Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Office Furniture Trends 2013

Trendy Office Furniture

As 2012 comes to a close, it's easy to see several popular office furniture and seating trends on the horizon. This month, manufacturers and dealers alike have amped up their offering of modern and contemporary styled products geared towards the tech savvy professional business. This article highlights several of the key products and collections sure to take over the market in 2013.

Trend 1: Mayline e5 Furniture

Mayline e5 Furniture

One of the hottest lines released in 2012 was the Mayline e5 furniture collection. This stylish modern desking solution combines simplicity with performance. A long time provider of high quality casegoods, Mayline has really outdone themselves with this collection. An easy to spec solution, e5 furniture includes a variety of open desking, executive furnishings, and storage products to meet the needs of any space. Custom solutions and matching mesh office chairs are also available. This trendy furniture collection has not even begun to peak. The wide variety of laminate colors, modesty panel options, and glass accents will make e5 the top selling office furniture collection in the coming year.

Trend 2: White Leather Office Chairs

White Leather Office Chairs

It's hard to say why this particular type of chair has been so popular. The most common suggestion is that the utilization of a white leather office chair can distract from the furniture accompanying a space. White is a versatile canvas that will match any decor with ease. It's a unique way to avoid the standard black and brown solutions commonly seen in today's offices. White upholstery and leather options like the Boss B9401 chair are not only comfortable and affordable, they offer the modern style and creative looked desired by most executives. Look for popular white office chair models like this one to be a huge it in 13'.

Trend 3: Global Total Office Zira Furniture

Zira Furniture

Okay, so this line has been out for a couple years now. However, the popularity is now hitting an all time high. Consumers are just getting wise to the features and benefits of this high quality modular desking collection.  Collections like Zira series modular furniture are incredibly versatile in the workplace. They offers users the ability to build, reconfigure, and design custom work environments with ease. With a choice of over 10 laminate finishes and a variety of handle options, Zira allows for all your personal decor needs to be met at an affordable price point. While this line has has grown in use, Global has recognized the likabiity of this collection and added several new easy to spec executive desks and even a Zira conference table solution to match your professionally designed office. It's no wonder why interior designers commonly choose Zira as the most practical solution for business work environments. The Global Total Office Zira furniture reviews are in. This collection is an absolute winner. Zira will continue it's success in every available application.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

5 Professional Conference Tables Under $500

Professional boardroom furniture can be quite expensive. However, some of the latest modern styles, conference furniture collections, and tables can be found at incredible prices this time of year. That being said, this article contains 5 industry leading conference table solutions priced under $500.00 and also include delivery to your business. Let's face it, everyone enjoys a deal, and these quality boardroom tables are sure to impress!

Table 1: Aberdeen Series Boat Shaped Table

Aberdeen Conference Table

This boat shaped table is a real winner. As with most casegoods, the Mayline Aberdeen tables have a 1 5/8" thick work surface. Surfaces feature hollow core construction. Boat-shaped conference tables like this one are standard with two grommets. An optional power module for power and data access to operate computers and presentation equipment during meetings is available. Legs have a cable chimney for concealed cable management from surface to floor. Available in three popular finishes, this ACTB6 Aberdeen table is an excellent value at $396.99.

Table 2: Global Total Office Laminate Table

Rectangular Conference Table

If you like modern style than Global Total Office is a brand you'll surely love! This professional office furniture manufacturers offers a variety of solutions for any workspace. The GCT5RX table has been a best seller industry wide for its quality construction and affordable price point. Priced at $355.99, it's easy to see the value. Available in 14 stylish laminate options, the GCT5RX easily accommodates to the decor of any boardroom. Thinking bigger? Choose from up to 5 additional sizes to meet your individual seating needs. The best part of this table, other than style and price is that it can be purchased with any number of modern office chairs designed by Global with bulk pricing for even more of a bargain!

