Friday, June 26, 2015

Regional Office Makeover Trends of 2015

Year after year we see a variety of office makeover trends emerge. While some trends are national, many are regional specific. That being said, in today's post we'll highlight what's hot in your area to help you create an interior that flows with the current market trends. Enjoy!

South: Antique

Antique Office FurnitureAntique office furniture is making a comeback in the south! Vintage office desks and credenzas have become incredibly popular in 2015. Shoppers are looking to thrift stores, flea markets, and local antique stores to find what they need for their interiors. This year, we've noticed a huge influx in the demand for elegant writing desks in the south. While these can be purchased new, it's hard to beat the charm of a true classic! While antique furniture has been incredibly popular in the south, it makes the pairing of a good ergonomic chair a bit tough! Vintage chairs simply lack the adjustment features needed to keep you operating a peak performance levels. Luckily, brands like Global Total Office, Boss, and Flash Furniture offer excellent office chairs manufactured with the modern ergonomic features needed to keep you comfy while still maintaining the old world appeal.

North: Modern

Modern Office FurnitureUp north the modern office furniture movement is in full swing. As businesses look to enhance interiors and wow valued visitors, furniture lines like the Medina from Mayline and Zira from Global Total Office have been in high demand. These cutting edge furniture lines combine modular design characteristics with glass and metal accents that are sure to impress. We've also noticed that modern office chairs have been hot in the northern states. Models like the Oroblanco from Cherryman's iDesk seating collection, as well as the iOO chair from Eurotech Seating are must considers if you're taking on a modern office makeover project!

West: Retro

Retro Office FurnitureFrom lounge furniture to conference tables, the folks on the west coast have been on the hunt for everything retro. As this trend has just begun to make it's way east, the popularity of retro inspired office furniture is at an all time high in the west region. Some shoppers turn to sites like Craigslist to find second hand retro furniture while others visit swap meets in search of one of a kind finds. If you're going for the retro look but want to keep your makeover and furniture search simple, Check out a brand like OFM. They've introduced a variety of cool new products any retro furniture hunter will love!

Central: Traditional

In the central United States, traditional office furniture reigns supreme. The upscale look of wood veneer desks, reception stations, and boardroom tables has always been in style, but this year it seems it's at an all time high in the central region. Collections like the Sorrento furniture line from Mayline offer shoppers the ability to easily create traditionally inspired interiors that come with no shortage of appeal. This elegant furniture line boasts top of the line table desks, executive workstations, and the traditionally influenced storage components needed to design exquisite spaces guaranteed to impress even the harshest critics.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Be Relentless in the Pursuit of Office Comfort!

It's as simple as this: if you settle for discomfort, you'll never be operating at peak performance levels. Discomfort can cause major health problems, as well as fatigue that can can be detrimental to your work day. That being said, it's important to be relentless in your pursuit of office comfort!

Assess Yourself

The first step to workplace comfort begins by assessing your habits. Consider the way you operate during and after work. How does your body feel? Do your legs feel numb? Do your fingers hurt? Does your neck ache? Pain is the number one indicator of where you're going wrong with respect to your work habits. Just because you get the job done right doesn't mean you're doing right by yourself. Taking the time to assess your habit structure, body positions, and where it hurts will help you find remedies to the pain much faster. Going the extra mile by researching the benefits of ergonomic office products for targeted symptoms is an excellent solution!


In order to make your search for solution to office pain, well... less of a pain, we've compiled a list of symptoms common to sedentary office workers. Of course, this list is certainly no excuse for a doctor, so a professional health check is always advised. That said, you can never have too much information!

* A list of common office-related pains and their probable causes:

Head, Neck, and Shoulder Pain - Twisting one's head out of its most natural, most relaxed position in order to view keyboard platforms or computer screens.

Upper and Lower Back Pain - Slouching at work, commonly out of habit or to view a computer screen, keyboard, or other device. Chair position, desk height, and the layout of one's workstation may also play a factor in habitual slouching.

