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Healthy Office: Warning Signs You Need A More Ergonomic Office

It's hard to believe that a few simple work habits can have such a huge effect on our health, but they definitely do. Even something as simple as sitting, standing, slouching, or typing can have terrible health repercussions when done improperly. That's why, today, we're bringing you all the information you need to watch for potential health problems. Here's some warning signs that you need a few nifty ergonomic office products to improve health and habit structure in the office!

Ergonomic Office Chairs

High functioning ergonomic chairs are the poster-children for ergonomic design. Often backed by years of scientific study, they are almost always equipped with healthful features such as seat sliders, tilt tension, headrests, height adjustments, and adjustable lumbar support to improve health. By encouraging proper posture, many ergonomic chair features can reduce or eliminate office-related pain over time. Doctors often suggest acquiring healthful ergonomic chairs with specific features proven to reduce targeted pains. In fact, many users find their back, neck, muscle, and even leg pains are relieved after continued use with the proper ergonomic chair. 

* Some warning signs you need an ergonomic chair are: poor posture, worsened back pain, pain that starts in the neck and moves into upper back, pain that goes away after switching positions, and pain experienced with a new car, chair, or job. 

Ergonomic Standing Office Desks

Falling asleep on the job? Then it's possible sitting all day is the wrong habit for you. Contrary to popular belief, sitting is not the new smoking. However, it can become very unhealthful if you're on your keister all day. Unfortunately, sitting (without the right chair) can promote slouching and other unhealthy habits that lead to office-related pain. To battle this, some individuals have found height adjustable standing desks are the answer! In addition to improving focus, ergonomic standing desks also help to keep users awake. With the back straightened out, back pain is often reduced, muscles are tones, legs are strengthened, and yes, even fat is burned! 

A warning though: Like sitting, standing is not meant to be done all day. Just as many individuals experience reduced pain, some also experience increased pain. This usually comes from the idea that in order to stay healthy, a person must stand for hours. Not true. Standing desks are meant to be used with cushioned foot pads and sitting breaks interspersed throughout the day. We suggest shopping height adjustable standing desks that can be lowered when it's time to give those feet a break.

* Some warning signs you need a standing desk are: Increased back pain with chairs, decreased muscle tone, poor focus, drowsiness while sitting in a chair, and poor digestive health. 
** Warning signs you should get rid of or upgrade your standing desk are: Increased pain in legs, knees, and feet, increased lower back pain, and if the desk does not lower for sitting breaks. 

Ergonomic Monitor Arm

The great thing about ergonomic monitor arms is that just about everyone could use one! All too often, folks that spend all day on computers experience pain they don't realize is caused by their computer's placement. Doctors and ergonomists recommend that the top of a computer screen be at eye level, with the screen itself being at least one-and-a-half to two feet away from the face. If you are an office worker that experiences terrible neck pain caused by a misplaced computer screen, shop ergonomic monitor arms stat! These nifty devices can be mounted either to a desk or wall and are capable of extreme movement. With the ability to retract, reach out, tilt up and down, and move all around, every user can move their monitor into the healthiest position for them. Secret bonus: You also get more desk space!

* Warning signs you need an ergonomic monitor arm: Increased neck pain, upper back pain, uneven muscle pain in upper back, lopsided shoulder pain, headaches caused by computer work, and slouching or swiveling to see computer screen. 

Office Task Lights

Working in a dark office? Then let there be light! This solution may seem like a fairly simple one, however, many individuals do not understand the role that too much or too little light plays on vision. In the workplace, what with window blinds, bright computer screens, and fluorescent ceiling lights, it's very easy to tire the eyes one way or the other. Human ocular faculties were only made to take in so much light, so try to find a balance. For those in bright offices who work on computers all day, desk lights are not the solution. In fact, we advise you to reduce your computer brightness, close the blinds, and do what you can to reduce the light input your eyes take in so as to not overload them. However, for those that spend all day writing, reading, or working on small physical tasks, affordable office lighting is a good idea!

