Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Learn To Trust Your Office Chair!

Good posture habits don't form over night.  You have to trust your office chair and put in the work to earn a great sitting experience. In today's post we'll highlight important tips, tricks, and reasons to rely on your office chair for the support you need to make it through your work day effectively. Enjoy!

Top Ergonomic Office Chairs
They say, an office chair is only as good as it's owner. This couldn't be more true. Even the most expensive office seating solutions on the market provide little support if used incorrectly. If you're going to invest your hard earned money in an office chair, you've got to take the time needed to master it.

Once you've mastered the ergonomic features of your chair, you have to trust them! What good is a fancy ergonomic chair with an adjustable lumbar support feature if it goes day in and day out unused? When sitting, be sure to keep your back in constant contact with the chair. Leaning forward to type on your keyboard is a great way to invite poor blood flow, cramps, and other major health risks into your work day.

You've got to trust your chair arms as well! In 2015, most office chairs on the market come equipped with adjustable T shaped arms that provide a lot of great benefits. Sadly, these helpful tools commonly go unused. Adjust the angle, width, and height at which your chair arms sit to ensure you are typing at the proper angle when at your desk working. When typing, be sure to keep your arms on the rests. Doing so will improve the rate at which you compute while simultaneously helping you to become more ergo friendly in the workplace.

Do you use the base of your office chair as a foot rest? Do you work with your feet crossed out and in front of you? These are bad habits that must be corrected. When sitting in your chair, be sure to keep your feet flat on the ground and facing forward at all times. If you haven't tried out the height adjustment feature on your chair, now is the time to do so. There should be a lever located underneath the seat of your chair that can be quickly pulled to raise and lower your operating height. Trust the chair and the benefits of it's features! Any office chair manufactured after the year 2000 should come standard with this basic ergonomic function.

The angle at which your chair back sits is also very important. While many top computer chair models offer high tech tilt mechanisms that will constantly adjust as you work, you still have to be prepared to trust this function. You should be adjusting the angle at which your chair back sits regularly throughout the work day. Don't be scared to make the adjustments you need to operate in posture perfect positions. Let your chair do it's job to the best of it's ability. Show it a little love and a little trust. Your back will thank you for it!

In the long run, trusting your office chair is just plain smart. You've invested time and money to select the perfect chair for your specific needs. Now it's time to put it's features to use. Rely on your chair to perform at peak levels throughout the day. Trust it's features to ensure you're as comfortable as possible. If you have a hard time remembering good posture tips and habits, consider making a "trust your chair" chart. Studies have shown that reminder charts really make a big difference. Trusting your chair will set you on a path to improved health and functionality. There's really no down side!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Kick Back And Relax In The Nuvem!

Eurotech Seating Nuvem Chair Review
The all new Nuvem series executive lounge chair is perfect for high end work environments. These innovative chairs from Eurotech Seating offer cutting edge ergonomic benefits and a comfortable sit any user can rely on. If you want to operate a peak performance levels, give one of these awesome new seating solutions a try. You'll be glad you did!

At first glance you'll notice the out of this world modern design characteristics showcased on the Eurotech Nuvem chair. With elegant curves and leather seating surfaces, the Nuvem is a real head turner. Upon closer inspection you'll notice the fixed base design and matching ottoman that can be used to kick your legs up while working.

Nuvem Chair - Front ViewThe Nuvem can be used effectively in executive office environments, man caves, and anywhere else that's in need of a style and functionality boost. With it's high back design, the Nuvem will help taller users operate at peak performance levels. The Nuvem is unmistakably bold and a refreshing look at where the seating industry is headed.

With it's three reclining positions and available accessories to integrate laptops, touch screens, and other mobile devices, the Nuvem reclining chair becomes a stylish and spacious chair workstation that provides unmatched versatility.

Nuvem Chair in WhiteThe adjustable tablet arm really comes in handy and makes it a top choice for tech savvy shoppers. Kick back and relax in the Nuvem executive chair when you're watching football or taking a short break at work. There's no need to rush back to your desk, with Nuvem's innovative features you can lounge and type at the same time.

