Monday, March 25, 2013

Reviewing Cherryman Industries Casegoods Furniture Lines

The Cherryman Industries brand is an industry favorite amongst office furniture professionals and interior designers alike. Their selection of high quality furnishings works fantastic for the home and business. From affordable reception furniture to luxury office desks, this well rounded manufacturer does it all. In today's article we will highlight the top lines available from this reputable brand. Enjoy!

Amber Series Office Furniture

The Amber office furniture collection from Cherryman Industries has been a top seller for years. This full service line is available in 5 stocked laminate finishes that really impress. Amber desk tops are 1" thick and feature a profiled edge on all 4 sides. Units like the Amber executive desk AM-367N are always an excellent choice for executive office applications while AM-347N Amber Reception Station provide a wholesome look to any visitors area.


Emerald Series Office Furniture

The Emerald Series Furniture line from Cherryman Industries is commonly used in luxury home office applications. This collection includes the EM-401N Table Desk that's always a hot ticket item. Available in two rich wood veneer finishes, the Emerald Desking Line by Cherryman Industries showcases affordable luxury. As an added bonus, Emerald furniture is typically in stock and available for quick shipment.


Jade Series Office Furniture by Cherryman

Looking for an affordable line of modern casegoods furniture for your home or business? Look no further than the Jade Series Furniture Line. This line of executive furniture features premium grade veneers and 1 1/8" thick tops. The Jade collection includes a wide variety of corner office desks as well as matching wood boardroom tables sure to impress your valued clients. This unique solution to business furniture needs offers the perfect blend of wood, metal, and glass for a professional feel that's hard to top.

Cherryman Industries Ruby Furniture

The Ruby Office Furniture Collection includes everything needed to create, decorate, or enhance any room of your office. This full service line is highlighted with a paprika cherry finish that showcases depth and elegance. A Ruby series round meeting table accompanied by matching Respond Chairs will often be used for smaller conference applications in order to make up for the lack of square footage with luxury style. In addition, Ruby office desk configurations like the RU-258 are perfect for executive home office furniture needs and won't break your budget.

Cherryman Industries Verde Furniture

Last but certainly not least, the Cherryman Verde Series of modular casegoods furniture. This line has truly revolutionized the business world. With a huge selection of modern office desk configurations, Verde provides solutions for any sized space. Available in two coffee inspired finishes, this collection is a hit even amongst these other top selling furniture lines highlighted above. Verde combines it's rich finish with white glass accents to form a one of a kind look. Verde series reception desks are another excellent reason why this line is a true favorite. Consumers just can't get enough of the contemporary look! To make a long story short, this is a full service furniture collection that will be making positive impressions for years to come.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

High End Office Chairs for the Luxury Office

While not every budget is able to withstand the cost of office chairs priced in the thousands, it's still fun to window shop! This article highlights several of the industries most popular high end seating solutions for business executives looking to impress visitors while staying comfortable all day.

Chair 1: Concorde Presidential Chair
Price: $2179.99

Concorde Presidential Chair by Global Total Office

Global Total Office produces several of the most high end office chair solutions for the executive work environment. Without a doubt, the most luxurious of these models is the Concorde Presidential Chair in contract leather. Let's put it this way, the past few US presidents have utilized this chair. The ergonomic features of the 2409 Concorde chair are hard to beat. If you are a corporate executive in search of extensive chair adjustment capabilities, this is the product for you. Available in a wide variety of unique leather colors, this fantastic office chair can be customized to meet the decor needs of any space.

Chair 2: Oslo Executive Chair
Price: $1482.99

Upscale Executive Office Chair

The Via Seating chair company really outdid themselves when they decided to create this upscale executive chair for conference room and private office. It's easy to appreciate the elegance this unique seating solution is completely customizable to meet your individual needs. A choice of 6 arm styles are available as well as a wide variety of leather options. The Oslo high back executive chair also offers a choice of base finish and ergonomic mechanism.. For those that can afford it, this chair is an excellent investment in terms of longevity and comfort.