* Warning signs you need to increase office lighting: Poor vision from dim working environments, depression, tiredness at work

* Warning signs you need to reduce office lighting: Poor vision from bright working environments, headaches, computer related eye strain.

Adjustable Keyboard Trays

Whether you spend your days gaming, drawing, or typing up business proposals, you're probably familiar with hand and wrist pain. However, as simple as this pain may sound, it can actually be the root of several health problems. Joint pain, arthritis, and even carpal tunnel syndrome (in extreme cases) are sometimes the result of unhealthy work habits from improper typing. Don't worry, we're not going to recommend typing classes - however, we do recommend keyboard trays! In most cases, reaching up on top of a desk to type is what causes hand and wrist pain. The position forces blood to struggle against gravity to keep joints from feeling the burn. In this case, many ergonomists recommend adjustable keyboard trays to mount under a desk. This way, the keyboard stays at arm-level, allowing users to type comfortably without discouraging blood flow.

* Warning signs you need an ergonomic keyboard tray: Pain in arms, joints, wrists, or hands from reaching upward to type.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Office Design: Bold Chairs That Stand Out in the Workplace

Artists and designers have long relied on the principles of visual contrast to grab attention. With light and dark going head to head in a space, it's hard to ignore the stunning look that's almost always produced. For those of you wishing for a way to turn heads in the office, look no further! Bold colored office chairs are smart, professional, comfortable, and super attractive in home and business offices alike. If your office is looking a little drab and dreary, check out one of these awesome chairs to stand out in the workplace!

Boss Leather Office Chair
It's hard to ignore the eye-catching physique of the B9406 Boss Leather Office Chair for sale. Available in white or black, this beautiful chair and it's high backed cousin, the B9406 leather office chair, can provide plenty of contrast in both light and dark offices. Not only does this seat exhibit a dazzling style and affordable price, but it also boasts a spring tilt, gas lift, and tilt tension adjuster for ergonomic comfort. The white leather office chair stands out most in shadier offices with muted colors. In contrast, the black leather upholstery looks best in brighter offices with bolder colors. Both are perfect for executive, home, and conference use. Choose one, and watch the heads turn!
 Rainier Office Chair by RFM
Few things are more eye-catching than a gorgeous red dress. Why not try the same tactic with a zesty red office chair for work? RFM Preferred Seating is a brand that's well known for cutting edge design. However, few shoppers ever realize that almost all RFM chairs feature one of the widest arrays of color choices on the market. Although users can choose from great shades like terra cotta, blaze, copper, smoke, and even avocado, there's a reason the R2 Rainier Office Chair by RFM is featured most often in "flame"! As if ergonomic features like a ratchet back, seat slider, and extra lumbar support weren't enough, this chair grabs the most attention in fire-engine red. It looks great with muted warm, cool, and neutral colored decors!

Mesh Back Office Chair
Looking for a great mesh chair to leave a great impression? Look no further than the Sweetwater-Blue Mesh Back Office Chair by Woodstock Marketing. This brand is one that's known for bringing rockin' style to the workplace. With an inventory of chairs and tables all inspired by groundbreaking musicians and bands, it's no surprise that the Sweetwater Series has become a popular choice. Boasting a breathable mesh upholstery surrounded by a pretty white frame, this blue mesh task chair certainly has the looks to grab attention. However, backed by an affordable price, it makes the perfect seat for home and business use alike!

Flash Furniture
Purple is a color that looks great just about anywhere. Notable for expressing mystery, creativity, and nobility, it's no wonder why cool purple office chairs are a rising trend among young office leaders! Task chair series like the ones from Flash Furniture are affordable, stylish, and usually offered in a wide array of colors, including purple. Clad in a unique quilted styling to cover fire retardant foam seats, this chair by Flash Furniture would make a fun companion for fun offices, bedrooms, and college dorms at a price everyone can appreciate.

