Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5 Professional Office Desks Under $550

Office desks can be quite expensive if you don't know where to look.  However, with the professional models listed in this article, you will be working efficiently and within budget in no time. These awesome deals all include free nationwide delivery and include industry leading styles from manufacturers like Mayline, Offices To Go, and Cherryman Industries.

Jameson Work Center
First up, the Jameson Work Center from Calico Designs. As a relatively new furniture brand, Calico Designs furniture is making instant waves in the desking industry. Their wide variety of glass office desk solutions and modern furniture are an instant hit with those searching for the modern look. The 50310 model Jameson station highlighted here features a versatile L shaped design that's perfect for office environments of any size. The silver frame and blue glass work surface enhance the contemporary feel and offer a unique look that's sure to garner a host of compliments. At a price of only $225.99, this fantastic product was an absolute must for this article!

Office Desk
Next Up, this Offices To Go bow front desk. It wasn't an easy task finding a professional Bow Front desk that allows users to customize their storage options. While most desks come standard with pre configured storage pedestals, this unique product offers a versatile desk shell that allows users to choose storage options at their preference. As an added bonus, for those not looking for under desk storage, this model will provide a huge amount of leg room for added comfort. As this desk shell doesn't force shoppers to purchase the included storage pedestals, the price reflects excellent savings. At $270.99, it's hard not to love this awesome piece of Offices To Go Furniture for any business area.

Aberdeen Desk
Third on the list, the Aberdeen Straight Front Desk. This stylish desk is from on of the top casegoods furniture collections on the market. That being said, if you plan on expanding your office this is the desk for you. The Aberdeen furniture collection offers a host of modular desking components allowing users to enhance and create a fully custom workstation as the needs of their business grow. This 60" office desk is available in 3 popular colors that will help to enhance any decor. Priced at $249.99 the value of this piece of Mayline furniture is easy to appreciate.

Double Pedestal Desk
Industry professionals and Interior Designers alike have grown to love the Cherryman Industries Furniture line. This unique brand offers a host of out of the box furnishings for the needs of any business. With so many top office furniture lines to choose from it was hard to pick just one Cherryman product for this post. However, the Amber series double pedestal office desk was too good a value to pass up. At $505.99 this desk includes two suspended box file pedestals for ample desk storage. The simple style of this product make it easy to incorporate regardless of your spaces style. Available in 4 laminate finishes including the new black cherry option, the AM-371-N is the perfect combination of affordability and quality. For added savings, this quick shipping product can be purchased at an even lower price by calling and inquiring about special pricing directly.

Brighton BT19 Typical
Last but certainly not least is the Brighton BT19 Desk Typical. When it comes to discount office furniture, Mayline is amongst the absolute best and for that reason this unique desking configuration was absolutely essential to include. As the highest priced unit in this article, the BT19 offers quite a bit for the $548.99 price. This L shaped unit features a modern peninsula wing with modern silver post. The 48" return and suspended pedestal add to the value of this unit. Available in 2 stocked colors, these  new executive desks are perfect for those in need of furnishings in a hurry. As an added bonus, the Brighton furniture collection also includes a huge selection of discount reception desks as well as a wide variety of racetrack conference tables to match. Creating a stylish office space has never been so simple!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Budget Friendly Conference Room Furniture Collections

Whether your refer to your meeting area as the conference room, war room, or boardroom, if you've purchased furniture for this area you know it can be quite challenging. The good news is, it doesn't have to be! Purchasing products for this area can actually be quite affordable if you know where to look. That being said, the collections in this article are an awesome place to start. Enjoy!

Collection 1: Zira

Zira Boardroom Furniture

A relatively new line of boardroom furniture, the Zira collection is typically thought of for executive office applications and modular workstation configurations. However, Zira conference table solutions have been made available over the past several months that really impress. These popular new tables are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes to meet the individual decor needs of any space. Matching wall cabinets and storage furniture is also available to accent your space. Zira products are also quite affordable. With the 5' racetrack table starting at $755.99, it's hard to pass up this bargain priced line.