Nuvem Chair Side ViewThis trend setting new seating collection from Eurotech Seating was introduced in too attractive color combinations. The black leather Nuvem chair features a contemporary aluminum finished frame that's sure to create plenty of wow factor in any space. The white leather Nuvem chair boasts a teak finished frame to provide the perfect blend of modern and traditional appeal.

Both Nuvem chair combinations are available in 2015 for $2026.00. At this price point you'll receive the main lounge chair, matching ottoman, and tablet arm. Needless to say, you'll be hard pressed to find more chair for the money.

We give the Nuvem 5 out of 5 stars. While a mobilized base option would be cool, it's really not needed. Other than that, there's really nothing to criticize about these new chairs from Eurotech. The Nuvem does it all. It performs great, looks fantastic, and provides the ergonomic features needed to boost the performance of any user.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Mayline Ranger Drafting Tables Review

Mayline Ranger Light Table Review
The Mayline Ranger drafting table collection has been around for years. This reliable line of professional tables provides excellent benefits that will improve artist and architect functionality. In today's post we'll take an in-depth look at the Ranger collection and it's various models. Enjoy!


Even at first sight you'll notice the industrial appeal of a Ranger drafting table. With heavy duty metal legs and large work surface these tables mean business! The Ranger's 1" thick thermally fused tops provide durability that's unmatched by many of the most expensive drafting tables on the market today. Rest assured, these are among the best looking and performing drafting tables on the market. If you want a drafting table that's going to impress your guests and still get the job done, we think these are your best bet!

Ranger Drafting Table ReviewConstruction:

Basic ranger tables sit 37" from the floor on steel 4 post frames that make working from a drafting chair easy. Tops adjust 50 degrees from their horizontal resting position and can be set at any working angle the user prefers. Many of the top ranger tables are available with tool drawers that retract underneath surfaces to house art supplies and accessories. Ranger tables are built to last. With excellent tops and solid frames, you can rest assured a Ranger table will work and look great for years.

Ranger Split Top TablePrice:

The Ranger 7724 model is from the popular Economy series. As the most affordable model from this collection, the 7724 is available in 2015 for just $590.99 and boasts a fog gray low pressure laminate surface. The Ranger 7732 features a birch wood grain laminate top and a 30" x 42" work surface. At $600.99 it's a great buy for professional artists and architects alike. Those wanting to kick things up a notch will love the Ranger 7772 model split top table. With a 30" x 60" top and side surface to house your computer or operational tools, the 7772 is a great option at $977.99. For the shopper who has to have the best, we present the 7734BLT model light table for $3095.99. With a 37 1/2" x 48" top, the 7734BLT is equipped with a self contained light box with translucent 1/8" acrylic diffuser panel and features a 1/4" clear glass and hardwood frame with naturalist finish! Rest assured, there's Ranger drafting table out there for every shopper. Lots of additional sizes and finish options are available to meet your specific needs.


Ranger Wood Drafting TableMuch like an Army Ranger, the tables from the Mayline Ranger collection are ready for anything you can throw at them. While significantly larger than most of the beginner tables on the market, Ranger tables are great for up and coming artists. Engineers can rely on the Ranger light table to sketch designs, trace, and look at blue prints. Lot's of schools also turn to Ranger team tables and Economy series tables to help students as well! There's not much you can't do with one of these awesome drafting table solutions from Mayline.

Final Grades:

We give the Ranger drafting collection 5 out of 5 stars. Ranger tables are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and finish options to meet the needs of any shopper. These tables are great for both beginners and professionals alike and won't break the shopping budget. While we'd like to see the tension screws used to hold up the Economy and Steel 4-Post models bulked up a bit, that wasn't enough to take a full point away. If you're shopping for a drafting table for your home or business needs, give the Ranger collection a look! Mayline also offers awesome flat file cabinet solutions and drafting chairs to match.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Best Ergonomic Products Under $250

Don't let a limited budget hold you back from being comfortable in the workplace! In today's post we'll be showcasing 2015's best ergonomic office products available under $250.00. The chairs, monitor arms, keyboard trays, and accessories highlighted here will help you operate at peak performance levels without straining the wallet. Enjoy!

