Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Popular Office Tables for Business Use

In business, professional tables are utilized to enhance and pull together a variety of different spaces. Typically, office tables are utilized in important day to day applications. From the boardroom to the waiting room, this new article highlights a variety of table styles great for you business. Enjoy!

Style 1: Conference Tables

Conference Room Tables

When we think of tables at work, the conference room is usually the first place that comes to mind. Utilizing a stylish conference table in your boardroom is an excellent way to promote an uptempo or at home type atmosphere. Depending on the selection you make for your business, it's important to remember a few basics.

First and foremost, always measure your space before you shop. Nothing stings worse than buying a beautiful custom conference table that won't fit in your area properly!

Secondly, shop around! Visit showrooms and shop online to find the best solution for your individual needs. When it comes to quality conference room furniture several manufacturers are definitely a cut above the rest. Brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and OFM, Inc. offer a plethora of styles and sizes sure to enhance any meeting area.

When it comes to shape it's purely preference. However, some modular conference table configurations have been made recently available that are quite in style right now. These awesome tables allow for a space to be transformed by using a variety of quick change configurations.

Lastly, prep your space. It's important to be ready to receive your new product upon arrival. Remove old furniture and seating. As a side tip, leave room for uncartoning if you opted to assemble the table yourself. Commonly, conference room table packages are shipped extremely well and that means a lot of debris from the packaging.

Overall, conference and boardroom table solutions are a vital asset to any business. If space is limited, use a modular configuration. If you are looking to promote a luxury environment, utilize a larger wood veneer table from a brand like those listed above. Purchasing a conference table can be fun, enjoyable, and incredibly rewarding when you have that first big meeting in your newly decorated space.

Style 2: Reception Tables

Reception Tables

Reception tables are commonly used as an accent in any visitor area. Table styles include glass, wood, and modern variations to meet the decor needs of your space. Top reception table styles include models like the new wind coffee table from Global Total Office and the new profile lamp table by OFM.

Modern style seems to be the trend of late. However, a variety of traditionally styled reception table models are available for those in search of a warming, at home look. Traditional elegance in the workplace is a style that truly deserves more appreciation. This style appeals to luxury and classy work environments but can also be quite budget friendly. Pieces like the Jade occasional table from Cherryman Industries are an excellent example of this adage put to good use.

Reception tables are also classified using a variety of other terms including waiting room, lounge, and lobby tables. No matter your preferred term, it's important to find a style that fits and compliments your current decor. This versatile piece of furniture can be used as an accent or a highlight. The choice is yours!

Style 3: Training Room Tables

Training Room Tables

Training rooms are often a really neat environment at most businesses. These classroom inspired areas are utilized in an effort to educate employees and students alike. Finding quality training room furniture has been made significantly easier over the past few years with the addition of several awesome collections.

Interior designers and consumers alike love new training room furniture collections from manufacturers like Mayline and Global. Innovative new products like the new Sync table are rapidly taking over learning environments throughout the country. Familiar styles and models like Bungee table set solutions offer an easy to spec solution. Purchasing a set like this is often a one stop shop approach and greatly simplifies the process. Not to mention, tables like these are super cool!

Training room tables are available in a variety of variations to meet your individual space requirements. Surface shapes like rectangular, trapezoid, and crescent are popular in modern areas. Mobile training tables are great for modularity and versatility. Flip top tables are wonderful in areas where space is at a premium. Fixed leg training tables are most commonly used in one use areas like classrooms. Regardless of your preferred table type. Rest assured, there is a style for you!

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