Thursday, June 28, 2012

What to Look for in a Corporate Reception Desk

Office Reception DeskOften the first impression a current or prospective client has comes from an unexpected place: your receptionist’s desk. Aside from ensuring your office reception desk is clean and orderly, it’s up to the business owner to select sturdy and professional reception desk furniture. This article details some of the most important things to consider when buying a corporate reception desk for your business.


Reception DeskOne of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a reception desk is the look. Many would attest to the belief that the office environment demonstrates the level of service one can expect. That’s why you should find a welcome desk that commands respect, professionalism and authority while still appearing pleasant and approachable. An easy way to seem welcoming while authoritative is to buy a reception desk that leaves a large amount of room between the receptionist and the client. Another tactic is to select a two-tier reception desk. These desks simply have some form of horizontal constructional division through the front.

It is also important to convey your company’s branding. For example, a startup tech company in Seattle, a financial investment institution in Dallas and a non-profit community clinic in St. Louis will all want to convey something completely different. That’s why it’s important to select a reception desk that is aligned with your company’s personality.

Desk quality is something that people will also notice when entering your establishment. Not only will buying a cheap reception desk be noted by employees, clients and customers, it will also be out of commission much sooner than later.


Circular Reception DeskAlong with style, functionality should also be considered when looking for reception desks for sale. You want a desk that is ergonomic, comfortable and efficient. This will depend a great deal on personal preference and individual demands. It’s wise to consider the tasks and responsibilities your receptionist will have when selecting a desk.

Many office reception desks can be purchased with built-in drawers and storage spaces. This can be very helpful for receptionists that use a file system and deal with confidential documents. Receptionists that have a variety of tasks may also want a curved reception desk allowing for more privacy and storage. Receptionists that serve more as a gatekeeper may prefer a circular reception desk.

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