Chair 3: Verte Ergonomic Chair
Price: $1357.99

Verte Ergonomic Chair

Next up, one of the most advanced ergonomic office chair solutions on the market. Imagine settling into a chair that molds itself to your spine’s unique shape. Inspired by the human vertebrae, the Verte office chair combines ergonomics, form and function to produce the ultimate in seating posture and comfort. A decade in the making, the Verte was created by a team of engineers, designers, and ergonomists, and is truly one of a kind. Sit in it once, and you’ll never settle for anything less.

Chair 4: Ergohuman Chair
Price: $659.00 - Call for Lowest Price!

Leather Ergohuman Office Chair

While the Leather Ergohuman Chair might not be the most expensive on the list, it's definitely one of the most comfortable. This line of luxury office chairs means business! The always popular Eurotech Seating brand was all about increasing workplace efficiency when creating the Ergohuman Executive chair for the home and business. In addition to this luxury leather swivel chair, several mesh back office chairs are available from the Ergohuman line that provide optimal quality and look superior to almost any chair on the market. If you're interested in any of the Ergohuman models, call your dealer of choice direct. You might just be surprised by current sale specials available on these awesome chairs.

Chair 5: Avenger Chair
Price: $454.99
Avenger Office Chair

Lat but certainly not least, the OFM Avenger Chair in your choice of black or cream leather. This line of big and tall office chair models offer the look, feel, and comfort, of any luxury office chair at a price any budget will appreciate. The 811-LX Avenger Office Chair supports users up to 500 lbs. and boasts a Greenguard Certification for the eco friendly consumer. In addition, these high end executive chairs work extremely well as part of any conference room furniture application where an elegant look is necessary. The extensive ergonomic features and design aesthetics of the 811-LX will make it a big winner in 2013.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Clearance Office Desks, Reception Stations, and More While Supplies Last

We are pleased to offer clearance office furniture for your home or business needs. Enjoy these exclusive savings while supplies last! All of the below products also include free shipping for added value. Don't miss out on these incredible deals.

Deal 1: SK1 Stella Workstation
Price: 1688.99

Deal 2: SK2 Stella Workstation
Price: 1683.99

Deal 3: SK9 Stella Workstation 
Price: $1941.99

Deal 4: SK10 Stella Workstation
Price: $2295.99

Deal 5: SK11 Stella Workstation
Price: $2232.99

Deal 6: SK22 Stella Executive Desk
Price: $1011.99

Deal 7: SKRSRBF Stella Reception Desk (Sold Out!)
Price: $1222.99

Deal 8: SKRSBF Stella Reception Desk (Sold Out!)
Price: $978.99

Deal 9: SKSC Stella Storage Cabinet
Price: $334.99

Deal 10: SKLF Stella Filing Cabinet
Price: $328.99

Deal 11: SKB4 Stella Bookcase
Price: $272.99

Deal 12: SKFF Stella Pedestal
Price: $198.99

Deal 13: SKBBF Stella Pedestal
Price: $198.99

Deal 14: SKC42T Stella Table
Price: $265.99

Deal 15: SKC8 Stella Conference Table
Price: $603.99

*All Deals Available While Supplies Last. Please Feel Free to Call 800-867-1411 for Inventory Availability.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

3 Cool Ways to Modernize Your Office

The modern look is always in style! Consumers are steadily asking for the latest trend setting furniture, seating, and office accessories to keep their work space up to date. This informative new article highlights 3 simple ways to modernize any office space on a budget.

1.) The Desk

Modern Office DesksAny modern office makeover project should start with the desk. This essential component is the first key element necessary to create a high tech work space. The office desk is command central, and all other products should work to complement this main piece of furniture. That being said, an extensive selection of modern desking is available for work environments of any size.

Manufacturers like Mayline, Global Total Office, and Cherryman Industries all offer industry leading office desk solutions. The modern office desks for sale by any of these top brands will surely assist you in your quest to create the perfect business headquarters. Top desk lines include products from the Napoli, Zira, and Verde furniture collections. Once you've located a line and look that fits your style, it's time to decide on a configuration.

When shopping for modern office furniture it's vitally important to first measure your space. The square footage, power outlets, windows, and load bearing members all play a vital role in determining which style of desk configuration will work best for you. Utilizing corner office desks is an excellent way to maximize a spaces potential while large executive desks showcase luxury style and a high end look. No matter the type of configuration you choose, the manufacturers listed above will provide more than ample options at your disposal.

