Friday, May 31, 2013

How To Create A Multi Purpose Workspace for Your Business with Stylish Office Furniture

As we all know, space is at a premium for any office. Maximizing your workspace and square footage is a necessity for any business looking to operate efficiently. For that reason, creating multi purpose work environments is a must. One awesome way to achieve just that is to combine your training and conference rooms. This is a sure way of providing your business with a versatile office area with optimal functionality. This article highlights and reviews awesome products specifically made to combine these to important spaces!

Giving your business the advantage of a 2 for 1 office space is just plain smart. To do it, you'll need understand the benefits of modular furniture in the workplace and the best collections on the market. One manufacturer you'll definitely want to remember is Global Total Office. Their extensive selection of modular office desks and professional workstations is top notch. In addition, they offer a broad range of modular office tables sure to create dual function spaces in a hurry.

V Shaped Conference Table Configuration The Junction tables collection is available in mobile, fixed leg, and shared leg variations that allow you to create a versatile boardroom that also serves as a corporate training area. The Junction line can be purchased in individual units or sets dependent upon your individual space requirements. One awesome layout is the V shaped table configuration which creates the perfect group environment. This smart furniture layout promotes team interaction without breaking the bank! No matter your dimensions, Junction will surely fit your multi purpose needs!

Global Bungee Tables Set
Another great product line from Global Industries Furniture that's sure to have your space ready for multiple office activities is the Bungee line. The Flip Top Bungee table models can be purchased in a variety of sizes with choice of leg style, top size, and finish. While mobile training tables from this collection are preferred, fixed leg models are also available for stationary configurations. If you prefer an out of the box approach, Bungee table set solutions are also available. These simple to spec packages will give you the multi purpose space you've been in search of with a single purchase!

Mayline Sync Tables
Mayline is another awesome provider of modular training area tables and conference room products sure to give your business the space saving edge it needs! Lines like Encounter, Meeting Plus, and Sync Table solutions provide limitless workplace advantages while looking fantastic in the process! Sets are available to form popular table configurations. Businesses will also enjoy the luxury of being able to add power and other matching accessories to any of the Mayline tables mentioned. Talk about versatile!

OFM Rico Stack ChairCreating a multi purpose work environment is about more than just the office tables you choose. You'll also need versatile office chairs capable of performing flawlessly at the professional level! The ability to stack and nest chairs when not in use is a must. In addition, chairs for the multi purpose office must be easy to move, operate, and feature ergonomic benefits sure to keeps guest comfortable for long periods of time. While finding new office chairs of this nature may seem like a daunting task, manufacturers like OFM have you covered! The Rico Stack Chair is a lightweight and easy to use solution to the training room seating needs of any business. This affordable line is sold in 4 packs for only $283.99 in your choice of 6 cool colors. Casters are available for mobility as well as ganging brackets and a mobile chair dolly for simplified storage.

Mayline Valore ChairWhen it comes to training room chairs you just can't beat the value of Mayline Seating for your business. The New Valore Chair line has taken over the industry in a flash! Models like the TSM2 Valore Chair are available in 3 stocked mesh back colors and nest easily along walls when not in use. These affordable training room seating solutions are sold in 2 packs for $252.99 and ship quick. A great feature for those in need of products in a hurry!

Mobile Flat Screen TV StandAccessorizing your multi purpose are is a must! Unique Ergonomic Office Products are available that really improve meetings, lectures, and learning activities without breaking your budget. Products like the Mobile Flat Screen TV Mount from ESI provide wow factor and functionality. The Mobile dry erase presentation board from Global is yet another cool product that's easy to move and incredibly helpful in the workplace. No matter the accessories you choose, keep the needs of your business in mind. Ask yourself if the products your purchasing contribute to the theme of a multi purpose office. Your answer will determine if the product is a need or just a want. Set a realistic budget for your office accessories as you'll definitely be able to revisit these needs down the road. The new office furniture is a must before the add on accessories!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The World of Modern Office Chairs

The trend of modern seating has taken over the office world. Fashionable chairs from a variety of top brands offer excellent comfort and head turning style that's sure to impress in any work environment. But what makes a modern office chair? It's more than just a fancy look. A quality modern office chair combines several essential attributes that pull together forming one awesome piece of office equipment. This article is your complete guide to modern office seating!