Collection 2: Verde

Verde Boardroom Furniture

This industry leading conference room furniture collection includes unique solutions to style your meeting area around. Verde conference table solutions feature white glass leg inserts that make for a one of a kind look. Available in a variety of sizes and two color options, Verde is the top modern casegoods furniture collection for contemporary minded businesses. Additionally, Verde includes a variety of modern storage cabinets and accent furniture including a super cool presentation board to complete the look. This awesome collection is typically in stock. A great feature for those in search of quality products in a hurry!

Collection 3: OFM, Inc.
OFM, Inc. Conference Furniture

With so many affordable collections to choose from it was easiest to just highlight the entire OFM, Inc. furniture brand. This awesome manufacturer offers some of the coolest modern conference tables on the market. Their new glass conference table line has become an instant hit. With two sizes available, these modern glass solutions make a statement without overpowering your space. The simplistic contemporary design is hard to top and the pricing is definitely consumer friendly. OFM's modular conference tables are also quite popular. Units like the 55318 modular meeting table are an excellent example of versatility in the workplace. These modular office tables are available in a variety of finishes and require no tools for assembly. What more could you ask for from a conference furniture manufacturer?

Collection 4: Brighton

Brighton Conference Room Furniture

In 2013 one business office furniture line will reign supreme in terms of affordability and style. The Brighton casegoods furniture line includes a vastly superior selection of executive workstation configurations than most any other competitor. The array of modern reception furnishings is definitely a favorite amongst industry professionals and interior designers. That being said, this top Mayline office furniture collection also includes a wide selection of conference products geared towards creating the perfect work environment. A true testimony to Mayline's industry creativity, the Brighton line features a collection of conference furniture packages for buyer convenience. The benefit of purchasing your table, presentation board, and wall cabinet configuration all in one model number makes for an affordable, enjoyable, and simplified shopping experience. Units like the 7 piece Brighton BT31 conference furniture set offer top of the line value in a quick shipping package. For that reason, this collection definitely earns the number 1 spot in this article!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013's Hottest OFM Reception Products

The new year has brought a plethora of hot new reception products to market! That being said many business resolutions must have been to re decorate because these new items are flying off the shelves. Brands like OFM, Inc. and many others have added new seating sets, reception stations, and products sure to help you achieve your dream space. This article highlights several of the top new products from the OFM brand!

OFM Net Series
The first line of products definitely worthy of this new article is the OFM, Inc. Net series. This line of contemporary reception furniture really shines. The indoor outdoor beam seating offers a modern solution to any visitors area. This hot product is available in 5 cool colors that allow you to create a custom look. The Net series guest chair solutions are available in the same colors and share the same retro modern style. Last but not least, the Net series glass reception table. Now this is one cool product! This office table combines a round tempered glass surface with powder coated base. The look achieved with net series products is truly hard to beat!

Marque Reception Station
Another cool line of OFM furniture that's enhancing reception areas throughout the country is the Marque collection. This line of curved reception desks is a sure fire way to garner a slew of compliments by visitors. Your business will never look better with a one of these cool products. Units like the 55310 Marque Reception Desk are perfect for smaller office spaces while models like the 55296 are great in those larger. This modular office furniture solution requires no tools for assembly and is available in 3 stocked colors. A great feature for those in need of furniture in a hurry! With 10 desk variations available, the Marque collection definitely has a solution to meet the needs of your space and budget!

UNO Reception Seating
The third collection of OFM reception furniture up is the UNO series. UNO lounge chair solutions offer the perfect combination of modern style and traditional quality. This simplistic and contemporary reception seating line offers over the top wow factor at budget friendly pricing. UNO series chairs start at $219.99 for the pillow back model and are available in 4 two-tone color combinations. The modern lounge furniture world will never be the same and UNO will definitely be a top solution in 2013. The affordable price, incredible style, and comfort are a sure fire recipe for success in reception areas.

