Friday, January 18, 2019

8 Ways To Enhance Your Waiting Room In 2019

Gearing up for a waiting room makeover project can be tricky. There's enough new products and remodeling ideas there to frazzle even the most experienced designer. Rest assured, we're here to help. Today on the blog we'll provide you with 8 sure fire ways to create a guest welcoming area that's up to date with the latest trends.

1.) Tufted Sofas

tufted sofa

There's been a huge demand for tufted sofas. Once thought of as traditional, tufted sofas are now popular for modern and contemporary welcoming areas. Best sellers like the Earl from Modway are available in color options like beige and gray to make your space pop. Matching chairs are also offered to complete the look.

2.) Tablet Chairs

sirena tablet chair

Businesses are loving tablet arm chairs because they improve the visitor experience. Chairs like the Sirena from Global offer guests the ability to work while they wait, without the need to slide over your coffee table. Tablet chairs are now widely available in leather and designer fabric upholstery options.

3.) Modular Seating Configuration

modular waiting room seating

If you're looking to maximize your available square footage, modular waiting room seating is the way to go. Start your search with the Jefferson collection from Woodstock Marketing. It offers really cools sets that take the guess work out of the design process.

4.) Rustic Accent Tables

rustic coffee table

Create timeless vibes with a set of rustic accent tables. From professional furniture manufacturers to local home stores, there's plenty of rustic coffee and end table sets to choose from. If you're hunting for something really unique, check out antique stores, flea markets, and even Facebook Marketplace.

5.) Curved Reception Desk

curved reception desk

A curved reception desk will help your welcoming area look professional from any angle. There's not a ton to choose from, but once you check out the options from the OFM Marque collection you won't need to look any further. These contoured desks are affordable, on trend, and don't require any tools for assembly.

6.) Fashionable Lighting

Fashionable Floor Lamp

The difference is in the details! Once the main elements of your space have been purchased, fashionable lighting will take your interior over the top. The best place to find discount lighting is online. Local fixture stores can be very expensive. Needless to say, finding cool accent lighting for your waiting room is pretty easy. The selection is beyond extensive.

7.) Powered Furniture

side table with usb ports

Integrating powered furniture and seating into your waiting room is just plain smart. Much like tablet chairs, powered components make it easy for valued visitors to work and charge devices without fear of draining precious battery life. Unique products like the ACCTAB model side table with USB ports from OFM will help take your interior to the next level for just $135.99.

8.) Cool Area Rug

cool area rug

Last but not least, spice up your waiting room with a cool area rug. Bare tile and carpet won't do much for your vibe. If you want to earn you space the compliments it deserves, go above and beyond with an area rug that compliments your furniture and seating.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Create Mid Century Interiors With Joe Seating From Woodstock Marketing

Woodstock Marketing Chair Review
The team at Woodstock Marketing never fails to impress. The all new chairs from their Joe collection make it easy to create upscale office interiors with just the right amount of mid century modern flair. Today on the blog we'll take a look at the Joe and the features that are sure to make it one of the hottest seating solutions of 2019.

Woodstock Marketing Joe Mid Back ChairsJoe chairs are available in a choice of high and mid back variations. Even at first glance you'll be drawn to the trendy ribbed back design that pairs perfectly with a polished base and set of aluminum arms.

Joe High Back ChairThe Woodstock Marketing chairs from the Joe collection are sleek and distinctive. They're a far cry from the overstuffed executive style chairs that dominated the seating world in years passed. The industry has moved on and the Joe chair is a perfect example of how.

Joe Chair Side ViewWith office space at a premium, bulky chairs just aren't practical. The Joe will help maximize conference table space and operating area without sacrificing support. Both the high and mid back Joe chair models from Woodstock Marketing come equipped with multi functional mechanisms that encourage healthy posture.

White Leather Office ChairThe Joe isn't going to wow you with a ton of over the top ergonomic adjustment features. The tilt tension, lock, and pneumatic cylinder are enough to get the job done. This probably ins't the best chair for all day tasking. That being said, the Joe is a must consider for professional conference room environments.

