Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What's Keeping You From Comfort?

We all want to be comfortable and productive in the workplace. Unfortunately, office ailments like physical strain and fatigue can hold us back. If you're like us, your constantly looking for ways to solve these problems and operate at peak performance levels. Today on the blog we'll cover tips, tricks, and product suggestions specifically designed to help battle comfort related issues.

ergonomic sit to stand desk attachment
First things first, you've got to avoid extended sits at your desk. If you're not taking a 5 to 10 minute break once every hour, you need to be. You simply can't work at your desk for hours on end expecting productivity levels and comfort to remain high. Stand up, stretch out, walk around, and hydrate. You'll return to your work refreshed and ready to tackle tasks in comfort.

Pro Tip: If you don't have the time to take a short break once every hour, ergonomic products are available to help. A sit to stand desktop attachment will help you stay active and reduce fatigue by eliminating the need for extended sits. Popular options like the Volante from Systematix and S2S from ESI Ergonomic Solutions are a must consider.

high performance ergonomic chairWhen you are sitting, it's important to adjust your chair properly. You can't just sit down and expect your chair to do all the work. If you've invested money in a high performance ergonomic chair, get to know it. Read the owner's manual, and if available, watch demo videos online.

office chair back angle adjustmentPro Tip: Back angle is key! Set your chair back to a position that allows you to maintain contact at all times when sitting. If your chair has a tilter feature, you can adjust the rate of recline and resistance with the tension knob typically located at the front of your seat. Do your best to avoid hunching over your keyboard tray to type. Each time you lean away from your chair you're missing out on essential support.

There's also a lot to be said for proper foot placement. If you're currently using the base of your office chair as a foot rest, blood flow is restricted. This can lead to fatigue and lower body strain. It's important to keep your feet placed flat on the ground and facing forward. To help with this, raise your chair to the proper height. If your chair is too low or high, you'll likely be perching on the base. At the correct height your feet will be able to rest flat and comfortable on the floor with your thighs laying flat across the chair seat.

Pro Tip: Create a chart or list of posture tips and post them within eyesight of your computer monitors. This will keep them fresh in your mind. Recent studies have shown that this simple and free practice yields positive results.

Are you eating a healthy breakfast and lunch? It can lead to a more comfortable work day. Save that big stack of flap jacks and bacon for the weekend. During the work week, eat vitamin rich fruits and veggies to provide you with energy. A healthy diet will help you fight back against those mid day lulls that cause posture habits to suffer and productivity levels to drop.

type at healthy angles
It's also very important to type at healthy angles. If your keyboard tray is currently sitting atop your office desk, it's time to invest in an articulating mount. Attaching an ergonomic keyboard mount underneath your desk surface will instantly provide you with more operating space. More importantly, it will make it easy for your to type at healthy angles that reduce the risk of office epidemics like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

dual monitor arm setupLast but not least, you need to create an effective monitor setup. These days most workers have made the switch to a dual screen system to cut down on the time spent flipping back and forth between tabs. With a dual monitor setup you can improve productivity levels and compute more comfortable. Monitor arm attachments create usable work surface space and provide users with the ability to raise screens up to eye level where they belong.

Pro Tip: If your computer screens are set too low on your desk, you'll be looking down when typing. This causes a lot of neck strain. Raise your screens up to eye level and lean back on your office chair when computing. This will help fight visual strain and fatigue that causes personal comfort to decline.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Office Chair Review: 11657B by Offices To Go

Offices To Go Seating Review
The 11657B chair from Offices To Go has been one of the most popular conference room seating solutions on the market for years. This best selling chair offers an exceptional combination of style, comfort, and value. This week we finally had the opportunity to review the 11657B chair and our team came away very impressed.


Offices To Go 11657B Chair ReviewThe 11657B chair is ready, willing, and able to make a statement. While practical in nature, the overall design of the chair offers just enough modern flair to compliment furniture without overpowering it. The contoured back is complimented by a set of polished chrome arms and a matching base the pull the overall vibe of the chair together.