The Upholstery

Modern Office Chairs

The upholstery of an office chair says quite a bit about the overall theme you're looking to create in your work area. When it comes to modern office chairs, both leather an fabric will do the trick. High end executive environments will typically be highlighted with leather office chairs in high back variations to showcase luxury. Home offices can be outfitted with fabric seating for a more homey look.

Several chair colors have been extremely popular in 2013. Brown and black are always top choices but perhaps the most surprising option has been the use of white leather office chairs in the workplace. White is a great choice for contemporary chairs as it provides a neutral canvas sure to match any decor while still providing a versatile feel. The coolest white office chairs on the market from brands like Woodstock Marketing and Offices To Go are a must consider for conference room and executive office remodeling projects.

Color makes a big difference when it comes to your chair! When using fabric, several unique patterns are available that will showcase your business ingenuity and style. Do your new modern chair justice and choose a neat color that highlights your office. Brands like Global Total Office Chairs offer the ability to upholster most of their desk chairs in an extensive selection of made to order textile solutions. This is a great feature for those looking to keep it simple when selecting an office chair or get creative. You'll definitely want to check out this awesome brand in your search for new chairs.

Contemporary Office Seating

The proper use of ergonomics plays a huge roll in the world of office seating. Having useful ergonomic attributes incorporated into your chair will improve your office productivity, efficiency, and functionality. In a nut shell, ergonomics provides versatility. Features like pneumatic seat height adjustment allow users to sit at the proper desk height to meet their individual body type. A functional lumbar support will help to improve posture while reducing lower back pain. Additional ergo attributes include tilt tension, waterfall seat edge, and adjustable arms.

It's no secret that the most popular ergonomic office chairs feature a modern look. The contoured lines of most modern chairs have been well thought out to improve your chair style and work day. Take mesh back chairs for example. The use of a mesh seating surface provides a unique look that keeps your body much cooler throughout the workday than a typical upholstery would. This breathable surface also bends with your body effectively to provide superior comfort. This style of chair is typically incredibly modern and commonly defined as ergonomic. For that reason, mesh is an excellent way to attain the desired modern look, incorporate ergonomics, and save money!

Visual Aesthetics

Professional Office Chairs

A truly modern chair can be easily identified at first glance. Wow factor is typically a good indicator of just how modern your chair is! The use of sleek lines define a chairs visual characteristics while minor details like stitching make a big difference. The chairs frame finish is also a big indicator. The use of metals like Chrome, tungsten, and polished aluminum are the most popular and provide a truly high end look.

Factors like a high back design, unique mesh pattern, and headrest will all enhance your modern vibe. In the long run, the minor details make the difference. Take any modern chair for example. Remove the headrest, arms, etc. and you've got a no frills chair that can't be classified as modern.


Comfortable Office Chairs

It's true that contemporary office chairs are typically associated with hefty price tags. It's important to note that a high price does not make one chair more modern than the next. That being said, the worlds most far out and innovative professional office chairs are definitely going to be expensive. If you want cutting edge, it's going to cost you. The good news, is that the cost typically goes down over time like with most new products. At one time, mesh was incredibly expensive and now it's one of the most commonly used and most affordable types of modern chair.

The price range of modern computer chairs can range from as little as $100 all the way up into the thousands. Price is most commonly dictated by factors like upholstery grade, frame finish, and the ergonomic features you choose. One other price indicator that's not to be left out is the brand. The world of office seating can be easily compared to cars. A new Mercedes is always going to cost more than a used Hyundai!

Top rated Mayline Office Chairs are great for those in search of leather executive options. Budget shoppers will greatly enjoy brands like Boss office chairs as their wide selection of discount task chairs with modern style are a plenty! In the long run, price is definitely an indicator of chair style. However, doing a little homework will put you at a huge advantage when it comes to to shop!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Office Furniture and Seating Specials

In honor of Memorial Day, please enjoy these office furniture and seating specials for your home and business from the team. As always, our entire lineup of products is available with free shipping, coupons, and bulk discount pricing for added savings.

1.) Brown Leather High Back Conference Chair - $259.99

Brown Leather Conference Chair
2.) Modern Red Leather Office Chair - $266.99
Red Leather Office Chair

3.) Blue Mesh Back Office Chair with White Frame - $237.99

Blue Mesh Back Office Chair

4.) Contemporary Glass Coffee Table - $86.99

Contemporary Glass Coffee Table

5.) Modern Wood and Metal Coffee Table - $204.99
Lesro Mystic Series Coffee Table
6.) Modern White Computer Desk - $76.99
Modern White Computer Desk

7.) OFM Mesa Pedestal Desk - $530.99

Metal Office Desk

8.) Cherryman Conference Table - $435.99

9.) Glass Reception Table - $265.99

Glass Reception Table

10.) Maple Reception Desk - $993.99

Maple Reception Desk

In addition to the specials listed above, please enjoy the active coupons listed below!