Joe chairs feature durable Nappa upholstery and 11 ply interior structures. All models are available in a choice of 5 designer color options designed for traditional and modern applications. Our personal favorite is the Charcoal Blue. It's different, distinctive, and sure to make a statement.

Woodstock Marketing Joe Office ChairIn terms of price, the Joe is pretty reasonable. The high back Joe chair is available for $499.00, while the mid back is a bit more affordable at $415.00. As today's office chairs go, the Joe is a pretty good buy that will help you create on-trend vibes that earn your interiors an abundance of compliments.

Generous dimensions, the ability to support users up to 300 pounds, and a oversized 60mm dual wheel carpet casters all work together to create a well rounded office chair that's going to be a hit for years to come. If you're ready to spice up your interiors, give the Joe a look in 2019. You'll be glad you did.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Introducing Stealth Teaming Tables From Enwork

Enwork FurnitureTalk about wow factor! The all new teaming tables from the Enwork Stealth collection offer an unrivaled combination of versatility and appeal. These multi-purpose tables with integrated power are perfect for group work environments. Today on the blog we'll showcase the Stealth table collection and the features that make it a must consider for your interiors.

Stealth Teaming TableFirst things first, Enwork Stealth tables are great to look at. They offer a blend of modern characteristics that will earn your interiors the compliments they deserve without making them feel over the top and impractical.

Enwork Stealth Table DetailStealth tables feature expressive aluminum extrusions that pair with durable laminate surfaces intended for everyday use. Optional acrylic screens are available for a touch of privacy.

The collaborative tables from the Stealth collection are available with standing and traditional height work surfaces. We absolutely love the standing height variations as they make it easy to stay active while working and strategizing.

Stealth Teaming TablesIn 2019, it's all about powered furniture around the office. Stealth tables can be equipped with surface level modules to charge devices and work effectively without the need for extension cords running across your work floor.

The Stealth collection makes it easy to think outside the realm of traditional furniture. This line is perfect for group work areas like classrooms, libraries, and training areas.

Enwork Teaming Tables - Stealth Collection
If you're shopping for new office furniture on a budget, the fixed and standing height tables from this collection probably won't be your first option. The Stealth series is very high end and cutting edge. Tables are available in 3 surface lengths starting at $3139.99. While pricey, these tables should be looked at as an investment in team productivity and corporate appeal.

The Stealth collection is poised for success in 2019. It keys on many of the top market trends and looks great doing it. The ability to collaborate effectively and power office interiors while encouraging ergonomic habits will make it hard for the Stealth collection to stay under the radar.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Deal Of The Week: 10% Off Select Eurotech Chairs

Eurotech SeatingThis week we'll be offering an additional 10% off select ergonomic chairs from Eurotech with coupon code SAVE10. These seating solutions offer the high end appeal and adjustable features needed to encourage good posture habits throughout task filled workdays.

Gene ChairFirst up is the all new Gene chair. This simple tasker offer just the right amount of modern flair and boasts user friendly controls that make make finding correct sitting positions a breeze. The Gene chair is currently available for $274.00 in a variety of attractive mesh and fabric upholstery options.

Vera ChairThe Eurotech Vera chair is all about performance. With a set of 6 way adjustable arms and an adjustable seat, this user friendly chair is perfect for long days at the office. The Vera chair is currently offered for $406.00 in designer mesh and fabric upholstery options that perfectly match thick black seats.

iOO chairEnjoy refined support and the unrivaled comfort of the Eurotech iOO chair. These top of the line mesh back executive chairs come packed with all the ergonomic bells and whistles you could ever hope for. At $672.00, the iOO is a bit pricey. That being said, with an additional 10% off it's definitely a good buy for any shopper on the hunt for a luxury chair that's ready to adapt at a moments notice.

Ergohuman ChairThis week we'll also be offering the full Ergohuman chair line from Eurotech on sale with an additional 10% off and free shipping. Ergohuman chairs are available from $685.00 to $724.00. These elite ergonomic chairs are intended for use in upscale interiors and pack a serious amount of support. Many industry professionals consider Ergohuman chairs the most versatile, comfortable, and reliable options on the market today.

