Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Selecting the Right Executive Desk

Executive DeskAn executive office desk is a home away from home for many working managers and/or corporate level executives. Manufacturers produce executive desks in a wide variety of materials with varying degrees of luxury and refinement. Many view these desks as a status symbol and demand only the most high-end units. However, others see the executive desk as a utilitarian tool that must be sturdy and generally aesthetically appealing but requires no added embellishment. Although, in most cases, a desk is commonly chosen to fit the personality of the executive and the décor of the office in which it will be located.

Desk Materials

Wood Executive DeskWood executive desks make up the bulk of these pieces of office furniture. Manufacturers use solid wood on higher end desks while lower end units are typically built with plywood or particleboard covered with a wood veneer. Other materials used for desks include metal and glass as well. Executive desks constructed with glass offer easy cleaning and a smooth work surface. Metal desks on the other hand often have a more industrial appearance and are used in areas in which other surfaces would be difficult to clean and maintain.

Size Matters

The best desk size is often determined by the size of the office. A desk that’s too large can dominate a small office space leaving little room for guest chairs or other executive office furniture. However, the desk surface should provide enough space for a work computer and other related office supplies. Although, modern flat-screen computer monitors have actually reduced the necessary size of most executive desks.


Executive Office DeskMost executive desks include a variety of drawers and additional storage compartments. A pencil and pen drawer is a commonly found feature above the seating area with filing cabinets located to either side. It’s important to look for a desk that offers drawers appropriate in size for the type of materials you need to store. If you file legal sized papers, for example, the drawers should have sufficient depth to accommodate these longer documents. Some desks also include spaces for computer towers too. This area should be well ventilated in order to prevent computer overheating and provide access for computer peripheral cables as well.

Style & Design

Desk manufacturers produce desks ranging from the ultra modern to the very traditional. The choice may fall to the executive or the HR department regarding executive furniture selections. However, additional office furniture, such as credenzas, bookshelves and display pieces are usually selected to match the desk and are frequently sold together as an executive office set. An executive office chair may be selected as well to match the desk and office décor too.

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