Monday, April 22, 2013

Creating The Perfect Guest Area for Your Business

Creating a well rounded welcome area for your businesses visitors is essential. Guests should feel at home and impressed with the professional atmosphere your company promotes. Regardless of your business genre, a waiting room, lounge, or lobby area is incredibly easy to design with few simple products.

The Seating
Guest Seating Configuration

The first step in creating the perfect guest area is to determine the number of guests you're looking to accommodate. Once you've set your target number of visitors, sketch a few creative chair layouts and decide which look will make the most of your square footage.

Popular seating styles for businesses include stand alone guest seating for modular seating needs as well as beam style seating for an affordable and popular way to handle a large number of guests. In addition,  leather lounge chairs and matching sofas are a great way to incorporate a luxury look. Manufacturers like Flash Furniture provide ample leather guest seating packages that are actually quite budget friendly.

The Tables

Reception Tables

Once you've chosen your guest seating, it's time to accent your area. When shopping for reception area accent tables for guest area it's important to consider the needs of your guests in compliance with your remaining space. While some areas utilize a variety of coffee and end tables, it's perfectly acceptable to outline the border of your space with seating to maximize the number of chairs available for guests and then add a single magazine table in the center of your configuration. Regardless of the style of table chosen to accent your welcome area, going with a full service manufacturer like Cherryman Industries will cut down on the overall number of deliveries to your business. Often, modern office tables can also be found at second hand stores that will showcase your office ingenuity and unique decor style.

The Welcome Desk

Modern Reception Desk

One main factor of any lounge, lobby, reception, or waiting room area is the welcome desk. This popular office furniture solution is an important investment for your business and will be a large furnishing expense. Before considering your guest area makeover, allot a budget specifically for the reception desk in order to maximize your budget. While top reception desks are available for under $500, larger models are often priced in the thousands. No matter the style you choose, ample options will be available at your disposal. Custom units are available, but will often put your budget to the test. One awesome alternative is Mayline Receptionist Desks as they offer a truly unique look at an affordable price point. In addition, Mayline offers 10 top selling office furniture lines that will allow you to furnish much more than your guest area with professional look. From executive desk configurations to high end conference tables, Mayline has your every business office furniture need covered to the fullest extent.

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