Monday, November 12, 2018

Office Chair Review: Atto by Cherryman Industries

Cherryman Atto Chair Review
When it comes to professional furniture and seating, Cherryman Industries is second to none. This reputable manufacturer takes pride in crafting elite workplace solutions designed to improve comfort while boosting corporate appeal. Take one look at their all new Atto task chair and you'll quickly see what we mean. This hot new ergonomic chair offers the trend setting design characteristics and adjustable features needed to help you refine your sit while enhancing your interior.

The Atto chair is subtle, practical, and all about performance. When you first look at the Atto, it's not going to wow you with over the top modern accents. It's not meant to. This chair offers a professional look that works to compliment your furniture.

Atto office chairs feature black frames with matching black mesh arm pads. They're equipped with weight activated mechanisms that reduce the need for constant adjusting. Rest assured, weight sensing office chairs are the future. The Atto takes the guess work out of sitting correctly and provides exceptional support.

The 2" seat slider will help you position the front edge of the chair behind your knees where it belongs. The chair back can be locked in 4 different positions easily with a single lever. You'll also enjoy a height adjustable seat with 4" range of travel.

One of our favorite features is the user guide card found underneath the seat. It essentially lists all the features of the chair and how to use them properly. If you forget how to raise your seat or adjust your back angle, simply access the guide card at your convenience. It really comes in handy!

These popular mesh chairs offer height adjustable arms that pivot and slide. Needless to say, computing at healthy angles is a breeze with the Atto. The chair itself is incredibly user friendly and can be mastered in under 30 minutes. In a world filled with over the top chairs that are confusing to use, the Atto is ready to streamline comfort.

In terms of price, the Atto is perhaps the best office chair buy of 2018. At just $225.00, it's got all the bells and whistles found on seating solutions price 4 times more. The Atto is incredibly well made and ready for the demands of the modern work day.

With the ability to support users up to 275 pounds, the Atto is pretty versatile. It's low price point, well rounded design, and ergonomically correct features make it an excellent option for work floor applications. You can also use the Atto effectively in conference room environments as it's very comfortable and not overly bulky.

Overall, we give this new chair a full 5 out of 5 star rating. The Atto is a winner in the workplace! As far as value priced office chairs go, the Atto takes the cake. This professional chair proves that you don't have to break the bank to sit comfortably.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Perfect Your Sit With An RFM Multi-Shift Chair

RFM Multi Shift Chair Review
When it comes to professional seating, RFM knows their stuff. This highly respected manufacturer has made it their mission to improve workplace comfort. Take one sit in an RFM Multi-Shift chair and you'll quickly see what we mean. Designed for good posture and extended sitting sessions where regular breaks aren't always possible, these high performance chairs are ready to get down to business.

RFM Multi Shift ChairThe RFM Preferred Seating Multi-Shift collection offers 3 main models. The first is the 98050. This mid back task chair is ready, willing, and able to accommodate users up to 350 pounds. The 98050 Multi-Shift task chair comes equipped with contoured foam back cushions that cradle the user and provide exceptional lumbar support.

9826 model Multi Shift ChairThe second option from this popular seating collection is the 9826 model. Even at first glance you'll notice that it offers a higher back design and different mechanism. This commercial quality task chair from RFM is priced at $712.40 and available in a seemingly limitless array of designer upholster options. The 9826 model Multi-Shift office chair boasts a 70mm cylinder, 70mm heavy duty casters, and 28" reinforced base that's practically indestructible.

RFM Multi Shift Chair 98950Last but not least, there's the ultimate Multi-Shift chair for the shopper who won't settle for anything less than the best. Priced at $896.60, the 98950 model is probably a bit pricey for the average consumer. That being said, it is worth the investment. This chair is built to last and perform at a high level, even when used around the clock.

The 98950 is offered in 3 seat sizes to accommodate all body types. This chair is suitable for big and tall operators and comes standard with a contoured high back design with integrated headrest pillow. Needless to say, it's one of the most comfortable and well constructed chairs on the market today.

If you're going to have to sit for extended periods of time, you should be doing it in a chair that's up for the task. Even with the demand for height adjustable ergonomic furniture at an all time high, you'll still find yourself seated throughout task filled days. With a Multi-Shift chair you can adjust on the fly and perfect your sit with ease.

These top of the line ergonomic chairs are reliable and backed by a factory warranty that ensures performance. In a world filled with overly complicated, overpriced, and under performing chairs, the Multi-Shift is a must consider.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Office Ergonomics: Is Sitting The Enemy?

Office Ergonomics: Is Sitting The Enemy?We get it. The demand for standing furniture is at an all time high. To avoid the need for extended sitting sessions, office furniture manufacturers have been hard at work crafting height adjustable solutions that encourage continuous movement. That being said, is sitting the enemy? In 2018 it seems that more and more workers are becoming afraid of sitting in their chairs.

First things first, how long are you sitting for? You're likely waking up, eating breakfast while sitting in your kitchen, driving into work while sitting in your car, and drinking a cup of coffee from your office chair by about 9:00.

