Thursday, June 6, 2013

Popular Office Desk Trends for 2013

At the halfway point of 2013, new trends are evident in the world of office desks. Unique desking solutions are being manufactured daily by some of the industries hottest brands. From modern style to commercially influenced products, shopping for a new desk has never been more exciting. This article highlights the latest desk trends to watch in order to keep your office at the highest levels of productivity and style!

Mayline e5 Furniture
First and foremost, you'll notice that metal furniture for office use has become incredibly popular in 2013. While products like filing cabinets have always utilized this durable resource, manufacturers are using metal for a variety of new desks to highlight an industrial look that's sure to impress. Combining stylish laminate work surfaces with steel legs is a great way to showcase the commercial look that's taking over offices near you. If this strikes your fancy, check out the Mayline e5 furniture line. You'll be in love!

Modern Desk
One important benefit to the metal desk trend is it's sustainability. Steel is incredibly durable and sure to last for years. This approach to furniture manufacturing also provides key brands the ability to offer more environmentally friendly office furnishings to businesses throughout the country. Needless to say, green eco friendly office desks help to reduce our overall carbon footprint and that's a trend we all need to take advantage of! Green desks will also improve your businesses indoor air quality which is always a plus. Is there anything better than when a stylish trend meets an excellent workplace benefit?

Contemporary Desk ConfigurationAnother popular material you'll surely see in any recently furnished office is glass. Glass is a great way to enhance both traditional and contemporary office furniture configurations. You'll also notice a wide variety of computer desks with glass tops being used in home office applications. The clear surface creates the illusion of a larger space while providing a neutral canvas to match existing home furniture.

Modern Office Furniture SuiteLike with modern kitchens, the popularity of the industrial look is at an all time high. Like with any industry, office desks for commercial use are being styled to meet the demands of consumers. Using the popular materials listed above will surely have your office on the cutting edge! Lines like the Cherryman Jade Furniture collection are a great way to see these new trends in action.

Luxurious Office Furniture SuiteThe benefits of modular office furniture should not be overlooked when designing any professional workspace. The use of modular workstations is incredibly popular, and for good reason! This trend is an excellent way to save space, time, and money. Top modular executive desks allow users to grow their furniture configuration with the needs of their business. Starting small is no longer a problem! Lines like the Global Zira Furniture collection offer a limitless selection of components in sizes to meet the dimensions of any office. Increase the size of your desk when your ready, add storage, or change it up completely. The versatility of modular office desks is a trend that's sure to stick around for ages.

White Office DeskThe use of a contemporary laminate finishes is incredibly trendy! Don't get it wrong, a beautiful cherry office desk will never go out of style. However, unique laminate colors allow designers to show their creativity while saving valuable budget. Setting your office apart with unique style is a great way to separate yourself from the competition. Look for white office desk solutions to be more common in contemporary work spaces along with innovative wood grain patterns in traditional offices.

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