Table 3: Alba Series Rectangular Conference Table

Alba Series Conference Table

Familiar with the Alba series? If you like discount office furniture you will love this collection! Finding a modern office conference table with metal legs wasn't easy. However, the GR6LTM met the standards in every category. This table has it all... style, elegance, class, quality craftsmanship, and affordability. Shoppers will enjoy a price tag of $458.99 and a choice of 11 laminates. Two leg finishes are available and a custom tiger walnut surface is also offered at a slight up charge. If you are looking for contemporary conference room furniture, this popular model is definitely worth a look.

Table 4: Brighton Conference Table

Brighton Conference Table

The Mayline Brighton casegoods furniture collection has long been a favorite of industry professionals. This easy to spec solution is available in both cherry and mocha finishes. With all laminate construction, it provides the durability and affordability you would expect, but with an added sense of style. The BTCT8 Brighton table is available now with free delivery well under the restrictions of our $500 limit at only $320.99.

Table 5: Cherryman Industries Amber Table 
Amber Conference Table
Last but not least, the A720 Amber conference table by Cherryman Industries. This racetrack shaped table is 1" short of 6' long. Adequate in every way, the simplicity of the Amber furniture line is a real hit. Along with racetrack conference tables, the Amber series offers a variety of executive desk configurations and modular workstations to meet the needs of any office. Rest assured, if you need help designing your office space on a budget, the Amber collection is ready, willing, and able. As the least expensive solution, the A720 is an absolute bargain at only $285.99.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sourcing High Quality Executive Furniture Configurations

Executive furniture solutions are always in high demand. The look, style, and professionalism of high quality business furniture is needed in upscale work environments. With so many brands, configurations, and models to choose from it's hard to know where to begin. That being said, we've highlighted several top configurations that will work perfectly for both home and business use... and best of all, won't break your budget!

Unit 1: Zira Configuration 20

Zira Configuration

The modern style of Zira casegoods is easy to spot from a mile away. Looking closer, you will notice perfection in the minor details of configurations like this one. Priced at $1,739.99, this executive workstation includes everything needed to design a professional workspace to be proud of. Zira stations are available in 16 attractive finishes and with a choice 9 unique handle options.

Unit 2: Corsica Typical CT3

Corsica Furniture Configuration

When it comes to quality executive furniture, the Corsica collection is a real winner. Mayline Corsica furniture is available in two stunning veneer finish options. Units like the CT3 offer ample storage and a user friendly U shaped design. This popular line of casegoods also includes a variety of matching boardroom table options and reception stations. As a side tip, nothing looks better than an office professionally laid out with furniture solutions from a matching line.

Unit 3: Emerald Series L Shaped Desk

Emerald Desk Set by Cherryman

If you're outfitting a small office interior, units like this L shaped executive desk from the Cherryman Industries Emerald furniture collection work well. This stunning wood veneer desk set boasts a choice of cognac cherry or mahogany finishes. The traditional style of the Emerald collection make it a top choice of luxury office furniture applications and executive desking needs.

Unit 4: Glass Office Furniture Set

Glass Computer Furniture

A relative new comer to the office furniture game, Calico Designs has leveled the playing field quickly with an abundance of style and affordable products geared towards a contemporary look. This exclusive glass office desk set includes 7 pieces for only $927.99. Now that's a bargain! The solid hardwood design and tempered glass surfaces offer the look and quality desired by most executives. The Durable steel accents give this unique glass executive computer furniture series a modern and industrial look that's easy to love.

Unit 5: Stella Typical 19

Mayline Stella Furniture

When it comes to selecting a new office desk for your workspace, the Mayline Stella series is always an excellent starting point. The unique toffee finish of units like the typical 19 really stand out. The Stella veneer desking system is a contemporary line of wood office furniture for executive offices, individual workspaces, conference rooms and reception areas. This line combines a contemporary look at an affordable price point you'll love.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Designing A Professional Reception Space On A Budget

Discount Reception FurnitureThe reception, lounge, and waiting room area is important for any business. This is typically the first area visitors see when they visit. First impressions are made and opinions are generated based on the appearance, decor, and style of your space. That being said, designing and creating a professional reception space to be proud of can be a difficult task. Working with a designer is always nice, but for those companies with a limited budget it's just not realistic. The good news is that with some simple advice, decorating tips, and product knowledge, a professional reception area can enjoyed by your business for years on a minimal budget.