Leg Pain - Typically a result of one's chair being too high. When the chair is too high and feet are not flat on the floor, and are dangling in the air instead, gravity forces all the weight of the legs upon the backs of the knees where they bend over the chair. This often cuts off blood flow, resulting in numbness or a tingly feeling while at work, and pain afterwards. Those with blood conditions should immediately try to correct their chair position if this is the case.

Hand and Arm Pain - Often caused by lifting or lowering one's arms/hands on a regular basis in order to type or reach a desktop. If you type or write in such a position that your hands must bend up or down to reach the desk, the action can disrupt blood flow through the limbs, even contributing to carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Road To Recovery

Now that you have a better idea about what may be causing your pain, it's time to correct it! Just as you need the appropriate equipment to do your job, you also need the right equipment to stay comfortable. Thanks to the engineering of top office furniture brands, like Eurotech and ESI, quality ergonomic accessories are now available at affordable prices to the general public. Best of all, nearly all ergonomic products are designed to help correct a variety of office-related pain symptoms. Featuring versatility and adaptability, users of every shape and size can adapt their ergonomic tools to suit them personally. Good riddance to office-related pain!

* Below is a list of common office pains and the devices that may help treat them:

Head, Neck, and Shoulder Pain - Adding an adjustable monitor arm to your computer setup allows users to change the position of their computer screen without having to reconfigure their entire workstation. Simply move the monitor to the ideal viewing position (at eye-level, when the head upright and facing forward, about an arm's length away from the face). As an added bonus, monitor arms also free up desk space! (Chairs with headrests may also help...)

Upper and Lower Back Pain - For upper back pain, high back ergonomic chairs are ideal. By providing support to the upper back, the body is not as tempted to slouch forward, forcing all the weight of a person's body on their spine, which initially causes the upper back pain. For lower back pain, mid back chairs may be sufficient support. Users who don't commonly slouch may appreciate the opportunity to stretch over the low back of their chair, helping to relieve pain. Sufficient lumbar support is critical for both pain types.

Leg Pain - For leg pain, height adjustable chairs with waterfall seats are ideal. The height adjustability allows users to ensure their feet are able to stay flat on the floor (with the knees ideally bent at 90-degree angles) to avoid pain. The waterfall seat reduces pressure on the knee backs, helping to encourage proper blood flow.

Hand and Arm Pain - Arm pain caused by chronic lifting or lowering of the arms/hands in order to perform office duties can be solved by two things. One, is with a retractable keyboard tray. These trays are often height adjustable and can help ensure the user keeps their hands in the ideal position for typing (elbows bent at 90-degree angles, with the palms face down, hands parallel to the forearms). Option two is a height adjustable desk. Adjusting the height of your office desk so that your hands remain in the ideal position (mentioned above) allows users to perform office functions such as typing or writing without stretching to reach the desktop.

It's Medina Madness!

It's been a long time since a furniture collection has skyrocketed into superstardom so quickly! That being said, Medina has rapidly become one of the industries hottest new furniture collections. Mayline has really hit a home run with this awesome line. In today's post, we'll review the characteristics and products that make this line the best in the business.


Medina Executive WorkstationMedina workstations are available in 3 trending finish options. While the mocha and mahogany finish options have been popular, the gray steel option put these amazing desks in a league of their own. Medina workstations are available in L shaped, U shaped, and stand alone variations to meet the needs of any space. No need to buy all new furniture when you're ready to expand your space! Even the stand alone Medina desks offer the modular design characteristics needed for users to add extensions, returns, and credenzas easily in the future.  Needless to say, this is a very helpful point that has helped Medina rise to stardom.

Reception Desks:

Medina Reception DeskMedina's reception area desks have taken the office furniture world by storm! These rectangular and L shaped units feature metal accents and glass transaction counters that are sure to wow your office visitors. Basic Medina reception desks like the MNRS are available for just $1207.99. Add the storage components you need and you're ready to go! Did we mention that Medina reception desks typically ship within 2 days of order? This means that meeting your project deadlines is a breeze. Even a larger Medina L shaped reception desk like the MNRSLBF can be purchased and at your door in less than a week.

