Friday, March 23, 2018

Featured Product: Woodstock Hendrix Chair

Woodstock Marketing Office Chairs - Hendrix Review
If you're going to name an office chair after Jimi, it's gotta be cool. That being said, the team at Woodstock Marketing has a winner on their hands with the Hendrix chair. This best selling seating solution is comfortable, versatile, and cost effective. Today in our 'Featured Product' series we'll take a look at the benefits of the Hendrix and why should consider it for your professional interiors.

Hendrix Brown Leather Office ChairHendrix High Back ChairThe Hendrix is available in both high and mid back variations. As the high back Hendrix office chair from Woodstock Marketing is only $30.00 more, we're going to focus on it. Quite simply, it's worth the extra money. This chair is visually appealing from top to bottom and sure to help you stay comfortable throughout task filled work days.

Even at first glance the Hendrix will catch your eye. It blends contemporary flair with mid century appeal. These popular chairs are a bit retro without being too old school. The segmented cushions and polished chrome features work together to create one of the coolest chairs on the market.

Hendrix White Leather Office ChairHendrix Chairs In A Conference RoomIf you're looking for a chair to keep your conference room or executive office interior up to date with the latest trends, this is it. The Hendrix is available in black, brown, white, and gray color options to compliment your space. The sleek Euro characteristics of this chair are right on par with what today's top designers are encouraging.

Hendrix Gray Office Chair - Back ViewWe feel the Hendrix is best suited for professional conference room applications. It's fixed arms are not what you'd be looking for in an everyday task chair. These designer chairs are intended for shorter sits, saving space, and looking great.

One feature that will keep you comfortable is the memory foam seat. It's a nice touch that you won't find on many office chairs at this price point. The Hendrix high back office chair is also outfitted with a multi functional mechanism that boasts tilt lock and tension controls. The chair itself is rated to accommodate users up to 250 pounds.

In our opinion, the Hendrix is the best conference room office chair under $350.00 and should be considered for your space. It's trendy, supportive, and well made. The vinyl backing ensures durability while the genuine leather surfaces make for a luxurious feel you won't soon forget. Invest in the Hendrix and enjoy the daily compliments from your office guests. Trust us, you won't be disappointed in this chair named after the world's most legendary guitarist. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

5 Entry Level Ergonomic Chairs To Consider For Your First Workspace

Your first office chair doesn't need to be fancy. You don't need to spend a thousand dollars on a top of the line ergonomic chair that comes with a hefty learning curve and features you're unfamiliar. In truth, a good entry level chair from a reliable brand will do the trick. Today on the blog we'll showcase 5 entry level seating solutions that are user friendly, super comfortable, and ready to keep you working with good posture for the next 3 to 5 years until your ready for that upscale tasker.

Entry Level Mesh Back ChairA reliable office chair like the 12112B from Offices To Go will help you lay the foundation for a comfortable work day. This new mesh back chair is practical while remaining stylish and won't overpower your furniture. In our opinion, the 12112B is the best office chair under $200.00 in 2018. At just $159.99 it comes standard with features like a set of adjustable arms that you'll quickly learn to love.

RFM Essentials ChairThe team at RFM Preferred Seating crafts ergonomic task chairs for every need and budget. An RFM entry level office chair like the 160Q from the Essentials Collection will help you sit with good posture and without the headaches associated with overly complicated seating. This mesh office chair for everyday computing is available for $268.80 and a great option for first time chair buyers.

Modern Office Chair Under $100.00Shoppers on the hunt for their first home office task chair should look no further than the Essentials collection from OFM. This line of cost effective chairs offers exceptional value. Popular options like the ESS-2055 boast easy to clean plastic backs that are also very durable. Adjustable arms make finding the correct typing angles a breeze. This modern office chair under $100.00 performs like one that's 4 times the price.

Global Graphic ChairThe 2738MB Graphic chair from Global is a favorite for commercial applications. This work floor tasking chair is practical, well rounded, and ergonomically correct. Global chairs are of the highest quality. They're made extremely well and come backed with factory warranties. If you want an excellent chair that you can grow into, the 2738MB is a superb option.