OFM, Inc. Profile tables made their first waves towards the end of 2012. This line of contemporary reception tables is available in a variety of styles and unique finish options to meet the needs of your growing business. The Profile series wedge table is especially cool as it's a perfect way to transition seating throughout your lounge, waiting room, or reception area. Profile series cocktail table models boast a chrome finished leg design that really enhance the modern theme. Profile series modular office tables start at $246.99 and include free shipping. As an added bonus, bulk discount pricing is available on the entire line through the end of February.

The last OFM reception furniture collection up defines modern luxury. The InterPlay lounge furniture collection offers a variety of modern lounge chairs and sofas for the contemporary minded business. This two-tone leather and weave solution is quite impressive. Available with a versatile swivel tablet, the InterPlay series also comes standard with chrome finished heavy duty casters for ease of mobility. This line allows you to reconfigure any space in minutes! The affordable price will have visitors thinking you spent thousands but in truth saved it with InterPlay's awesome value.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Popular Office Tables for Business Use

In business, professional tables are utilized to enhance and pull together a variety of different spaces. Typically, office tables are utilized in important day to day applications. From the boardroom to the waiting room, this new article highlights a variety of table styles great for you business. Enjoy!

Style 1: Conference Tables

Conference Room Tables

When we think of tables at work, the conference room is usually the first place that comes to mind. Utilizing a stylish conference table in your boardroom is an excellent way to promote an uptempo or at home type atmosphere. Depending on the selection you make for your business, it's important to remember a few basics.

First and foremost, always measure your space before you shop. Nothing stings worse than buying a beautiful custom conference table that won't fit in your area properly!

Secondly, shop around! Visit showrooms and shop online to find the best solution for your individual needs. When it comes to quality conference room furniture several manufacturers are definitely a cut above the rest. Brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and OFM, Inc. offer a plethora of styles and sizes sure to enhance any meeting area.

When it comes to shape it's purely preference. However, some modular conference table configurations have been made recently available that are quite in style right now. These awesome tables allow for a space to be transformed by using a variety of quick change configurations.

Lastly, prep your space. It's important to be ready to receive your new product upon arrival. Remove old furniture and seating. As a side tip, leave room for uncartoning if you opted to assemble the table yourself. Commonly, conference room table packages are shipped extremely well and that means a lot of debris from the packaging.

Overall, conference and boardroom table solutions are a vital asset to any business. If space is limited, use a modular configuration. If you are looking to promote a luxury environment, utilize a larger wood veneer table from a brand like those listed above. Purchasing a conference table can be fun, enjoyable, and incredibly rewarding when you have that first big meeting in your newly decorated space.

Style 2: Reception Tables

Reception Tables

Reception tables are commonly used as an accent in any visitor area. Table styles include glass, wood, and modern variations to meet the decor needs of your space. Top reception table styles include models like the new wind coffee table from Global Total Office and the new profile lamp table by OFM.

Modern style seems to be the trend of late. However, a variety of traditionally styled reception table models are available for those in search of a warming, at home look. Traditional elegance in the workplace is a style that truly deserves more appreciation. This style appeals to luxury and classy work environments but can also be quite budget friendly. Pieces like the Jade occasional table from Cherryman Industries are an excellent example of this adage put to good use.

Reception tables are also classified using a variety of other terms including waiting room, lounge, and lobby tables. No matter your preferred term, it's important to find a style that fits and compliments your current decor. This versatile piece of furniture can be used as an accent or a highlight. The choice is yours!

Style 3: Training Room Tables

Training Room Tables

Training rooms are often a really neat environment at most businesses. These classroom inspired areas are utilized in an effort to educate employees and students alike. Finding quality training room furniture has been made significantly easier over the past few years with the addition of several awesome collections.