Coupon 1: FP3600 - $25 off $499.99 + FREE Shipping  

Coupon 2: FP3900 - $50 off $999.99 + FREE Shipping    

Coupon 3: FP4000 - $100 off $1999.99 + FREE Shipping  

Coupon 4: FP5500 - $150 off $2999.99 + FREE Shipping

Friday, May 24, 2013

GSA Approved Office Chairs for Government Entities

The selection of GSA approved office chairs has improved greatly over the last 3 years. In a market that used to be incredibly limited, popular chair models have been made available to meet the individual decor needs of government entities throughout the country. From top selling ergonomic models to high end executive solutions, this is your complete guide to GSA seating!

Metrus ChairPerhaps no manufacturer offers a more extensive selection of GSA approved products than Global Total Office. From their industry leading modular office furniture innovations to unique boardroom table variations, this reputable brand has your needs in mind. When it comes to chairs, you'll enjoy the absolute best styles possible. The Metrus chair is perfect example of their finest ergonomic work. This super comfortable chair offers a choice of 13 leather upholstery options and is also available in fabric. Designed by Zooey Chu, this popular line of ergonomic office chairs is at no shortage of style!

Yorkdale High Back ChairLooking for a more practical office chair for everyday computing use? Look no further than the Yorkdale chair in mid and high back variations. This GSA approved computer chair features adjustable arms, pneumatic seat height, seat tilt with infinite lock, back height and angle adjustments, and tilt tension control for a superior sit. You'll be hard pressed to find a better line of GSA seating for your workplace needs.

Loover ChairIt's no secret that Mesh Back Office Chairs are incredibly popular. If you're a fan of this seating trend, you'll definitely love the Loover Chair from Global. An extensive selection of mesh back color options are available to compliment coordinating textiles from the Station and Urban upholstery lines. The new G5 lockable armcaps are an incredible asset that offer height, depth and width adjustability to suit user preference. This high back mesh chair means business! Needless to say, if you're looking for professional office chairs to suit your GSA needs and budget, Global is definitely a name to trust.

NuCAS ChairStill looking for more? No problem! How about one of the most high end ergonomic office chair solutions on the market? The NuCAS chair is not only one of the hottest GSA executive chairs available for the modern office, it's one of the most advanced. This chair offers features like back angle, tilt-lock and seat height adjustments controlled at the push of a button. Talk about functionality! The NuCAS ergonomic chair provides the versatility need for high intensity office environments at a budget friendly price.

Accord Mesh ChairThe Accord Mesh Chair has been one of the best selling GSA office chairs of 2013 and looks to continue it's dominance for years to come. The ample selecting of unique mesh and seat color combinations allow designers to match your GSA office furniture to a T. This user friendly chair promotes efficiency in the workplace though it's high quality craftsmanship and ergonomic attributes. The Accord office chair is also available in fully upholstered models for those in search of a more neutral look.

No matter the needs of your work environment, stylish GSA approved furniture and seating is available. You just have to know where and how to shop. Utilizing GSA advantage is one preferred method but not the only one! Doing a little homework and research through popular search engines like Google will yield incredible results. From GSA reception chairs to luxury executive models, all your needs can be met with a few simple clicks. Hopefully you've enjoyed this small sampling of chairs from Global. Rest assured, this industry favorite brand is a reliable source for all things office related.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The 2013 Executive Desk Buyers Guide

It always helps to have quality product suggestions when shopping for office furniture. With so many executive style desking solutions on the market, how do you choose? This helpful buyers guide highlights several of the hottest office desk configurations on the market for 2013. Enjoy!

Wood Writing Desk
Looking to create a traditional workspace for your home or business? You'll definitely want to utilize wood office furniture for your project, and the Mayline Sorrento Casegoods line is a perfect choice. This high end line of luxury desks will impress even the harshest of critics. Models like this wood writing desk feature a gorgeous two tone finish. Priced at only $793.99, you'll be enjoying the perfect combination of affordability and class in no time.

