Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cool Products That Create an Efficient Workplace

Efficiency in the workplace is achieved through the use of ergonomic products. By utilizing a few of 2013's hottest new ergo items, you too can be working comfortably and effectively all day long. This article will highlight several of the key products sure to do just that!

Product 1: Dual Screen Monitor Arm

Dual Screen Monitor Mounts
Working with a single computer screen is a thing of the past. On average, users have multiple tabs open at one time and spend ample amounts of time flipping between them to copy and paste, read, or just surf the web. Dual screen monitor arms eliminate this in a hurry. In addition to the increased computing speed, dual monitor mounts will help you recapture a ton of usable desk space. Mounts are an excellent way to add versatility to your office. Imagine you have a visitor sitting at your desk and want to show them a webpage. Rather than asking them to get up and move, you can simply swing one of your screens around in seconds. This keeps your guest comfortable, and impressed! Dual monitor mounts are without a doubt the hottest ergonomic trend and will dominate modern work areas throughout 2013.

Product 2: Ergonomic Workstations

Ergonomic Workstation
Having a cool looking desk configuration is all well and good, but is it effective? Ergonomic workstations are becoming more and more common in business and for good reason. They vastly improve day to day productivity! Once an item for the luxury work space, ergo stations have become incredibly affordable. Units like the VariTask Table from Mayline can be purchased for as low as $687.99. What are the benefits of workstation of this nature you ask? The biggest and most obvious is without a doubt the adjustment capabilities. Units are easily raised an lowered to meet the needs of any situation. Often, higher end modular workstation configurations will come standard with keyboard trays, storage, and other user friendly features sure to keep you happy and efficient. And for that reason, ergonomic workstations are the perfect fit for this article!

Product 3: Articulating Keyboard Trays

All to often we overlook the little things at work that we would be lost without. Commonly, we forget about our poor little keyboard tray and take it for granted. The truth is, that this is probably the most used product by every office employee on any given day. All jokes aside, articulating keyboard trays provide wrist support and typing comforts that are an essential part of working ergonomically. While most individuals already make use of some type of keyboard tray solution, this popular product definitely deserves mention. Taking pressure off the wrists, improving posture, and helping you type faster are just a few of the benefits gained by using a well designed keyboard trays. Keep in mind, not all trays are created equal! Some luxury models offer a side mouse platform which creates more desk space. Others offer an ergonomic wave shape for and improved computing experience. For those not on board with this trend, it's recommended that you try several models before making your final decision. After all, ergonomics is all about finding the best products for your individual work style.

Product 4: Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office ChairsNearly every chair manufactured today comes standard with some form of ergonomic feature. This industry buzzword is often a top selling point of many brands that just don't fulfill the needs of the user. That being said, how do you choose an ergonomic office chair? Answer, you test them! Visit your physician to discuss any pains or areas of concern. With your newly gained advice, visit a showroom and take a seat! Try several leading models within your budget to find one that works best for you. Working with a store representative will give insight into the features a chair has and how to make them work best for you. Once you've found the perfect chair, shop around. Shopping for office chairs online is an excellent way to save a bundle of money. Search for top ergonomic office chairs and providers via your favorite search engine. You'll be surprised at how many awesome resources you come across. Popular models include the new G20 computer chair from Global Total Office, and the ever popular Mayline Commute Chair with stylish mesh back. Regardless of the chair you choose, make sure you find one that has more benefits than features! Nothing is worse than spending thousands on a chair that you don't know how to properly use when far less money could have gained you far more in terms of efficiency while working.

Product 5: Office Lighting

Office LightingFrom an obvious standpoint, nobody likes working in the dark. By selecting the proper office lighting for your space, you'll ensure a well lit and cost effective area. Under mount task light solutions and a variety of new ergonomic desk lamp options have been made available for the start of 2013 that achieve just that. Part of being efficient also involves being cost efficient! Using those high dollar fluorescent lighting fixtures mounted in the panels of your office ceiling just won't do it! However, several of the new LED under mount light and desk lamp options will! These user friendly ergonomic lights might even be a fixture in your office right now! Commonly, users forget to utilize this item as it's out of sight and out of mind. Take a minute to look under your overhead storage unit. It might just surprise you. Just think, all those reports you've been up way too late reviewing could have been viewed in much more efficient lighting! If you are without desk lighting, brands like ESI, Systematix, and Symmetry offer products that will compliment your modern office desks and workstations in a variety of ways.

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