Interior designers and consumers alike love new training room furniture collections from manufacturers like Mayline and Global. Innovative new products like the new Sync table are rapidly taking over learning environments throughout the country. Familiar styles and models like Bungee table set solutions offer an easy to spec solution. Purchasing a set like this is often a one stop shop approach and greatly simplifies the process. Not to mention, tables like these are super cool!

Training room tables are available in a variety of variations to meet your individual space requirements. Surface shapes like rectangular, trapezoid, and crescent are popular in modern areas. Mobile training tables are great for modularity and versatility. Flip top tables are wonderful in areas where space is at a premium. Fixed leg training tables are most commonly used in one use areas like classrooms. Regardless of your preferred table type. Rest assured, there is a style for you!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Industry Leading Executive Furniture Lines that Won't Break Your Budget

With all of the hot new furniture trends to start 2013, it's not hard to find a casegoods collection perfect for your space and taste! What might be difficult is finding a budget friendly line that won't leave you financially winded. That being considered, today's post highlights top executive furniture collections that are not only stylish, but incredibly affordable. Enjoy!

Collection 1: Napoli
Napoli Desking

For those in search of a modern workplace, look no further than Napoli casegoods furniture by Mayline. This line of high quality furnishings includes a variety of stunning boardroom tables, executive workstations, and reception style desking for the needs of any contemporary business. As a full service line, Napoli is a simple to spec solution that can easily provide your business with a cohesive look to be proud of. Interior designers and consumers enjoy this collection as it makes for an easy to love solution to office needs. Available in three finishes, Napoli casegoods boast glass accents and stunning lines sure to impress even the harshest of critics.

Collection 2: Zira

Zira Casegoods

Global Total Office is a full service office product manufacturer that has recently added several top office furniture lines for use in the business world. Collections like the modern Zira casegoods line provide a modular approach to your interior design needs. Zira can be customized in a variety of ways to meet the decor needs and space requirements of your office. A choice of finish, handle, and size are just a few of the versatile ways Zira can create a one of a kind space for you. Additionally, Zira is quite affordable. As laminate casegoods go, this awesome product comes in at the lower end of the price spectrum but offers much more than collections twice the price. The contemporary style of Zira is easy to appreciate and overall, this line is a winner!

Collection 3: Amber
Amber Collection by Cherryman Industries

It's easy to love a brand like Cherryman Industries. Their high quality conference tables are some of the most well known throughout the furniture community. When it comes to stylish reception desks they might just be the absolute best around. With a variety of top office furniture solutions, this brand paves the way and sets trends yearly with lines like the Amber desking collection. The Amber collection offers a variety of luxury executive furniture solutions for the budget minded individual. Choose from a variety of U desk configurations and other matching products to enhance your entire business, not just one area! Available in a choice of finish, this line boasts glass accents and style that will garner a host of compliments.

Collection 4: Stella
Stella Casegoods

Looking for a one of a kind solution that will truly stand out from the rest? Stella casegoods furniture is the choice for you. This popular Mayline furniture collection offers one of the most stunning finishes available. The rich toffee color warms any space it accompanies and richly enhances executive offices with style and elegance. Luxury is definitely the best word to describe Stella products. The affordability of Stella is also quite surprising. Office Desks from this line are quite competitive by industry standards. The good news, this line looks far more expensive than it actually is which is always a plus! In addition, the Stella collection offers matching products including rectangular reception desk models and even a variety of luxury boat shaped conference tables to pull your entire office together as one.

