Tuesday, January 8, 2013

5 Cool Office Chair Solutions for You

We all love having the latest and greatest new products. Regardless of what industry you're in, the odds are you spend some part of the day in an office chair. More than likely, you're chair has seen better days, but you don't know where to start with finding a new one. With so many awesome solutions available, it's hard to know what style or model to choose. To be honest, it can even be overwhelming. When the time does come to finally upgrade, this article will get you off on the right foot. In business, efficiency is everything. These top office chairs offer quality ergonomic features and comfort sure to accomplish just that.

Chair 1: 2050-3 Azeo Chair

Azeo Chair

Starting things off with bang! The Azeo office chair is an excellent value and provides all day support that can't be overlooked. The 2050-3 model boasts a stylish headrest, adjustable arms, and modern style for days. This popular swivel chair is available in both leather and fabric options and includes free nationwide delivery. Azeo seating was designed by Zooey Chu a respected industry force in the seating game. This fully functional model offers a flexible active lumbar support which will flex in response to the user's body movements and requirements. Check out the Azeo chair today and you'll surely be impressed!

Chair 2: 22011 Verte Chair

Verte Chair

It's easy to see that the Verte chair got it's name from the word vertebrae. This incredibly modern and ergo friendly chair mimics your every movement. When it comes to comfort, this piece may just take the top prize! A decade in the making, the Verte was created by a team of engineers, designers, and ergonomists. It is truly one of a kind. Sit in it once, and you’ll never settle for anything less. The 22011 accommodates users up to 300 lbs. and the patented back is built with 11 torsion spring-loaded joints that take an exact spine impression. The chair can be locked in place at the touch of a lever. High tech stuff to say the least!

Chair 3: 2811-8 Kate Chair

Global Kate Chair

Chair 3 boasts style for days! The 2811-8 Kate Chair by Global Total Office offers a retro modern look that's hard to miss. It's easy to picture the Kate office chair in a swanky executive office, loft, or highrise. This stunning example of craftsmanship is available in a seemingly limitless selection of leather and fabric options. Kate seating solutions feature ergo attributes such as pneumatic seat height capabilities and hooded heavy duty casters. The 2811-8 is truly the perfect combination of fashion and workplace efficiency. 

Chair 4: TSH3 Valore Chair
Valore Chair

So you're looking for a seating solution that won't distract from you're modern office furniture but still provides support, style, and comfort? No problem! The TSH3 Valore chair is the choice for you. This simple mesh back office chair is designed to meet the needs of any office applications. Valore chairs are commonly used in task seating applications and even accompanying new conference room furniture to keep visitors comfortable during important meetings. This do it all chair is incredibly affordable at only $252.99 and also includes free nationwide shipping. Available in 3 cool mesh back colors, the Valore chair has been an industry best seller for the past 2 years. During our official review of the Mayline Valore seating collection we found these chairs incredibly impressive and equally versatile. The Valore line is an absolute winner.

Chair 5: Boss Leather Office Chair

Tan Leather Office Chair

Last but not least, the AELE72C-TN model chair by Boss Seating. This tan leather office chair works perfectly in high end executive office environments. The best part, it's only $264.99! Talk about value. The AELE72C-TN boasts a gorgeous light tan leather upholstery, chrome frame, 27" base, and padded armrests. When it comes to leather office chairs, Boss knows how to get the job done on a budget. The contemporary look and feel of this awesome product make it a winner in any race.

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