Monday, March 18, 2013

Clearance Office Desks, Reception Stations, and More While Supplies Last

We are pleased to offer clearance office furniture for your home or business needs. Enjoy these exclusive savings while supplies last! All of the below products also include free shipping for added value. Don't miss out on these incredible deals.

Deal 1: SK1 Stella Workstation
Price: 1688.99

Deal 2: SK2 Stella Workstation
Price: 1683.99

Deal 3: SK9 Stella Workstation 
Price: $1941.99

Deal 4: SK10 Stella Workstation
Price: $2295.99

Deal 5: SK11 Stella Workstation
Price: $2232.99

Deal 6: SK22 Stella Executive Desk
Price: $1011.99

Deal 7: SKRSRBF Stella Reception Desk (Sold Out!)
Price: $1222.99

Deal 8: SKRSBF Stella Reception Desk (Sold Out!)
Price: $978.99

Deal 9: SKSC Stella Storage Cabinet
Price: $334.99

Deal 10: SKLF Stella Filing Cabinet
Price: $328.99

Deal 11: SKB4 Stella Bookcase
Price: $272.99

Deal 12: SKFF Stella Pedestal
Price: $198.99

Deal 13: SKBBF Stella Pedestal
Price: $198.99

Deal 14: SKC42T Stella Table
Price: $265.99

Deal 15: SKC8 Stella Conference Table
Price: $603.99

*All Deals Available While Supplies Last. Please Feel Free to Call 800-867-1411 for Inventory Availability.

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