Friday, April 18, 2014

Improve Your Corporate Decor With Global Zira Furniture

If any furniture series lead the pack in modern style, it would definitely have to be the Zira collection by Global. This furniture line goes beyond style. It incorporates fabulous looks with trend-setting features to turn ordinary offices in to professional workspaces. The Zira collection makes it easy to improve corporate decor in a snap, and the best part is that there's furniture for the whole office! Here's a look at the stunning style of the Zira collection by Global!

Small Workstations

The Zira collection by Global makes workstations its specialty, with options available in all shapes and sizes. The series offers an extensive set of smaller workstations in numerous configurations, so users can always find an option that fits the compact size and layout of their office.  As an added bonus, the stylish Zira workstations by Global offer users unparalleled control over look. Every desk allows buyers to choose from a vast array of finish options, from a rich quartered mahogany, to tiger maple, and winter cherry. There are even different drawer handle styles offered! With all these fantastic features, shoppers can create their own small workstation with specifications to go in both home and business offices.

Large Workstations

One of the great things about the Zira collection is its versatility. In addition to smaller workstations, Zira also offers large desk options for those that want an impressive contemporary look to wow guests in their workplace. Even larger workstations, like the Zira 6 Modern Executive Desk by Global offer the same extensive customization features as smaller sets, with the same array of finish and accessory features. With all this, buyers can easily design a desk the way they want: a desk that will look spectacular, and have the functionality to back up its gorgeous appearance!

Multi User Workstations

Adding modular workstations for multiple users to the office is often one of the smartest decisions a business owner can make. In offices that are tight on square footage, a multi user workstation takes out the bite that more than one single desk can have on a space. The Zira collection offers tons of excellent multi user stations that all provide ample room for each individual to work comfortably in their shared space. Not only that, but multi user workstations in the Global Zira collection are shining stars of modern design, sure to turn any dull corporate space into a trend-setting modern destination!

Reception Furniture

Global Zira Reception Station

In environments where reception desks are often the first impression a visitor has of the business, what better way to introduce them to your company's standards than by greeting them with a desk from the Zira collection! Like all Zira furniture, modern desks for office reception by Global are stylish and customizable. Users can choose the from the same finish options as other Zira workstations, only now, company patrons can encounter this amazing style on a regular basis. Zira reception stations are stunning to look at, with plenty of storage features and work room for receptionists to keep everything in place. They are gorgeous furniture solutions that no business should be without.

Conference Furniture 

And lastly, we present you with Zira's incredible conference furniture. Because conference rooms are often high stakes environments in corporate business, Global works hard to create conference tables with enough contemporary style to withstand any criticism. Zira offers boat shaped and racetrack conference like the Z4896RTE Zira Conference Table by Global for modern corporate business. Options are available in many sizes to fit in versatile office environments. Simply choose from the Zira line's extensive array of finish options to create the look that's perfect for your business, and wait for the compliments to roll in!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Office Chair Reviews: Mayline Ultimo Series

Mayline is a brand that's well known and respected for manufacturing high class luxury executive desks at affordable prices for office use. However, that doesn't mean they can't branch out a bit! Over the years, Mayline has been known to churn out wonderful tables and storage casegoods to go with their desk styles, but today we're going to look at their chairs. The Ultimo Chair Series by Mayline offers luxury executive comfort with versatility at an affordable price. Let's take a look!


Mayline Ultimo 500 EZ Assemble High Back Chair

As it may have been expected, Mayline's chair standards certainly aren't a far from the standards they have for office desks and tables. Every chair in the Ultimo series boasts luxury executive style to compliment any workspace. Varied in design and price range, the Ultimo series has an option for everyone, whether you work in a cubicle, at a desk, or in the conference room! Complete with all the great standard chair features, the Ultimo line has some of the most stylish leather chairs for executive use on the market.


Mayline Ultimo Series 100 Mid Back Chair

One of the best things about the Mayline Ultimo series is that these chairs have excellent versatility, both in design and in practical purposes. Many of the chairs in this line are capable of maneuvering between a number of different office environments. Options like the ULMGR Ultimo Series 100 Mid Back Chair by Mayline would easily look just as at home in a cubicle or conference area as it would in an executive office. Furthermore, the Ultimo series does not appear to have a single unified style. Many chair options look very different from one another, so they can better appeal to every taste.