In terms of comfort, the 11657B conference room office chair is everything we've come to expect from Offices To Go. This chair comes standard with a generously proportioned seat and tapered upper back that works to avoid restricting upper body movement. Subtle details make for an exceptional operating experience. The single position tilt lock and tilt tension adjustments are easy to use while the natural lumbar area of the chair provides reliable support throughout extended sits.
11657B conference chair

At the everyday low price of $179.99, the 11657B is an absolute bargain. Once seating in this popular office chair you'll appreciate it even more. When compared to similar models on the market, the 11657B excels and provides exceptional value. Sure you can find chairs at this price point, but in most cases the quality isn't close to what the 11657B has to offer. This chair is built for the demands of the modern workplace and won't let you down.


best selling conference chairThe 11657B is intended for conference room use, but it can definitely do more. While you probably wouldn't want to select this chair for 24 hour applications, it's a great option for home office interiors in need of a facelift. The 11657B would also make a nice choice for executive interiors. While priced like a "starter chair" the 11657B can be used effectively in professional settings and excelled at pretty much any task we threw at it. The only limitation in terms of applications was due to a lack of adjustment arms that make it easier to find healthy computing positions.


OTG model 11657B chair ratingThe 11657B has earned itself a 4 out of 5 star rating from our team. Many of the new Offices To Go chairs are available in cool upholstery options, and we think this one should be too. Our main takeaway was that this chair is a great buy that won't break your conference room remodeling budget. The thick mesh back and well padded seat work together to create a supportive chair that's great for meetings.

Monday, August 13, 2018

First Look: Global Terina Tables

Global Terina Tables ReviewThe all new Global Terina collection is ready, willing, and able to take commercial interiors by storm. This line of multi purpose flip top tables offers exceptional quality, functionality and appeal. Today on the blog we'll give you a first look at Terina and the features that have it leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Global Terina Training Room TablesTerina is a line of flip top tables on wheels for training and conference room areas. Designed for productive collaborating, Terina has all the bells and whistles you'd expect in a cutting edge table line. Even at first glance you'll be drawn to the elegant aluminum bases with a T shaped design.

Terina Training TableThe multi purpose training room tables from the Terina collection will be available in more than 10 laminate finish options. Wood veneer finishes are also available at an up-charge. In our opinion, laminate Terina tables in finish options like Absolute Acajou and Asian Night are the way to go because they're on trend and maximize the budget. Quite simply, wood veneer tables are far heavier and a bit more difficult to move around. They also cost more.

Global Terina Table - Side View
Looking to take your collaborative office interiors to the next level? Surface level cutouts and power modules are a nice touch that make it easy to streamline presentations and group activities. Adding a cutout to your table will cost about $50.00 with basic power modules running about $200.00 more. Not all of the tables in a training room need to be powered, but having a few with surface inputs will definitely come in handy.

Terina nesting tablesIn terms of style, Terina is hard to beat. These tables are bold and modern while remaining practical and professional. Rest assured, there's no better looking line of professional training room furniture on the market today. Terina will quickly become a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals alike as it's incredibly well rounded and versatile.

Terina training room tables nestedCreating a cutting edge training room comes at a price. Terina tables are definitely expensive, but we think they're well worth the investment. The 24" x 48" laminate Terina table will run you bout $575.00 each. If you opt to go with a veneer surface instead of laminate, the same table will cost approximately $345.00 more.

Terina will be a staple in Global's office furniture lineup for years to come. While expensive, Terina is one of the most complete and well rounded table collections on the market. With optional power upgrades, multiple sizes, and a cutting edge design characteristics, Terina represents where the industry is headed and a look at the future of collaborative interiors.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Task In Comfort with Global Graphic Seating

Global Graphic Seating ReviewGlobal chairs never fail to impress. This reputable seating manufacturer takes pride in offering the ultimate lineup of work floor task chairs designed to encourage healthy sitting habits and good posture. Today on the blog we'll look at one of their most popular lines, Graphic. These chairs will help you adapt on the fly and look good doing it!

Global Graphic Task ChairThe Graphic seating collection is incredibly well rounded. This line offers 7 models to choose from with various mechanisms designed for a variety of applications. While practical, Graphic chairs will make a professional statement in the workplace without overpowering your furniture.