Carmel Chair by RFM
With all the colors RFM offers, it's only natural we'd feature them a few times in an article about bold chairs. However, even with a crazy unique design, the real appeal of this next chair is definitely ergonomic comfort. The 8235 Carmel Chair by RFM gets its strange looks from an ergonomic shape that enforces a shoulders-back posture to reduce stress. The high tech design is backed by a thoracic ridge to support back pain relief. Though this healthy ergonomic chair looks best in rooms with matching color accents, we believe that anyone who suffers from office-related pain will find the Carmel irresistible!
zebra-inspired office chair
Last but not least, we leave you with the boldest of the bold for your office. Anyone with a flair for the wild side will appreciate the striped look of this zebra-inspired office chair. Designed by Boss, the B546-ZB fabric office chair offers comfortable ergonomic features. Though a pneumatic gas lift and tilt tension control never hurt, what really draws shoppers in is this chair's unique style. Featuring a microfiber zebra print framed by pewter accents, this small discount desk chair is perfect for bedrooms, dorms, or any office with personality!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Office Furniture Reviews: Global Junction Series

Global Total Office Junction TablesThe Global Total Office Junction series includes a large collection of free standing and shared leg office tables that work great in training room, classroom, and meeting area applications. This line of high quality modular furniture offers high end appeal and ergonomic functionality at an affordable price point. In today's article, we'll take an in depth look at the Junction collection and it's versatile benefits.

Junction series tables can be used individually or in unique configurations to meet the needs of any space. Shared leg Junction table configurations offer ample leg room and decrease the overall budget needed to makeover office areas. Stand alone Junction tables work well in office training areas and spaces where reconfiguration occurs regularly. Both styles are available with a choice of leveling floor glides or casters for mobility.

Shared Leg Junction TablesTo meet the demands of the modern workplace, Global Total Office Junction Tables are now available with diverse power options. Those looking to create multi media capable work environments will love the ease to spec power solutions and diverse modules available on this popular line. Standard Junction modules feature (2) 3 prong outlet inputs and (2) data inputs. Optional modesty panels with integrated wire troughs are available to hide unsightly cords while adding to the contemporary appeal showcased throughout the Junction line.

Junction table tops are available in 20", 24", and 30" depths to meet specific work requirements. The laminate rectangular tops are available in a wide selection of finish options that are sure to impress. As these versatile tables are made to order, a 3 to 5 week lead time is standard.

Modular Office FurnitureInterior design teams and industry professionals alike love the metal Y shaped leg design featured by the Junction line. Available in a choice of two finish options, these Y shaped legs offer a cutting edge look that provides plenty of leg space for users and room for office chairs to operate comfortably. Overall, this is one awesome collection that's great for nearly any work environment. Junction is affordable, cutting edge, and down right cool!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DIY Office: How To Reupholster Your Office Chair

Before Chair Makeover

Not everyone has the money for a fancy new office chair, but even if you do, why not get creative? It's impossible for even the most versatile chair manufacturers to meet the needs of every individual, and with limited patterns, design is limited too. Thankfully, the great DIYers of the world have devised a solution! If your office chairs are old or boring, today's article on how to reupholster your office chair is for you. Enjoy!

Gather Some Tools

Chair Tools

When reupholstering an office chair, the first step is fairly obvious - get a chair. If you don't have an old one of your own to use, never fear. There are plenty of affordable chairs from Flash Furniture and similar brands to give you a cozy ergonomic chair without breaking your bank. In fact, a quick perusal through a brand like the versatile RFM Seating (the offer office chairs in nearly endless fabric options) may render your project moot. However, for those of you set on something creative, know that gray and white upholstery office chairs are very popular now, so you may want to consider them! To get started, hopefully these tools are laying somewhere around the house:

- A Desk Chair

- Fabric
* (This is a tricky one. Most smaller, affordable chair will require around a 1/2 yard of fabric, but take the safe side and measure the backrest and seat. Add 4" so there will be enough fabric to wrap around each cushion.)

- Scissors

- Staple Gun

- Screwdriver
* (Look at the screws already on the chair to determine whether you'll need a philips or a flathead.)

- A Buddy
* (To help you stretch the fabric.)


- Hot Glue Gun or Super Glue

- Spray Paint

- Chair's Instruction Manual
* (This is why it pays to save instructions. If you know the brand, make, and model of your chair, instructions are fairly easy to look up from the manufacturers website. But if not, digging out the instructions the chair came with will help you assemble and disassemble the chair properly.)

