Friday, June 28, 2013

Cool Office Furniture That Makes A Statement in the Workplace!

Tired of your boring office? It's time to make a statement! The good news is that 2013 has brought more innovative furniture solutions than ever before. With awesome seating and desk collections from the industries top brands, you'll be at no shortage of stand out options to create the perfect work environment. This article highlights incredible office furniture with the wow factor you need to impress your guests while working efficiently.

Commercial Office FurnitureFinding new furniture that looks great while simultaneously improving productivity hasn't always been easy. Luckily, Mayline has introduced new collections like the e5 office furniture line for the home and business. This new Mayline furniture series offers a wide range of modular components to meet the needs of any space. The e5 series combines metal and glass accents to form commercial office furniture with inspiring industrial style. The modern style might have you thinking this line is complicated. That couldn't be further from the truth. The e5 line is simple to spec, easy to install, and quite affordable. Like most furniture collections from Mayline, e5 is available in pre configured typicals that make your interior design project a real breeze. Rest assured, this is one of the most cutting edge office lines of 2013!

High Tech Conference Table
Another line of Mayline products that's sure to inspire any guest is the TransAction series. This line of high tech conference tables for sale combines modern style with the ability to power any electronic device. While these new conference tables don't come cheap, TransAction is meant for technology intensive boardroom environments and the needs of professional business. You will not find a cooler line of products on the market today. Don't need the power capabilities? Mayline has you covered! All TransAction conference table models can be purchased without data ports to meet your needs. These modern conference tables with metal legs showcase a commercial appeal that's guaranteed to make a positive statement in any environment.
Venice Executive Furniture

No conversation about innovative office furniture is complete without mentioning products from OFM. This ground breaking manufacturer lives life on the cutting edge. Rest assured, wow factor is never at a shortage when OFM desks are present! With lines like the Venice Executive Furniture series, your office can be designed quickly and easily. The best part, the incredible style is sure to earn you a ton of positive compliments and head turning good looks. Using the Venice line of OFM furniture in your space will showcase your ingenuity and awesome interior design skills.
Contemporary Lounge Chair
The welcoming area of any business is where first impressions are formed. The lounge, lobby, reception, and waiting room space is also one of the most expensive to furnish. Thankfully, OFM has introduced a slew of stylish products sure to get your space looking fantastic on a shoe string budget. The Net series beam seating line provides modular benefits that work great for both indoor and outdoor applications. The UNO contemporary chair for an office reception area is more than just a head turner, it's a neck breaker! This line of contemporary lounge chairs for sale from OFM is available with matching office tables that combine to form some of the coolest guest areas imaginable.

Cherryman Industries Verde Furniture
The Cherryman Industires furniture brand has long been considered a go to option for office furniture for home needs. If you're shopping for executive desks for sale for your home workspace, lines like Emerlad, Jade, and Ruby Series Casegoods will surely get the job done. That being said, Cherryman decided to shed their home furniture label and step into 2013 with a bang! To make a long story short, the Verde Office Furniture collection is revolutionizing the way industry professionals and interior designers look at furniture. Top verde executive desk configurations combine white glass accents to form incredibly stylish solutions for the needs of the modern office. Looking to outfit your entire business? No problem! You'll definitely enjoy the tables and modern reception desks for sale from this ground breaking line.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cool Conference Tables with Ample Wow Factor!

One area where important guests frequent for any business is the conference room. If you want to make an excellent first impression on your guests while simultaneously running an efficient meeting you'll need to design your space around a cool conference table. The products highlighted in this post are built for business with ample style that's sure to impress! You'll be hard pressed to find conference room tables with more wow factor!

High Tech Conference Table
In 2013, technology has taken over in the workplace! The modern conference furniture for sale from brands like Mayline is being equipped with power ready feature for improved meetings and workplace functionality. Products from the TransAction Conference Table line are just plain cool! If you're looking for high tech, the TransAction series is definitely the place to start your search. Available in 2 standard finishes, these modern conference tables are perfect for multi media spaces where presentations are of high importance.  When combined with furniture for sale by Mayline from their popular casegoods collections, TransAction can create state of the art conference rooms unmatched by any other product in the industry.

