Thursday, September 6, 2012

Choosing a Drafting Table

wood drafting tableDrafting tables also known as an architect’s or drawing table is a type of multipurpose desk used for drawing, writing or sketching. In essence, a drafting table is simply a large work table with an adjustable top. A drafting table will also typically allow a person to adjust the height of the work surface in relation to how they’re sitting or standing.

Although drafting tables can be used for a wide variety of tasks, they’re most commonly used by designers, architects and engineers when drafting technical illustrations. Today, you will find a number of different types of drafting tables and they’re a common sight at architectural and engineering firms as well as home offices.

Where will you be working?

economy drafting tableOne of the first decisions you need to make when purchasing a drafting table is where you will be working. If space is a premium, you may want to consider a smaller economy drafting table. These smaller work tables are generally constructed with a metal frame and feature a light laminate work surface to reduce weight and size. If space isn’t a concern then you may want to consider a large drafting table, because these tables not only provide a larger work surface, but usually include additional features such as storage compartments or lockable drawers.

Will you be moving?

portable drafting tableIt’s also important to determine if you will need to move your drafting table on a regular basis. If you plan on working in multiple locations, you may want to consider a portable drafting table. These smaller drafting tables sometimes referred to as craft stations typically feature a folding design and light weight materials for easy mobility. Some portable drafting tables also feature heavy duty casters for easy mobility, but these typically work best when used on hard flooring.

What is your Budget?

electric drafting tableAnother important factor to consider when purchasing a drafting table is your budget. Drafting tables can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the included features and materials used. For example, Mayline’s Futur-Matic drafting table, while more expensive that some other models, features electric height adjustment allowing you to effortlessly adjust the height of your table at anytime. More expensive drafting tables that feature a glass working surface may also serve as a light table. Light tables are generally used by draftsmen and artist when working with translucent documents or when photo-referencing.

What’s next?

Despite the growing popularity of computer aided drafting and design, many architects, draftsmen and artist alike still prefer working with drafting tables. Although, many modern drafting tables are designed to accommodate computers and other modern technologies, there is something to be said about the appeal of a classic wood drafting table. If you would like to learn more about drafting tables or office furniture in general, come visit us at With our extensive selection of Studio Designs and Mayline drafting tables¸ we’re sure you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

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