Thursday, March 14, 2013

3 Cool Ways to Modernize Your Office

The modern look is always in style! Consumers are steadily asking for the latest trend setting furniture, seating, and office accessories to keep their work space up to date. This informative new article highlights 3 simple ways to modernize any office space on a budget.

1.) The Desk

Modern Office DesksAny modern office makeover project should start with the desk. This essential component is the first key element necessary to create a high tech work space. The office desk is command central, and all other products should work to complement this main piece of furniture. That being said, an extensive selection of modern desking is available for work environments of any size.

Manufacturers like Mayline, Global Total Office, and Cherryman Industries all offer industry leading office desk solutions. The modern office desks for sale by any of these top brands will surely assist you in your quest to create the perfect business headquarters. Top desk lines include products from the Napoli, Zira, and Verde furniture collections. Once you've located a line and look that fits your style, it's time to decide on a configuration.

When shopping for modern office furniture it's vitally important to first measure your space. The square footage, power outlets, windows, and load bearing members all play a vital role in determining which style of desk configuration will work best for you. Utilizing corner office desks is an excellent way to maximize a spaces potential while large executive desks showcase luxury style and a high end look. No matter the type of configuration you choose, the manufacturers listed above will provide more than ample options at your disposal.

2.) The Chair

Modern Office ChairsWhen shopping for modern office seating for your work area keep cost, comfort, and style in atop your priorities  These three important factors are essential to keep in mind while shopping and will greatly determine the type of chair that works best for your needs and budget.

Top modern seating manufacturers that won't break your bank include Boss, Offices To Go, and newer brands like Eurotech Seating who specialize in ergonomic efficiency. These reputable manufacturers have thousands of quality products sold through respective dealer networks throughout the country.

Just in for 2013 are modern products like the Symbian Office Chair as well as the Fuzion Office Chair geared towards all day comfort and workplace productivity. While these two top selling models are widely available online, additional savings can be yours by calling your dealer of choice directly. Another great chair to consider is the Aaria executive chair by Boss. This contemporary solution is priced as low as $210.99 and includes free shipping. This super stylish option is also in stock for those in need of luxurious office seating in a hurry.

3.) The Accessories

Ergonomic Office AccessoriesDon't forget the little things! Any interior designer or office furniture professional will tell you that the ergonomic products make all the difference when it comes to creating a modern work environment. While several top ergonomic furniture lines include standard ergo features, those looking to enhance a current office will be in search of cutting edge products to keep them working effectively. In addition, replacing outdated keyboard trays and other old school items is always a wise decision as you will reap the rewards in terms of office productivity.

Top ergonomic office accessories include monitor arms for any number of screens, desk and workstation lighting along with adjustable keyboard platforms for both the home and business. In addition to the more common products listed above additional solutions are available for a top shelf ergo experience. Modern CPU holders provide a fast, easy, and cost effective way to secure your computers power source while keeping it off the ground to provide easier access. Ergonomic office footrests reduce back pain while relieving stress during those long typing sessions. No matter what ergonomic office accessories you decide to go with, meeting with a healthcare professional or office product specialist will ensure you know what products will benefit you most.

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