All Ultimo chairs are unique in size, shape, and class, but all of them offer some of the most standard chair features. Each Ultimo chair usually offers generous dimensions, padded leather upholsteries with matching padded armrests, and a deluxe knee tilt control to reduce stress on the legs. Select models like the Mayline UL330M Ultimo Series Mid Back Chair even boast 2-to-1 synchro tilt control, adjustable height, pronounced lumbar support and other features for improved comfort. As an added bonus, all models in the Ultimo line are chairs certified by Greenguard for sustainable production!


Mayline Ultimo 200

Ultimo chairs are very reasonably priced given all that they have. The chairs run at about the same price as most other chairs, yet they offer intense executive style, comfort, and eco-friendly design to tie it all together. Given these great features, it's only expected the chairs are kept around the upper end of the average price range. Naturally, lower grade chairs are less expensive, though still very comfortable. Higher grade chairs are pricier, given that they typically have more features. Either way, most users still have nothing to complain about, and prefer to spend time enjoying their stylish chairs by Mayline for office use.


Mayline ULEX

Overall, the Ultimo Series is definitely an A. The chairs offer tons of great features, both inside and out all for a reasonable price, making them a surefire go-to for executives all over the nation. Whether you prefer high back or mid back office chair solutions, loop arms or standard, there is an Ultimo chair out there for you. All offer deluxe knee tilts and excellent features to compliment a workplace, with leather to accentuate professional executive style. Anyone that thinks Mayline can only make luxury desks is very wrong, and with chairs like these, we couldn't be happier for it!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Solving The 4 Most Common Reasons for Office Discomfort

Nobody likes being uncomfortable, especially at work! For those who settle for an unhealthy work life, it's time to make a change! The way you operate at work can actually cause health issues and long term problems that can be completely avoided. In today's blog article we'll share the 4 most common reasons for office discomfort while providing helpful ideas and solutions that are sure to ease your workplace woes.

1.) Back Pain 

Back Pain at Work

Back pain is the number one complain from most office employees. This issue is caused for a variety of reasons that stem from poor posture. Solving back pain at work can be a lengthy process that results in trips to the chiropractor and physician's office. In many cases however, meeting with an office chair specialist will provide many answers to your problem. Most business professionals have inherited their chair and fail to adjust them properly. If this is the case, take the time to research your chair and determine the best ways to utilize the products ergonomic values. If this doesn't work, it's time to shop for a new seating solution. In 2014 there are literally thousands of high quality ergonomic office chairs for sale on the market. To narrow your options, contact a seating provider you trust and discuss ways you feel your comfort could be improved. Features like lumbar support, head rests, adjustable arms, and memory foam seats are widely available that can quickly ease your discomfort.

2.) Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel at Work

Carpal Tunnel syndrome is often the cause of decreased productivity and extreme discomfort in the workplace. This unfortunate issue is commonly caused by a combination of attributes that increase pressure on tendons in the hands and wrist. The most common culprits include pregnancy, diabetes, and obesity. That being said this issue can be relieved to some degree by using adjustable keyboard trays at work. While high end models are available that cost hundreds of dollars, even a simple retractable unit will help to improve the posture at which you compute. Taller individuals for example will want to situate they keyboard to a higher level to improve blood flow to troubled areas. In addition, wearing a medical wrist guard will also help to provide support. Speaking with an ergo product specialist will help you to choose a keyboard tray that will work best for your specific body type and solve your carpal tunnel woes at work.

3.) Neck Pain

The odds are, that if you're back is in pain, your neck isn't feeling too good either. Another common office issue resulting from poor posture, neck pain is never fun. Whether you're sleeping poorly at home or sitting incorrectly at work, finding a cure for this trouble is a must. While massages are an option, they can be a regular need that becomes costly. Most individuals over 6' tall should be using high back office chairs with head rests to provide additional support. Individuals under 6' can effectively use mid back chairs to provide ergonomic benefits to the troubled areas. Test your chair adjustment capabilities in a variety of ways including the angle at which you work as well as the height of your chairs base and arms. In many cases, a few simple adjustments can really take the pressure of the neck and help you get back to working in comfort. If this doesn't work, many industry professionals are recommending standing desks as a useful alternative.