Conference Tables:

Medina Powered Conference TablePowered conference tables are the way to go in 2015. Unfortunately, most of the powered conference tables on the market in 2015 are quite pricey! Thankfully, the Mayline Medina collection provides a budget friendly solution. Tables like the MNC8 are available for just $503.99. With additional power modules available at just $205.00 each, you'll be able to create a stylish and tech savvy meeting area for nearly half of what competing lines charge. Medina's powered conference tables feature data and three prong input options, as well as silver modesty panels and a ton of modern appeal! Tables up to 12 feet in length are available.

Storage Solutions:

Medina MVLC Low Wall CabinetA well organized office space is a functional office space! That being said, Mayline introduced the Medina furniture collection with a ton of awesome storage options to help shoppers get the job done right. Medina bookcases are great for storing important literature and binders. Medina low wall cabinets are perfect for executive office and boardroom applications. These units feature a combination of laminate and glass doors that are sure to earn your space the compliments it deserves. Mobile file pedestals are also available to save floor space and keep your important documents close at hand. Medina pedestals can be situation underneath credenzas or desk surfaces to keep them out of the way when not in use. Need more? No problem! Full size locking lateral file cabinets are also available! Needless to say, Medina does it all.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bow Front Vs. Straight Front: Preference or Purpose?

Bow Front Desk
Straight Front DeskWhen shopping for office desks online, you'll be met with a variety of bow front and straight front styles to choose from. In today's post we'll look at the benefits of each to help you make an educated purchasing decision. Enjoy!

Before diving in to which style of desk is better, it's important to understand the benefits of both. Let's take a look!

Bow Front:

Bow front office desks feature curved fronts to provide executive appeal. This style of desk is commonly seen in both stand alone and U shaped configurations. Bow front desks from brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and Offices To Go are great options for both home and business use.

Straight Front:

Straight front desks feature rectangular design characteristics. You'll see this style of desk used in a variety of layouts for along the wall and corner applications. Straight front office desks can also be used in executive configurations and home work environments.

Now that you have a better understanding of bowed and straight font desks, let's compare the two more effectively.

Knee Space:

The main difference between the bow front and straight front desk is the work surface. Bow front desks are curved while straight front desks are flush across the front. That being said, the curved nature of the bow front desk provides a bit less knee space for visitors.

Advantage: Straight Front


At first glance, you may not catch the subtle curve of the work surface on a bow front desk. That being said, it's the little details that make the biggest difference! Bow front office desks are typically used in executive office applications as they offer a bit more appeal than straight front models. While style is a preference, far more shoppers choose bow front desk layouts when designing executive furniture configurations at home and in professional work environments.

Advantage: Bow Front


Straight front desks can be used along walls to save space. They also fit perfectly into corners. The curved nature of the bow front desk makes in a bit less versatile. All things considered, if you're looking to get the most out of your desk, the straight front is the way to go. If you plan on eventually reconfiguring your space, accommodating additional employees, or simply want to improve functionality, straight front executive desks should be at the top of your list.

Advantage: Straight Front


The price of your desk will be directly reflected by who makes it, the material it's made from, and the collection it's a part of. While a straight front desk from a laminate office furniture collection may be less expensive than a wood veneer bow front desk from another, the opposite can also be true depending one the storage features the desk comes with. If you judge both a straight front desk and a bow front desk from the same collection, the price will commonly be the same.

Advantage: None


It seems the straight front desk has a slight advantage over the bow front. The ability to do more with a straight front desk makes it bit more appealing in our opinion. When selecting your next office desk, take into consideration important factors like dimensions, size, and storage components to help you select which model is best for you. In the long run, you'll want to look for the perfect combination of preference and purpose!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Premier Reception Desks of 2015

Looking to upgrade your office welcoming area with a stylish reception desk? You're in the right place! In today's post we'll be showcasing 2015's premier reception area workstations from top brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, Global Total Office, and more. Enjoy!

Mayline MNRSLBF Reception DeskFirst up, the Mayline Medina MNRSLBF reception desk with gray steel finish! This L shaped reception station features a glass transaction counter and silver metal frame accents. The MNRSLBF offers a generous 87 1/4" wide front workstation with 48" wide return for additional work surface space. With one box box file pedestal and one file file pedestal, keeping your receptionist organized is easier than ever. Priced at just $1962.99, this Medina series reception desk is one of the best buys of 2015.