If the TransAction line doesn't fit your new office furniture budget, there's no need to worry! Products like the GEL12WSTM Conference Table with elliptical shaped top will! Priced at $828.99, value is easily seen and appreciated with this stylish table. Finding a metal base conference table of this size is nearly impossible! Luckily Global Industries has the needs of businesses on a budget in mind. This awesome product is available in multiple finish and frame color options to meet the decor needs of any space. Additional top shapes are also available for those not into the elliptical look. The 45 lb. density particle board construction and laminate surface adds to the table quality while tops and bases are assembled using a metal to metal connection for durability. Power options are also available for those in search of high tech solutions. Built to last and look great for years! What more could you ask for?

Glass Conference Table
The glass office furniture trend is showing now signs of slowing down in 2013! From office desks made of glass to storage solutions, this common material is being utilized to provide a luxury look in the workplace. A glass conference table like the GT3977 from OFM Office Furniture creates a neutral canvas for any interior designer to work with. An industrial conference table like this makes any space look larger while creating the contemporary look most businesses are striving to achieve. The thick surface provides durability while the stainless steel legs provide a sturdy base. It's no wonder why the GT3977 is one of the hottest new conference furniture solutions on the market in 2013.

A relative newcomer to the world of professional furnishings, Woodstock Marketing is eager to make a name for themselves. With their rock and roll inspired office chairs for sale, they are quickly gaining steam and popularity. Not to be forgotten is their growing line of furniture which includes the all new Santana series. Products like their Glass Boardroom Table form the perfect combination of contemporary style and elegance for any meeting area. The metal legs and rectangular shape give this table a wholesome look that doesn't over complicate a space. Priced at only $936.99, this table is truly an excellent value. Want to take this table over the top? Try pairing it with white office chairs for sale from any of Woodstock's top lines. The Hendrix and Joplin are both industry favorites that ship quick and won't break your budget. 

Junction TablesNo post on cool conference products would be complete without including any of the modular conference tables for sale from Global. The Junction line needs no introduction as it has been earning stellar reviews for years! The Junction Table Configuration features a V shaped design that creates a totally unique look. This V shaped modular table can be purchased in a shared leg design or stand alone versions for improved modularity. Ample surface and frame finish options are available that allow you to be creative with your accenting decor. These made to order products typically take 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture but are well worth the wait. Wow factor will never be a shortage when these office tables with cool design are present!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Reviewing Popular Professional Office Chair Styles for Your Business Needs

When it comes to office chairs for your business, you'll be at no shortage of solutions. From guest chairs to executive chairs, manufacturers are in a virtual arms race to create the most cutting edge seating solutions on the market today. this article describes the various types of professional chairs for your workplace and the benefits of each.

Guest Chairs

Global Marche Office Chair

The most common style of workplace chair available is the guest chair. These chairs can be found absolutely everywhere, from schools to dentists' offices, executive buildings, hospitals, and more, which is a good thing! The high demand for guest chairs makes them extremely versatile. Whether you desire mobile chairs, leather seats, fabric seats, chairs with mesh backs, or luxury chairs, there is bound to be a guest chair tailor-fit for your waiting room, lounge, or office. Rest assured, no matter the decor needs of your office, popular guest chairs are available that will meet your needs and leave a lasting impression!

Conference Chairs

Boss Executive Leather Office Chair

Considering a conference furniture makeover project? Well, you're in luck! Conference chairs are in high abundance and come in every shape, size, and color to meet your demands. These designer chairs for conferencing are made with decor needs in mind, and can be offered with flashy designs to draw attention, or muted styles to accent the rest of your room. While usually available as mobile, mid-back chairs, these chairs are almost always ergonomic, meaning they are just as flexible in function as they are in design, perfect for long meetings. So if your conference room needs a facelift, don't forget to check into the benefits of a quality conference chair that can make all the difference!

