Monday, February 11, 2013

Space Saving Office Furniture Solutions for Your Growing Business

No matter the size of your business, space is always at a premium. From fortune 500 companies to smaller start ups, we are commonly asked about space savings products that will help maximize workplace potential. If space concerns are an issue for your business, than the list of awesome product suggestions highlighted in today's article are just what you need. From meeting tables to desk accessories, you'll be regaining valuable workspace in no time!

Suggestion 1: Round Meeting Tables
Small round Meeting Table

It's general knowledge that smaller businesses won't typically have large boardrooms. That being said, meetings are essential for any business to operate effectively. Utilizing round conference table and meeting style table solutions will help you save space and still hold structured meetings. Round office tables allow for increased elbow room and typically range from 42" to 48" in diameter. Perfect for the space limitations of smaller office environments.

One brand offering an extensive selection of small round conference table solutions is OFM. This reputable furniture provider offers units like the FT36RD, a versatile round meeting table available in 4 in stock colors. This flip top office table boasts a honeycomb core that combines to form a lightweight yet sturdy product. Multi purpose office tables by OFM are also available with square surfaces to meet your individual taste. No matter your preference, these versatile and space saving tables are perfect for the needs of any growing business.

Suggestion 2: Mobile Training Room Furniture

Bungee Series Training Room Table

The use of castors on modern office furniture has grown immensely over the past 5 years. Nowadays, we see wheels on almost every form of office product available. Why you ask? Because modularity is one of the most important factors when it comes to saving space at work. The most common form of mobilized business furniture is the training table. Units like this BX2442RES model Global Total Office Bungee Table are a perfect example. This versatile line of discount business tables is available in a seemingly limitless variety of laminate finishes to match the decor needs of any space. This particular model offers a flip top design for easy nesting. A great feature for those in need of quick reconfiguring capabilities and easy space cleaning.

Other mobile training tables include the Flip-N-Go and Sync office table solutions from Mayline. As with all mobile furniture, Mayline training table solutions are built around efficiency. These two lines are incredibly easy to install and operate. Optional ganging brackets are available that allow for larger table configurations. Regardless of your needs, these two collections are sure to save you two of the most important things when it comes to office products, space and money!

Suggestion 3: Ergonomic Accessories

Ergonomic Monitor Arms

Products like ergonomic monitor mounts and articulating keyboard trays are an excellent way to regain usable desk space in the office. Monitor arms offer a huge range of motions including left to right, back and forth, and up and down. This broad range allows for any number of computer screens to be out of the way when not in use. These affordable office accessories are becoming an integral part of modern businesses on a daily basis. Once you add an ergonomic monitor arm, there's no going back. Top models include the new EDGE monitor arm by ESI and the Allure monitor arm by Symmetry.

When it comes to ergonomic keyboard trays it's all about the user. In terms of ergonomic value these space saving computer products eliminate the need for your typing to take place on the desk top. With an ergo keyboard tray, you maximize your office desk space and potential at an extremely low cost. Top trays include models from ESI Ergonomic Solutions and Systematix. Both budget friendly manufacturers offer quick shipment and GREENGUARD Certifications on most products.

Suggestion 4: Modular Casegoods

4 Person Office Cubicle

Keeping employees comfortable and working effectively is a major concern. Productivity will undoubtedly decline if workers are cramped. That being said, how do you provide a sufficient workstation that saves space and won't break your budget? With modular office furniture! Several quality furniture collections are now available for the needs of any growing business. Lines like Princeton and Zira casegoods by Global Total Office allow consumers to grow their desk configuration according to their needs. For spaces large and small this is a priceless attribute. No longer will you find yourself purchasing entire office cubicles to replace old ones. Lines like the new e5 office furniture collection by Mayline provide an open desking solution that allows businesses to grown at their own pace. Simply add additional components to your current modular workstations your needs increase. New e5 components can be configured to form multi user workstations and single desk setups easily and in a huge selection of modern finishes.

A huge part of saving space involves proper space planning and design. By working with an interior designer or furniture specialist, you ensure the maximization of your square footage. Additionally, designers and industry professionals alike will be able to provide valuable products and top office furniture collections like the ones highlighted in this article. In order to make the most of your budget, it's always recommended that you speak with professionals before undergoing any major office makeover.

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