Collection 5: Princeton

Princeton Casegoods

The first word that comes to mind when viewing the Princeton series is modern. That being said, the second word would definitely be modular. If one trend has stood apart to kick off 2013, it's the use of modular office furniture in the workplace. Consumers, interior designers, and decorators alike are searching for products that can transform and be re utilized in a variety of office applications. Modular workstation configurations are an excellent way to create a variety of multi use areas dedicated to a number of important office functions. One of these popular purposes of the Princeton casegoods furniture line is executive office. Princeton brings many of the hottest new design styles to executive space on a budget. Available in a choice of 7 versatile finishes, this top line features frosted glass doors, commercially influenced style, and a ton of storage options. Princeton is an excellent value and should definitely be considered by those in the market for quality furnishings.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sourcing Affordable Reception Desks

Purchasing a new reception desk can be quite expensive if you strike out without knowing where to look. In truth, finding a quality station that provides a professional appearance and stays within budget can actually be quite easy. This new article will highlight several of the industries top reception desking solutions for your individual business needs. For space requirements large and small, this is the perfect place to start. Enjoy!

Unit 1: BT30 Reception Typical

Brighton Reception Typical

For those in need of the full package, this unit is for you. The Brighton BT30 reception typical offers a professional rectangular welcome desk with rear wall storage furniture configuration. All this for only $1699.99. Now that's a bargain! This set will allow you to create a stunning reception space in a hurry. Brighton casegoods are typically in stock and ship within 48 hours of order. Matching workstations and tables are also available. All in a choice of 3 laminate finishes. Overall, Brighton is a real winner!

Unit 2: Sorrento Reception Station

Sorrento Reception Station

When it comes to luxury furniture, the Sorrento casegoods collection is hard to beat. This model, the SRCDM Sorrento station features a stunning marble counter top and wood veneer construction. The bourbon cherry finish is especially impressing, but the espresso walnut is incredibly rich and inviting. Regardless of your finish choice, this stunning product is an excellent choice for upscale visitor areas where a first impression really counts. As with all Mayline furniture, Sorrento is typically in stock for quick shipment.

Unit 3: Marque Triple Reception Station
Marque Reception Station
If the words 'affordable quality' are not a part of the OFM, Inc. furniture mantra, they should be! This popular modern office furniture manufacturer has long been producing some of the industries absolute best desk and seating solutions for businesses of any size and budget. For that reason, this curved reception desk had to be included. Available in three finishes, the 55292 triple reception desk offers modern style that's easy to spot. Interior designers and consumers alike enjoy this wonderful solution as it's affordable and really cool! Priced at $1911.99 the Marque station is an excellent value.

Unit 4: Jade Series Reception Desk

Office furniture by Cherryman Industries is extremely well made. This industry leading brand produces some of the absolute best new executive desks around. Their offering of boat shaped conference tables is quite impressive along with their quick shipping capabilities. With several distribution centers throughout the US this one of kind manufacturer is tough to beat in times of order to door turnaround. That being said, the JA-124N Jade reception desk was any easy choice for this article. The contemporary style is a hot commodity in today's reception areas, and this unit offers plenty! The glass transaction counter is a nice touch as well as the effective L shaped design. Available in two finishes, these value priced reception desks are definitely worth a look. They even include 2 desk side storage pedestals for added value.

Unit 5: Ventnor Reception Station

For those in search of a simple reception station that's budget friendly, the Ventnor Reception Desk is perfect for you. Discount reception desks like this one from the Offices To Go Ventnor collection offer a no frills approach to reception furniture needs. This unit, available in 2 finishes, is all about business. The Ventnor desk gets the job done right in a hurry. Typically shipping in 48 hrs. is just one benefit of this station. The double pedestals and L shaped design make it one of the best values on the market. When it comes to casegoods, Offices to Go furniture is amongst the absolute best. If you want to know how to select the right reception desk for your interior, keep it simple! That being said, this Ventnor L shaped unit will always have it's place. With versatile design characteristics and well rounded appeal, Vintner stations are absolute winners.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cool Products That Create an Efficient Workplace

Efficiency in the workplace is achieved through the use of ergonomic products. By utilizing a few of 2013's hottest new ergo items, you too can be working comfortably and effectively all day long. This article will highlight several of the key products sure to do just that!