Executive Chairs

Boss Padded Leather Executive Chair

Looking for the most comfortable chair you can find? Good news! Executive chairs are the proverbial cadillacs of the office chair world, meeting the highest standards of luxury, quality, and adjustability out there. Now you may be thinking that these are the types of chairs presidents sit in, and you'd be correct, but that doesn't mean they have to be priced like it. That's right! Many office chairs for executives are highly affordable for what they offer in comfort, and boy do they offer! Virtually every executive chair is ergonomic, allowing for maximum adjustability. Some chairs even feature air-flow technology, overstuffed seats, and even headrests! With an executive chair, your search for ultimate luxury is over! 

Computer Chairs

Offices to Go Segmented Cushion Chair

Now, as comfortable as executive chairs are, they aren't always practical in for home situations. You wouldn't bring a car seat to sit in on the beach, right? There is a time and place for everything, and for those few hours spent in front of a computer at home, nothing is more practical than a nice computer chair. These chairs are available in numerous designs and styles to suit their user's unique needs. Whether you want a chair to support you for a few hours or a few minutes at a time, there is a computer chair for you, and with all the shape and color options you can imagine. Police station, library, retail store, break room, the potential venues for where computer chairs can fit could fill a book!

Training Room Chairs

Mayline Valore Training Chair

One of the latest trends in the contemporary office furniture market is the addition of furniture for the office training area and multi purpose work environments. New office chairs for the training room are an awesome choice for cafeterias, waiting rooms, libraries, break rooms, and classrooms, as they are typically lightweight and amazingly priced. These little chairs are often equipped with wheels, a multitude of color options, and ability to fold up so that they can be conveniently stowed away if the need rises. They are a wonderful alternative to stools and conventional fold away chairs that will leave a subtly elegant impression on any guest that encounters them!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Top 5 Benefits of Modular Office Furniture

Modular Office Furniture
If you're looking to create a versatile work environment capable of high levels of productivity, you'll certainly be shopping for modular office furniture! We've all heard the term and for good reasons! Modular furnishings provide the key benefits modern businesses need to improve efficiency and workplace effectiveness. This article highlights the top 5 benefits your company will enjoy when using modular products.

1.) Mobility

In 2013, almost every furniture manufacturer on the planet is striving to mobilize their products. The ability to create a multi purpose office space that's ready to reconfigure quickly is a must. Adding casters to new office tables allows for much lighter lifting and strain on the back. Mobility in the office is incredibly smart and will surely improve your office lifestyle! Mobility started with products like the Mayline FC101 File Cart and once benefits were quickly realized, products like the Global Industries Bungee Tables line were created that have truly revolutionized the way we look at modularity in the office today.

2.) Space

The ability to maximize your work area is yet another key benefit of modular products. While mobilizing products is one way to maximize space potential, flip top table solutions also provide key attributes your business will love. It's no secret that square footage is at a premium for most businesses. The best mobile training room tables with flip down tops offer the ability to nest along walls when not in use. This makes for easy to clean spaces that aren't cluttered with furniture not currently in use. Simply flip the top and roll the tables in place when needed. Now that's smart!

3.) Future Growth

The industries top rated modular furniture collections allow your business the opportunity to grow without incurring the cost of new furniture. Lines like the Zira office furniture collection provide the ability to add components easily to grow configurations for larger areas or more users. Collections like the Mayline e5 Furniture line have taken an open desking approach the allows for group interaction and easy to space configurations. Lines like these will help your company quickly realize just how smart it is to choose furniture from a modular line. Growing your business is a wonderful thing, don't make it a bummer by forcing yourself to purchase all new office furniture every time your needs increase. Simply add the parts you need when you need them!