Pay Attention

Instruction Manual

 Office chairs are delicate pieces of equipment. Improper assembly and disassembly could leave you with a very beautiful, but non-functioning seat, and you don't want that. Every chair is different, so be sure to consider your particular model from every angle. If you don't have the instructions around, try to determine what each piece and feature does with a buddy beside you to help you remember. If you must, videotape yourself tearing the chair down so you're sure how to put it back later. Thankfully, most discount fabric task chairs aren't as fancy as high end ergonomic models, so there's less risk of losing important characteristics when breaking it down.

Break It Down 

Broken Down Chair

Well, okay, don't break it…
Proper disassembly is one of the most crucial parts of this project - you don't want long term damage to this chair. Grab the screwdriver, and when you think you've figured out the best way to take it apart, turn the chair on it's side.

Typically, seats and armrests can merely be removed with the screwdriver. For more ergonomic chairs with fabric, a knob on the back (usually to adjust tilt or height) will take of the backrest when unscrewed.
Though every chair has a different construction, the goal here is to get the backrest and seat separate from the chair's frame (for reupholstering).

If there's a plastic frame on the cushions, try to pop it off there as gently as possible to expose the fabric staples.

Figure Out the Fabric

Hopefully we mentioned this project requires a trip to the fabric store, but if we didn't, we're saying it now. If you didn't take our advice to measure the chair cushions, do it before going so you have a rough idea of how much fabric you'll need. When that's done, it's time to measure again!

Step 1 - Roll out the fabric on the floor and lay a cushion over the top of it. Before cutting, make sure you have enough for the other parts of your chair. Next, cut around the cushion, with at least a 4-inch diameter so there will be enough fabric to wrap around the cushion's edges.

Step 2 - Grab your buddy and have them hold down the fabric, stretching as tight as possible so as to prevent wrinkles. We recommend stretching the fabric either vertically or horizontally first (one and then the other) across the cushion, then stapling the fabric on the sides that are across one another (the way an artist would stretch a canvas). This will help to prevent wrinkled or loose fabric across the cushion, and help the finished product look more professional.

Step 3 - When the horizontal and vertical edges are stapled a few times, work around the rest of the chair. Make sure to accommodate the chair's corners as best you can. If the corners are pointy, a stapling technique may be easier, but be careful not to tear the fabric when stretching it. If corners are rounded, try a hospital-corner folding style before you staple. The ultimate goal is no wrinkles in the cushion fabric after stapling.

Step 4 - Trim the excess fabric.

"Autobots Assemble!"

Now that your seats are newly reupholstered, perfect, and beautiful, it's time to reassemble the chair. It's  a good idea to start by snapping the plastic backings back onto the cushions to cover up the stapled crime scene, but once that's done, your cushions will look amazing. Try to retrace your steps by remembering what you did to take the chair apart. If you have trouble, try consulting the reputable office furniture dealer who might have sold you the chair, or you can contact the manufacturer's hotline for advice. Again, if you get lost, consult the old instruction manual or that video we recommended you take if you're not construction savvy.

Final Touches

Simply look over your new office chair to check for flaws. Touch up scuffs with a marker, trim unwanted fabric, remove exposed staples - the works. Lastly, it's important that you carefully sit down in your new chair for the first time. Be ready to jump up for joy... or out of the way if it starts to fall apart. Check adjustability and features to make sure they're still working properly. Break out the screwdriver and make final tweaks if need be.

Beautify Your Office!

Now, your newly made-over chairs are complete. All that's left is to add this amazing accomplishment to your home office, your work office, your front yard, or anywhere you want. Finally, sit back with your glass of lemonade and reel in the compliments! You certainly deserve them!

After Chair

*Special thanks to Grace Duval's tutorial on Instructables!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sale Alert: Office Furniture and Chair Specials For August

Well folks, it's that time of year again! The sun is shining, school is starting back up, and we here at are offering some excellent deals on office products for sale to help you navigate all the changes! Please feel free to review our selections below and save big on affordable office desks and chairs by typing in the coupon codes below at purchase. As an added bonus, we'll even throw in a few school accessories for anyone headed back to the classroom. Everything is offered with free shipping for your convenience. Enjoy!

