Friday, June 22, 2018

Summer Savings: Awesome Mesh Chairs Under $200.00

If you're shopping for a cool new office chair this summer, you're in the right place. Today we'll be showcasing awesome mesh chairs from brands like Offices To Go, Modway, and Eurotech Seating that are available this season for less than $200.00. While affordable, these commercial quality seating solutions come packed with the ergonomic features needed to help you compute healthy. These chair prices will only be good for limited time, so make sure to take advantage of them while you can!

discount office chairFirst up is the Offices To Go model OTG11960B mesh back task chair with adjustable arms. Even at first glance this professional chair will catch your eye with its sleek modern design. The OTG11960B is currently available for $195.99 and comes standard with a multi functional mechanism, breathable black fabric seating, and scuff resistant high rise base.

Offices To Go mesh Back Task Chair OTG11920BWith more than 10 office chairs under $200.00 this season, Offices To Go has your back and budget! Their 11920B model offers a modern look and a comfortable sit you won't forget. This versatile high back task chair will be available all summer long for $170.99. Needless to say, this ergonomic seating solution is an absolute bargain buy that should be considered by any business looking to outfit their work floor with high quality chairs.

Modway Clutch ChairOTG isn't the only brand offering best selling office seating under $200.00. The team at Modway specializes in the provision of discount chairs that look great and perform at a high level throughout task filled work days. We're absolutely loving their EEI-209 Clutch office chair with a modern mesh back and adjustable arms. It's available in 4 color options this season for $123.75.

Modway Ardor ChairModway is also offering a ton of discount chairs that work great in professional conference room settings. Take a sit in their EEI-1250 Ardor chair and you'll quickly see what you mean. Coming in at just $84.99, the Ardor is the the most affordable office chair we'll be showcasing today, but it performs like one priced 3 times as much!

Eurotech Marlin Chair MT7500The team at Eurotech Seating is taking the summer season by storm with discount office chairs like the Marlin. All puns aside, this chair is a real catch. The MT7500 Marlin chair is available for just $192.00 and comes standard with a breathable mesh back, adjustable arms, and a contoured seat with waterfall edge that relieves knee pressure.

Flash Furniture Multi Purpose Task ChairFlash Furniture is known for their excellent selection of discount office furniture and seating. Their chairs are a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals looking to help shoppers maximize their budget. The Flash Furniture HL-0001-GG multi purpose task chair is a great buy at just $146.99 that comes packed with adjustment features that will help you adapt on the fly to stay comfy.

Boss Office B6508 ChairLast but not least is the Boss Office B6508 model mesh task chair with faux leather trim. This designer chair is perfect for executive interiors, home office environments, and the work floor. The B6508 offers an upscale look at a price point any shopper will appreciate. At just $110.99, the B6508 is a winner in the workplace with features that include a breathable fabric seat with ample padding, 25" nylon base, and adjustable tilt tension control. The adjustable arms make finding the correct computing position a breeze while the contoured chair back cradles the user and provides exceptional support.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Featured Collection: Bush 400 Series

Bush 400 Series Review
When it comes to professional office furniture, Bush knows their stuff. This industry leader specializes in the provision of high quality desking that's specifically designed for commercial applications. Today on the blog we'll showcase one of Bush's most popular collections, the 400 Series. This full service line of industrially inspired writing desks, height adjustable workstations and storage components is in a league of its own!

bush 400 series L shaped deskThe 400 series offers components sold individually and as apart of "bundles" that simplify the office remodeling project. The desks and workstations form this collection are available in 3 quick shipping finish options.

400 series office furniture is constructed using thermally fused laminate panels and metal accents. All of the pieces from this popular line are backed by a 10 year factory warranty that ensures years of performance.

The 400 series office desk collection is intended for use in commercial interiors. This best selling line offers configurations that work great for shoppers looking to maximize square footage and those looking to create high end executive vibes.

bush 400 series U shaped desk - 400S161The L shaped desk configurations from the 400 series are composed of spacious writing style desks that pair with 48" wide returns to create ample operating space. Layout like the 400S127 even include overhead hutch units to provide additional storage space.

We absolutely love the U shaped desk configurations from the 400 Series. The 400S161 is our favorite as it's available in a white finish option that's only offered on select configurations from this popular line. The 400S161 boasts a 60"W x 30"D front desk that connects to a 42"W return and rear wall credenza. A mobile 3 drawer pedestal is even included to offer at-hand storage.

ergonomic sit to stand deskWhat really sets the 400 series apart from competing lines are the ergonomic workstations with sit to stand capabilities. Layouts like the 400S193 offer ample operating space and the ability to smoothly transition between sitting and standing to stay active throughout task filled work days.