4.) Cost

Everybody like saving money. Your business definitely does! Since your budget for new office chairs and furniture is probably limited, going with modular solutions is the best may to maximize your potential. When purchasing modular office furniture for sale from any of the nations top dealers, they will quickly point out the long term values of these types of products. As previously mentioned, modular products allow room for growth without purchasing all new office workstations for your business. Over the years these savings really add up! Most of the modular items being manufactured today are made with high quality laminate construction. Far less expensive than traditional wood office desks, your company will be saving money right out of the gate.

5.) Versatility

Last but certainly not least, going modular means an increase in versatility for any business. This benefit is one best realized through modular conference tables for sale from brands like Global Total Office. Tables of this nature allow you to reconfigure your space in order to accommodate any number of guests you choose. In 2013, the boardroom and affordable training room furniture configuration is being combined in order to maximize space and increase effectiveness. Creating multi use work environments through the use of modular products is genius. It shows your companies workplace ingenuity while offering ample wow factor for visitors. Thinking one dimensionally is a thing of the past when it comes to the modern office! Creating modular environments for your business to serve multiple purposes saves space while simultaneously improving your versatility.

Monday, June 17, 2013

5 Quality Office File Cabinets for Your Home or Business

Finding quality file cabinets for your business will improve your workplace efficiency, versatility, and functionality. A professional file cabinet also keeps your office organized and important documents secure when not in use. This article highlights top office file cabinets and the features that are must to consider when shopping!

1. Mayline Heavy Duty Lateral File Cabinet

Mayline CSII Lateral File Cabinet
If you need a heavy duty metal filing cabinet that will last the ages, this one will certainly do the job. The Maline CSII file cabinet is definitely high-tech, with full drawer extension on telescoping slides, side to side rails, an anti-tipping drawer interlock system, as well as many different security features such as a single key lock feature. With all these amazing attributes, these heavy duty cabinets will last a lifetime.

2. Mayline CSII 5 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

Mayline CSII 5 Drawer Cabinet

Mayline has definitely gone above and beyond with the security in this cabinet. Featuring a single-key lock configuration in addition to an interlocked drawer system that allows only one drawer open at a time, this metal lateral file cabinet may as well be called a safe! Equipped with numerous extra features like a roll out shelf and adjustable leveling guides, this model is the swiss-army knife of filing cabinets.

3. Mayline 2-Drawer Napoli Cabinet

Mayline Napoli 2 Drawer File Cabinet
For a filing system as stylish as you are, look no further than the Napoli File Cabinet. This simple 2-drawer cabinet from the Napoli Office Furniture line is finished with a lovely Italian influenced design, inside and out. This unique style is combined with ball bearing suspensions and a gang-lock removable core for added security to create a functional, beautiful cabinet worthy of any executive office furniture configuration!

4. Global Series Lateral File Cabinet

Global Series Lateral File Cabinet

In need of a file cabinet as amazing as the assortment of disorganized documents in your office? Well, never you fear. This model of the Lateral Style Office Filing Cabinet is equipped with five remarkable drawers capable of storing anything from 3-ring binders, to folders, to single documents and more. Its interlocked drawer system prevents the configuration from tipping over, so you can rest assured your documents are safe and well organized. Available in three stylish colors, this cabinet is the perfect addition to any office.

5. Global 2 Drawer Vertical Legal File

Global 2 Drawer Vertical Legal File
This simple 2-drawer vertical file cabinet is definitely not to be taken lightly.  Possessing color coordinated drawer pulls and available in three beautiful color options, this small file is an incredible deal at only $170.99, sure to fit conveniently into any office space. While most consider vertical files a thing of the past, Global still understands and appreciates the needs of traditional filing environments. High quality office storage products like this are the most cost effective way to keep your documents organized!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Discount Office Reception Sofas You've Got To See!

Designing a professional reception, lounge, or waiting room area can be quite pricey. Luckily, manufacturers like Boss, Mayline, Flash Furniture, Global Total Office, and OFM pride themselves on providing high quality office products at discount pricing. This article reviews the hottest discount reception sofas on the market that won't break your budget!