Eurotech ChairLast but to least, feast your eyes on the Concept 2.0 chair from Eurotech. Built for everyday tasking, the Concept 2.0 comes standard with tilt tension control, tilt lock, back angle adjustment, and seat depth adjustment features. At $630.00, the Concept 2.0 deservedly falls into the luxury seating category. These chairs are perfect for executive interiors and and any worker that finds themselves sitting for extended periods of time. Concept 2.0 chairs feature a classic black on black color scheme that's complimented by a polished base to create timeless appeal.

Friday, January 11, 2019

6 Ways To Work Smarter In 2019

Are you ready to take 2019 by storm? We've go you covered! Today on the blog we'll highlight 6 ways to work smarter in the new year. From weight sensing office chairs to effective collaboration, the tips and product suggestions provided today will help lay the foundation for productive work days.

Atto Chair1.) Use A Weight Sensing Task Chair

Constantly pulling mechanism levers and twisting tension knobs to get comfortable can be a real drag. Thankfully, top office chair brands are minimizing the need to adjust with advanced weight sensing task chairs that handle the leg work for you. Popular weight sensing chairs like the Atto from Cherryman Industries are a must consider in 2019.

2.) Keep The Blood Flowing

Good blood flow is a must. All too often we sit stagnantly for hours on end. When this happens, fatigue sets in due to restricted blood flow. If you feel groggy and drained about half way through your work day, it's time to get your blood circulating. Stand up, walk away from the desk, shake out your muscles and get a drink of water. Professionals recommend taking one 5 to 10 minute break per hour.

Modular Nesting Tables3.) Use Modular Components

Modular components make it easy to maximize square footage and operational functionality. The training room is the perfect example. With flip top nesting tables and chairs you can create effective layouts that can adapt on the fly to meet the needs of any task. When not in use, extra tables and chairs can be staged along perimeter walls. Modular components have also become the preferred choice for lobby and waiting room makeover projects. If you're ready to think outside the box with your commercial interiors, go modular in 2019!

Ergonomic Workstation4.) Stay Active

Any ergonomic product enthusiast will tell you, it's all about staying active! With height adjustable office furniture you can transition effectively between sitting and standing to avoid fatigue and a variety of posture problems. We recommend investing in a ergonomic sit-stand station like the Volante from Systematix. It will work with just about any desk and have you working more effectively in a flash.

universal power module for office5.) Power Up Your Interiors

From the work floor to the conference room, powered office furniture is taking over. With AC, HDMI, and surface level inputs you can effectively charged devices and host presentations. Collections like Zira from Global offer some of the absolute best powered conference tables on the market. Brands like Bush Business Furniture offer user friendly clamp on modules that work with nearly any surface. In 2019, powering up you interiors will be easier than ever.

collaborative 6 person workstation6.) Collaborate Effectively

Last but certainly not least, strive to work smarter in 2019 by collaborating effectively with your teammates. You can create open concept interiors built for collaboration with benching systems instead of cubicles. Take your collaborative efforts to the boardroom with connectable tables from the Global Bungee collection that can be used to create layouts of any size. Collaboration and creativity go hand in hand. When remodeling group work areas, effective collaboration should be a top priority in the new year.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Enjoy The Versatility of Global Novello Seating

Global Novello SeatingThe Novello seating collection from Global offers multi purpose chairs that are perfect for conference, training, drafting applications. This full service line of modern office chairs designed by Alessandro Piretti is perfect for commercial interiors in need of a style boost. Today on the blog, we'll showcase a few of our favorite Novello models and the features that make them great.

Novello ChairFirst up is the 6400 model. This Novello task chair comes equipped with a durable polypropylene back and fixed height arms. An upholstered seat with a contoured waterfall edge make for a comfortable sit that doesn't require a ton of adjustments.