2 person open concept workstationStill need more to convince you the 400 series is the perfect option for your commercial workspace? This full service line even offers multi user workstations that make it easy to create open concept interiors that are built for collaboration. Popular packages like the 400S142 should be considered by businesses looking for an alternative to traditional cubicle configurations.

To make a long story short, the 400 series is an absolute winner. This collection offers extremely well made pieces that are built for the demands of the modern workplace. With a 10 year factory warranty, cool finish options, sit to stand desks, and multi user workstations, what more could you need to keep your interiors up to date with the latest trends? How about factory installation! That's right, all Bush furniture is available with white glove installation at the time of delivery to further simplify your makeover.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

5 Things We Learned From NeoCon 50

NeoCon 50 just wrapped up. It was an amazing event as always. We came away impressed, inspired, and rejuvenated! Each year the top furniture and seating manufacturers come to NeoCon to reveal game changing products that will set new design trends in motion. 2018 was no exception. Today on the blog we'll highlight the 5 things we learned from NeoCon 50.

1.) It's All About Collaboration

open concept office furniture for group collaborating

The buzzword of the year is "collaboration". Traditional cubicle systems create obstructed sight lines and make employees feel closed off from one another. They're built for privacy and limit interaction. Collaborative office furniture is the complete opposite. With collaborative workstations you can create clean sight lines while simultaneously encouraging employee interaction and creativity.

The collaborative movement started on the work floor. It has since evolved and taken over training, conference, and guest waiting areas. With today's collaborative tables and seating you and your guests can get down to business more efficiently than ever. Collaborative furniture is inspiring, effective, and a must consider for any growing business.

2.) Responsive Chairs & Perch Stools are Taking Over

Global Sora weight sensing office chair

There were a ton of cool new responsive office chairs and perch stools on display at NeoCon 50. Our favorite was the Sora chair from Global. This multi functional task chair comes equipped with a weight sensing mechanism that automatically responds to the user to ensure an ergonomically correct sitting experience. Needless to say, chair shoppers like the idea of adjusting less to get comfortable. Responsive chairs reduce the ergonomic learning curve and maximize comfort.

With the popularity of sit to stand office furniture, the demand for perch stools is at an all time high. Perch stools help avoid the need for extended sits without totally sacrificing the support provided by a traditional task chair. With a height adjustable perch stool you can stay active and at all levels. Perch stools are often portable and meant to be used on-the-go throughout the day. You'll see coworkers walking around with these in no time!

3.) Gray Office Furniture Is Here To Stay

gray U shaped office desk

Gray office furniture has taken over white as the most requested option of 2018. Gray office furniture is contemporary while remaining practical. Nearly every furniture manufacturer on the planet is offering desks, tables, and storage components in some form of gray laminate tone.

Popular Furniture Collections with Gray Finish Options:

  • Zira by Global
  • Studio C by Bush
  • Sterling by Mayline
  • Medina by Mayline
  • Amber by Cherryman

4.) If It's Not Powered, It's Outdated

Global Zira conference table with Oasis module

All of the best new conference tables are available with factory installed power modules. If you're ready to remodel your meeting area, a powered table is the way to go. If you don't buy a powered table, you can always add a universal power module later. The point is, surface level USB and HDMI inputs come in very handy during presentations and group strategizing sessions. Our favorite powered table line continues to be Zira from Global as it offers the most advanced input options.

Electric desks and tables that raise and lower at the push of a button are also incredibly popular. They promote sit to stand transitioning and healthy work habits. Electric office furniture is the way of the future. In the next 5 to 10 years it will be the industry standard.

5.) The Bar Has Officially Been Raised

ergonomic office furniture

It's safe to say that the bar has officially been raised. NeoCon 50 taught us that it's okay to expect more. We're just scratching the surface of emerging trends like collaboration, responsive chairs, and sit to stand furniture. Just when you think you've got the industry figured out, a ground breaking product is released that changes the game. The good news is, today's office products are all about the user. Taking performance to the next level, boosting efficiency, and encouraging healthy habits is what it's all about. Needless to say, it's a very exiting time to remodel commercial interiors.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Sneak Peek: Summer Office Product Trends 2018

The days are getting hotter, just like the new product trends emerging in the office design world. With the summer right around the corner, we thought it would be fun and helpful to showcase a few of the most popular product genres we'll be seeing this season. From active seating to open concept cubicle alternatives, these workplace solutions will promote high end appeal and operational versatility.