Product 1: Dual Screen Monitor Arm

Dual Screen Monitor Mounts
Working with a single computer screen is a thing of the past. On average, users have multiple tabs open at one time and spend ample amounts of time flipping between them to copy and paste, read, or just surf the web. Dual screen monitor arms eliminate this in a hurry. In addition to the increased computing speed, dual monitor mounts will help you recapture a ton of usable desk space. Mounts are an excellent way to add versatility to your office. Imagine you have a visitor sitting at your desk and want to show them a webpage. Rather than asking them to get up and move, you can simply swing one of your screens around in seconds. This keeps your guest comfortable, and impressed! Dual monitor mounts are without a doubt the hottest ergonomic trend and will dominate modern work areas throughout 2013.

Product 2: Ergonomic Workstations

Ergonomic Workstation
Having a cool looking desk configuration is all well and good, but is it effective? Ergonomic workstations are becoming more and more common in business and for good reason. They vastly improve day to day productivity! Once an item for the luxury work space, ergo stations have become incredibly affordable. Units like the VariTask Table from Mayline can be purchased for as low as $687.99. What are the benefits of workstation of this nature you ask? The biggest and most obvious is without a doubt the adjustment capabilities. Units are easily raised an lowered to meet the needs of any situation. Often, higher end modular workstation configurations will come standard with keyboard trays, storage, and other user friendly features sure to keep you happy and efficient. And for that reason, ergonomic workstations are the perfect fit for this article!

Product 3: Articulating Keyboard Trays

All to often we overlook the little things at work that we would be lost without. Commonly, we forget about our poor little keyboard tray and take it for granted. The truth is, that this is probably the most used product by every office employee on any given day. All jokes aside, articulating keyboard trays provide wrist support and typing comforts that are an essential part of working ergonomically. While most individuals already make use of some type of keyboard tray solution, this popular product definitely deserves mention. Taking pressure off the wrists, improving posture, and helping you type faster are just a few of the benefits gained by using a well designed keyboard trays. Keep in mind, not all trays are created equal! Some luxury models offer a side mouse platform which creates more desk space. Others offer an ergonomic wave shape for and improved computing experience. For those not on board with this trend, it's recommended that you try several models before making your final decision. After all, ergonomics is all about finding the best products for your individual work style.

Product 4: Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office ChairsNearly every chair manufactured today comes standard with some form of ergonomic feature. This industry buzzword is often a top selling point of many brands that just don't fulfill the needs of the user. That being said, how do you choose an ergonomic office chair? Answer, you test them! Visit your physician to discuss any pains or areas of concern. With your newly gained advice, visit a showroom and take a seat! Try several leading models within your budget to find one that works best for you. Working with a store representative will give insight into the features a chair has and how to make them work best for you. Once you've found the perfect chair, shop around. Shopping for office chairs online is an excellent way to save a bundle of money. Search for top ergonomic office chairs and providers via your favorite search engine. You'll be surprised at how many awesome resources you come across. Popular models include the new G20 computer chair from Global Total Office, and the ever popular Mayline Commute Chair with stylish mesh back. Regardless of the chair you choose, make sure you find one that has more benefits than features! Nothing is worse than spending thousands on a chair that you don't know how to properly use when far less money could have gained you far more in terms of efficiency while working.

Product 5: Office Lighting

Office LightingFrom an obvious standpoint, nobody likes working in the dark. By selecting the proper office lighting for your space, you'll ensure a well lit and cost effective area. Under mount task light solutions and a variety of new ergonomic desk lamp options have been made available for the start of 2013 that achieve just that. Part of being efficient also involves being cost efficient! Using those high dollar fluorescent lighting fixtures mounted in the panels of your office ceiling just won't do it! However, several of the new LED under mount light and desk lamp options will! These user friendly ergonomic lights might even be a fixture in your office right now! Commonly, users forget to utilize this item as it's out of sight and out of mind. Take a minute to look under your overhead storage unit. It might just surprise you. Just think, all those reports you've been up way too late reviewing could have been viewed in much more efficient lighting! If you are without desk lighting, brands like ESI, Systematix, and Symmetry offer products that will compliment your modern office desks and workstations in a variety of ways.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