Novello Chair BackThe flexible back on the chairs from the Novello collection are a nice touch that improve the user experience. When leaning into the chair, the seat glides smoothly on a concealed track system.

6401 Novello ChairThe next chair you'll want to check out from the Novello series is the 6401 model. It offers the same great attributes as the 6400. That being said, its armless design makes it a great fit for professional conference and training room environments. This stylish chair makes it easy to create ample elbow room and operational space in group work areas.

Novello chairIf you don't like the idea of a poly back chair, full upholstered models are available. The 6402 and 6403 chairs from the Novello collection are a bit more upscale and intended for work floor applications. With an array of designer upholstery options available, these chairs make it easy to personalize interiors.

Novello Back Finish OptionsAll of the office chairs from the Novello collection are available in 4 different base finishes and 3 poly back color options. In terms of customizing your look, the options are pretty much limitless.

Novello Task StoolLast but certainly not least, the Novello collection offers professional task stools that are great for drafting and design work. With integrated footings, users can work comfortably and with unrivaled stability. Global's soft descent pneumatic cylinders are standard on all of the task stools from the Novello collection. Four models are available to choose to meet your specific needs. The 6412 model is our personal favorite as it is fully upholstered and equipped with fixed arms for added support. At $468.99, it's one of the most versatile task stools on the market today.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Office Ergonomics: 7 Products Designed To Improve Comfort and Performance In 2019

Don't look at 2019 as "just another year". Take comfort and performance to the next level with the right combination of ergonomic products in 2019. Today we'll showcase 7 workplace solutions designed to encourage healthy computing, comfort, and good posture habits throughout task filled days. These hot products from brands like Safco, OFM, and Global are the best in the biz!

1.) Focal Locus Standing Stool with Anti Fatigue Mat

Standing Height Stool with Anti Fatigue Mat

The Focal Locus standing height stool with anti fatigue mat is unlike anything on the market. This product from Safco is revolutionizing the way workers operate at standing height surfaces. The unit itself can be folded down when not in use to save space. When you're ready to work standing up, simply raise the seat and enjoy unrivaled ergonomic benefits.

2.) OFM Clamp On Sit To Stand Workstation

clamp on sit to stand workstation

Most of the sit to stand workstations available in 2019 rest atop desk surfaces. This can make them feel a bit unstable. With the 5200M from OFM, simply clamp the station to any surface and work without fear of your hardware sliding. This unit also makes it easy to transition smoothly between sitting and standing for just $325.99.

3.) G1 Ergo Select Chair

G1 Chair

Take comfort and performance to the next level with a G1 Ergo Select chair from Global. If you're tired of "out of the box" chairs that aren't tailored for your specific needs and body type, this is the seating solution for you. The G1 is available in multiple back heights, seat sizes, and arm styles starting at $490.99.

4.) Aberdeen Height Adjustable Desk

Aberdeen Ergonomic Desk

Rise to the occasion with an Aberdeen electric desk that transitions at the push of a button. Available in 6 designer finish options, these ergonomic workstations are perfect for the business executive looking to create an ergonomic interior without a sit-to-stand desktop attachment.

5.) Bush Dual Screen Monitor with USB Ports

monitor arm with usb ports

Still computing with a single screen system? It's time for an upgrade! The AC99832-03 model dual monitor arm from Bush works with just about any station. The USB ports located on the base of the unit make it easy to charge devices without the need to go searching underneath you desk for inputs.

6.) Atto Weight Sensing Task Chair

Atto weight sensing chair

Get comfortable on a budget with the best weight sensing office chair buy on the market. The ATT106B responds to the weight of its user to provide exceptional comfort and support. At just $225.00, this elite new chair is easy to love.

7.) Volante Heavy Duty Sit-Stand Workstation

Systematix Volante Heavy Duty Sit-Stand Workstation

Not all sit to stand workstations are created equal! This heavy duty unit from Systematix is ready to accommodate up to a whopping 45 pounds of equipment. Pair that with the ability to stay active, improve blood flow, and reduce fatigue and you've got yourself one heck of an ergonomic office product in your arsenal.