Friday, February 8, 2013

Cupid's Favorite Furniture and Seating Specials for February

The week of Valentine's day is upon us. With all the love being shared, we thought it would be fun to offer a list of  furniture and seating specials sure to have Cupid shooting arrows of love in the workplace! These awesome products are all available on sale now and include nationwide free shipping. In addition, please don't miss the furniture coupons included below for even better savings. If you would like to inquire about bulk pricing or an upcoming project, please contact us directly at 800-867-1411. Happy Valentine's Day!

Europa Office Chair by Eurotech Seating
We believe that throughout the year Cupid is preparing for Valentine's day in style. Part of that means having an effective workspace that promotes efficiency. Once popular chair Cupid would undoubtedly consider for his space would be the Europa office chair by Eurotech Seating. This European styled chair offers a choice of black or brown vinyl upholstery and is available with matching arm covers. The Europa is standard with ergonomic features like tilt tension, center tilt, tilt lock, waterfall seat edge, and seat height adjustment. Priced at $193.99 this fantastic new chair by Eurotech Seating is easy to love!

Mayline AT22 Aberdeen Typical
When you fly on wing power alone you're not racking up frequent flyer miles. Long distance trips can be quite pricey and it's because of this reason that Cupid is always looking to save a buck. That being said, money can always be saved when it comes to modern office desks. Even though cupid sports an old school look, we think he would definitely love this stylish Aberdeen Wall Desk configuration. The AT22LDC is an excellent example of Mayline's quality craftsmanship. As with most all Mayline Office Desks, this modern unit is typically in stock for quick shipment. A nice feature for those in need of furniture in a hurry. The AT22LDC includes everything needed to get your executive office headed in the right direction!

Ergonomic Monitor Arm
We like to picture our cupid as a lovable business mogul who treats his entire staff with the utmost respect and appreciation. After all, it's hard work spreading love throughout the world and without his staff of trained professionals he would be completely lost... or at least we like to think so. Overall, any good business owner cares about the needs and comfort of their employees and what better way to show it than with these ergonomic monitor arms by ESI. The new EDGE monitor arm is available on sale now for only $153.99. This versatile office accessory is an excellent way to increase your usable desk space and improve day to day productivity. The reliable design and durable construction of these ESI monitor arm models are impossible to beat! They are truly the best on the market.

InterPlay Lounge Furniture Set by OFM
The word on the streets is that the online dating scene is really cramping Cupid's style. For this reason, he's expanding his territory and offering services to a broader range of individuals looking for true love. Part of this expansion will definitely involve bringing in clients for interviews and screenings. Because of this, Cupid will definitely want his guest to be comfortable while waiting and visiting his place of business! First impressions are vital for any business, and with products like the InterPlay lounge furniture set your sure to make a positive one. This OFM lounge furniture collection offers a modern two tone look and versatile arm tablets for waiting room computing. The durable casters are an excellent feature that provide modularity and quick reconfiguration capabilities. Priced at $1099.99 this set is a remarkable value!

Tired of our silly Cupid related puns? We totally understand! To make up for it, we've provided 3 of our favorite furniture and seating deals sure to save you a bundle this Valentine's day.

Deal 1: Alba Series Elliptical Conference Table
Price: $748.99

Alba Series Elliptical Conference Table

Deal 2: Eastwinds Arched Home Computer Desk
Price: $106.99

Eastwinds Arched Computer Desk

Deal 3: 11740B Modern Occasional Chair
Price: $113.99

11740B Offices To Go Chair

In addition to all the discount furniture and chair specials above, we are always happy to provide bulk discounts and coupons where applicable. Please enjoy the active coupons below and have an enjoyable Valentine's day with someone special!

Coupon Code: FP3900
Deal: $50 off any order of $999.00 or more, plus FREE shipping.

Coupon Code: FP3400
Deal: $25 off any order of $500.00 or more, plus FREE shipping.

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