Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How To Ergonomically Accessorize Your Executive Desk

Having a stylish and professional executive desk is wonderful. However, if it lacks the essential ergonomic accessories to help you improve your work day, it's just another desk. The affordable office products in this article provide simple and easy ways to accessorize your executive style office desk with ease! These budget friendly ergonomic items are some of the most popular ways to improve workplace efficiency while simultaneously improving the modern look of any workstation.

Ergonomic CPU Holder
Protecting the power source of your computer is essential. On a side note, it's always frustrating to crawl under a desk to hook up computer speakers, replace an Ethernet cord, or any other basic function that kills the back. Ergonomic CPU holders provide a simple, easy, and affordable way of protecting your most valued piece of office equipment. These awesome products are available in a variety of popular styles to meet your individual needs. Smaller mobile CPU holder solutions are the most affordable. These units mobilize the CPU at floor level and make your power source easily accessible via the casters at the bottom of the mount. Under desk mounted swivel CPU holders are the top choice amongst ergonomic professionals. This style provides superior versatility and protects against water damage as it keeps your CPU off the floor! Often these models are locking for added security and prevent users from having to bend over or crawl under the desk to perform basic functions. No matter the model you choose, this valued office accessory is a great way to accessorize any desk!

Standing Keyboard TrayThe most common accessory for all office desk configurations is without a doubt the keyboard tray. While all ergonomic keyboard trays are helpful, not all are created equal! Often, desks will come standard with some form of retractable keyboard tray that is indeed useful. However, if you are looking to ergo your office to the max, you're going to need a much better unit! Top models from manufacturers like ESI Ergonomic Solutions are always recommended by industry professionals as they are built to last and provide high quality attributes to available in models even twice the price. While ESI keyboard trays from the popular combo solutions line have become incredibly popular over the years, mounting a keyboard platform on a sit to stand articulating arm will provide your desk with the absolute best solution available. These sit to stand solutions provide a ton of wow factor while also improving the ergonomic vibe in any workplace through a variety of posture improving attributes.

Solstice Desk Lamp
In most offices, desk lighting is an often overlooked feature that can really improve your day to day productivity. Outfitting your space with LED task light solutions will also cut down on that hefty electric bill. Using under mount style lighting is also a great way to go green with your business. Cutting down on power consumption is not only economically responsible, it shows environmental responsibility too! Desktop models like this Solstice Desk Lamp provide users with a stylish desk lamp along with a USB ported charging station. Now that's versatility! Priced at $148.99, this super cool office accessory is a great way to conveniently accessorize any office on a budget. In the long run, desktop lighting takes up minimal space and provides an excellent accessory that's helpful in almost any situation.
Mobile Storage Pedestals
When it comes to executive desk configurations and ergonomics, organization is key! A well organized space will help to improve speed, efficiency, and workplace functionality. The good news is that there are a seemingly limitless array of office organization products on the market. One excellent product is the mobile file pedestal. The usability of mobile file pedestals make them a hit in any workspace. These often overlooked office accessories are commonly available in matching finishes that will accent your new executive furniture perfectly. A desktop organizer is a great way to keep loose papers neatly stacked on your worksurface. As these simple products take up minimal space, desktop organizers are a must have product for any professional executive office.

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