Contemporary Black Leather Sofa
If you love the look of modern furniture for business use, this Boss Sofa is sure to hit home! The modern lines are brought to life with polished stainless steel accents. This contemporary black leather sofa is sure to leave a lasting impression on any office visitor! The wow factor generated BT99003 is far superior to the $729.99 price tag!

OFM 822 InterPlay SofaFinding the perfect modern reception furniture for your office interior design project is a breeze when you familiarize yourself with stylish reception area office furniture by OFM for your business! This reputable manufacturer prides themselves on providing top notch furniture for office common areas. Lines like there Marque series of curved reception desks are incredibly stylish and budget friendly. That being said, industry professionals have fallen in love with the all new 822 InterPlay Sofa for the office waiting room. This dual tablet solution provides unmatched versatility that's sure to improve any office visitor's experience. Priced at $683.99, this sofa is a real winner!
White Leather Reception Sofa
Light Brown Leather Sofa with Contemporary StyleThe Flash Furniture brand is rapidly becoming one of the most popular discount office furniture manufacturers in the country. With top rated ergonomic office chairs available for every office environment, you'll be hard pressed to find more affordable seating. Lines like their the Lesley series are huge hit! Products like this light brown leather reception sofa are a huge reason why! Combine a truly unique look with metal accents and you've found the recipe for success in 2013! This line of leather reception sofas is designed with professional businesses and their budgets in mind. Priced at $579.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better product at even twice the price. Not feeling the brown? No problem, the Lesley series also includes a black and white leather sofa for your individual decor needs.
Mayline Santa Cruz Sofa

When it comes to Mayline Furniture in 2013, the new Santa Cruz Lounge Furniture line has got to be included in the conversation! This revolutionary line of leather lounge furniture with modern style boasts a luxurious look that can be yours without exhausting your makeover budget. Models like the VCC3 Santa Cruz Sofa provide the perfect seating solution for your business guests. Available in both black and almond leather upholstery, this line allows interior design teams the ability to customize your look with ease. The curvy design and extremely comfortable sit add to the benefits this line of leather office sofas has to offer!

Global Industries Wind Reception SofaNo article on discount reception furniture would be complete with out highlighting at least one product from Global Industries. Quite frankly, this entire post could of been easily composed with solutions from there affordable furniture for waiting room collections. Lines like the Wind series are an excellent example of Global's craftsmanship at work. Products like this modern 2 person sofa with metal legs are simply incredible! Available in 12 contract leather options as well as fabric upholstery, these leather sofas provide endless versatility. While the Wind Sofa is made to order, this product is well worth the wait!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Top Conference Chairs Under $200

The conference room is typically one of the most expensive areas to furnish for any business. Luckily, seating solutions are available that look great without breaking your budget. Top chairs from brands like Offices To Go, OFM, and several others should be considered for any boardroom makeover project your considering. Check out these awesome deals!

Eurotech Maze Series Office Chair - $126.99

Eurotech Maze Chair

This stylish mesh back office chair from Eurotech Office Seating is built with the needs of your conference room in mind. With tilt tension control and locks, the Maze Series chair from Eurotech is as ergonomic as a conference chair can be. Its cushy waterfall seat also comes equipped with an adjustable height feature, so you can rest assured it will fit perfectly in any conference room.

Boss Executive Task Chair - $130.99

Boss Executive Task Chair

This comfortable chair is perfect for those long conferences. This ergonomic office chair with lumbar support and a tilt control mechanism provides maximum comfort. Not only that, it has a wide base for added stability and a pneumatic gas lift for adjustable seat height.

Boss Leather Executive Chair - $130.99

Boss Leather Executive chair
If a classic black leather swivel chair is more your style, check out this classic beauty. Upholstered with gorgeous Caressoft brand ultra soft, durable upholstery, this mid-back chair is not only beautifully clothed, its also incredibly comfortable. With extra lumbar support, a wide base, and a pneumatic gas lift for seat height adjustment, this sophisticated chair truly has it all.

