

OFM Stanza Training Room Chairs That Stack

5.) Global 2gether Series Folding Training Table IT1848RX - $629.99 + FREE Shipping!

Global 2gether Training Room Table

6.) Global Roma Series Nesting Training Room Chair 1899 - $279.99 + FREE Shipping!

Roma Series Training Chairs by Global

7.) Global Flex Nest Training Room Chair 6547 - $233.99 + FREE Shipping!

Discount Training Room Chair

8.) Mayline Flip-N-Go 18" x 48" Mobile Training Table - $273.99 + FREE Shipping!

Modular Training Room Furniture

9.) SitWell Tagalong T-15 Flip Seat Training Room Chair - $223.99 + FREE Shipping!

SitWell Training Room Chairs

10.) Global Bungee Series BX2442RES Modular Training Table - $556.99 + FREE Shipping!

Bungee Training Room Tables

As an added bonus, we'd love to provide you and your business with exceptional bulk discount pricing! If you're purchasing a variety of training room tables and seating for your interior, please contact our team direct at 800-867-1411. Your order may qualify for additional savings.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

How To Choose An Office Chair Worth Investing In

How To Select A Quality Office Chair
Are you shopping for a new office chair? If so, you've likely found the selection a bit overwhelming. In truth, selecting the right office chair is a process. While one chair may come highly recommend from a coworker, it might not be the right option for your particular needs. That being said, today on the blog we'll highlight the tips and advice needed to help you choose a new chair that's worth investing in. Enjoy!

1.) Set A Budget

First things first, you have to set a budget. You don't want to be shopping a variety of chairs that are super expensive and that tempt you to over spend. In truth, you can get an absolutely fantastic office chair for well below $500.00. We regularly recommend chairs from brands like Eurotech Seating, Global Total Office, and SitWell that fall under this price point. Set a budget you can live with from the start, then start your search. The average shopper spends between $250.00 and $350.00 on a new chair. Those in need of specialty features typically spend around $500.00.

2.) Know Your Body

Not all office chair features are a must have. Before investing in a new chair, it's helpful to know which ones you'll actually use on a daily basis and benefit from. If you're suffering from lower back pain throughout the work day, you'll obviously want to find an ergonomic office chair with good lumbar support that's designed to promote proper posture. If you're dealing with wrist pain and arthritis, you'll certainly want to select a new office chair with adjustable arms to help you compute at correct angles. Understanding your body and personal areas of discomfort is an absolute must during the office chair selection process.

3.) Read Reviews

Online reviews are invaluable when shopping for an office chair that's worth investing in. While they aren't the be-all end-all, they will provide you with honest advice from those who've actually tested the chair. You can find reviews easily by browsing comparison shopping engines like Google Shopping. You can also visit manufacturer websites, search for blog posts about popular chairs, and watch YouTube demo videos to further educate yourself on which chairs are best for your body. In the long run, you'll be far more satisfied with an office chair that has good reviews as opposed to just selecting one based on it's looks.

4.) Request A Sample

In many cases, you can contact chair manufacturers directly to request a sample chair. They'll likely require you to pay for shipping charges, but it will give you the opportunity to check out chairs in person. If you're considering a top of the line office chair for your space, it's smart to incur the shipping charges before breaking the bank on a chair you've never tried. If you can't get a sample, check out a local showroom in your area. There you'll be able to test a variety of chairs from different brands in person. If you don't live in a big city, visiting a showroom will likely require a little driving. That being said, it's worth it if you're looking to select just the right office chair for your personal needs.

5.) Speak With The Pros

It never hurts to get a little advice from the pros. Physicians and office chair specialists can really shed some light on the type of chair you need to achieve top notch support. If you can't make it to a showroom, place a call to a reputable online office chair provider to discuss your sitting habits and needs. Express to them your personal areas of discomfort and what you're looking to gain out of a new chair. They'll have a wide range of suggestions that you can narrow down based on your specific preferences.

6.) Give It A Sit Test

There's simply no substitute for a good sit test. Rest assured, not all office chairs are created equal. Trying out chairs in person will give you an excellent idea of just how comfortable you'll be using it everyday. If at all possible, test a chair before you purchase it to avoid buyer's remorse. As previously mentioned, just because one individual finds a chair to be supremely comfortable, it doesn't mean that you will. When testing a chair in person, be sure to go through all it's features. Don't be afraid to pull levers, adjust tension knobs, and play with the arms a bit. In the long run, event the best office chair is only as good as its owner. When you invest in a new chair, you need to master it's features so that you're ready to adjust at a moments notice to achieve top notch support.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What's Hot? Eurotech Task Chairs!

Eurotech Office Chairs
Comfort, performance, and value combine with Eurotech office chairs. This industry leading brand takes pride in crafting some of the most elite seating solutions on the market today. This year, interior design teams and consumers alike are falling in love with user friendly Eurotech chairs for professional makeover projects. Today on the blog we'll showcase the models that are a must consider for yours. Enjoy!

High Performance Office ChairSimply put, it doesn't get better than the Ergohuman. This high performance office chair was built specifically for intensive work environments. In both high and mid back variations, Eurotech Ergohuman chairs promote good posture and healthy operating.

Eurotech iOO ChairThe Eurotech iOO chair comes packed with more ergonomic features than you can shake a stick at. If you're on the hunt for a top of the line office chair that packs a major comfort punch, you can't go wrong with iOO. At $560.00 it certainly a bit more pricey than today's average chair. That being said, the iOO is far from average. It come standard with an adjustable ratchet back, tilt tension control, tilt lock, waterfall seat that relieves knee pressure, adjustable arms, and so much more.

Eurotech Hawk ChairDesigner's love the Eurotech Hawk seating collection. The chairs from this popular line are available un ultra cool color combinations that are up to date with today's hottest trends. The MF22 Hawk mesh back task chair from Eurotech is also supremely comfortable. The standard weight activated mechanism is a nice feature you don't want to overlook as it definitely helps minimize the ergonomic learning curve. The Hawk is also an absolute bargain buy at just $202.50.

Big And Tall Office ChairEurotech even offers heavy duty mesh back office chairs for big and tall operators. Their BT350 model chair is ready, willing, and able to accommodate users up to 350 pounds. The thick padded seat, breathable back, adjustable T shaped arms, and multi functional mechanism make for an elite sit that will help you make it through your work day in style.

Eurotech Fuzion ChairWe can't say enough good things about the Fuzion luxury chair from Eurotech. It's classy, sophisticated, and incredibly comfortable. Any ergo enthusiast will tell you, the FUX9LX-HI is an absolute winner in the workplace. If you're looking to maximize support while simultaneously kicking corporate appeal into overdrive, this high back mesh executive chair is a must consider.

Eurotech Frasso ChairLast but certainly not least, allow us to present the LE800BLKLLA1 model Frasso high back leather executive chair. This innovative ribbed back office chair with fixed arms is perfect for upscale interiors. While most of today's trendy ribbed back chairs lack support due to their thin frames, the Frasso has taken the same popular design and beefed it up with exceptional padding. Take one sit in the Frasso chair and you'll be absolutely blown away. In addition to the executive office, Frasso chairs are also being used for upscale meeting areas. These do-it-all taskers come equipped with tilt tension, tilt lock, and synchro tilt mechanism controls that pair perfectly with waterfall seats. The seat depth is also controllable along with chair height. Needless to say, the Frasso is ready to work and won't let you down.