Friday, February 1, 2013

Top Office Interior Design Projects for February

Office Furniture

Now that the year is fully underway, several key spaces of businesses throughout the country are enjoying professional makeovers. From the boardroom to the executive office this article highlights the top areas undergoing furniture transitions to improve their look and efficiency.

Space 1: The Boardroom

Boardroom Furniture

The boardroom. Also known as the conference room and meting area. Regardless of your preferred name, this highly used area consists of several key products designed to improve meetings while providing a professional appearance. These products including boardroom table configurations, presentations aids, and stylish wall cabinets for storage. 

Top conference room furniture manufacturers offering awesome new products in 2013 include brands like Cherryman Industries and several others. Collections like the Verde casegoods furniture line offer a one stop solution for boardrooms of any size. Verde includes modern wall cabinets and a host of glass accented conference room tables sure to impress guests and garner a host of compliments. 

When designing your new boardroom remember that efficiency comes first. Don't forget the small details like presentation boards and lecterns. In addition,  it's always essential to provide a meeting space with comfortable chairs for your employees and visitors alike. Chairs like the Offices To Go 11730B provide all around good looks with a retro modern style. This typically in stock product ships quick which is always a nice attribute! When it comes to discount conference chairs, Offices To Go should definitely be considered for your project as their seating will definitely keep you within budget.

Space 2: The Training Room

Training Room Furniture

More often than ever, businesses are creating spaces designed around employee education. These classroom inspired learning environments include modular office tables capable of quick configuring and nesting capabilities. Top training room tables from brands like Global Total Office will be available in a host of laminate surface options to meet the individual decor needs of your space. Additionally, products like Bungee table set configurations provide a simple to use option for spaces of any size. These professional table sets include everything you need to start your training room off on the right foot. 

In addition to tables, your training room should feature affordable seating that won't leave you limited on space. Modern training room seating like the Mayline Valore chair are available in 3 in stock color combinations and nest closely to save space. The importance of nesting products cannot be understated when it comes to the training area. Nesting allows rooms to be transformed for a variety of uses, saves space, and really comes in handy when cleaning!

Remembering a few simple tips will help you greatly with your training area furniture project. First, remember to measure your space. When doing so, notate electrical outlets, leave plenty of room for aisle space between tables, and determine a number of guests you hope to accommodate based on your area. Secondly, speak with your dealer directly in regards to product suggestions and bulk pricing. You'll be surprised just how much money you can save, and it never hurts to ask! Lastly, make plans for receiving your furniture and installing it. Often, businesses opt to pay for installation as a premium service but quite frankly it's a luxury that can be avoided. Modern training room furniture is typically quite easy to install, but a repetitive process that can be time consuming. Preparing accordingly upfront is a fantastic way to stay organized and save money. Tables will arrive in individual boxes and delivery can usually be handled effectively with 2 individuals. Inside delivery will also be available and should be discussed upfront to ensure a smooth arrival process.

Space 3: The Lounge
Lounge Furniture
Positive first impressions are incredibly important. The first area visitors see when walking in to your place of business is the lounge, lobby, reception area, or waiting room. Regardless of your preferred name orientation, this popular area is one of the most essential to any business. Keeping guest comfortable and entertained while waiting ensures a pleasant visit and hopefully recommendations to others.

When it comes to discount lounge furniture, OFM, Inc. is offering some of the top new products on the market. Furniture from the new NET series offers an affordable solution to the needs of any modern visitors area. From modular beam seating to a variety of discount glass reception tables, OFM understands the needs of your business and budget! Industry professionals and interior designers alike love stylish new products like the UNO lounge chair. This two tone chair boasts an intriguing modern look and is incredibly comfortable. Available in a variety of color combinations, UNO series modern lounge chairs are also available will bulk discounts for added savings! As an added bonus, most all OFM Office Furniture is in stock for quick delivery.

Another important piece of furniture commonly used in the lounge area is the reception desk. Rest assured, nobody offers a larger selection of discount reception desks than Mayline. This industry leading furniture provider boasts at least 10 top casegoods furniture collections, all including professional welcome desks for your business. Additionally, Mayline furniture lines offer a variety of discount executive desks and conference products sure to add a look of cohesiveness and professionalism to your business. When purchasing a reception station a variety of styles will be available. From L shaped models, to curved styles, it's important to work with your dealer of preference to ensure your specific needs are met.

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