Height Adjustable DeskThe modern office world is abuzz with ergonomic furniture solutions in 2013. Units like this height adjustable desk from Ergonomic Concepts prove that you can easily combine style and practical efficiency with a little ingenuity! This line of ergonomic corner desks is available in 9 premier finishes with a choice of several add on office accessories to improve your office effectiveness. It just doesn't get any cooler then this! Baseline models start at $1470.99 and go up from there depending on the desk accessories you opt for.
OFM Venice Furniture

You can't mention OFM office desk configurations without mentioning the popular Venice series of modular casegoods furniture solutions. Units like this high quality modern executive furniture set are a great way to earn your place of business a host of positive compliments. This 3 piece set features an elegant contemporary design that fits perfectly with almost any office decor. The thermofused melamine finish in either Cherry or Walnut makes a professional statement that's easy to appreciate. The 36" x 72" main executive desktop gives you plenty of room to work, plan, and sort your files. No tools are required for assembly, so you save on installation costs. All this and more in a package for only $1899.99.

Cherryman Industries Verde Casegoods

Perhaps no line of modern office desk configurations has been a bigger hit than the Cherryman Industries Verde Casegoods line. If you won't wow factor on a budget, this is the line for you! With a slew of contemporary conference tables and industry favorite wood reception desks to match, you'll be easily able to accent your entire space with a cohesive look sure to boost your corporate appeal. The VL-707N Verde Suite is by far the most high end configuration this line has to offer. This contemporary desk configuration features white glass accents and a unique swivel table addition for a truly one of a kind look. Priced at $4166.99, this 11 piece package is the most expensive of the solutions highlighted.

Zira Casegoods at OfficeAnything.comWhen it comes to modular office furniture Global Total Office is the name to trust. This industry leading manufacturer offers several top business furniture lines to consider for those considering an office overhaul. The Zira casegoods line is by far the hottest of the bunch! With so many customizable configurations available, it was simply too hard to choose just one! This unique line allows interior design teams, consumers, and businesses to create unique packages based on their individual needs. Zira gives you the ability to be as creative as you'd like. With thousands of components available, a choice of 14 finish options, 9 handle options, and 2 post finish colors, you'll be hard pressed to find a more versatile line of professional business furniture on the market.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Our Top 10 Favorite Modern Office Chairs of 2013

It's always nice to have food for thought and professional suggestions to consider when shopping. When it comes to office chairs, the same holds true. With so many stylish chairs available on the market today, the purchasing process can seem like a daunting task. The best selling chair models reviewed here provide helpful insight into the vast world of ergonomic seating. All of these industry leading office seating solutions are great for the home and business. Let's take a deeper look at 10 of the industries hottest chairs!

1.) Wau Chair

Eurotech Seating High Back Wau Chair

The Eurotech Seating brand is no stranger to high end ergonomics and modern style. This line of mesh seating provides excellent support at a price any budget will appreciate. Both high back and mid back styles are available to meet your individual needs. Wau models are in stock for quick shipment and offer a lifetime parts warranty that's ensures quality.

2.) Valore Mesh Chair

TSH3 Mayline Valore Chair

The Mayline Valore Chair is modern simplicity at it's best! Priced at $252.99 this line of mesh task chairs offers a no frills approach to modern seating. While several of the top Mayline office chairs highlighted in this article offer a complex look, the Valore strives for a well rounded contemporary feel. Available in 3 stocked colors, the TSH3 model Valore chair from Mayline can be easily matched to any current office decor.

3.) G20 Office Chair

G20 Office Chair

Talk about wow factor! The Global Total Office G20 chair is revolutionizing the seating industry with it's incredible style and quality. The back of the chair is a special mesh composed of alternating vertical rows of clear elastomeric yarns and black polyester yarns. You'll be hard pressed to finder a better ergonomic seating solution for your home or business.

4.) Via Seating Swopper Chair

Via Seating Swopper Chair

Looking for a conversation piece that's about much more than good looks? You'll love the Swopper chair from Via Seating. This line of ergonomic stools features multidimensional movement with German engineering. This incredibly original and unique chair was developed by an osteopath for people with low-back pain. Use it as a task chair or stool. It’s fun and comfortable. If you need proof that all office chairs are not created equal, give the Swopper a try!