Cherryman Industries iDesk Ambarella ChairOffice comfort starts with the chair! That being said, shoppers on a budget should highly consider the Ambarella from the all new Cherryman Industries iDesk Seating collection. This fully functional task chair offers adjustable arms and a built in user guide for personal comfort. At the everyday low price of just $214.00, you'll be hard pressed to find a better chair for the money. Ambarella comes standard with an advanced syncro tilt mechanism with 2" seat slider adjustment range as well as a side mounted tilt tension knob and polished 5 star base. Rest assured, the Ambarella is the full package.

EZKE2 Dual Screen Monitor ArmAn ergonomic monitor arm will instantly provide you with more usable desk space while simultaneously reducing eye strain and improving workplace functionality. While single screen monitor arms are great, two screens are always better than one! We present to you the EZKE2 dual screen monitor arm from Mayline! Even as a relative new comer to the world of ergonomic computer accessories, Mayline has made an instant impact with their awesome monitor arms. This EZKE2 model is available for just $194.99 and supports screens up to 14 pounds. The EZKE2 is easy to install via clamp and grommet mounting systems. The cable management troughs keep cords hidden and out of the way. With 26" of reach and 13" of usable height adjustment, the EZKE2 is a must for any professional work space.

Symmetry Office Balance 3 Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray

If you're still operating with your keyboard situated on top of your desk surface, it's time for a change! We give you the Symmetry Office Balance 3 keyboard system. This sit to stand keyboard tray features a rigid phenolic construction that's even sturdier than a steel tray. The anti-skid grip strips prevent keyboard slippage while the built-in mouse guard with cable management prevents your mouse from sliding off the tray. The mechanism offers an increased height range from 8.25” above the track to 5.88” below track. This means comfortable positioning at seated or standing postures. Sit to stand keyboard tray systems like the balance 3 promote continuous movement in the workplace and reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. At the everyday low price of just $230.99, the Balance 3 is one of the best values on the market.

ESI CPU Holder CPU05
At just $126.99, the ESI Ergonomic Solutions CPU05 model CPU holder is a real bargain buy! This handy little mounting system will get your computers power source up and out of the way when needed. If you're limited on space and tired of banging your legs on the CPU located at  your workstation, the CPU05 is a must. CPU holders like this one mount directly under work surfaces on retractable glides. The CPU05 will also protect your important digital files from flood damage and theft. This helpful ergonomic tool is a worthwhile investment that you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

Symmetry Office FR-1 Foot Rest

The Symmetry Office FR-1 is a must have for just $62.99. As it's important to avoid working with your legs crossed or propped up on the base of your office chair, the FR-1 provides a constant reminder that's sure to boost your comfort and blood flow in the process. The footrest surface is covered by an anti-fatigue rubber mat and offers surface dimensions of 16"W x 12"D.

ESI Solstice LampLast but certainly not least, we present to you the Solstice dual purpose desk lamp. This user friendly desk lighting solution utilizes side emitting LED's and uses just 6 watts of power. A USB port to conveniently charge handheld devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players, is incorporated into the base. Not only does the Solstice provide a wide range of motion, it also allows you to adjust the light intensity with a simple to use continuous dimming touch switch. Priced at just $205.99, the Solstice will help you save on electricity costs and improve workplace functionality in an instant.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

7 Office Survival Tips You Need To Know!

Office Survival Tips
Life in the office can be tough if you're not prepared. Discomfort and fatigue can greatly hinder your work day if your not ready. Luckily, we're here to help! In today's post we'll share 7 useful office survival tips that are guaranteed to improve your work day and have you operating at peak performance levels. Be safe out there!

1.) Create A Daily Plan

Every good work day starts with a plan, and if you want to survive in the workplace, you'll need one of your own. When you arrive at work, take a moment to sit down at your desk and write out a list of daily goals. Prioritize your goals based on importance and put estimated competition times on them if possible. As the day goes on you'll be able to effectively stay on track. You'll even get a little motivational boost each time you cross a daily goal off your list.

2.) Keep Back In Contact With Chair

If you want to survive life in the office, you'll need to keep your back in contact with your chair at all times when sitting. Hunching over and away from you chair back provides exactly zero ergonomic benefits. Leaning forward to type will leave your back unsupported and susceptible to some really serious health risks over the long term. Adjust the angle of your office chair back to ensure you are sitting upright and posture perfect when working. Trust us! It will make a major difference in your productivity, health, and daily comfort.

