Friday, May 31, 2013

How To Create A Multi Purpose Workspace for Your Business with Stylish Office Furniture

As we all know, space is at a premium for any office. Maximizing your workspace and square footage is a necessity for any business looking to operate efficiently. For that reason, creating multi purpose work environments is a must. One awesome way to achieve just that is to combine your training and conference rooms. This is a sure way of providing your business with a versatile office area with optimal functionality. This article highlights and reviews awesome products specifically made to combine these to important spaces!

Giving your business the advantage of a 2 for 1 office space is just plain smart. To do it, you'll need understand the benefits of modular furniture in the workplace and the best collections on the market. One manufacturer you'll definitely want to remember is Global Total Office. Their extensive selection of modular office desks and professional workstations is top notch. In addition, they offer a broad range of modular office tables sure to create dual function spaces in a hurry.

V Shaped Conference Table Configuration The Junction tables collection is available in mobile, fixed leg, and shared leg variations that allow you to create a versatile boardroom that also serves as a corporate training area. The Junction line can be purchased in individual units or sets dependent upon your individual space requirements. One awesome layout is the V shaped table configuration which creates the perfect group environment. This smart furniture layout promotes team interaction without breaking the bank! No matter your dimensions, Junction will surely fit your multi purpose needs!

Global Bungee Tables Set
Another great product line from Global Industries Furniture that's sure to have your space ready for multiple office activities is the Bungee line. The Flip Top Bungee table models can be purchased in a variety of sizes with choice of leg style, top size, and finish. While mobile training tables from this collection are preferred, fixed leg models are also available for stationary configurations. If you prefer an out of the box approach, Bungee table set solutions are also available. These simple to spec packages will give you the multi purpose space you've been in search of with a single purchase!

Mayline Sync Tables
Mayline is another awesome provider of modular training area tables and conference room products sure to give your business the space saving edge it needs! Lines like Encounter, Meeting Plus, and Sync Table solutions provide limitless workplace advantages while looking fantastic in the process! Sets are available to form popular table configurations. Businesses will also enjoy the luxury of being able to add power and other matching accessories to any of the Mayline tables mentioned. Talk about versatile!

OFM Rico Stack ChairCreating a multi purpose work environment is about more than just the office tables you choose. You'll also need versatile office chairs capable of performing flawlessly at the professional level! The ability to stack and nest chairs when not in use is a must. In addition, chairs for the multi purpose office must be easy to move, operate, and feature ergonomic benefits sure to keeps guest comfortable for long periods of time. While finding new office chairs of this nature may seem like a daunting task, manufacturers like OFM have you covered! The Rico Stack Chair is a lightweight and easy to use solution to the training room seating needs of any business. This affordable line is sold in 4 packs for only $283.99 in your choice of 6 cool colors. Casters are available for mobility as well as ganging brackets and a mobile chair dolly for simplified storage.

Mayline Valore ChairWhen it comes to training room chairs you just can't beat the value of Mayline Seating for your business. The New Valore Chair line has taken over the industry in a flash! Models like the TSM2 Valore Chair are available in 3 stocked mesh back colors and nest easily along walls when not in use. These affordable training room seating solutions are sold in 2 packs for $252.99 and ship quick. A great feature for those in need of products in a hurry!

Mobile Flat Screen TV StandAccessorizing your multi purpose are is a must! Unique Ergonomic Office Products are available that really improve meetings, lectures, and learning activities without breaking your budget. Products like the Mobile Flat Screen TV Mount from ESI provide wow factor and functionality. The Mobile dry erase presentation board from Global is yet another cool product that's easy to move and incredibly helpful in the workplace. No matter the accessories you choose, keep the needs of your business in mind. Ask yourself if the products your purchasing contribute to the theme of a multi purpose office. Your answer will determine if the product is a need or just a want. Set a realistic budget for your office accessories as you'll definitely be able to revisit these needs down the road. The new office furniture is a must before the add on accessories!

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