4.) Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Knee pain can be caused from a variety of reasons including past sports injuries, poor blood flow, joint issues, and a seemingly limitless list of other factors. No matter the cause, those dealing with knee discomfort in the workplace are always striving for relief! First try adjusting the height of your chair to a comfortable level. Next, be sure to take short breaks every hour to stretch and walk about. This gets the blood flowing and prevents your troubled knees from locking up on you. Keeping a comfortable knee brace on hand in the office can also come in quite handy. Some of the best ergonomic computer chairs are know being equipped with waterfall seat edge features to prevent hard angles when sitting. This feature is a must for anyone with knee pain considering a new office chair.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Go Ergo With Symmetry Office Products

Symmetry is a widely respected manufacturer of high quality ergonomic office products for the home and business. This industry leading brand takes pride in creating innovative and versatile solutions geared towards improving workplace efficiency. In today's article we'll highlight 5 of the best selling products Symmetry has to offer in 2014. Enjoy!

Allure Monitor Mount for 2 ScreensFirst up, the ALLURE-2 Dual Screen Monitor Mount and arm system. This user friendly product is sure to improve your useable desk space while boosting the rate at which you compute. With a wide range of adjustment capabilities including up, down, left, and right, this system is incredibly versatile. Priced at $361.99, adding one of these monitor arms to your workspace is a must.

Adjustable CPU HolderAny office hoping to achieve high marks in the ergo community will need a quality CPU holder. That being said, units like the Symmetry Harmony Series CPU Holder offer the perfect solution to your workplace needs. This easy to install setup helps prevent those unnecessary trips under the desk and constant bending over to reach the computer power source. The Harmony series mount will actually allow you to mount your CPU both horizontally or vertically to meet your specific office needs. Holders like this will help you create more useable floor space while simultaneously helping you to protect yourself against unforeseen elements like flood damage and theft.

Hannah Magnetic Office Light

Shed some light on your workspace with the Hannah Magnetic Mount Office Light by Symmetry. Talk about cool! This versatile product is a must have for any home, CEO office, or ergo guru. Priced at only $126.99, the Hannah light is also an excellent value. The 13 watt 3500K compact fluorescent lamp is 50% brighter than most any other ergonomic office lighting solution on the market. Using a radiant mirror film reflector, this awesome lamp provides energy efficient illumination nearly as bright as an 18 watt lamp. This unique personal task light is available with a single arm and has several mounting options.

Symmetry Ergonomic Foot Rest for OfficeDid you know that a quality foot rest takes pressure off the knees and back which improves blood flow and thus improves your energy while working? This simple but useful office tool is a must for any work environment looking to operate at the highest levels of comfort. The Symmetry FR-1 Ergonomic Foot Rest provides excellent support when your chair adjustment capabilities are just not adequate. While good ergonomic office chairs are always recommended, equipping your office with a secret weapon like the FR-1 ensures optimal support for only $59.99.

Align Ergonomic WorkstationWe've saved our favorite Symmetry product for last! The Align Laptop Cart is one of the coolest ergonomic workstations you'll ever see. This mobilized unit is durable, adjustable, and light weight. The Align features 2 locking wheels and anti microbial surfaces that make it the perfect item for healthcare environments. Additional attributes like the lithium battery compartment and security lock are sure to make this piece of ergo office equipment one of the most talked about items for years to come.

Improve Workplace Comfort With RFM Seating

If you are looking to switch out an old office chair for a new model, few brands are better to start with than RFM Preferred Seating. This incredible office chair producer is always at the forefront of ergonomic invention, paving the way for other furniture companies. RFM is one of the most versatile specialized brands on the market, producing chairs for all sorts of office environments, in all sorts of shapes and sizes. All RFM chairs are unique, but they all uphold the same values. Today, we list their benefits!

Cutting Edge Design

Internet Chair by RFM Features

Perhaps the biggest reason shoppers go to RFM in the first place is the brand's incredible adherence to cutting-edge design! All RFM chairs offer some sort of ergonomic feature to improve comfort and efficiency in the workplace, and all are wonders of innovative design. This is the brand shoppers with extensive back pain go to for relief. Their chairs feature varying levels of ergonomic sophistication depending in the price, but one thing's for sure: even their cheapest chairs are an amazing value! RFM Preferred Seating is relied on in all sorts of offices, from desks, to cubicles, to waiting rooms. Even if some options can look a little strange, high tech chairs by RFM Seating will always be in high demand.


RFM Chairs Variety

RFM might as well be the very definition of variety in the office chair world. Few brands ever offer the variation in style and comfortable features that RFM does, which is part of why this brand is a favorite of furniture shoppers everywhere. RFM makes chairs for many office environments. Whether you work at home, in an office, in a conference room, waiting room, or behind a reception desk, RFM has a chair for you. Users love the huge variation in design offered by this brand. While some chairs feature a generic look (with a high tech structure, of course), other chairs, like the 8235 Carmel Ergonomic Chair by RFM boast wildly imaginative designs. The good news is that no matter which chair gets chosen, it always offers the utmost in comfort for that price range.