1.) Active Seating

Ergonomic Perch Stool - Active Seating

In the ergonomic world, no product is gaining popularity faster than the perch stool. As a part of the active seating category, perch stools are rapidly becoming must haves. Workers who use height adjustable desks, tables, and workstations are loving active stools like the Vivo from OFM.

2.) Mobile Laptop Desks

Mobile Laptop Desk

Mobile laptop desks are becoming very popular for home and commercial applications. A mobile laptop desk will help you compute healthy and efficiently on the go. With a mobile laptop desk you can get the most out of your workspace and improve versatility. The 950 model from the Mayline Eastwinds collection is a great starter option if you're looking to hop on board with this trend.

3.) Height Adjustable Teaming Tables

electric teaming table

You've gotta appreciate the versatility of height adjustable office furniture. This summer we look forward to seeing more electric teaming tables that make it easy to transition between sitting and standing. The tables from Safco are among our favorites and more are on the way!

4.) Universal Power Modules

Bush USB Power Hub

Simple, effective, and affordable. Universal power modules are great for conference, training, lobby, break room, and any other space in need of a few USB and AC inputs. We love the FlexCharge9 from ESI and the AC99834BL USB Power Hub from Bush.

5.) Connectable Lounge Seating

Serpentine Seating Configuration

With connectable lounge seating you can make the most of your available square footage. The hottest modular lounge and lobby components on the market can be used for interiors of all sizes. Collections like Jefferson from Woodstock Marketing show where this emerging genre is heading. The days of using old school sofa and chair layouts is coming to an end.

6.) Responsive Chairs

Responsive Office Chair

Tired of pulling levers and twisting tension knobs to achieve the perfect sit? A responsive office chair like the Verte from RFM Preferred Seating will help you operate at peak performance levels without the headache. Responsive chairs automatically adjust on the fly to match the curve of your spine to ensure proper support. They will soon be the industry standard.

7.) Open Concept Cubicle Alternatives

Open Concept Cubicle Alternatives

Last but not least, more open concept cubicle alternatives are on the way. Why you ask? They encourage collaboration and spark creativity while creating clean sight lines. With open concept benching systems and modular group workstations your employees can interact without the obstruction of high cubicle walls that do little more than reduce noise. Open concept lines to consider include SideBar II and Bungee from Global Total Office.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

June Executive Furniture Sale 2018

This week we're kicking off an executive furniture sale that you don't want to miss. Here you can check out a list of our deals and active coupon codes for June. The executive workstations listed here all include free shipping for added value. Pricing will be good through July, 1 2018. If you'd like to inquire about price matching and bulk discounting, contact one of our team members today at 800-867-1411.

1.) Bush Bow Front U-Station SRC089 (7 Finishes) - $828.99 + FREE Shipping!

executive furniture sale

2.) Bush Studio C Ergonomic Executive Furniture Set STC018 (2 Finishes) - $1429.99 + FREE Shipping!

ergonomic furniture sale

3.) OFM Fulcrum Executive Furniture Set (4 Finishes) - $1345.99 + FREE Shipping!

discount office furniture

4.) Mayline Medina Executive Furniture Set (5 Finishes) - $960.99 + FREE Shipping!

modern office furniture sale

5.) Mayline Sterling Office Furniture Set STL10-STEC (3 Finishes) - $2798.99 + FREE Shipping!

discount executive furniture

6.) Global Princeton L-Desk PRC522R - $1290.99 + FREE Shipping!

Executive L-Desk

7.) Cherryman Amber Executive Suite AM-406N (6 Finishes) - $2135.00 + FREE Shipping! 

office furniture on sale - June 2018

8.) Cherryman Verde Contemporary Office Furniture Set VL-707N (2 Finishes) - $4279.00 + FREE Shipping!

Cherryman office furniture on sale with free shipping

9.) Offices To Go Superior Laminate U-Desk SL-F (4 Finishes) - $829.99 + FREE Shipping!

Offices To Go Superior Laminate Furniture On Sale

10.) Offices To Go Superior Laminate L-Desk SL-L (4 Finishes) - $789.99 + FREE Shipping!

Offices To Go furniture sale

Active Coupon Codes for June 2018:

Code: DEAL50
Enjoy $50 off any order of $999 or more

Code: DEAL100
Enjoy $100 off any order of $1999 or more

Code: SAVE10
Enjoy 10% off select office chairs (Eurotech, Woodstock, iDesk)

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Office Chair Review: G20 by Global

G20 Chair ReviewThe Global G20 chair will help you take workplace performance to the next level. This innovative mesh back chair offers the cutting edge adjustment features and design characteristics needed to boost corporate appeal while encouraging healthy sitting habits. Today on the blog we're reviewing this best selling task chair and the attributes that have made it one of the top rated seating solutions of the year.