Graphic chairs like the 2738 model showcase what today's seating is all about. This poly back task chair is durable, easy to clean, and ready to perform. At just $269.99 it's a great buy.

Global Graphic ChairsThe 2738MB is the most popular Graphic chair on the market. With a breathable mesh back and unique posture mechanism, this chair allows the user to pivot smoothly and adjust on the fly.

The Global seating for sale from the Graphic collection is very easy to use and perfect for the work floor. You'll see Graphic chairs in private office interiors, but they're most commonly found amongst open concept benching configurations and cubicle layouts.

Overly bulky chairs with thick pillow top cushions may be the preferred choice for executive interiors, but when space is at premium (like in a cubicle) a chair like the Graphic is your best bet. The profile of this chair is appealing and won't make your work environment feel overcrowded.

Best Cubicle ChairsThe tilt tension control on these best selling task chairs can be adjusted to balance the user's body weight. The chair's back can be locked in either an upright or reclined position to meet the users preference.

A Graphic chair with adjustable arms like the 2739 model will make it easy to compute at healthy angles. The G4 arms that come standard on this chair are both height and width adjustable. They are topped with Self-Skinned urethane arm caps that also slide forwards and backwards.

All Graphic chairs boast backs that are designed to pivot from a point directly below the users hips resulting in a natural, ergonomic motion. If you decide to purchase a Graphic task chair for your workspace you'll have a choice of fabric, leather, and shell back variations.

Open Concept Interior with Global Graphic Chairs and Princeton Furniture
In terms of price, Graphic offers exceptional value. The 2738 model Graphic chair is the most affordable at $269.99 while the 2739 and 2738MB models are the most expensive at $329.99. Going with a leather upholstery will raise the price, but several easy to clean vinyl options are available at the prices mentioned above.

The Graphic collection is ready for the demands of the modern workplace. These designer task chairs are well proportioned, comfortable, easy to use, and affordably priced. Dollar for dollar they're amongst the best options on the market today for comfortable cubicle computing.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

5 Budget Friendly Conference Tables Designed For Improved Collaborating

These days collaborative conference rooms are all the rage. They make it easy to strategize and host important gatherings. If you're looking to design a collaborative conference room of your own, it all starts with the table. Today on the blog we'll highlight 5 budget friendly options to consider for your space.

small conference table with powerFirst up is the ACTB8 model Aberdeen conference table from Mayline. This small but powerful table is available for $669.99 and can be equipped with a centrally located power module for an additional $235.00. That gets you out the door for under $1000.00. With flat ends and contoured sides, this boat shaped table makes everyone feel like they're apart of the conversation.

10 ft conference table with powerMayline's MNC10 Medina table has been one of 2018's best sellers. This 10' long conference table can be equipped with 2 independent modules and seats up to 8 guests comfortably. The Medina collection offers a wide range of matching components including presentation boards and wall cabinets that are perfect for the conference room.

conference table with usb and HDMIIf you're looking for a conference table with USB and HDMI options, there's no better collection than Zira. This full service line offers a variety of popular shapes and lengths to choose from. The Z48120REE model 10' Zira table is one of the best sellers and starts at $1877.99. While this sounds pricey, it's worth noting that comparable tables are out there for over twice the price. Zira tables are also easy to spec and customize to meet your specific needs.

connectable tablesThe tables from the Global Bungee series are not powered, but they are incredibly versatile. With Bungee you can think outside the box and get creative with your table configurations. Bungee tables can be connected quickly to accommodate groups of any size. Tables are available individually and as apart of sets that combine conference and training capabilities.

conference table with expandable topCherryman Amber tables make it easy to lay the foundation for a collaborative conference room. Popular options like the AM-408N boast expandable surfaces that can grow as your business needs increase. This designer table is available for just $518.00 in 6 finish options. The Amber office furniture collection also offers a wide range of matching executive desks, reception stations, and storage components you'll love.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Back To School: Student Desks Under $200.00

The new school year is right around the corner. If you're on the hunt for a cool study desk, this post is for you! Today on the blog we'll be kicking off our 'Back To School' series with student desks available for under $200.00. These workstations are ready for everyday use and offer exceptional value.