2.) The Chair

Modern Office ChairsWhen shopping for modern office seating for your work area keep cost, comfort, and style in atop your priorities  These three important factors are essential to keep in mind while shopping and will greatly determine the type of chair that works best for your needs and budget.

Top modern seating manufacturers that won't break your bank include Boss, Offices To Go, and newer brands like Eurotech Seating who specialize in ergonomic efficiency. These reputable manufacturers have thousands of quality products sold through respective dealer networks throughout the country.

Just in for 2013 are modern products like the Symbian Office Chair as well as the Fuzion Office Chair geared towards all day comfort and workplace productivity. While these two top selling models are widely available online, additional savings can be yours by calling your dealer of choice directly. Another great chair to consider is the Aaria executive chair by Boss. This contemporary solution is priced as low as $210.99 and includes free shipping. This super stylish option is also in stock for those in need of luxurious office seating in a hurry.

3.) The Accessories

Ergonomic Office AccessoriesDon't forget the little things! Any interior designer or office furniture professional will tell you that the ergonomic products make all the difference when it comes to creating a modern work environment. While several top ergonomic furniture lines include standard ergo features, those looking to enhance a current office will be in search of cutting edge products to keep them working effectively. In addition, replacing outdated keyboard trays and other old school items is always a wise decision as you will reap the rewards in terms of office productivity.

Top ergonomic office accessories include monitor arms for any number of screens, desk and workstation lighting along with adjustable keyboard platforms for both the home and business. In addition to the more common products listed above additional solutions are available for a top shelf ergo experience. Modern CPU holders provide a fast, easy, and cost effective way to secure your computers power source while keeping it off the ground to provide easier access. Ergonomic office footrests reduce back pain while relieving stress during those long typing sessions. No matter what ergonomic office accessories you decide to go with, meeting with a healthcare professional or office product specialist will ensure you know what products will benefit you most.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Essential Furniture and Seating for The Reception Area

The welcoming area of any business is extremely important. Visitor's, patients, and clients all spend time in this room. For that reason, it's vital to provide a professional appearance you can be proud of. Creating a reception area consists of 3 main elements. These elements are the reception desk, seating, and accent furniture. In today's article we will cover these main components to showcase just how easy it is to create the reception area of envision.

Top Selling Reception DesksThe most important part of any reception area is the reception desk. This component is the center of attention and what all the other furniture in your space works to compliment. The reception station or welcome desk is the first area any guest will typically visit. That being said, this is where a vast majority of first impressions are formed.

When it comes to reception desk configurations for your business a wide variety of styles are available. For smaller areas it's best to utilize a small modular reception desk that will allow for future growth. Larger areas may opt to utilize L shaped units as well as curved models designed to incorporate more than one employee. A new style of desk that's becoming increasingly popular is the circular reception desk as it boasts a modern style sure to earn your space positive compliments.

No matter the style of desk you choose, it's important to know what manufacturers produce the best reception desks in order to help you make an informed purchasing decision. Models from Mayline, Offices To Go, and Cherryman Industries are amongst the industry leaders. In addition, OFM reception desks and welcome stations are also a great choice. This leading furniture manufacturer offers very well made, affordable, and in stock products sure to get your welcome area jazzed up in a hurry.

Stylish Reception Seating
The second essential product for any lounge, lobby, or reception area is the seating. Keeping guests comfortable during their weight shows that you care. Not to mention, the office reception area seating utilized in your space will highlight the overall style and theme of your welcoming area. With hundreds of options available, you will be at no shortage of selection when taking on this vital component.

Popular reception and lobby seating styles include comfortable lounge chairs as well as leather office sofas in a variety of sizes. However, the most popular style for 2013 is without a doubt modular beam seating solutions. This form of guest seating provides an affordable, yet contemporary approach that offers limitless possibilities. Top beam style chairs are easily reconfigured to meet the needs of your guests. Both indoor and outdoor models are available and offer excellent durability making them excellent long term office investments.

Modern Reception Tables for SaleNo reception area would be complete without stylish accent furniture. These products include glass coffee tables, potted plants, matching end tables, and magazine organizers. The little details should never be over looked during any office interior design products as they showcase ingenuity as well as style.