Cherryman Amber Reception DeskSecond on our list of premier reception area workstations is the Cherryman Industries AM-404N. This two person U shaped reception desk provides plenty of operating space and modern design characteristics that won't cost you a fortune! At just $2355.00, the AM-404N is an excellent value. Most of the comparable multi user reception stations on the market cost thousands more!

Zira Reception DeskEven at first glance you'll be impressed by the Global Total Office Zira series reception desk collection. As one of the premier furniture collections of 2015, Zira combines laminate work surfaces, glass accents, and metal tones that are sure to impress your office visitors. If you're looking for wow factor, Zira has it and then some! The outstanding reception desks from this popular line include rectangular, L shaped, U shaped, and custom options designed to fit interiors small and large. Shoppers and interior designers alike will love the extensive finish and handle options available at no additional charge! Want to take things to the next level? Zira reception stations can be configured with versatile power modules to streamline your work day.

OFM Marque Reception DeskNext up, the OFM Marque series 55292 double reception desk with ADA add on sections. Known for their innovative furnishings, OFM has enjoyed immense success with the Marque collection. With their curved fronts, Marque stations look great from any angle. If you're worried about the installation process, there's no better reception desk option on the market! Marque stations require no tools for assembly. Talk about user friendly! The ADA add on sections make it easy to accommodate elderly and handicapped visitors that can stand comfortably at traditional reception height counters. Choose from a variety of quick shipping finish options to meet your decor needs.

Offices To Go Reception Desk
Last but not least, the Offices To Go SL-O model L shaped reception desk. Priced at just $735.99, this is one of the best deals on the market in 2015. With it's 71" wide front workstation and complimenting 42" reversible return, your receptionist will have plenty of desk space to work with. This SL-O can be configured as a left handed L or right handed L shaped unit. In addition to the impressive dimensions, this receptionist workstation also includes a file pedestal to meet your receptionists organizing needs. The espresso finish option pictured has also been incredibly popular this year. You simply can't go wrong with the SL-O. If you're business is on a budget, give this best selling station a serious look. You'll be glad you did.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Trending Executive Desks of the Summer!

Looking for an office upgrade? You've come to the right place! Here at, we know finding the perfect desk for your workplace can be an enormous challenge, especially on a budget. Thanks to some keen shoppers however, we are proud to present this list of well crafted, affordable executive desks that have become the top sellers of the summer!

Desk Set by Cherryman
Talk about the whole package! The first desk on our list has everything the average office worker needs, if not more. Complete with a large workspace, and generous storage capacity, its no wonder the Amber workstation set by Cherryman has become a trending choice this summer. With finishes available in five different colors, users can always find something to match existing office decor. And best of all, when compared to similar sets from other brands, this piece from Amber furniture collection is simply unbeatable in price!
Model: Amber1

Brighton Desk Set by Mayline
Next up is an executive favorite! The Brighton collection by Mayline is well known for its charming yet professional style, and the and this office desk configuration is no exception. Featured here in a cherry finish, the set is also available in a darker mocha for versatility. Complete with plentiful workspace, it also boasts a convenient overhead cabinet for storage. At it's current price, this set makes a savory summer deal!
Model: BT11LCR

Executive Corner Desk by Offices to Go
For the price of a single office chair, this next desk offers more for less. This corner desk layout by Offices To Go furniture is the epitome of a great deal. Perfect for the compact office, this discreet desk features an "island" design, which cuts the appearance of the desk to make a room appear bigger (while also offering extra leg room). Storage comes in the form of a box pedestal for easy access to documents, tools, and other office necessities. Although it's pictured here in a dark espresso finish, the brand also offers many pieces in cherry, dark cherry, and mahogany as well. Choose your favorite and prepare to reel in the comments!
Model: SL-K-AEL
Jameson LS Work Center by Calico Designs

Looking for something new and exciting? This glass office desk by Calico Designs may be the answer! The Jameson LS work center comes features a tempered glass top for and steel frame. The blend creates a perfect synchronization of durability and stability. Ideal for homes and business offices alike, this silver and blue desks offers an appeal unlike any other. Contemporary design swirls beside professional elegance in this modern marvel, and the price is sure to please!
Model: 50310 