Global 6007 Model G20 ChairThe G20 has been around for a couple of years now and it's still ahead of its time. It's been put through the ringer with tests, demos and reviews. Needless to say, it's passed them all with flying colors.

G20 ergonomic chairFrom every angle the G20 ergonomic task chair will grab your attention with it's fluid structure and just the right amount of modern flair. A G20 will no doubt earn your space an abundance of compliments. Office visitors will definitely ask to take your chair for a spin, so be prepared!

Once seated in the G20 you'll immediately notice the contoured arm caps, comfortable seat and heavy duty mesh back. The G20 chair is comfortable right out of the gate before any adjustments are performed.

G20 chair mechanism and controlsG20 chair back profileTo take your sitting experience to the next level, Global equipped with G20 with an adjustable lumbar support system that's easy to use and works great. We feel that the G20 offers the best lumbar system found on any mesh chair currently on the market.

Additional chair features like the seat slider, pneumatic cylinder and tilt functions can all be accessed with one hand underneath the seat. The end result is a chair that's ready, willing, and able to adapt on the fly.

G20 chair with leather seatG20 Cloud ChairThen there's the aesthetic options. The G20 chair is a designers dream! These chairs are standard with black mesh backs and upholstered seats available in a limitless array of fabric, vinyl, and leather upholstery options. If you want to spice things up a bit, check out the 6008 model G20 Cloud chair with white mesh back.

G20 chairs are available with fixed or adjustable arms. The fixed arms are great for conference room settings, but we absolutely prefer the adjustable option. They're far more versatile. You'll also enjoy a choice of black or polished bases to help personalize your chair.

Global G20 chair rating
The G20 passes the sit test and it also passes the eye test. It's easy to see why the G20 has been one of the top rated mesh chairs for the last few years. These chairs can be used effectively for all day tasking, executive office computing, and conference room strategizing sessions. The G20 is a cut above the competition and ready to meet your comfort needs. This chair has earned itself a true 5 out of 5 star rating.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Simple Seating: Practical Office Chairs With An Ergonomic Punch!

You don't need an over the top office chair to sit with good posture. Practical seating solutions are available to keep things simple, and most importantly... keep you comfortable! In many cases, today's modern office chairs can be a bit overpowering. Sure they're cool, but they typically come accompanied by hefty price tags and require a masters degree to operate effectively. Lucky for you, brands like Offices To Go, Eurotech Seating, and RFM have made it their mission to simplify your sit with practical chairs that pack a serious ergonomic punch.

practical mesh back task chairWhen it comes to simple seating, Offices To Go knows their stuff. Their in-stock chairs ship within 2 business days and won't break the budget. While affordable, Offices To Go chairs don't lack in terms of quality. The lineup of Offices To Go seating for sale in 2018 is nothing short of impressive. Take a sit in their 11921B model and thank us later! This practical mesh back chair is just $148.99 and ready for the demands of the modern workplace.

Eurotech Astra ChairEurotech specializes in the provision of high quality chairs for office tasking. Their MF2000BLK Astra mesh chair is a great option for the practical shopper. This simple swivel chair is ready to perform and offers exceptional functionality. The contoured back is of particular note as it avoids restricting upper body movements and offers excellent back support.

RFM Rainier R2 ChairThe RFM Rainer collection is all about comfort. This line of straight-forward office chairs will keep you sitting comfortably throughout even the most task filled work days. The R2 Rainer task chair is available in a wide range of color options and comes standard with the ergonomic features needed to help you adapt on the fly.

iDesk Ambarella Chair 401BWe can't say enough good things about the iDesk Ambarella chair. This mesh tasker is affordable enough for home off use, but perfect for commercial applications. The 401B Ambarella chair offers a naturally contoured back that provides exceptional lumbar support. Underneath the seat you'll find an awesome guide card that lists the chair adjustment features and how to use them. This well thought out chair has a little something for everybody!

Ovation Task ChairLast but not least is the Ovation mesh back task chair from SitWell. This practical chair comes fully loaded with a set of adjustable arms and a multi functional mechanism that work in harmony with one another to make finding healthy computing positions a breeze. With a variety of quick shipping seat color options, you can personalize your Ovation chair without overpowering your furniture. This practical chair is easy to use and all about performance. The Ovation series also offers matching models that work great in executive interiors and professional conference rooms. These chairs are extremely versatile and great for creating fluidity throughout business environments.