RFM Verte Ergonomic Chair

Speaking of the utmost in comfort, did we mention RFM is one of the best providers on the market? This brand prides itself on top-of-the-line ergonomic innovation, and it definitely shows in their products. Even their most affordable mesh task chairs for sale offer multi-function control for individual comfort. As we've said, many people that have terrible back pain come to rely on high end ergonomic chairs offered by RFM. Options like the 22011 Verte Ergonomic Chair by RFM even boast features that take an exact impression of the spin for the ultimate in support, and it's chairs like these that transform the working world for a person with tremendous back pain.


RFM Carmel Ergonomic Chair

RFM manufactures chairs to go in many different office environments, but many of their chairs are equipped with enough versatility in design to move between environments themselves. Some RFM chairs that appear to be designed for desk use may equally compliment reception offices or conference rooms alike. Some of their stools even offer optional mesh backs to be attached, transforming them into chairs. RFM Seating even includes bariatric furniture for waiting rooms and health facilities, and with the vast array of features accompanying most RFM chairs, their versatile ergonomic office chairs with modern design are perhaps the most adaptable options out there.


RFM Preferred Seating

To sum things up, RFM Preferred Seating is an excellent choice for office furnishings. The intense study and effort that goes into the design of each RFM chair is astounding, which is part of why each can find a place in any office. These chairs rely heavily on cutting edge ergonomic innovation to bring comfort to the user in the chair, but it's the versatility and variety offered by the brand that improves the atmosphere and adaptability of the whole workplace, improving comfort and efficiency for everyone. Chairs are offered in a wide range of prices, but even the most affordable go above and beyond their competitors to bring the appropriate level of comfort to the user. Few chairs offer as many shapes and sizes as RFM Seating, and none can match the extensive list of popular colorful chairs for office use offered by RFM. In the end, this brand is as high end as their products!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Product Showcase: Popular Reception Stations of 2014

Usually, the reception desk is the first thing a customer encounters when they enter a business place, so it's no surprise that finding the right reception station can feel like a daunting task. A visitor's first impression is top priority, and messing that up can have dire consequences. But never fear! Today, we showcase the furniture industry's top reception tables with great looks and functional design to help you choose!

Mayline Laminate Aberdeen Reception Station
First up is a desk from one of the most respected brands in furniture. Mayline is arguable the most well respected office desk producers out there, so naturally their reception stations never lack for style. The Mayline Aberdeen AT37LMA Maple Reception Desk boasts a bright welcoming appearance that will never disappoint. It even offers a glass accented front for added appeal! Looks aren't the only thing this top seller offers though. It also boasts functionality and a super affordable price. Available in other color choices, the Aberdeen reception desk looks great in salons and offices alike!
Cherryman Jade Reception Desk
Next up is the beautiful JA-124N Jade Reception Desk by Cherryman for office use. This desk relies on simple design to amplify its appeal. It comes in the user's choice of either a rich cherry or mahogany finish to draw the eyes of visitors. Complete with storage drawers and a pretty glass transaction table for modern appeal, the JA-124N looks remarkable in salons, spas, and other trendy establishments.

Offices To Go L Shaped Cherry Reception Desk
Looking for a great value? Look no further than Offices To Go! This brand is well versed in the ways of the office, creating furniture for all environments and needs. And the Offices To Go SL-O-ACL Cherry Reception Desk definitely meets the needs of any stylish reception area. This top selling desk is offered in a number of color options, but the one featured here is in a gorgeous American Cherry finish that's sure to impress. It's an excellent value that even comes with storage space!

Mayline SRCD Sorrento Reception Station
For a desk with functionality and loads of classic appeal, the Mayline SRCD Sorrento Series Reception Desk is the perfect choice. This desk looks great in any reception area, waiting room, or lobby a with traditional appeal. Both the Bourbon Cherry and Espresso Walnut finish options accentuate the stunning desk front sure to earn lots of compliments. Counter organizers are also an optional storage solution for this high class desk.

OFM Marque Cherry Finished Double Reception Station
If any brand ruled the realm of stylish curved desks for office reception, it would have to be OFM. Their Marque series alone boasts several curved reception desks of varied sizes and designs to appeal to the style sense in all of us. The 55312 Marque Cherry Double Reception Station by OFM is a top desk solution that requires no tools for assembly. It stands out in any waiting room, salon, or office with ease.

