Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stylish Executive Offices to Inspire Your Space

Creating a professional executive workspace can be tough. Starting from scratch, as with any project, requires inspiration. That being said, this article will highlight some of the hottest product lines used in a variety of applications to spark your creative juices.

Space 1: The Traditionalist

Sorrento Office Furniture

A traditional workspace is typically composed of wood veneer office furniture. This collection, the Sorrento by Mayline is a top choice for this particular look. The Sorrento veneer desking system is a transitional line of furniture specifically designed for executive offices, individual work spaces, conference rooms and reception areas. This line combines a high end look and technology-friendly features. Sorrento uses AA-grade North American Hardwood veneers throughout and features two absolutely stunning finishes. In addition to the Sorrento casegoods, this space features contemporary wall art and pulls in a vibrant tone from the potted plant. The little details of this space are easy to miss but truly make the difference between average and extraordinary. The concrete floors and natural light, along with the soft paint choice complete the look of this inspiring business space.

Space 2: Commercial Appeal

Commercial Executive Furniture

Utilizing metal accented office furniture throughout a workspace has become increasingly popular. This hot new trend offers a long lasting, functional appeal that's easy to appreciate. Stations like the CST7 from the CSII collection offer an affordable solution for those in search of this look. Priced at $1514.99, this unique commercial desking system offers everything needed to start the perfect office environment. In addition to the CSII furniture, this commercial space is highlighted with an affordable Mercado executive and matching guest chair. The desk lamp and gray tones of the space further enhance the commercial look, while the black framed wall art provides a hint of industrial flair. Overall, this is a really neat space that's been designed on a budget, and with awesome style!

Space 3: Modern Style

Modern Office Furniture

The boom in modern office furniture has been wide spread. Enough can not be said for the popularity of this look and style. Using cutting edge furniture shows class and elegance in the workplace and works well in loft, high rise, and luxury suites. Spaces like the one pictured above utilize a relatively new line of casegoods known as the Verde collection. This hot new line features white glass accented modern executive desk configurations, conference tables, and matching contemporary reception stations sure to enhance any space. Available in two coffee inspired finishes (espresso and latte) Verde is a hit with the upper class and even those on a budget. This affordable solution to your office decor needs boasts ample storage and a unique mobile side table for added versatility. While not all of us will have the luxury of full height windows, a million dollar view, and stunning concrete walls, Verde itself is actually affordable on most any budget. None the less, the simplicity of this space and the design of the furniture does not take away from the view which is what this space is all about. A modern perspective on the city with furniture to compliment.

Space 4: Modular Design

Modular Office Furniture

The needs of any space can change in an instant. If any trend is as hot as modern furniture, modular office furniture would be it! Typically composed with a modern style, modular products such as Zira casegoods by Global Total Office, offer exactly what most executives need most. Versatility and functionality are at the forefront of Zira's design. This collection of high quality laminate products also includes a variety of modern conference table options to match. Zira is completely customizable to the needs of any office and the wide offering of laminate finishes make it incredibly useful to interior designers. In addition to the Zira desking configuration this space is accented by gorgeous wood floors that compliment the dark espresso finish chosen. The wall color, tack board, and orange flowers pull together this professionally designed space to perfection. The Ride office chair does not distract from the look and offers excellent ergonomic support. Perhaps the best part of this space is the ability to change it. While this configuration may work for you now, in the future you may wish to expand or re purpose this product. Zira offers that ability and more. It's no wonder why this design has inspired so many future work areas!

Space 5: Home Sweet Home

Luminary Furniture

While it's fun to picture executives up on the 50th floor practicing their putt and enjoying expensive furniture, many business professionals prefer the home office to the high rise. For this reason, a homey furniture configuration must be included in this article. Lines like the Luminary collection meet this need to a T. One popular home office furniture choice includes the use of a product building steam quickly. The table desk boasts a simple design and minimizes bulk. If you hate moving as much as most folks, wait until you move huge desks around... not fun. Luminary solves this issue without sacrificing style. Units like the Luminary LUM15 Typical create simple, easy to configure offices quickly. Adding the matching wood bookcase along with a unique carpet pull this space together. Wall placement, and the use of contemporary art also accent this home office. In the long run, this space makes you feel right at home as it was intended too. A real winner by all accounts!

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