In most cases, accent furniture will be the most fun to shop for. Potted plants can be picked up at any hobby store or home improvement retailer. It's probably best to purchase these last as they serve no real purpose other than those of an aesthetic nature. One piece of accent furniture that will surely garner a host of attention is the coffee table. Finding discount coffee tables of any style is best handled online. Most vendors will gladly provide free shipping. As a side tip, if you are purchasing other Reception Area Furniture from the same vendor, request a bulk discount for added savings. You might just be surprised at the amount of extra discount they provide.

The same holds true when shopping for end tables for sale for your business. Do a little research to find a style then do some comparing. Remember, the office tables utilized in your welcoming area should be used to accent the overall theme and pull your space together. Working with a designer or industry professional is never a bad idea. No matter the style of space you choose to create, keep the customers needs first and you'll never go wrong!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Furnish Every Room with These Full Service Office Furniture Collections

Creating the workspace of your dreams is simple, if you know where to look! Knowing the top full service office furniture collections available will help you design and outfit your business with cohesive solutions that look fantastic. These best selling lines offer products for every room of the office and ensure a well rounded, professional appearance.

Offices To Go Ventnor Collection
First up, the Offices To Go Ventnor collection. This line of popular office furniture includes a variety of stylish products in two stunning finishes. Ventnor executive desk packages like this V7 model go far beyond the minimal needs of the office. Sets like this include matching round office tables and ample storage products for improved office organization. The Ventnor boardroom table collection is surprisingly affordable. You will be hard pressed to find a more complete line of conference tables designed around functionality and budget.

When it comes to top office furniture collections, perhaps no brand offers a better selection of full service lines than Mayline. Whether you desire a modern office desk configuration or prefer a more traditionally styled line of professional conference room tables, Mayline offers solutions sure to impress without breaking your budget.


Mayline Mira Furniture

The Mira office components from Mayline offer the perfect combination of traditional quality and modern influence. This wood veneer desking line is available in two popular finishes. Pre configured office typicals are available to make shopping simple and easy. The top selling line of Mira Reception Desk solutions are available with or without the optional glass transaction counter. These truly innovative products look great in any office atmosphere and provide a wholesome look that's sure to gain your space a ton of positive compliments.


Another top selling Mayline furniture collection that offers full service solutions for every room of your business is the new e5 office furniture line. If you love cutting edge products and the modern look, than this is the furniture for you! Modern e5 office desk configurations are available for the executive office as well as for team work environments. The open feel of an e5 cubicle configuration will promote teamwork while inspiring visitors with your trend setting style. In addition, matching laminate storage cabinets are available in a variety of awesome finishes to help you keep your office organized. Needless to say, e5 will be making it's impression for years to come!

Ruby Series Office Furniture by Cherryman Industries

Interior designers and consumers alike love the Cherryman Industries Furniture and Seating brand as their wide variety of casegoods collections work well for projects of any size and style. One top collection that anyone considering an office makeover should consider is the ever popular Ruby casegoods furniture line for the home and business. This collection includes stunning luxury executive desks in a cherry finish that's hard to top. In addition to popular executive desks, the Ruby line boasts round meeting table solutions as well as professional reception desks designed around long lasting quality.


Last but not least we arrive at our final line, the Princeton Series Modular Furniture collection by Global Total Office. We've highlighted this popular line of top modular workstations before and for good reason. It's fantastic! Princeton workstation solutions are available in a seemingly limitless collection of laminate finishes. Shoppers will enjoy the ability to configure their desk package for offices of any size while integrating built in bench seating for guests. The Princeton desk collection is all about versatility. With hundreds of matching components, Princeton allows for a full range of custom solutions built just for you. For ease of purchase, corner office desks can also be purchased as pre configured units. Mobilized desk pedestal cabinets are also offered for added storage and modularity. The contemporary look of frosted glass overhead cabinets further pull together the overall feel of the Princeton line. Overall, this affordable line of discount office desks is truly a full service favorite.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Popular Lounge Seating Collections You'll Love

First impressions are often formed when visitors take their first seat in your waiting room or lounge area. That being said it's essential to provide a well rounded and comfortable space that showcases your business style. The lounge seating collections highlighted in today's post are sure to enhance your waiting area in a hurry and without breaking your budget.