CSII Reception Typical by Mayline
Speaking of stylish salons, the CSII CST26 Reception Typical by Mayline would make an excellent reception desk for any beauty place. This desk features an elegant front with varied tones and simulated textures so it stands out. The CSII reception desk provides high-end style for an affordable price, and even includes file pedestals for easy storage.

Cherryman Verde Modern Executive Reception DeskThe Verde VL-644R Executive Reception Desk by Cherryman also offers excellent storage, but with a quality executive style few desks can match. With its sleek, smooth surfaces and curving edges, this desk is perfect for office reception in any high-tech contemporary workplace. It comes in either a dark espresso or a lighter latte finish for stylish appeal.

OFM Rize Reception Desk

If your office relies on two receptionists to meet the needs of your guests, never fear. There are plenty of two-person stations out there, and one of the best is the PG297-2 Rize Reception Station by OFM for office use. This reception station provides plenty of room for two. Of course, being from OFM, it also offers high tech features like a snap-lock setup that requires no tools for assembly, a scratch resistant finish, and leveling guides to boot.

Boss Reception Desk
For an excellent desk with an even better price, take a gander at the N269G Reception Desk by Boss for your office. Featured here in a rich mahogany finish, it's also offered in a brighter cherry for versatility. It features a comfortable modern style, PVC banded edges for durability, and is fully adaptable to any reception area, waiting room, or lobby for amazing convenience!

Cherryman Amber Series Mult User Reception Station
And last, but certainly not least, we leave you with the AM-404N Amber Multi User Reception Station by Cherryman for your office. This desk is a stunning solution for any office with multiple receptionists. It is offered in five gorgeous finishes and is a beautiful addition to both modern and traditional welcoming environments.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's New? Stylish Wood Bar Stools by Flash Furniture!

2014 has already proved itself to be an exciting year for furniture and seating. In addition to all the awesome products we've showcased from Flash Furniture this year, this industry leading brand is still impressing us with awesome new items. In April, Flash released over 50 new bar stool designs that are ideal for residential seating applications. Check out today's post highlight 5 of the hottest new wood models we love!

Modern Wood Bar StoolFirst up, the Flash Furniture Beech Bentwood Bar Stool model SD-2075-1-BEECH-GG. At first glance you'll notice the out of this world contemporary design complimented by a polished base and integrated foot rest. The everyday low price point of $67.99 offers excellent value for consumers. This stylish stool is height adjustable and includes an easy to clean black vinyl seat.

Walnut Finished Bar Stool with Modern StyleNext on the list is the SD-2220-WAL-GG model walnut finished bar stool with modern style and excellent design features that are sure to improve any guest area decor. Also available in a popular beech wood finish option, the SD-2220-WAL-GG features a polished adjustable height frame with foot rest for added user comfort. The Curved back is highlighted by a vertical opening that adds to visual appeal. Priced at $72.99, this stool is truly an excellent buy.

Wood Pub StoolWhen it comes to affordable wood bar seating for home use, Nobody beats Flash Furniture's selection in 2014. Popular new additions like the TA-68824-CA-CTR-GG model 24" Backless Wood Bar Stool were an absolute must for today's article. This traditional pub style stool features a black LeatherSoft seat upholstery with nail head trim. The 4 leg design offers excellent stability and a sophisticated look that's very classy. You'll be hard pressed to find a better stool at only $76.99.

Cherry Finished Wood Bar StoolAt only $99.99, the Flash Furniture TA-68529-CHY-GG Cherry Finished Bar Stool is a must consider product for any cafe, bistro, or traditional bar makeover project. The high leg design is complimented by a black seat with nail head trim. The stool base features an integrated foot rest sure to improve any users sitting experience.

Elegant Wood Bar StoolLast but certainly not least, the TA-67024-CA-CTR-GG Counter Height Wood Bar Stool by Flash Furniture rounds out our list of favorite new seating solutions. The designer back pattern is sure to wow any guest with it's upscale look. The simple back curve also makes for a comfortable sit you'll certainly appreciate. Standard stool features like the circular foot rest, leather seat, and nail head trim add to the value this versatile product has to offer. Needless to say, Flash has really outdone themselves with incredible stools like the TA-67024-CA-CTR-GG model.

In addition to the 5 models highlighted in today's article, Flash Furniture has also introduced selections available for sale online. Feel free to browse the extensive selection of affordable bar seating online and prepare to be impressed!