Ergonomic Office Seating Naples Conference Chair - $197.99

Ergonomic Office Seating Naples Conference Chair

This comfortable medium-back chair provides pneumatic seat height control, and tilt-tension control in addition to a molded foam seat and back and 50mm dual wheel casters. As an extra bonus, these luxury office chair solutions are also upholstered in stylish black Eco leather.

Boss Leather Conference Chair - $140.99

Boss Leather Conference chair

This chair possesses many of the same amazing features that make Boss Leather Executive Seating such a great choice. Just like the Boss Leather Executive chair, the Boss Leather Conference chair is also garbed in luxurious Caressoft brand durable upholstery. It also boasts a tilt control, a pneumatic gas seat lift, and a wide base for stability. The only major difference is its unique design.

Boss Executive LeatherPlus Chair - $126.99

Boss Executive LeatherPlus Chair

Perhaps you're looking for new office seating with a sleek design? The LeatherPlus chair may be conference chair for you. This chair maintains a simple, futuristic look without leaving comfort behind. With padded arm rests, a metal base, tilt-tension control, a pneumatic gas lift, and a 250-pound weight capacity, the Executive LeatherPlus chair by Boss is nothing to scoff at.

Global Arno Leather High-Back Chair - $192.99

Global Arno Leather High-Back Chair
This fabulous chair comes with all the works, including a tilt/turn mechanism with tension adjustment and pneumatic seat height adjustment with a single position lock tilt lock that adjusts using one lever! Arno's high-tech chair boasts perforated leather upholstery panels that allow air trapped in the cushions to escape for an incredibly soft yet supportive feel. Available in no less than twelve stunning colors, this chair is hard to beat.

Boss High-back Leather Executive Chair - $146.99

Boss High-back Leather Executive Chair

If you'd prefer a chair with a tall backrest, you should definitely prefer this regal chair. Tilt-tension control, a pneumatic gas lift seat, and ergonomic lumbar support are just the beginning with this chair. These Boss High Back Executive Chairs are upholstered beautifully by two well respected brands, LeatherPlus and Caressoft. Caressoft brand upholstered armrests wonderfully compliment the LeatherPlus polyurethane infused seat, giving this chair the softness and durability you can only expect from these fine brands.

OFM Stimulus Series Executive Chair - $186.99
OFM Stimulus Series Chair
This dignified chair maintains a supple synthetic leather that is carefully stitched and tufted, designed to pamper the user. It provides full-body support as well as tilt, locks, and seat height controls. With 360 degree swiveling capabilities, these leather conference chair solutions are perfect for any busy executive office or boardroom.

Boss Contemporary High-back Chair - $136.99

Boss Contemporary High-Back Chair

This contemporary high-back chair is not only downright stunning, its also amazingly comfortable. Equipped with the awesome features that the Boss Office Seating brand is known for such as passive ergonomic seating, built in lumbar support, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and tilt-control, this chair also has a two piece cushion for added comfort.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Fathers Day Office Furniture and Seating Deals

June 16th is right around the corner! That being said we've decided to show all those awesome dads out there some love with 10 office furniture and seating specials. The stylish products highlighted here are all available with free shipping, bulk discounts, and applicable coupons listed at the bottom of this post. Enjoy, and Happy Father's Day!

Deal 1: 810-LX Avenger Office Chair *Call for Our Lowest Price Ever!
OFM Avenger Chair

Deal 2: Contemporary Brown Leather Office Chair - $266.99

Contemporary Brown Leather Office Chair

Deal 3: Chrome and White Leather Executive Office Chair - $288.99

Chrome frame and white leather executive office chair

Deal 4: Presideo Lounge Chair and Ottoman - $655.99 (Limited Quantities Available!)