The good news is, you've been active between these sits. You've been up, moving around, and keeping your muscles moving. Why is this important? Because sitting for hours on end causes poor blood flow and fatigue.

If you rarely get up from your chair throughout an 8 hour work day, it's a problem. These extended sitting sessions are why height adjustable office products have become so popular. They make it easy to continue working while diminishing the need for those long office chair based tasking sessions.

There's good sitting, and then there's bad sitting. Good sitting involves healthy posture habits and computing sessions that don't last longer than about 90 minutes. Bad sitting involves hunching away from the back of your office chair with poor posture for long periods of time. Believe it or not, bad sitting can actually shorten your life span!

The importance of healthy sitting habits cannot underestimated. If you have knee or back problems, you're going to be spending at least a few hours per day in your office chair. Standing all the time isn't very realistic either!

Sitting is nothing to be afraid of if you do it correctly and take short breaks. Work to compute from your task chair with good posture. By keeping your back in contact with the chair, keeping your computer screens at eye level, and raising your chair to the proper height, you'll be able to stay comfortable and productive.

So is sitting the enemy? It certainly can be if you're not careful. Sitting for short periods of time with breaks in-between is nothing to worry about. With a professional ergonomic chair and a few good posture habits, sitting doesn't have to be your arch nemesis.

On the flip side, do your best to avoid those extending computing sessions from your chair. They'll cause even the best posture habits to suffer. If you're having a hard time remembering to take short breaks, set a timer. When the buzzer goes off, stand up! Walk around to get the blood flowing. Grab a drink of water to stay hydrated. When you return to your desk, feel free to take a seat. You've earned it!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Introducing 7 New Office Desks From Modway

The weather is cooling off, but office interiors are heating up! This month Modway is rocking home workspaces with an abundance of fashionable new desks that you've got to see. Today on the blog we'll showcase 7 of Modway's new computer desks and the features that make them a must consider for your remodel.

Modway Gridiron DeskFirst up is a real showstopper. The Modway Gridiron desk is sure to make a statement in any workspace. Even at first glance you'll be drawn to the stainless steel frame and thick glass operating surface. The Gridiron desk is available now for $673.50 and includes free shipping.

Modway Expanse DeskThe all new Modway Expanse desk is affordable and fashionable. This small home office desk with a white operating surface and natural wood frame is available this season for just $100.00. With Christmas right around the corner, the Expanse desk makes a great gift idea for students!

Modway Relay DeskUp next is the EEI-2788 model Modway Relay Desk. This compact home office workstation is a great buy at just $100.50. The contemporary design is sure to earn your space an abundance of compliments while the organizing dividers make it easy to keep important documents nice and neat. This is the perfect desk for a small nook or apartment.

Modway Respite DeskOkay modern office furniture lovers, this next desk is for you! The Modway Respite desk is nothing short of stylish. A combination of white and orange make the Respite desk a unique option to consider for home office interiors.

Modway Vinify DeskIndustrial desks and workstations have been incredibly popular in 2018. The problem is, they're typically very expensive. Thankfully, Modway has you covered. Their Vinify desk is available this season for $133.50 and will keep your space up to date with the industrial movement. This desk on wheels is spacious, versatile, and built to last.

Modway Medley DeskYou simply can't go wrong with a glass top desk. It will make your interior look classy and upscale. The best part is, glass top computer desks like the all new EEI-2783 model from Modway won't break the bank. At just $122.75, this small glass top desk is an absolute bargain buy. The Medley series desk is further enhanced with a natural wood frame.

Industrial Desk with WheelsWe've saved our favorite for last. The all new Modway Raise desk combines two of the hottest furniture trends of the year. This industrial desk with a retro flair boats a sturdy metal frame that's complimented by wheels. The 48"L x 30"D operating surface is spacious and effective. The brown wood surface and dark metal frame work together to create one of the coolest new home office solutions on the market today. At $487.50, it's hard to beat.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Seating Solutions: Twilight by Global

Global Twilight ChairsWe feature a ton of office chairs on our blog from various brands. That being said, few offer the quality and attention to detail of those crafted by Global. This industry leader manufacturers made to order seating solutions designed to boost office versatility, comfort, and corporate appeal. Today on the blog we'll be taking a look at Global's Twilight series. This line of of guest chairs and bar stools is an absolute winner.

Global Twilight Guest ChairsThe seating from the Global Twilight collection offers practical design characteristics that make them a versatile option for commercial interiors. Twilight chairs will make a great impression while providing a comfortable sit. These professional reception chairs won't overpower your furniture. They're designed to compliment work environments.

Popular Twilight chairs like the 2195 model are available in a wide range of upholstery options. This 4 leg guest chair can be used effectively in office reception areas, private interiors, and more. The 2195 Twilight chair is available for just $219.99.

In addition to guest chairs, the Twilight series offers bar height stools for sale that work great in break rooms, hotel lobbies, and more. Twilight bar stools like the 2196 model com standard with thick padded seats, durable frames, and integrated foot supports.

Global Twilight Reception Chairs
You'll absolutely love the wood back chairs from the Twilight series. They put this collection into a league of its own. Mobile side chairs like the 2199C pair perfectly with Global training tables to create fashionable interiors that are built for collaboration.