5.) OFM Avenger Chair

OFM Avenger Chair

This contemporary big and tall chair supports up to 500 lbs. while simultaneously making an incredibly stylish statement for any work environment. This durable line of leather office chairs offers 5" thick extra wide padded seats and 1" thick padded arms. The 28" 5 star base provides stability while the GREENGUARD Certification is a plus for any eco minded shoppers.

6.) RFM Verte Chair

RFM Verte Chair 

Imagine settling into a chair that molds itself to your spine’s unique shape. Inspired by the human vertebrae, the Verte combines ergonomics, form and function to produce the ultimate in seating posture and comfort. A decade in the making, the Verte office chair was created by a team of engineers, designers, and ergonomists, and is truly one of a kind. Sit in it once, and you’ll never settle for anything less.

7.) B9406 Boss Chair

White Leather Conference Room Chair

This white office chair is incredibly popular. If one seating trend has made is presence felt in 2013 it's the use of white upholstery in the workplace. The neutral tone provides a versatile fit for every applications. From the conference room to the executive office, this awesome white chair is a true bargain at only $215.99. 

8.) 11690B Mesh Back Chair

Modern Mesh Back Office Chair with Headrest


Affordability is the first word that should come to mind when you thinking of Offices To Go Chairs while shopping. The second word should be quality! This modern mesh office chair combines high end ergonomic attributes such as height adjustable arms with polyurethane armrests, synchro knee tilt chair control with multi-position tilt lock, and an adjustable lumbar support. All this in a package for only $358.99.

9.) Net Series Swivel Chair

Net Series Swivel Chair N102

Think outside the box with this metal office chair from OFM. Wheels are over rated anyway! The N102 swivel base chair makes a statement sure to earn your space with a host of positive compliments. These adjustable office chairs come standard in 7 cool colors. Use this chair and nobody will ever use the word boring in your office again!

10.) Karizma Office Chair

karizma chair 

Last but certainly not least, the Karizma chair from Global. This long time favorite is still improving offices in 2013 with it's incredible style and user friendliness. Karizma series executive style office seating can also be used alongside contemporary conference room furniture to create a luxury boardroom environment worthy of applause. Available in a seemingly limitless selection of leather and fabric upholstery options, the Karizma showcases elegance in every sense of the word. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Office Furniture Favorites

With 2013 nearing it's halfway point, the world of office furniture has never been more exciting. With so many popular solutions for home and business, we thought it would be fun to highlight our absolute favorites! This article contains some of the most stylish desks, tables, and professional furniture that we just can't live without!

Office Furniture Favorites by
How about this Alba series elliptical conference table from Global Total Office? If you like modern style, this table will be right up your alley. If one trend has become overwhelmingly apparent through the first part of 2013, it's the use of metal legs on meeting tables. That being said, this 12' table is the perfect combination of metal bases and a modern surface shape that makes for an ideal contemporary choice. Available in 10 colors and 2 base finish options, these made to order boardroom tables are well worth the wait. Priced at only $828.99, you can see why this table is an instant hit for 2013 and beyond.

Corsica Executive Furniture Suite

At we love wood executive desks for the home and business. Whether your shopping for simple solutions for a small office or luxury office desks for your high end space, Mayline Workstations are always a popular choice. Check out this Corsica Desk Suite in either Mahogany or Sierra Cherry to meet the decor needs of your office. This executive furniture set includes everything necessary to get your office designed on the right track. Ample storage, worksurface, and classy good looks highlight this desking typical for a fraction of the cost of comparable units.

Mayline Sync TablesThe training room has been one of the mostly highly re designed areas of professional businesses in 2013. Several top tables are now available with modular benefits sure to save your business time, space, and money. Perhaps no line of tables offers greater versatility than the Sync Training Table with flip top capabilities. The option to nest and easily store these Flip Top Table solutions makes for easy to clean work environments and quick change configurations based on your office needs. As with all Mayline Training Tables the Sync line is very affordable, ships quick, and is built to last! You just can't beat this high quality line of mobile tables for training and learning environments.
NET Series Beam Seating
The most innovative office furniture award for the first half of 2013 has to go to OFM. For that reason we'll just go ahead and give you a quick rundown of all their newest products. First and foremost, the NET Series Beam Seating models for up to 5 guests. This new style of modern reception seating is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Available in several cool colors, the NET series also includes a variety of popular glass reception tables sure to accent your space with professional style.
UNO Lounge Chair

You'll definitely want to check out the new UNO Lounge Chair as well. Talk about unique! This cool product was a no brainer for the favorites list. The two tone look and upholstery make this an ideal contemporary healthcare seating solution for your doctor's office or hospital. The UNO chair also makes a great addition to any lobby furniture configuration. The matching side tables from the OFM Profile Table series will round out the look without breaking your budget.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Top 10 Reception Desks for 2013

A quality reception desk will make a positive first impression with guests while making a professional statement for your business. With so many stylish models to choose from, this top 10 list will really come in handy. Enjoy the reviews of these 10 industry leading stations from brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and OFM.  