5 Cool Office Chair Solutions for You

We all love having the latest and greatest new products. Regardless of what industry you're in, the odds are you spend some part of the day in an office chair. More than likely, you're chair has seen better days, but you don't know where to start with finding a new one. With so many awesome solutions available, it's hard to know what style or model to choose. To be honest, it can even be overwhelming. When the time does come to finally upgrade, this article will get you off on the right foot. In business, efficiency is everything. These top office chairs offer quality ergonomic features and comfort sure to accomplish just that.

Chair 1: 2050-3 Azeo Chair

Azeo Chair

Starting things off with bang! The Azeo office chair is an excellent value and provides all day support that can't be overlooked. The 2050-3 model boasts a stylish headrest, adjustable arms, and modern style for days. This popular swivel chair is available in both leather and fabric options and includes free nationwide delivery. Azeo seating was designed by Zooey Chu a respected industry force in the seating game. This fully functional model offers a flexible active lumbar support which will flex in response to the user's body movements and requirements. Check out the Azeo chair today and you'll surely be impressed!

Chair 2: 22011 Verte Chair

Verte Chair

It's easy to see that the Verte chair got it's name from the word vertebrae. This incredibly modern and ergo friendly chair mimics your every movement. When it comes to comfort, this piece may just take the top prize! A decade in the making, the Verte was created by a team of engineers, designers, and ergonomists. It is truly one of a kind. Sit in it once, and you’ll never settle for anything less. The 22011 accommodates users up to 300 lbs. and the patented back is built with 11 torsion spring-loaded joints that take an exact spine impression. The chair can be locked in place at the touch of a lever. High tech stuff to say the least!

Chair 3: 2811-8 Kate Chair

Global Kate Chair

Chair 3 boasts style for days! The 2811-8 Kate Chair by Global Total Office offers a retro modern look that's hard to miss. It's easy to picture the Kate office chair in a swanky executive office, loft, or highrise. This stunning example of craftsmanship is available in a seemingly limitless selection of leather and fabric options. Kate seating solutions feature ergo attributes such as pneumatic seat height capabilities and hooded heavy duty casters. The 2811-8 is truly the perfect combination of fashion and workplace efficiency. 

Chair 4: TSH3 Valore Chair
Valore Chair

So you're looking for a seating solution that won't distract from you're modern office furniture but still provides support, style, and comfort? No problem! The TSH3 Valore chair is the choice for you. This simple mesh back office chair is designed to meet the needs of any office applications. Valore chairs are commonly used in task seating applications and even accompanying new conference room furniture to keep visitors comfortable during important meetings. This do it all chair is incredibly affordable at only $252.99 and also includes free nationwide shipping. Available in 3 cool mesh back colors, the Valore chair has been an industry best seller for the past 2 years. During our official review of the Mayline Valore seating collection we found these chairs incredibly impressive and equally versatile. The Valore line is an absolute winner.

Chair 5: Boss Leather Office Chair

Tan Leather Office Chair

Last but not least, the AELE72C-TN model chair by Boss Seating. This tan leather office chair works perfectly in high end executive office environments. The best part, it's only $264.99! Talk about value. The AELE72C-TN boasts a gorgeous light tan leather upholstery, chrome frame, 27" base, and padded armrests. When it comes to leather office chairs, Boss knows how to get the job done on a budget. The contemporary look and feel of this awesome product make it a winner in any race.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stylish Executive Offices to Inspire Your Space

Creating a professional executive workspace can be tough. Starting from scratch, as with any project, requires inspiration. That being said, this article will highlight some of the hottest product lines used in a variety of applications to spark your creative juices.