Presideo Lounge Chair and Ottoman Set

Deal 5: Vision Series Glass Computer Desk with Metal Frame - $149.99

Contemporary Glass Computer Desk with Metal Frame

Deal 6: Modular Corner Office Desk *Call for Our Lowest Price Ever!

OFM Modular Corner Office Desk

Deal 7: 5 Piece Brighton Series Executive Office Desk Set - $1036.99

Brighton Series Executive Office Furniture Suite

Deal 8: ESI Monitor Mount and Laptop Holder - $422.99

ESI Monitor Mount and Laptop Holder

Deal 9: Aurora Adjustable LED Desk Lamp - $101.99

Deal 10: Avanta Contemporary Glass and Metal Drafting Table - $257.99

Avanta Drafting Table

Please feel free to use these awesome coupons for added savings!

Coupon 1: FP3600 - $25 off $499.99 + FREE Shipping  

Coupon 2: FP3900 - $50 off $999.99 + FREE Shipping    

Coupon 3: FP4000 - $100 off $1999.99 + FREE Shipping  

Coupon 4: FP5500 - $150 off $2999.99 + FREE Shipping

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Popular Office Desk Trends for 2013

At the halfway point of 2013, new trends are evident in the world of office desks. Unique desking solutions are being manufactured daily by some of the industries hottest brands. From modern style to commercially influenced products, shopping for a new desk has never been more exciting. This article highlights the latest desk trends to watch in order to keep your office at the highest levels of productivity and style!

Mayline e5 Furniture
First and foremost, you'll notice that metal furniture for office use has become incredibly popular in 2013. While products like filing cabinets have always utilized this durable resource, manufacturers are using metal for a variety of new desks to highlight an industrial look that's sure to impress. Combining stylish laminate work surfaces with steel legs is a great way to showcase the commercial look that's taking over offices near you. If this strikes your fancy, check out the Mayline e5 furniture line. You'll be in love!

Modern Desk
One important benefit to the metal desk trend is it's sustainability. Steel is incredibly durable and sure to last for years. This approach to furniture manufacturing also provides key brands the ability to offer more environmentally friendly office furnishings to businesses throughout the country. Needless to say, green eco friendly office desks help to reduce our overall carbon footprint and that's a trend we all need to take advantage of! Green desks will also improve your businesses indoor air quality which is always a plus. Is there anything better than when a stylish trend meets an excellent workplace benefit?

Contemporary Desk ConfigurationAnother popular material you'll surely see in any recently furnished office is glass. Glass is a great way to enhance both traditional and contemporary office furniture configurations. You'll also notice a wide variety of computer desks with glass tops being used in home office applications. The clear surface creates the illusion of a larger space while providing a neutral canvas to match existing home furniture.

Modern Office Furniture SuiteLike with modern kitchens, the popularity of the industrial look is at an all time high. Like with any industry, office desks for commercial use are being styled to meet the demands of consumers. Using the popular materials listed above will surely have your office on the cutting edge! Lines like the Cherryman Jade Furniture collection are a great way to see these new trends in action.

Luxurious Office Furniture SuiteThe benefits of modular office furniture should not be overlooked when designing any professional workspace. The use of modular workstations is incredibly popular, and for good reason! This trend is an excellent way to save space, time, and money. Top modular executive desks allow users to grow their furniture configuration with the needs of their business. Starting small is no longer a problem! Lines like the Global Zira Furniture collection offer a limitless selection of components in sizes to meet the dimensions of any office. Increase the size of your desk when your ready, add storage, or change it up completely. The versatility of modular office desks is a trend that's sure to stick around for ages.

White Office DeskThe use of a contemporary laminate finishes is incredibly trendy! Don't get it wrong, a beautiful cherry office desk will never go out of style. However, unique laminate colors allow designers to show their creativity while saving valuable budget. Setting your office apart with unique style is a great way to separate yourself from the competition. Look for white office desk solutions to be more common in contemporary work spaces along with innovative wood grain patterns in traditional offices.