Twilight series wood back bar stools will do wonders for your welcoming area. They're warming, comfortable, and built for everyday use. The 2188 model Twilight bar stool is available in an extensive range of seat and back combinations to help personalize interiors. It's no wonder why this collection is a favorite of interior design teams.

In terms of price, Twilight chairs are very competitive. What's even better is that they're made specifically for their buyers and offer unrivaled quality. If you're tired of investing in new chairs year after year, the seating solutions from the Twilight collection are a must consider. With high end upholstery collections and durable frame finishes, these chairs are built to last and look good doing it.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Featured Product: Spritz Training Room Seating by Global

Global Spritz Training Room SeatingThe Global Total Office Spritz collection is known for its cutting edge ergonomic task chairs. What you might night know is that this full service line also offers versatile training room seating solutions that offer exceptional comfort and the design characteristics needed to help maximize your square footage. Today on the blog we'll take a look at the chairs from the Spritz training room collection and their unique benefits.

Spritz Nesting ChairFirst up is the 6764 model. This fixed leg guest chair with a mesh back design is simple, stylish, and practical. The 6764 model Spritz chair boasts an upholstered seat that's well padded. You'll also find that the seat flips up to make for easy nesting along perimeter walls when not in use. At $279.99, this chair is a great buy that can also be used in guest reception areas.

6764C Spritz ChairIf you want something that can be moved around a bit easier, check out the 6764C. It's equipped with large casters that make space reconfiguration a breeze. This mesh back training room chair for sale from Global Total Office is available in 2 frame finish options, 4 mesh back colors, and limitless seat upholsteries. With Spritz, creating a fashionable training space is an absolute breeze.

Spritz Chair 6764FCWant the best of both worlds? No problem! The Spritz collection has a little something for every need and applications. The 6764FC Spritz chair offers front leg casters and fixed rear legs. This hybrid training room chair is stable, yet surprisingly easy to move around. The 6764FC takes thinking outside the box to the next level.

Spritz Office ChairSo far we've showcased all three of the armless training room chairs from the Spritz collection. They're great for maximizing operational space, but if you're looking for a bit more forearm support when tasking, models like the 6765C will be preferred. This do-it-all Spritz chair offers a flip up seat, ventilated mesh back, and casters for mobility. At $289.99, we feel it's the best buy this collection has to offer.

Spritz Mesh Back SeatingLast but not least, the Spritz collection offers mid-size mesh chairs that combine the space saving features of traditional training room chairs, with the support provided by ergonomic task seating. Popular Spritz chairs like the 6762-6 are perfect for extended gatherings. With 5 star bases, integrated arm supports, and adjustable seats, these multi purpose office chairs are very well rounded. They pretty much split the price difference between the classic nesting chairs and weight sensing office chairs from this Spritz collection. These mid-size chairs are also a great option to consider for professional conference room applications.

Friday, November 2, 2018

November Ergonomic Office Furniture Sale 2018

The holiday season is upon us and it's time to save big! This month we're offering best selling ergonomic desks, chairs, and office accessories designed to help you work healthy on a budget. The products on sale here from brands like Bush Business Furniture, Mayline, and OFM make it easy to adjust on the fly and stay active. In addition to our November deals, please find our active coupon codes listed at the bottom of today's post. Happy shopping!

1.) Bush Series C Elite Ergonomic Furniture Set SRE230 - $1723.99 + FREE Shipping!

Ergonomic Furniture Set

2.) Mayline Aberdeen 66" Sit-Stand Desk ABDH6642 - $969.99 + FREE Shipping!

Aberdeen Sit-Stand Desk

3.) Safco Focal Sphere Adjustable Standing Desk LET-1000 - $1211.99 + FREE Shipping!

Adjustable Standing Desk

4.) OFM Mesa Adjustable Podium and Laptop Desk 66100 - $235.99 + FREE Shipping!

Adjustable Laptop Desk

5.) Global G1 Ergo Select Chair 7331 - $475.99 + FREE Shipping!

G1 Ergo Select Chair

6.) Cherryman Atto Weight Sensing Chair ATT106B - $225.00 + FREE Shipping!

Atto Chair

7.) Safco Zenergy Ball Chair 4760 - $199.99 + FREE Shipping!

Zenergy Ball Chair

8.) OFM Vivo Perch Stool 2800 - $199.99 + FREE Shipping!

Vivo Perch Stool

9.) Systematix Volante Heavy Duty Sit-Stand Workstation - $325.99 + FREE Shipping!

Systematix Volante Workstation

10.) OFM Essentials Sit-Stand Workstation ESS-5136 - $229.99 + FREE Shipping!

OFM Sit Stand Workstation Coupon Codes:

Code: DEAL50 Enjoy $50 off any order of $999 or more
Code: DEAL100 Enjoy $100 off any order of $1999 or more
Code: SAVE10 Enjoy 10% off select office chairs (Eurotech, Woodstock, iDesk)

*Quanity discounts may be available on purchases of 2 or more items! Call 800-867-1411 for a quotation.