height adjustable study deskFirst up is a mobile study desk from OFM. This height adjustable station is available for $195.99 and offered in a choice of white and cherry. The 19.75"W x 28"D operating surface is perfect for laptops and tablet use. The 66100 Mesa podium desk also boasts a powder coated steel base that can be raised to standing height to encourage continuous muscle movement while tackling projects.

great desk for studentsUp next is the OFM Essentials collection ESS-1003. This 43.5"W workstation is available in 2 finish combinations for just $95.99. The ESS-1003 offers study friendly features that include a rear shelf for accessories and wire management surface cutouts. The metal desk legs and scratch restraint laminate top work together to create a great desk for students of all ages.

small white computer deskIf you're shopping on a tight back to school budget, the Clifton desk from Flash Furniture is a must consider. At just $79.99 it's a great buy that won't let you down. This fashionable workstation offers a contemporary vibe that students will love. A metal frame, white operating surfaces, and 2 shelves make for a very well rounded product.

adjustable arts and crafts table for studentsYou'll also love the NAN-JN-2739-GG desk from Flash Furniture. This workstation is great for arts and crafts as well as study sessions. The adjustable top and storage compartments come in very handy when tackling class projects. The $121.99 price point is hard to beat! This desk is also mobilized and lightweight so it can be moved from space to space as needed.

Modway Expound DeskMoving right along, allow us to introduce the EEI-1325 Expound desk from Modway. It's practical, cost effective, and cool! At just $98.75, this 47" wide desk is great for bedrooms and home office interiors. The Expound desk is available in red, blue, yellow, and black.

Mayline Eastwinds computer deskLast but not least is a long time favorite. The 945 model Eastwinds desk from Mayline is built to last and perform daily. This small home computer desk is a great option for the whole family as it comes packed with awesome features like a retractable keyboard shelf and mobile base. The 945 desk is available this season for just $150.99 and even includes free nationwide shipping.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Choose Bush For High Quality Ergonomic Furniture

When it comes to ergonomic furniture, Bush knows their stuff. This industry leader specializes in the provision of height adjustable workstations and furniture configurations that are perfect for commercial applications. The sit to stand desks from Bush furniture collections are ready for the demands of the modern office and adjust at the push of a button to help users transition smoothly between positions to stay active while working.

ergonomic sit to stand deskThe Studio C collection is the most popular line of office furniture from Bush. This best selling collection offers an abundance of modern appeal and the electric sit to stand desk configurations needed to create elite executive interiors. Layouts like the STC017 are practical, effective, and unique  in a world filled with overly similar desktop attachments that distract from the appeal of high class furniture.

Bush 400 Series Ergonomic Furniture Set 400S189The Bush 400 series offers industrially infused office furniture and attractive sit to stand components. A 400 series desk configuration from Bush like the 400S189 will help you maximize your available square footage while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of sit to stand computing.

Series C ergonomic u shaped deskThe Series C collection from Bush offers ergonomic U shaped desk layouts like the SRC112. This fashionable desk is perfect for upscale executive interiors and offers ample operating space. The SRC112 even boasts an overhead storage hutch to provide users with additional organizing compartments.

Bush Move 80 deskLimited on space? No problem at all. The height adjustable tables from the Bush Move 60 and Move 80 collections are the perfect option. These electric workstations help avoid the need for extended sits and promote good blood flow to reduce fatigue. A Move 80 height adjustable desk like the HAT4830 model is perfect for tight spaces. This 48" x 30" unit is available in 8 finish options.

Bush Series C Elite Ergonomic DeskLast but certainly not least are the cost effective ergonomic office furniture sets from the Bush Series C Elite collection. While not electronic, A Series C Elite standing desk will still offer you a ton of operational versatility. These commercial quality stations are functional, practical, and easy to use. While computing, users can enjoy the traditional height desk surface. When you're ready to stand and tackle paperwork, simply turn around and use the standing height section behind the main desk. The Series C Elite SRE148 layout is our personal favorite from the collection and it's available in 2 finishes for $1085.99.