Space 1: The Traditionalist

Sorrento Office Furniture

A traditional workspace is typically composed of wood veneer office furniture. This collection, the Sorrento by Mayline is a top choice for this particular look. The Sorrento veneer desking system is a transitional line of furniture specifically designed for executive offices, individual work spaces, conference rooms and reception areas. This line combines a high end look and technology-friendly features. Sorrento uses AA-grade North American Hardwood veneers throughout and features two absolutely stunning finishes. In addition to the Sorrento casegoods, this space features contemporary wall art and pulls in a vibrant tone from the potted plant. The little details of this space are easy to miss but truly make the difference between average and extraordinary. The concrete floors and natural light, along with the soft paint choice complete the look of this inspiring business space.

Space 2: Commercial Appeal

Commercial Executive Furniture

Utilizing metal accented office furniture throughout a workspace has become increasingly popular. This hot new trend offers a long lasting, functional appeal that's easy to appreciate. Stations like the CST7 from the CSII collection offer an affordable solution for those in search of this look. Priced at $1514.99, this unique commercial desking system offers everything needed to start the perfect office environment. In addition to the CSII furniture, this commercial space is highlighted with an affordable Mercado executive and matching guest chair. The desk lamp and gray tones of the space further enhance the commercial look, while the black framed wall art provides a hint of industrial flair. Overall, this is a really neat space that's been designed on a budget, and with awesome style!

Space 3: Modern Style

Modern Office Furniture

The boom in modern office furniture has been wide spread. Enough can not be said for the popularity of this look and style. Using cutting edge furniture shows class and elegance in the workplace and works well in loft, high rise, and luxury suites. Spaces like the one pictured above utilize a relatively new line of casegoods known as the Verde collection. This hot new line features white glass accented modern executive desk configurations, conference tables, and matching contemporary reception stations sure to enhance any space. Available in two coffee inspired finishes (espresso and latte) Verde is a hit with the upper class and even those on a budget. This affordable solution to your office decor needs boasts ample storage and a unique mobile side table for added versatility. While not all of us will have the luxury of full height windows, a million dollar view, and stunning concrete walls, Verde itself is actually affordable on most any budget. None the less, the simplicity of this space and the design of the furniture does not take away from the view which is what this space is all about. A modern perspective on the city with furniture to compliment.

Space 4: Modular Design

Modular Office Furniture

The needs of any space can change in an instant. If any trend is as hot as modern furniture, modular office furniture would be it! Typically composed with a modern style, modular products such as Zira casegoods by Global Total Office, offer exactly what most executives need most. Versatility and functionality are at the forefront of Zira's design. This collection of high quality laminate products also includes a variety of modern conference table options to match. Zira is completely customizable to the needs of any office and the wide offering of laminate finishes make it incredibly useful to interior designers. In addition to the Zira desking configuration this space is accented by gorgeous wood floors that compliment the dark espresso finish chosen. The wall color, tack board, and orange flowers pull together this professionally designed space to perfection. The Ride office chair does not distract from the look and offers excellent ergonomic support. Perhaps the best part of this space is the ability to change it. While this configuration may work for you now, in the future you may wish to expand or re purpose this product. Zira offers that ability and more. It's no wonder why this design has inspired so many future work areas!

Space 5: Home Sweet Home

Luminary Furniture

While it's fun to picture executives up on the 50th floor practicing their putt and enjoying expensive furniture, many business professionals prefer the home office to the high rise. For this reason, a homey furniture configuration must be included in this article. Lines like the Luminary collection meet this need to a T. One popular home office furniture choice includes the use of a product building steam quickly. The table desk boasts a simple design and minimizes bulk. If you hate moving as much as most folks, wait until you move huge desks around... not fun. Luminary solves this issue without sacrificing style. Units like the Luminary LUM15 Typical create simple, easy to configure offices quickly. Adding the matching wood bookcase along with a unique carpet pull this space together. Wall placement, and the use of contemporary art also accent this home office. In the long run, this space makes you feel right at home as it was intended too. A real winner by all accounts!