3.) Keep Feet Flat On Ground When Working

Do you use the base of your office chair as a foot rest? Do you cross your feet when computing? These are bad habits that directly relate to poor posture, fatigue, and nothing good! To work efficiently over the long term, you'll want to operate with your feet facing forward and flat on the ground. Having trouble getting to this position? Try adjusting your chair height. If that doesn't work, consider using an ergonomic foot rest at your desk. No matter what, avoid bad feet habits in the workplace. You'll be far better prepared for survival if you do.

4.) Avoid Extended Sits

Sitting for long periods of time can actually reduce your life span. Extended sits make you more susceptible to poor posture as the longer you stay seated, the more likely you are to become fatigued. When fatigue strikes, you loose focus. When you loose focus, bad habits tend to take over! Be sure to take short breaks every hour. Stand up from your workstation and stretch. Take a short walk, grab a healthy snack, or have a cold beverage. Anything! Just be sure to get up from your desk once an hour to avoid extended sits.

5.) Reduce Eye Strain

While it sounds minimal, eye strain can be a real productivity killer. If you wear glasses or contacts, you've got to be prepared to fight eye strain every day. Even workers with perfect vision can suffer from eye strain if their not careful. To put it simply, staring at a computer screen for long periods of time is bad for your eyes. To fight back, raise the height of your monitor to ensure you're not looking down when you type. You want to compute looking straight forward with your monitor at eye level. In addition, consider integrating an ergonomic monitor arm into your space. With extensive adjustment capabilities an ergonomic monitor arm will allow you to move your computer screen into the proper position with ease. You'll be able to move your screen closer or further away to meet the needs of any task. Lastly, be sure to look away from your computer screen regularly. This will allow your eyes to properly adjust and relax, thus reducing long term strain.

6.) Stay Organized

The best office survivalists will tell you, staying organized is a must! You simply can't allow your desk surface to become littered with sticky notes, pens, thumb tacks and other fodder. Proper organizing starts with good habits. Make the last ten to fifteen minutes of every day a cleaning period. Take this time to reorganize your file cabinet and clean off your desk before rushing out of the office. This will ensure you start the next day on the right track!

7.) Improve Blood Flow

Another big key to effective office survival is blood flow. Working in improper positions such as those listed above will greatly reduce blood flow. Poor blood flow can lead to cramps and much worse over the long term if you're not careful. The best way to fight back is with continuous body movement and proper working posture. A sit to stand ergonomic desk and or keyboard tray is a great place to start. While these cutting edge products will come at a high cost, they'll have you ready for anything your work day can throw at you. In addition, place a posture reminders chart at your desk. Studies have shown that this simple practice yields amazing results

Monday, August 24, 2015

Think Outside The Box With Sit To Stand Products!

As sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy, it's time for us all to start thinking outside the box to improve workplace functionality and comfort. Sit to stand desks promote continuous movement in the office, reduce fatigue, and boost blood flow. With benefits like this, why are we still working at our traditional desks? Today's top ergonomic furniture manufacturers have introduced awesome sit to stand desks designed to revolutionize our interiors. Let's take a look at the top adjustable height workstations of 2015 in today's blog post!

OFM Versa Height Adjustable Table
Versa Table Touch Screen ControlsWith their new Versa table, OFM is definitely thinking outside the box! The HAT-3060 model height adjustable desk makes a stylish and practical addition to any workspace. These versatile tables offer quiet motors and touch screen controls for easy height changes. The telescopic legs come standard in a beautiful platinum finish and are equipped with nylon leveling glides. Priced at $1132.15, this user friendly ergonomic workstation is an excellent value. The HAT-3060 is one of the most advanced ergonomic table desks on the market in 2015. As an added bonus, the Versa typically ships within 2 business days of order for furniture shoppers up against tight workplace makeover deadlines.

