Thursday, December 6, 2012

Designing A Professional Reception Space On A Budget

Discount Reception FurnitureThe reception, lounge, and waiting room area is important for any business. This is typically the first area visitors see when they visit. First impressions are made and opinions are generated based on the appearance, decor, and style of your space. That being said, designing and creating a professional reception space to be proud of can be a difficult task. Working with a designer is always nice, but for those companies with a limited budget it's just not realistic. The good news is that with some simple advice, decorating tips, and product knowledge, a professional reception area can enjoyed by your business for years on a minimal budget.

The first step with any furniture project is to assess the needs of your space. Measure your area thoroughly and make sure to notate any wall obstructions, power outlets, windows, doors, or other attributes of your space. In capturing your dimensions consider the style of furniture that best describes your business. The two main categories of reception furniture consist of modern and traditionally styled furniture. Modern furniture will be a trendy uptown look often with metal accents, glass, and futuristic appeal. The traditional style will commonly feature wood accents and a more simple all around style. In assessing your space, obtaining the necessary dimensions, and deciding on a style you are already several steps ahead of most consumers.

Next it's best to do some research. By doing a local search for furniture showrooms in your area, you will be able to find a plethora of resources at your disposal. It's always recommended to visit a showroom when possible to test, review, and price a variety of top collections for your specific needs. Now that you've armed yourself with product knowledge, a few office design tips and a desired furniture style, it's time to set a budget. In setting a budget be realistic, the beauty reception furniture is that more is less. You can always add additional seating, office tables, and accent furniture in the future. Determining your areas essentials will help you determine the appropriate budget.

Reception Furniture Collections to Consider:

Wind Reception Furniture

Modern Reception Furniture

Santa Cruz Reception Furniture

Mayline Reception Furniture

Citi Reception Furniture

Citi Reception Furniture

Prestige Reception Furniture

Leather Reception Furniture

Prairie Reception Furniture

Prairie Reception Furniture

With your budget set, it's time to start shopping! The best place to start is always online. Many online office furniture dealers that specialize in the provision of traditional and modern reception furniture will offer a far larger selection of products that most local dealers. The competitive nature of internet sales typically ensure that you will also receive the absolute best pricing possible on your products. Most reputable lounge furniture providers offer promotions like free shipping and no sales tax for added savings. Be sure to search for the lines you spotted at the showroom and feel free to call dealers direct in regards to promotions, bulk discounts, and comparable product suggestions.

So you've found the perfect furniture line, it's within budget, and you place your order. Now what? In this situation it's best to stay on track by staying prepared. Get in touch with your dealer to schedule your furniture delivery and obtain tracking information. Now that you have a delivery date set, it's time to prepare your space. Remove your old furniture a day or so in advance of the delivery to leave time for cleaning. You'll be surprised just how many spots and scuffs have been hidden by your furniture over the years! As an added tip, take pictures of your old lounge chairs, sofas, and reception tables. List the items on popular free classified ad sites like Craig's List and Backpage. Selling old furniture is a great way to recapture funds used in your new purchase or even to increase your shopping budget!

Once the furniture arrives it's time to install. Make a quick line drawing of your space and try a few different layouts on paper to determine the best fit. You've probably done this before hand, but it's always a good idea to recover the basics before tearing into the boxes which Christmas morning type excitement. Once you've decided on an effective layout, begin uncartoning your products, break down your boxes, and set up one piece at a time. Most of the larger products like contemporary lounge coffee tables, recliners, beam seating, etc. will ship assembled. Smaller items like end tables, literature racks, end tables, and accessories will require minimal assembly and should be planned for accordingly.

Now that you've received, installed, and removed the debris from your new reception furniture, it's time to enjoy your work! You've successfully completed the task at hand with flying colors. Hopefully the steps provided in this article have save you time and money on your decorating needs. These steps can be applied to almost any office space and should be used as a template for success when enhancing your office environment via the purchase of online lounge, waiting room furniture, and reception products.

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