Jarvis Waiting Room Furniture

The first collection that should be considered by anyone looking to take on an office makeover project is the Jarvis Lounge Furniture Collection by Global Total Office. This luxury waiting room furniture set boasts a leather upholstery complimented by wooden feet for accents. The Jarvis collection offers a timeless look with scrolled arms as well as an extremely comfortable sit. The modernized tapered sides and clean surfaces make this collection a real winner!


Wind Lounge Furniture

When it comes to modern waiting room furniture for sale, perhaps no collection is more popular than the Wind Lounge Furniture line. This stylish collection includes a variety of fabric and leather upholstered modern lounge chairs, sofas, and matching reception tables to fully create a well rounded visitors area. The chrome legs further enhance the contemporary appeal while the wide variety of attractive textiles provide a versatile approach to office decorating for both interior designers and consumers alike.

Net Series

OFM Net Series

Our third collection is a huge hit throughout the office furniture industry. The OFM Net series includes a variety of modern beam and bench seating solutions that are sure to impress guests and earn your welcoming area a plethora of positive compliments. The Net Series Swivel Guest Chair is available in 7 cool colors perfect for both indoor and outdoor seating applications. In addition to seating, this collection offers several glass side table models that are sure to accent your space to perfection. The NGT-1 table is priced at $265.99 and sports a powder coated steel finish and Greenguard Certification for the eco friendly crowd.


Mayline Prestige Furniture Collection

Fourth on the list, the Mayline Prestige Furniture Collection. This line of traditionally style waiting room seating includes everything needed to create a fully functional visitors area. The Prestige collection offers the perfect combination of traditional style and well rounded simplicity. The Prestige office sofa, lounge chair, and settee are all standard in black leather with a choice of mahogany or Sierra Cherry legs.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Lounge Furniture by Mayline

Last but not least we reach the industries top waiting room furniture line for the start of 2013. The Mayline Santa Cruz Furniture collection has been a huge hit since it's inception last year. This line of comfortable office reception furniture boasts a luxury look at an affordable price point. Available in a choice of black or almond leather, Santa Cruz can accommodate high end work environments or fit right at home in smaller waiting areas. As with most Mayline furniture, the Santa Cruz line is typically in stock. A great feature for those in need of modern office furniture in a hurry.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 New Office Furniture and Seating Deals for March

At we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best selection of discount office furniture and office chairs online. This month, we're excited to announce these 10 fantastic furniture and seating deals for your home or business needs. Enjoy!

Deal 1: Eurotech Seating Eclipse Chair
Price: $156.99

Eurotech Seating Eclipse Chair

Deal 2: Glass Computer Desk by Flash Furniture
Price: $89.99
Wood and Glass Computer Desk
Deal 3: 11790B Offices To Go Mesh Chair
Price: $185.99
Modern Office Chair
Deal 4: Multi Purpose Folding Table by OFM
Price: $268.99
Multi Purpose Folding Table

Deal 5: Lesro Amherst Chair
Price: $284.99 *Call for Lowest Price!
Lesro Amherst Chair
Deal 6: Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desk by Mayline
Price: $868.99
Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desk

Deal 7: White Leather Office Chair by Boss
Price: $223.99

White Leather Office Chair

Deal 8: Modern File Cabinet by Cherryman
Price: $509.99 *Call for Lowest Price!
Modern Lateral File Cabinet
Deal 9: Dual Screen Monitor Arm by ESI
Price: $247.99
EDGE2 Dual Screen Monitor Arm
Deal 10: Brighton Reception Station by Mayline
Price: $819.99
Brighton Reception Desk by Mayline
In addition to the new office furniture and office chairs on sale above, we are pleased to offer our entire line of executive desks for sale with free shipping.

We'd love to hear what you think of these new categories. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! As always we are bulk pricing and free shipping on our entire lineup of products. Please find the furniture and seating coupons below for added savings!

Coupon 1: FP3600 - $25 off $499.99 + FREE Shipping  

Coupon 2: FP3900 - $50 off $999.99 + FREE Shipping    

Coupon 3: FP4000 - $100 off $1999.99 + FREE Shipping  

Coupon 4: FP5500 - $150 off $2999.99 + FREE Shipping