OFM Venice Series Executive Desk
And finally, we leave you with this last little number (though it's certainly not the least!) Designed by OFM Furniture, this desk from the Venice Series is a favorite of both executives and receptionists alike. Not only does it boast a sleek modern appeal, but the walnut finish also presents an air of classic respectability. With no tools required for assembly, the desk is a breeze to setup and to use. It's available in cherry as well, so don't miss out on this popular choice!
Model: 55145 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

How To Effectively Transition Into Your New Office Space

Executive Office TransitionOnce you've purchased your new office furniture, it's time to begin the transition process. During this time you'll want to take several necessary steps to ensure the completion of your project runs smoothly. In today's post we'll highlight helpful tips and tricks to ensure just that. Enjoy!

1.) Furniture Removal

Before your new furniture arrives, you'll want to get your old furniture out of the way! Rest assured, it's never fun to have new office desks and chairs arrive when you're not ready. If you're planning on selling your old furniture to recapture some funds, take pictures of it before you start disassembly. Keep track of all your components and label them accordingly incase you decide to reuse it down the road. Storage your old furniture flat on the ground to be as safe as possible. As office furniture can be quite heavy, you might want to have a couple friends or coworkers help with the process.

2.) Space Prep

Office Makeover TipsWith your old furniture removed, you'll be left with a blank canvass to work with before your new furniture arrives. Start by cleaning your space effectively. You'll be surprised at just how many paper clips and thumb tacks have been hiding under your workstation! Once your room is nice and clean, path your office walls and paint if necessary. Trust us, it's far easier to handle these tasks without new furniture in the room!

3.) Effective Installation

Whether you've paid to have your new furniture assembled professionally, or you're taking on this part of the project yourself, you'll no doubt want it to run as smoothly as possible. The installation process is one of the biggest features most shoppers encounter during the office makeover process. But there's no need to worry. We'll walk you through it!

Start by creating a staging area for your new furniture sit before it's assembled. You don't want to put all the large boxes in your space. This will result in an overcrowded work area that's sure to leave you frazzled! you'll also want to have some basic tools on hand. A cordless drill, screwdrivers, allen wrenches, and tape measurer will all come in handy. Also have a first aid kit handy incase of any unwanted accidents. Once your furniture is staged, locate the instructions. Most office furniture manufacturers will post the assembly instructions for larger items like executive style desks and
conference tables on the outside of the box for convenience. Be sure to follow the instructions and take the assembly process one step at a time. In most cases, two individuals can assemble the furniture for private office space in less than 3 hours.

Bonus Tip: Once your furniture has been assembled, you'll be left with lots of boxes, debris, and packaging materials. Prepare for this accordingly. Break down boxes and have trash bags on hand to collect the general fodder.

Well Organized Office Space4.) Get Organized

Now that your furniture is installed, the transition process is almost complete! To ensure you're set up for success, organize the important documents from your old space effectively. Make use of your new cabinetry from day one. Don't just toss your old files into drawers and take a procrastinators approach. Get started on the right foot with proper organizing out of the gate. In addition, you'll want to properly route wires for your computer and office electronics. You can use zip ties to ensure cords stay together and avoid unnecessary tangles!

5.) Form Good Habits

The transition process ends with you forming good habits that you can commit too. Was your old space cluttered? Where you dealing with frustration and fatigue on a daily basis? These productivity killing factors can destroy your work day. Form good ergonomic habits that will result in increased efficiency. Commit to an organizing and cleaning schedule for your space. You can also place posture reminders around your station to ensure you avoid slouching and hunching over your keyboard tray when typing. Commit to keeping your feet flat on the ground when computing and align your chair and monitor to ensure you're not looking down when you type. Your new filing and storage cabinets will come keys. Be sure to keep good track of these! Don't leave your keys in the locks 24 hours a day. This is a bad security habit that can come back to hurt you. In the long run, you'll want to leave your bad habits with your old furniture! To have an effective transition, forming good habits is a must!