1.) Cherryman Verde Modern Desk Set VL-747 - $2,847.00 + Free Shipping!

Verde Modern Desk Set

2.) 945 Mayline Eastwinds Mobile Computer Desk for Students - $90.99 + Free Shipping!

Mobile Computer Desk for Students

3.) 1201BE Alphabetter Student Desk by Safco - $299.99 + Free Shipping!

Student Desk by Safco

4.) Offices To Go Small Cherry Corner Desk SK-K-ACL - $546.99 + Free Shipping!

Small Cherry Corner Desk

5.) Global 8491 Priority Office Chair - $507.99 + Free Shipping!

Priority Office Chair

6.) Boss B326 Fabric Computer Chair with Arms - $109.99 + Free Shipping!

Fabric Computer Chair with Arms

7.) OFM 310-F Stack Chair with Fabric Seat and Back (4 Pack) - $368.99 + Free Shipping!

Stack Chair with Fabric Seat and Back

8.) 1851 Safco Mobile Storage Stand with Sorter - $489.99 + Free Shipping!

Mobile Storage Stand with Sorter

9.) ESI 2 Screen Monitor Arm MMFS2 - $367.99 + Free Shipping!

ESI 2 Screen Monitor Arm

10.) Poise-DT Energy Efficient Desk Lamp by Symmetry - $197.99 + Free Shipping!

Desk Lamp by Symmetry

August Furniture Deals and Coupon Codes:

Coupon Code: FP3875 (Save $10 On Any Purchase of $199.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP3600 (Save $25 On Any Purchase of $499.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP3900 (Save $50 On Any Purchase of $999.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP3333 (Save $75 On Any Purchase of $1499.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP4000 (Save $100 On Any Purchase of $1999.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP5500 (Save $150 On Any Purchase of $2999.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP1111 (Save $300 On Any Purchase of $5599.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: CHERRYMAN (10% Off All Cherryman Industries Furniture + FREE Shipping)

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Offices To Go Keeps It Simple with Superior Laminate Desking

With all the hot modern furniture collections on the market today, it's nice to see a reputable manufacturer provide home and business desking solutions for those looking to keep their office areas simple and satisfying. The Offices To Go Superior Laminate Desking Collection does just that. While this neutral line of office desks, reception stations, conference tables, and accent furnishings looks great in both modern and traditional work environments, it's simplicity, price point, and quality make it one of the best options one the market for any area. When the cutting edge modern look is just too much for your decor preferences, choose Superior Laminate Desking by Offices To Go, you'll be glad you did!

Office Desks

Superior Laminate Desking

The high quality office desks from the Superior Laminate collection offer simple designs with the versatile components needed to create fully functional work spaces on a budget. With a wide range of  U shaped, stand alone, L shaped, and corner desks available, this popular line from OTG has a little something for everyone. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this casegoods line however. The Superior Laminate collection is all about meeting your business needs without the need for overwhelming modern tones. The office desks from this versatile line are very well made, look great, and don't cost a fortune like most of it's competitors.

Reception Stations

Offices To Go Reception Desks

The reception stations featured in the Superior Laminate collection come standard in a choice of 4 finish options. Traditional tones like cherry and mahogany are available to meet your decor needs while trending finish options like espresso are also offered to keep up with the latest trends. Both L shaped and rectangular reception desk solutions are available including basic stand alone shells starting at only $369.99. These basic units allow users to incorporate storage options of their choosing to create custom stations designed to meet their specific business requirements.

Conference Tables

Offices To Go Conference Tables

Looking to outfit your conference room on a budget? The Superior Laminate collection should be the first line on your mind. The extensive selection of round and oval shaped conference room tables available from this line are sure to meet your areas needs. The 36" round table for smaller meeting areas starts at $188.99 while the largest 10' racetrack model is only $502.99. We are hoping in the near future Offices To Go introduces basic power module options for these tables as that would be a huge bonus for users looking to create multi media spaces. None the less, these excellent boardroom and meeting tables are easy to spec and leave plenty of budget left for your seating needs.