HE3048MS Sit To Stand Desk

Next up, the Global Total Office HE3048MS sit to stand desk with 160 pound load capacity! In order to stay on the cutting edge, Global Total Office is now offering a wide variety of high tech adjustable desks like this versatile station. The HE3048MS allows user to work from both sitting and standing positions with ease  and offers a choice of surface and base finish options to match your individual decor needs. With a fingertip controlled 3 position programmable switch, the HE3048MS is ready to go from 26.5" to 43" in just seconds.
Standing Executive Desk
Ergonomic Concepts Sit To Stand Desk

Most of today's sit to stand desks are intended to work specifically in smaller office areas and lack the overall surface space found on traditional executive desks. That being said, Ergonomic Concepts provides the perfect solution! Their 6048-L3 station boats an L shaped design that provides plenty of operational space. This high end ergonomic station goes up at 1.75" per second and can be customized with storage pedestals, modesty panels, and a matching ergonomic keyboard tray.

Mayline ML Table

Mayline has been thinking outside of traditional desks for years! Just a few short months ago at NeoCon this industry innovator introduced the all new ML line of sit to stand products. Set for their official market release in the coming months, ML series stations are already creating industry buzz. With clean lines and lots of available surface sizes, these crafty table desks will be heavily relied upon for modern training room and classroom applications.

Symmetry Office Align Laptop Cart

Last but certainly not least, Symmetry Office makes it easy to operate in both sitting and standing positions anywhere with their Align laptop cart! This mobile desk quickly adjusts from 33.5" to 45" and offers a 20" x 10" operating surface. An optional wire basket can be added to tote around important documents when working. This cutting edge piece of ergonomic technology is perfect for healthcare applications. At $1235.99, the Align laptop cart by Symmetry Office is a bit pricey. That being said, it provides a lot of bang for the buck when compared to the alternative. Avoid unhealthy sits that last hours on end and improve your work life with one of these incredible tools.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Office Chair Reviews: Circuit by Ergo Contract Furniture

Not all office chairs are created equal! The new Cirucit task chair by Ergo Contract Furniture is in a league of it's own. These high end mesh chairs offer unmatched form and functionality. In today's post we'll review the new Circuit chair and it's unique benefits. Enjoy!


Ergo Contract Furniture Circuit Chair Review

At first glance the CET 1 Circuit task chair by Ergo Contract Furniture will wow you with it's modern design characteristics. These super stylish seating solutions offer a unique look that's sure to impress even the harshest critics. Plug the Circuit into your work space and you'll be instantly turning heads and earning your interior the compliments it deserves. With it's white frame and charcoal mesh seating surfaces, the Circuit boasts a contemporary look that's backed up by great ergonomic features.


Office Chair Review

The CET 1 Circuit task chair by Ergo Contract Furniture features a high tensile mesh back that adjust in height to provide users with the ultimate sitting experience. The adjustable lumbar provides excellent support for the back while the height adjustable arms make finding the posture perfect computing position a breeze. Circuit chair backs go up and down to provide users with the support they need, when the need it. A padded waterfall style seat is also standard and helps relieve knee pressure and increase blood flow when sitting. Unique button less arm adjustments, tilt tension and tilt lock controls combine to make the CET 1 Circuit task chair one of the most user friendly seating solutions on the market.


Ergo Contract Furniture Circuit Chair - Front View

This awesome new office chair can be used nearly anywhere! The Circuit was designed specifically for computing and tasking applications. These intensive use chairs are built to keep you comfortable and at peak performance levels even during those long days at the office. If you're creating a modern executive office or conference room, the Circuit is a great option. With it's high back design and ample dimensions, the Circuit is great for most any body type. There's really no limit to what you can do with these chairs.


Modern Office Chair

At just $415.99, the Circuit task and computer chair is an absolute bargain. Many of today's top office chairs offer half the adjustable features and cost nearly twice as much. The Circuit is sure to end 2015 on our "best buys" list and should be highly considered by any shoppers looking to upgrade to an excellent chair that won't break the bank. To make a long story short, the CET 1 Circuit chair provides a lot of bang for the buck!

Final Thoughts:

Circuit Chair - Rear View 

We give the Circuit chair 4.5 out of 5 stars. Ergo Contract Furniture has made a huge impact on the ergonomic seating world with this cutting edge chair. The Circuit is affordably priced and packs a major comfort punch that's sure to appreciated by any user. We gave a half star deduction based on the fact that there is really only one color option currently available. We'd like to see the folks at ECF expand the Circuit collection to include cool mesh back and frame color combinations for shoppers looking to showcase a little personality in the workplace. That being said, these are still awesome chairs and we highly recommend them!