10.) Brighton Reception Typical 

Brighton Reception Typical
This package offers more than just a stylish reception station. The Brighton casegoods collection boasts ample office storage products and modern style any interior design team will love! Priced at $1874.99 this 6 piece package offers everything needed to create a stylish reception space on a budget.

9.) Luminary Reception Desk

Luminary Reception Desk
The Luminary furniture line is the perfect combination of traditional class and modern style. This line of wood office furniture includes a variety of matching conference products, executive stations, and more to coordinate all rooms of your business. This unique rectangular station is priced at $1343.99 and is also available with desk pedestals for added storage.

8.) Verde Reception Desk

Verde Reception Desk

The Cherryman Industries Verde Furniture line is all about modern elegance. This affordable business office furniture line is perfect for professional environments looking for contemporary flair. The VL-816 modern reception desk is incredibly affordable at a price of $674.99 and also includes free shipping. Choose from espresso or latte finish options to meet the individual decor needs of your space.

7.) OFM Marque Reception Station
OFM Marque Reception Station

One of the most popular reception desk solutions available on the market for the last 2 years is the 55293 station from the OFM Office Furniture Marque line. This desk looks to continue it's top selling streak through 2013 and beyond! If you like modern style, this curved reception station is perfect for your space. Available in three in stock finishes, the 55293 also offers a modular design that allows you to grow your station with the needs of your business.

6.) Commercial Reception Desk

Commercial Reception Desk

The Mayline CSII Furniture line features an industrial style that's trending in the world of reception furniture solutions. The smart design, stylish look, and affordable look of this station  make it a smart choice for any professional waiting area. Ample worksurface, a generous return, and 2 filing pedestals complete the CST27 reception station with a bang!

5.) Boss Reception Desk

Boss Reception Desk

It's hard to not include a professional reception station with this much style in any top 10 list. Especially, as it's only $599.99 from! You just can't beat this small rectangular reception station for the money. Available in two popular finish choices, the Boss station is constructed of thermally fused laminate with 3mm pvc edge banding. Units are standard with leveling glides and a matching return is available for larger spaces.

4.) Wood Reception Desk
Ventnor Reception Desk

The Offices To Go Ventnor collection is a thing of beauty! This line of wood executive desk layouts and conference solutions includes this attractive L shaped reception station with matching storage pedestals. Both the cordovan and toffee finish options offer depth and luxury at a price any budget will appreciate.

3.) Sorrento Reception Desk

Luxury Wood Reception Desk with Granite Counter Top

When it comes to luxury reception furniture look no further than this beautiful station to fill your furnishing needs. The Mayline Sorrento Furniture collection features a variety of matching wood conference tables and executive office products built to showcase class while maintaining an effectiveness first mentality. This particular unit offers a granite transaction counter that completes the look. While both of the standard finishes are stunning, the birds eye veneer combination is hard to pass up!

2.) Napoli Reception Station

Napoli Reception Station

The top selling line of Mayline furniture for 2013 is definitely the Napoli collection. This particular unit is a huge hit for contemporary styled welcoming atmospheres. The Napoli desking line features a combination of wood, glass, and metal accents to complete a wholesome modern look that's sure to impress. Use Napoli casegoods in your conference room, reception, or executive furniture configuration and you'll never be at a shortage of positive compliments.

1.) Curved Reception Station

Large Curved Reception Station

First on the top 10 list is the 55316 Marque Reception Desk from OFM. While another model from this popular collection was highlighted above, this particular unit still firmly deserves the number one spot. A unique style, choice of three stocked finishes, tool free assembly, and in stock status are just a few of the hit attributes this unit has to offer. The curved design offers a welcoming feel from any angle. The translucent transaction screen rounds out the contemporary look.  While small reception desks are common and an absolute necessity for areas with limited square footage, this large station is built to impress in open space without breaking your furniture budget!