Accent Furniture

Offices To Go Furniture

No space is complete without the right combination of storage components needed to keep you well organized. That being said, the Superior Laminate Desking collection offers a wide range of pedestals, overhead hutch units, and wall cabinets that are up for the task. Whether you're furnishing an executive office, conference room, or reception area, the versatile array of storage solutions available from this popular office furniture line are sure to meet your needs and budget.

Final Thoughts

The Offices To Go Superior Laminate Collection offers a happy compromise for shoppers looking to create stunning spaces without the flair incorporated by most of today's furniture lines. The quality craftsmanship, price point, and extensive offering of products makes this line an excellent option for any home or business makeover project.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Boardroom Basics: How to Better Accommodate Your Guests

Bringing guests into the conference room is always a crucial moment in business. As a business leader, you want the room to exhibit professional modern style, but it also needs to be comfortable, inviting, and impressive. Without these things, the experience can fall flat for corporate visitors and diminish the light of a great company. That's why, today, we're offering some helpful boardroom basics for tips on how to better accommodate guests!

A Beverage Cart For Refreshments

Everyone enjoys a little pick-me-up, and so do corporate visitors. For anyone that's ever suffered a long board meeting on an empty stomach, sometimes the simplest granola bar can seem like the holy grail. That's why our first tip is to make sure your corporate guests are always refreshed. Keeping one or two beverage carts for refreshments in the boardroom shows visitors that you care about their experience. For business leaders used to taking care of themselves, offering refreshments helps to burn a memory of hospitality on the part of the host. With cookies, crackers, and little cups of coffee, the task is inexpensive, unexpected, and always welcomed!

Provide Comfortable Seating

When uncomfortable chairs are combined with grumbling bellies at a long board meeting, you can bet the memory will be unsavory no matter how great the corporate outcome. Making certain your space provides comfortable boardroom chairs for guests is one of the most important office basics. Fabric, mesh, and leather are the three most common types of seating for conference rooms, and each has it's own merits. Consider the climate of your area, and try to choose the upholstery that will keep guests happy. Affordable guest chairs with ergonomic features will help accommodate the comfort needs of each individual, letting them adjust each chair to meet their own specific needs!

Create A Welcoming Space

When trying to create a welcoming conference room, refreshments and comfortable seating do all the heavy lifting. However, it is important to leave a lasting impression. Overall look is a big deal for corporate guests because they're always sizing you up subconsciously. When decorating, try to keep the right balance. The space should be stylish and useful, but also reflect the theme of theme of your company. Try to have a good idea of the number of people your room will accommodate, then pick from some discount modern boardroom tables that meet your needs. A good rule to judge the right table sizes is to remember: two feet of table length per person. In addition, be sure the space is inviting. Tasteful colors, matching tones, varied textures, modular power capability, and a logo someplace in the room will help get the most out of the space.

Add Fun Presentations

While a good looking boardroom certainly adds a lot to your cause, looks are not the only thing that matters. As we've established, comfort goes a long way toward impressing the colleagues, but so does utility. First and foremost, a good boardroom must be engaging, and that means providing fun presentations. Adding the right technology, such as high tech conference tables with power modules, and overhead projectors will help to make the space more useful and keep guests interested. Adding conference tables with modular design and reconfigurability will help maximize utility so the space can be used for group projects when guests aren't visiting. Bright colors, graphics, and stylish accent furniture will help guests stay engaged and excited about your company.  

Use Visual Learning

In an age where technology is becoming more and more integrated into our lives each day, it's important that every corporate conference room offer power ability. Presentation screens, projectors, and powered conference tables for tech purposes have become a necessity in the workplace. Remember, the most common type of learning style revolves around the eyes. Having an office equipped with presentation and visual aids will help everyone understand more easily. In the end, your boardroom will not just be stylish, comfortable, and welcoming, but it will also be incredibly useful!