Big And Tall Office Chair Under $300.00Last but not least, we've got a great entry level office chair for big and tall operators. If you've shopped for a good big and tall chair, you've likely found the selection to be pretty limited and the prices to be pretty high. Thankfully, brands like Eurotech Seating have your back. Their BT350 big and tall mesh back chair is a true value buy at $282.00. This heavy duty office chair supports users up to 350 pounds and boasts a thick padded seat that will keep you comfortable for years. The ventilated back is a nice touch that will help bigger individuals avoid overheating.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Coming Soon: Bush Move 80 Series

Bush Move 80 Series Review
Are you ready to create an active workspace that encourages continuous movement and improves posture? The Bush Move 80 Series has your back! Over the next few days we'll be adding all of the height adjustable tables from this innovative line. Today on the blog we'll give you a sneak peek at the features and benefits the Move 80 series has to offer.

Sit To Stand TableThe height adjustable tables from the Move 80 series boast motorized bases that pair with attractive work surfaces. The table surfaces are constructed of thermally fused laminates with 9 color options available.

These ergonomically correct office tables adjust from 23 to 49 inches and operate at a speed of 1.5 inches per second. Those looking to quickly and efficiently transition between sit-down and stand-up positions to stay active will absolutely love the Move 80 line. These tables are easy to use, quick to adapt, and ready to help you work healthy.

Move 80 Table ControlsAll of the sit to stand tables from the Move 80 series offer 4 programmable presets with a quiet, soft-touch start and stop. The UL listed electric motors connect to standard wall outlets with a 10' long power cord.

Sit To Stand Office FurnitureRest assured, not all ergonomic office furniture is created equal. The tables from the Move 80 series are built to last with 16 gauge steel base legs that provide unrivaled strength with a 200 pound weight capacity.

Ergonomic Executive FurnitureWe found ourselves asking "What can't you do with these tables"? They're absolutely great in training, private office, and group work areas. Move 80 height adjustable tables from Bush can even be used with executive components from popular lines like the 400 series to create ergonomically correct layouts that maximize appeal, functionality, productivity.

It's also worth mentioning that these tables don't cost a fortune. It just goes to show that you don't have to break the bank to work smart. Move 80 tables are backed by a 5 year warranty and ready for the demands of the modern workplace. As the sit to stand movement is in full swing, these designer tables that can be used individually or as apart of larger executive office configurations is the best in the business.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Office Chair Review: Apollo II by Eurotech

Eurotech Chair Review
The team at Eurotech specializes in the provision of high quality office chairs that encourage good posture habits and healthy sitting. Their original Apollo seating collection took the industry by storm more than 7 years ago and remains an industry favorite for daily tasking and computing. This year Eurotech is building off the success with the Apollo II. This all new chair line is intended for top notch comfort throughout long term sits while looking great in the process. Today on the blog we'll look at the Apollo II and its exceptional features.

1.) Style

Eurotech Apollo II High Back Chair

The Apollo II chair isn't going to wow you with overly modern design characteristics. These practical office chairs are all about business. They'll help you make a professional statement without being too over the top and overpowering your accenting furniture. Apollo II chairs feature subtle contours that are more about user performance that chair appeal. Overall, the Apollo II probably isn't going to be your top choice if you're looking for a chair with flair. It is however a well rounded seating solution that looks good while outperforming those overly modern options you'll see flooding the market these days.

2.) Ergonomics

Eurotech Apollo II - Side View

Apollo II chairs come packed with ergonomic features that will help you make it through the toughest work days. The tilt tension control, center tilt, and tilt lock controls on the chair mechanism are easy to use and access underneath the thick padded seat. Our favorite feature is the adjustable lumbar pad. It provides controllable support that you'll surely appreciate. The list goes on and on!

Apollo II Chair Features:

Tilt Tension Control
Center Tilt
Tilt Lock
Back Angle Adjustment
Seat Height Adjustment
Seat Angle Adjustment
Forward Seat Tilt
Adjustable Lumbar Pad
2.8" Ratchet Back Height Adjustment
Height and Width Adjustable Arms

3.) Applications
Eurotech Apollo II Office Chair - Back View

The Apollo II chair is an excellent option for both home and professional workplace applications. This user friendly ergonomic chair can be mastered in under 30 mixtures and doesn't come with a hefty learning curve that will leave its user frustrated. These Eurotech office chairs are available in 2 back heights that can be effective for users of any size.