The first step with any furniture project is to assess the needs of your space. Measure your area thoroughly and make sure to notate any wall obstructions, power outlets, windows, doors, or other attributes of your space. In capturing your dimensions consider the style of furniture that best describes your business. The two main categories of reception furniture consist of modern and traditionally styled furniture. Modern furniture will be a trendy uptown look often with metal accents, glass, and futuristic appeal. The traditional style will commonly feature wood accents and a more simple all around style. In assessing your space, obtaining the necessary dimensions, and deciding on a style you are already several steps ahead of most consumers.

Next it's best to do some research. By doing a local search for furniture showrooms in your area, you will be able to find a plethora of resources at your disposal. It's always recommended to visit a showroom when possible to test, review, and price a variety of top collections for your specific needs. Now that you've armed yourself with product knowledge, a few office design tips and a desired furniture style, it's time to set a budget. In setting a budget be realistic, the beauty reception furniture is that more is less. You can always add additional seating, office tables, and accent furniture in the future. Determining your areas essentials will help you determine the appropriate budget.

Reception Furniture Collections to Consider:

Wind Reception Furniture

Modern Reception Furniture

Santa Cruz Reception Furniture

Mayline Reception Furniture

Citi Reception Furniture

Citi Reception Furniture

Prestige Reception Furniture

Leather Reception Furniture

Prairie Reception Furniture

Prairie Reception Furniture

With your budget set, it's time to start shopping! The best place to start is always online. Many online office furniture dealers that specialize in the provision of traditional and modern reception furniture will offer a far larger selection of products that most local dealers. The competitive nature of internet sales typically ensure that you will also receive the absolute best pricing possible on your products. Most reputable lounge furniture providers offer promotions like free shipping and no sales tax for added savings. Be sure to search for the lines you spotted at the showroom and feel free to call dealers direct in regards to promotions, bulk discounts, and comparable product suggestions.

So you've found the perfect furniture line, it's within budget, and you place your order. Now what? In this situation it's best to stay on track by staying prepared. Get in touch with your dealer to schedule your furniture delivery and obtain tracking information. Now that you have a delivery date set, it's time to prepare your space. Remove your old furniture a day or so in advance of the delivery to leave time for cleaning. You'll be surprised just how many spots and scuffs have been hidden by your furniture over the years! As an added tip, take pictures of your old lounge chairs, sofas, and reception tables. List the items on popular free classified ad sites like Craig's List and Backpage. Selling old furniture is a great way to recapture funds used in your new purchase or even to increase your shopping budget!

Once the furniture arrives it's time to install. Make a quick line drawing of your space and try a few different layouts on paper to determine the best fit. You've probably done this before hand, but it's always a good idea to recover the basics before tearing into the boxes which Christmas morning type excitement. Once you've decided on an effective layout, begin uncartoning your products, break down your boxes, and set up one piece at a time. Most of the larger products like contemporary lounge coffee tables, recliners, beam seating, etc. will ship assembled. Smaller items like end tables, literature racks, end tables, and accessories will require minimal assembly and should be planned for accordingly.

Now that you've received, installed, and removed the debris from your new reception furniture, it's time to enjoy your work! You've successfully completed the task at hand with flying colors. Hopefully the steps provided in this article have save you time and money on your decorating needs. These steps can be applied to almost any office space and should be used as a template for success when enhancing your office environment via the purchase of online lounge, waiting room furniture, and reception products.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Understanding Workplace Ergonomics

Workplace Ergonomics by OfficeAnything.comAn ergonomic workplace can only be achieved with products designed to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. This much is certain, but what products and how? Understanding workplace ergonomics begins with knowledge of the most common ergo friendly products and how they will work for you. More directly, you can have the most expensive office chair on the market with every bell and whistle. However, if you don't know how to utilize those features in a way to make your more efficient, you are not ergonomic. Knowing how to utilize ergonomic products to work for YOU is absolutely essential in the modern workplace.

