Monday, July 15, 2013

How Much Does New Executive Office Furniture Cost?

Executive Office FurnitureBudgeting for any interior design project is essential. Analyzing and understanding the expected cost of new executive furniture will help you plan for your upcoming office makeover properly. This article breaks down the estimated cost of furnishing your executive office using 3 of the industries hottest collections along with matching accent products sure to complete your space with class.

Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and Offices To Go are all top furniture manufacturers that pride themselves on proving high quality casegood solutions. Their respective home and new business furniture lines are sure to earn you space a host of positive compliments while helping you to work at the highest levels of productivity possible. That being said, the 3 top lines we'll be using for our study today are Brighton by Mayline, Verde by Cherryman Industries, and Margate by Offices To Go. These collections range in price, material, and quality to give you excellent insight into the cost of what an executive office makeover will cost.

The first product you'll want to shop for when outfitting your space is the desk. This item serves as the command center and main focal point of your space. In most cases, the majority of your budget will go into the desk purchase. For that reason it's important to choose a model that works for you! Pre configured typicals are definitely the way to go and will help you maximize your budget.  The three top executive desks for sale below offer excellent storage, style, and ergonomic benefits designed to help improve your workplace efficiency.

1.) Brighton BT11 Desk Typical - $771.99
Brighton Series Corner Desk

This 4 piece corner desk set includes an overhead storage hutch that provides versatile organizational needs. The unique design is perfect for along the wall applications and smaller work environments. Brighton typicals like this one are available in both cherry and mocha laminate options to meet your individual taste and decor needs.

2.) Verde VL-749N Executive Desk Suite - $2474.99

Contemporary Executive Desk Set

Those looking for a more high end modern office furniture solution for their space will love this configuration! The VL-749N features white accents that really make a statement in the workplace. Available in both espresso and latte finishes, this set features a modern table desk perfect for luxury spaces along with a rear storage furniture configuration that rounds out the stylish look.

3.) Margate Executive U Desk Set - $1750.99
Margate U Shaped Executive Desk

This popular line of U shaped executive desks for sale offers the perfect blend of modern and traditional styles. The Margate Desk package is available in a stunning cordovan finish and features wood veneer construction for those high end spaces. These luxury office desks for sale provide commercial appeal that also works great for stylish home environments.

Once you've chosen the perfect desk for your space, it's time to add matching accent furniture. When starting your office, you'll definitely want to add a bookcase or file cabinet. New bookcases for sale from top manufacturers provide much needed organizational assistance and a stylish decor attributes that will show your executive ingenuity. Matching office file organizing cabinets will keep your important documents secure while cohesively accenting your chosen typical.

1.) Brighton 4 Shelf Bookcase - $226.99

Brighton 4 shelf bookcase
This modern bookcase features a curved top design that really pulls the look of any workspace together! The everyday low price of $226.99 makes this stylish piece a must for any office utilizing Brighton casegoods in an executive fashion. Three and five shelf variations are also available in cherry and mocha finishes.

2.) Verde V827L Two Drawer Lateral File Cabinet - $509.99
Verde Lateral File Cabinet

Talk about unique! You'll be hard pressed to find a more unique collection of lateral file cabinets for sale on the market today. This contemporary product is available in both latte and espresso finishes sure to match the Verde line to perfection.

3.) Ventnor 5 Shelf Wood Bookcase - $535.99
5 Shelf Bookcase
This wood bookcase is affordable and features the same cordovan finish of the Margate line. At 70" high, this luxurious piece of furniture features 1 fixed shelf and 4 adjustable shelves to meet your individual storage needs. In addition, 3 shelf bookcases are also available from this line for smaller spaces.

Executive Office Chair

Last but certainly not least you'll want to add a nice chair to your office will excellent ergonomic benefits. With so many luxury office chairs for sale on the market today, models can range from as low as $250 to $3000 depending on the features you're in need of. Lumbar support, adjustable arms, and pneumatic seat height adjustment capabilities are the most commonly sought after. Using an average cost of $350, you'll have no problem finding a quality product to complement your executive furniture configuration.

The Breakdown:

Brighton Office with Bookcase and Chair = $1348.98

Verde Office with File Cabinet and Chair = $3334.98

Margate Office with Bookcase and Chair = $2636.98

No matter the new office desks, accent products, and chair you choose for your home or business it's important to shop around and budget properly. Meeting with an industry professional in person or over the phone is a great place to start your project. Helpful insight, product suggestions, and tips are often provided at no charge and can really save you a bundle! Down the road you'll want to consider adding additional ergonomic products to your office to help you improve your work rate and effectiveness. Products like ergonomic monitor arms, Footrests, and CPU holders are budget friendly and incredibly helpful.

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