The Apollo II chair isn't rated for big and tall applications, but is a nice option for intensive work environments where extended sits are common. The adjustment capabilities of this chair make it very well rounded and extremely versatile. The only other place you probably won't see it is in the conference room as it has a larger frame.

4.) Price

Apollo II Mid Back Office Chair

The MFST5455 model Apollo II mid back office chair is available for just $265.00. The high back Apollo II chair is only ten bucks more. We recommend going with the high back if you're over 5' 5" tall as the price difference is minimal and it provides more upper back support.

5.) Rating

Apollo II Chair Rating

After a thorough review and rigorous sit test we feel the Apollo II chair has earned itself a 3.5 out of 5 star rating. This entry level mesh back chair performs well and provides exceptional value. We'd like to see the Apollo II line available in a few more color options. A polished base and optional headrest would also be nice additions. Overall this chair is a workhorse. The Apollo II will keep you sitting ergonomically correct throughout task filled days. The Apollo II is ready, willing, and able to have your back just like its predecessor. It's definitely one of the best chair at this price point and worth considering for any worker looking to get comfortable on a budget.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Featured Collection: Bush 300 Series

Bush 300 Series Furniture Review
Over the next few weeks we'll be adding all of the popular office furniture collections from Bush. This reputable brand takes pride in crafting fashionable desks that are made in the United States and don't cost a fortune. Today on the blog we'll check out their value priced 300 series. This full service line of workstations and storage components is an absolute winner.

Bush 300 Series U Shaped DeskIt's worth kicking this post off by telling you that the 300 series isn't going to wow you with overly modern design characteristics. In truth, it's not intended too. This line of office furniture is mean't for practical, timeless, and well rounded makeover projects.

Bush 300 Series Reception DeskThe 300 series offers fashionable straight front desks that are perfect for home and professional executive office interiors. In addition to stand alone desks, the 300 series boasts a wide range of U shaped desk configurations as well as L-Shaped desks to meet your specific operational needs and space requirements.

Bush 300 Series File CabinetAre you looking to make a great first impression on your valued guests? Check out the reception desks from this popular furniture line. They're spacious, well made, and provide an exceptional combination of appeal and value. A Bush reception desk like the 300S073 come equipped with integrated storage pedestals and ample surface space.

No professional office makeover project can be effectively completed without high quality storage components. With the file cabinets, wall storage credenzas, and desk pedestals from this expansive line you'll be able to keep your important documents and stationary sell organized without breaking a sweat.

Bush 300 Series Pedestal DeskAll of the components from the Bush 300 series are available in a choice of Natural Maple, Harvest Cherry, and Mocha Cherry finish options. If you're looking to create a open feel, Natural Maple is the way to go. Those in search of high end executive office vibes will love the Mocha Cherry. This popular 300 series finish shows minimal wear and looks very luxurious.

Finding a high quality executive desk on a budget is easier said than done. These days you really have to be careful when purchasing your furniture because there's so many cheap options out there that simply aren't built to last. These worries can be put to rest with the Bush 300 series as the components are crafted here in the United States.

In terms of value, the 300 series shines. Many of today's "top rated" office furniture collections will cost you a small fortune. With stand alone pedestal desks starting at just $524.99, this reliable collection is hard to beat.

Bush 300 Series RatingWe give this furniture line from Bush a 4 out of 5 star rating. It's the perfect furniture collection for any shopper looking to skip today's overly modern furniture trends. The 300 series is timeless and sure to keep your work environments looking great for years to come. As an added bonus, all of the desks and components from this collection are available with installation from Bush. What more could you ask for?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fab Finds: Designer Welcome Desks With Wow Factor

A little wow factor goes a long way when it comes to remodeling guest welcoming areas. Having a fashionable check-in station will help you make a lasting impression on your important visitors. Today in our new blog series 'Fab Finds' we'll be showcasing the hottest reception stations on the market. These desks from brands like Cherryman, Global, and OFM are ready to serve as the focal point of your interior.