All too often companies spend thousands on ergonomic furnishings and office products and then fail to show employees how to best utilize them. Products like ergonomic keyboard trays, monitor arms, and office chairs are the three most commonly seen ergo products in business. In order to best understand these products, you must review and educate yourself on the features and benefits of each. By doing this, you will have a better understanding of workplace ergonomics while simultaneously learning how to increase your day to day efficiency and productivity.

Product 1: Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

Ergonomic Keyboard Trays from OfficeAnything.comWe've all seen them. They slide underneath almost every modern desk surface in the country. The importance of a properly used ergonomic keyboard tray cannot be understated. They better your posture, help take pressure of your wrists and increase usable desk space. Using an articulating keyboard tray will allow you to adjust the angle and height at which you type. Going a step further, standing versions are also available to help maximize productivity and space in multi functional areas.

Now that you know some of the basic benefits of ergo trays, let's determine if having one will help you gain an ergonomic edge. To do this ask yourself one simple question. Will this product help me? Well, if you are constantly scrambling for useable desk space and deal with arthritic conditions the answer is definitely yes. Utilizing an ergonomic keyboard slide under your desk will allow you to recapture a significant portion of your desk while offering the adjustable needed to take pressure of your writs thus reducing pain in your hands. Over the course of a typical 8 hour work day, these benefits add up!

Product 2: Monitor Arms

Ergonomic Monitor Arm Tips from OfficeAnything.comOver the past few years monitor arms have sky rocketed in popularity. These popular ergonomic products are designed to offer versatility and mobility in the workplace. For those unfamiliar with this type of product, feel free to check out user videos and tutorials on sites like YouTube. These awesome and revolutionary products allow for a full range of screen adjustments. Arms allow computer screens to be set at any angle while being as close or far from the user as desired. Installation is a cinch. Arms mount through desk grommet holes or via clamp to the side of any office desks surface. Models are available for single, dual, triple, and all the way up to 8 screens. These awesome products are no longer for the tech savvy. They are being used in homes now more than ever. Essentially, people are falling in love with their monitor arms benefits at work and can't live without it at home. Ergonomic monitor arms cost as little as $99.99 and the usable desk space gained alone is worth the money. Believe this, once you convert you will never go back to the basic computer screen stand included with your MAC or PC.

Product 3: Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chair Advice from OfficeAnything.comBeing the most popular ergonomic product in this article, ergonomic office chair solutions were saved for last. But what makes a chair ergonomic? That answer is surprisingly simple, anything that increases YOUR individual productivity. As noted in the beginning of this post, understanding ergonomics is about understanding your body. It's commonly recommended to meet with an industry professional or chiropractor to discuss your body type and thus determine the office chair features that will benefit you most. Commonly, ergonomic office chairs and even office guest chairs can feature attributes like pneumatic seat height adjustment, lumbar support, and adjustable arms. More in depth features include syncro tile mechanisms, contoured seat cushions, headrests and much more. While these features are always nice, if you don't need them, don't pay for them! In this economy money saved is money earned and when it comes to ergonomics it's just smart. Save the money you could have spent on vibrating seat cushions and spend it on a monitor arm. You will get much more day to day benefits. That being said, that's what workplace ergonomic is all about. Understanding the products you need and how to make them work for you, thus making your day easier!

Overall, any area of your business can be made ergo friendly. Conference furniture solutions like lecterns and modular conference tables will keep all members of a meeting engaged. Training room furniture like mobile tables will ensure you space can be transformed in minutes. However, if these products aren't used properly you and your business are not reaping the rewards you should be from your office furniture. Take the time to understand the needs of your business and the best ergonomic products will reveal themselves!