Thursday, May 9, 2013

Essential Furniture for Common Office Spaces

Considering an office makeover project for your business? This informative article is the place to start! Here you will find essential furniture solutions broken down by every common office area typically featured by a professional business. These popular solutions will save you time, space, and budget while simultaneously creating a stylish workplace to be proud of.

The Lobby
Reception Furniture
The first area seen when visiting a business is the lobby. This common area, often referred to as the reception space, waiting room, or lounge area is where first impressions are made. Regardless of the terminology you use, the quest for a stylish and professional space is universal.

Marque Reception Station

When breaking down this area we find 3 major components. The first is the reception or welcome desk. This main feature should be the focal point of your area while promoting the overall theme of your space. For 2013, a variety of large and small reception desk models are available to meet the needs of any business. Perhaps the most popular models are from the OFM marque series. These modular reception desks like the 55312 Marque Reception Station allow room for growth and a look that's hard to top! Available in 3 stocked finishes, these budget friendly stations are a great way to impress guests while saving space.
Sonic Beam Seating

The second essential component is seating. You'll want to keep your guest comfortable while visiting and utilize a cohesive look that matches the overall theme. Top reception seating styles include modern, wood, and leather guest seating from brands like Flash Furniture and Global Total Office. One trend that's sweeping the nation is the use of Beam Seating as it saves money and looks fantastic. The Sonic Beam Chair series by Global is an excellent choice that's available in an extensive selection of upholstery options.
Glass Coffee Table
Last but certainly not least, your lobby will be in need of stylish reception tables for a variety of purposes. End tables provide an excellent base for accent furniture solutions and office lighting that adds a nice touch to any space. Meanwhile, office coffee tables provide an excellent conversation piece that can add valuable storage for magazines or important workplace pamphlets that highlight your business. No matter your preference, it's vital to keep your overall theme in mind. The use of contemporary office tables should be done in an accenting fashion that doesn't over power the main office furniture investments already made by this area. The Dawson Coffee Table by Global is one heck of a modern product sure to achieve just that! This line of contemporary office furniture is a great way boost your look. Available in a variety of awesome finishes, these modern reception tables are hard to top.

The Executive Office

Executive Office Furniture

Modern executives looking to impress guests on a budget with a stylish, well organized, and efficient workspace will want to save this post! An extensive selection of products are available to form affordable executive furniture configurations sure to achieve these demands. When designing your executive office, you'll need to consider 3 main factors. The desk, the chair, and the storage are all essential and must work together in a complimentary fashion to form the space you desire.

Executive Office Desk

The desk is the main focal point of your office. A variety of corner desk layouts are available for areas with minimal square footage while larger spaces will enjoy luxury office desks designed with elegance in mind. With so many executive desks available, it's important to remember that a classy look speaks for itself regardless of the desk size. Shopping for pre configured modular workstations with executive style will save you time and provide everything needed to get your office started on the right foot. Top Mayline furniture collections like Aberdeen, Brighton, Corsica, and Napoli will surely meet your every desking need!

G20 Office ChairWith an abundance of ergonomic executive seating on the market you'll be at no shortage of solutions. Top models like the OFM Avenger Chair are great for larger individuals while high end mesh back office chairs like the new G20 chair from Global provide a lighter modern approach. When shopping for luxury office chairs consider important factors like your body type and the ergonomic seating attributes you'll need to keep you comfy all day at work. Common modern executive chairs offer standard features like pneumatic seat height adjustment, lumbar support, and adjustable arms. Quality executive style chairs can be purchased from $300 to $500 from a variety of top dealers.
Aberdeen Series Wood Lateral File Cabinet
Lastly you'll need to provide your executive space with matching office storage cabinets for your organizational needs. Having an organized office shows professionalism for any business. Top lateral file cabinets are available form the aforementioned popular casegoods furniture lines and will match your desk to perfection. The overall goal is of course organization. However, a matching style highlights your business ingenuity. Universal metal storage cabinets by manufacturers like Global can be customized in any a variety of paint finishes to meet and match the decor needs of any space. In addition, desk pedestals provide out of the way mobile storage solutions that won't break your budget.

The Boardroom

Popular Boardroom Furniture Configuration

Important meetings, lectures, and study groups typically take place in the office boardroom or conference room. A well designed meeting furniture configuration will include a conference table, conference room chairs and matching accent furniture for presentation assistance and storage.

Glass Conference Table with Modern Style
Once you've determined the number of guest you wish to accommodate with your boardroom it's time to choose a table. When it comes to modern conference tables perhaps no manufacturer provides a more extensive selection of products than Global Total Office. This reputable brand offers a host of tables sure to impress on a budget. In addition the new glass conference table by OFM, Inc. is a unique solution that's neutral tone will match nearly any decor.

Mesh Back Conference Chair with Modern StyleThe chair you choose will tell a lot about your space. While leather conference seating is the most popular. Going with mesh conference chairs is much more affordable. Top seating providers like Offices To Go offer professional solutions with excellent ergonomic features. Most high end conference chairs from OTG can be purchased for around $200 and come standard with excellent features like chrome frames and pneumatic height adjustment capabilities.
Wood Wall Cabinet

Accenting your conference room furniture should be done in a manner that not only looks great but provides benefits for your business. Using wall cabinets will accent your table nicely will providing much needed storage. Models like the wood wall cabinet from the Sorrento furniture collection provide a nice solution for those in search of a classy look. Additional products like presentation boards and conference room lecterns are also a huge help. Finding a full service business office furniture line like those mentioned above will ensure a cohesive look and well designed space. As with any office project, consulting with industry professionals and interior designers will also provide excellent insight as to what products are best received in work environments.

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