Cherryman Amber Reception DeskJust last month Cherryman introduced a new Valley Gray finish that's available on the components from their Amber collection. This already popular line is now soaring to new heights thanks to Valley Gray welcome desks for both single and multi user applications. Amber desks are up to date with the latest trends and offer unrivaled value.

Cherryman Verde Reception StationModern office furniture lovers will also want to check out Cherryman's Verde reception desk line. They're bold, fashionable, and impressive. With curved side walls and white trim, Verde stations will help to refine your welcoming area without being overly impractical. Matching lounge chairs and side tables are also available from this trendy line.

Zira Reception ComponentsIf an out-of-the-box welcome desk just won't cut it, go custom with Global Zira components available in more than 20 finish options. With Zira, the options are limitless. This line really makes it easy to think outside the box. A Zira reception desk configuration will help you maximize your square footage, corporate appeal, and organizing potential.

Cool Reception DeskThe Global Adaptabilities collection also offers modular components that will help you create fashionable guest welcoming areas that are up to date with the latest trends. Adaptabilities welcome stations can be enhanced with glass accents and integrated filing solutions that are ahead of their time.

OFM Reception DeskWe can't say enough good things about the welcome desks from the OFM Marque series. This industry favorite line has been around for more than 5 years and it's still incredibly popular. Marque receptions stations are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the needs of any space. With cool finish options like white available, making a fab statement is a breeze.

Mayline Sterling Reception DeskLast but not least is the STG34 guest reception desk from this Mayline Sterling collection. While this popular line offers a variety of stations to choose from, the STG34 is our favorite because it's 72" wide and comes with a modular storage cabinet that can be used on either side of the desk or along a perimeter wall at the users preference. This Mayline Sterling reception desk package is available in 3 finishes and costs $1511.99. By industry standards this is a great buy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Featured Product: Volante Desktop Attachment

Systematix Volante Review
The team at Systematix never fails to impress. In a world filled with ergonomic office desk attachments, their Volante stands in a league of its own. Trust us, we've tried dozens of these things. The Volante is a cut above the competition. This riser is extremely well made, versatile, and cost effective. Today on the blog we're taking an in-depth look at the Volante and the reasons why you should choose it for your ergonomic computing needs.

Office Desk AttachmentFirst let's cover the basics. The Volante by Systematix is designed to attach to any operating surface to create an ergonomically correct workstation. With the Volante attached you can enjoy smooth sit to stand transitioning to stay active in the workplace. Why is this important? Because sitting for long periods of time causes even the best posture habits to suffer.

The Volante will help you stay active when computing. When you work standing up, blood flow is improved and your muscles are working. This sit to stand attachment will help you limit energy dips and fatigue while simultaneously improving your posture.

Best Sit To Stand Desktop RiserVolante ergonomic office desk attachments ship fully assembled for just $299.99. By industry standards, this is an exceptional deal. Many of the professional risers available on the market today are twice the price and don't perform half as well.

The compact footprint of the Volante allows it to be used on office desks and tables 24" deep and larger. The gas assisted height adjustment provides smooth, quiet and infinite height adjustments to accommodate your specific operating needs.

The Benefits of Stand Up ComputingVolante risers can be extended up to 20" above the desk. The large primary operating surface accommodates two 24" monitors or a laptop. You can even attach a dual monitor arm if you choose in order to improve your adjustment capabilities.

Volante - Side ViewYou'll also notice an awesome keyboard platform. It tilts to allow the user to infinitely adjust the angle at which they type. This will help you fight back against office ailments like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The surface adjusts with the primary surface for improved ergonomics.

The surface grommet found on the top of the Volante is a nice touch that makes it easy to route wires. Additionally, this helpful ergonomic office accessory is ready, willing, and a blend to support up to 35 pounds!

White Ergonomic Office Desk Attachment
Looking to create a cool modern office space that's up to date with today's hottest trends? The Volante has you covered. This unit is available in a choice of white or black, but who are we kidding? White is the way to go!

The Volante weighs approximately 40 pounds and is light enough for simple installation and moving from desk to desk as needed. If you invest in this best selling ergonomic product you'll be rewarded with improved versatility and a healthier work day. The Volante is extremely well made and equally user friendly. It's our favorite desktop riser at any price point.