Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Essential Furniture and Seating for The Reception Area

The welcoming area of any business is extremely important. Visitor's, patients, and clients all spend time in this room. For that reason, it's vital to provide a professional appearance you can be proud of. Creating a reception area consists of 3 main elements. These elements are the reception desk, seating, and accent furniture. In today's article we will cover these main components to showcase just how easy it is to create the reception area of envision.

Top Selling Reception DesksThe most important part of any reception area is the reception desk. This component is the center of attention and what all the other furniture in your space works to compliment. The reception station or welcome desk is the first area any guest will typically visit. That being said, this is where a vast majority of first impressions are formed.

When it comes to reception desk configurations for your business a wide variety of styles are available. For smaller areas it's best to utilize a small modular reception desk that will allow for future growth. Larger areas may opt to utilize L shaped units as well as curved models designed to incorporate more than one employee. A new style of desk that's becoming increasingly popular is the circular reception desk as it boasts a modern style sure to earn your space positive compliments.

No matter the style of desk you choose, it's important to know what manufacturers produce the best reception desks in order to help you make an informed purchasing decision. Models from Mayline, Offices To Go, and Cherryman Industries are amongst the industry leaders. In addition, OFM reception desks and welcome stations are also a great choice. This leading furniture manufacturer offers very well made, affordable, and in stock products sure to get your welcome area jazzed up in a hurry.

Stylish Reception Seating
The second essential product for any lounge, lobby, or reception area is the seating. Keeping guests comfortable during their weight shows that you care. Not to mention, the office reception area seating utilized in your space will highlight the overall style and theme of your welcoming area. With hundreds of options available, you will be at no shortage of selection when taking on this vital component.

Popular reception and lobby seating styles include comfortable lounge chairs as well as leather office sofas in a variety of sizes. However, the most popular style for 2013 is without a doubt modular beam seating solutions. This form of guest seating provides an affordable, yet contemporary approach that offers limitless possibilities. Top beam style chairs are easily reconfigured to meet the needs of your guests. Both indoor and outdoor models are available and offer excellent durability making them excellent long term office investments.

Modern Reception Tables for SaleNo reception area would be complete without stylish accent furniture. These products include glass coffee tables, potted plants, matching end tables, and magazine organizers. The little details should never be over looked during any office interior design products as they showcase ingenuity as well as style.

In most cases, accent furniture will be the most fun to shop for. Potted plants can be picked up at any hobby store or home improvement retailer. It's probably best to purchase these last as they serve no real purpose other than those of an aesthetic nature. One piece of accent furniture that will surely garner a host of attention is the coffee table. Finding discount coffee tables of any style is best handled online. Most vendors will gladly provide free shipping. As a side tip, if you are purchasing other Reception Area Furniture from the same vendor, request a bulk discount for added savings. You might just be surprised at the amount of extra discount they provide.

The same holds true when shopping for end tables for sale for your business. Do a little research to find a style then do some comparing. Remember, the office tables utilized in your welcoming area should be used to accent the overall theme and pull your space together. Working with a designer or industry professional is never a bad idea. No matter the style of space you choose to create, keep the customers needs first and you'll never go wrong!

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