Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day Office Furniture Sale!

Labor Day Office Furniture Sale
Labor day is just around the corner! And while you're probably thinking about your three day weekend, we thought we'd share some awesome office furniture and seating deals to get September started on the right foot. As an added bonus, please enjoy the active coupons below for even more savings!

1.) Eurotech Seating Marlin Chair - $136.99 + FREE Shipping!

Eurotech Marlin Chair

2.) Eurotech Seating Chakra Chair - $343.99 + FREE Shipping! (5 Colors Available)

Eurotech Chakra Chair

3.) OFM Venice Series Executive Desk - $715.99 + FREE Shipping!

OFM Venice Series Desk

4.) Brighton Series BT28 Reception Desk - $901.99 + FREE Shipping!

Brighton Series Reception Desk

5.) OFM InterPlay Series Furniture Set - $1099.99 + FREE Shipping

OFM InterPlay Furniture

6.) Cherryman Verde Conference Table - *Call For Our Lowest Pricing Ever!
Cherryman Verde Conference Table

7.) Symmetry Allure Series Single Screen Monitor Arm - $130.99 + FREE Shipping!

Single Screen Monitor Arm

8.) Mayline 11124 NetStart LAN Station - $419.99 + FREE Shipping!

Mayline LAN Station

9.) Techworks Heavy Duty Height Adjustable Table - $642.99 + FREE Shipping!

Techworks Height Adjustable Table

10.) Mayline 971 Arched Modern Computer Desk - $111.99 + FREE Shipping!

Mayline 971 Arched Computer Desk

*Active Office Furniture and Seating Coupons!

1.) Save 5% On Mayline Napoli Furniture with Coupon Code: NAPOLI


2.) Save 5% On Mayline Sorrento Furniture with Coupon Code: SORRENTO


 3.) Save 5% On Mayline Luminary Furniture with Coupon Code: LUMINARY


4.) Save 5% On Mayline Corsica Furniture with Coupon Code: CORSICA


 5.) Save 5% On Mayline Aberdeen Furniture with Coupon Code: ABERDEEN


6.) Save $25 + FREE Shipping On Any Purchase of $499 or More with Coupon Code: FP3400

7.) Save $50 + FREE Shipping On Any Purchase of $999 or More with Coupon Code: FP3900

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Office Upgrades Under $500

There are lots of people out there wanting to upgrade their office space, but we all know that desks, comfortable chairs, and office accessories can really take a toll on a budget. Some give up before they even start looking. Office furniture and supplies are just too expensive, right? Nope! The great news is that there are plenty of fabulous office desks and chairs out there that cost way less than you think, without losing any quality of design! Check out these great office solutions that, at less than $500, deliver awesome style and functionality without breaking your bank!

Desk - Calico Designs Jameson LS Work Center - $225.99

Calico Designs Jameson LS Work Center

If you are searching for a top quality desk that is less a few hundred dollars when you hit the web, you may start to think very quickly that all hopes are lost. Well, we're here to tell you that while quality office desks with versatility can take a bite out of your wallet, there are tons of spectacular options out there that won't. Desks like the Calico Designs Monterey LS Glass Desk have and the Safeco Xpressions Computer Workstation have fabulous versatility, and both cost less than $500. But if you want the ultimate in total office style and functionality, you can't go wrong with the Calico Designs Jameson LS Workcenter for your workplace. This little beauty is a paragon of modern office desks that will leave you speechless. With a clear tempered safety glass worksurface and shining silver frame, this desk has style written in every curve and corner. Complete with floor levelers for uneven surfaces and a rear crossbar for stability, this desk is built to last, and for only and incredible $225.99!

Cabinet - OFM Sliding Door Credenza Cabinet - $480.99
OFM Sliding Door Credenza Cabinet
There are all kinds of cabinets out there that are incredibly useful. Having great file cabinets and bookcase solutions are often just the thing to complete an office with a dash of style. At less than $500 or less, its hard to beat the Global Multi Stor Exhibit Cabinet and the Safeco Apres Modular Bookcase for capacity. But whether you are searching for stylish storage cabinets for offices for your home or your office, the fabulous OFM Sliding Door Credenza Cabinet is never a bad choice. This cabinet is absolutely beautiful, and it won't cost you any more than $480.99. No tools are required for assembly, and it comes with leveling guides, and inside shelf, self edge banding, and a smooth sliding door to make your office as chic and functional as possible without breaking your bank.

Office Accessories - Allure 1 Ergonomic Monitor Arm by Symmetry - $201.99

Allure 1 Ergonomic Monitor Arm by Symmetry

Adding ergonomic computer monitor arms to your workplace may be the best office furniture decision you ever make. Not only do these babies keep you from crawling halfway across your desk just to see your computer, but they also clear up desk space and promote good posture and health. Businesses everywhere have recognized the benefits of adding office accessories like monitor arms and flatscreen TV mounts for improving the health and happiness of employees and guests alike. The awesome news about ergonomic monitor arms though is that almost all monitor arms that support less than six computer screens cost much less than $500, and really, for all the beneficial qualities they provide, its a spectacular deal. If you're searching for a monitor arm, try looking at the Allure 1 Monitor Arm by Symmetry for your computer screen. This arm mounts to the desk rather than the wall, and it provides wonderful adjustability and great reach that is sure to keep the pain out of both your back, and your pocket book!

Mobile Carts -  Mayline Eastwinds Series Mobile Storage Cart - $125.99

Mayline Eastwinds Series Mobile Storage Cart

Mobile carts are good decisions that will never go wrong. No matter what you buy them for originally, you can always use them later on to hold everything from files, to books, to printers, papers, and more. Even though all carts are incredibly versatile, there are mobile office carts that serve all sorts of specific purposes. Some can be used as printer stands and utility tables, some as utility carts, some as file trucks, and even some as food and beverage carts for break rooms or hotel use. One example of a great mobile cart that can double as a machine stand is the Mayline Eastwinds Series Mobile Storage Cart for home and office use. Not only does this cool cart support machinery such as computers or printers, but it also offers a shelf for extra storage. Carts like this are wonderful in offices or in school classrooms, and are great ways to free up desk space and keep everything together. Just roll it into a corner or closet and get even more space out of the whole room when you're done!

Office Chair - OFM ORO Series Designer Multi Task Office Chair - $384.45

OFM ORO Series Designer Multi Task Office Chair
Perhaps one of the easiest ways to upgrade your office is by adding ergonomic office chairs to the mix. Quality comfortable chairs for offices can cost a fortune, but you shouldn't have to sacrifice your comfort for your paycheck. There are tons of quality chairs out there that can support both you and your pocket book with ease, and you won't even have to spend $500 to get them! Whether you're looking for guest chairs, or mesh back chairs, or just some old fashioned cool task chairs to surf the web from, chances are the good ones won't even cost you more than a few hundred bucks. One of the best deals you will find is on the OFM ORO Series Designer Multi Task Office Chair complete with an adjustable tablet on the side! This beautiful chair is ergonomic, Greenguard certified, and comes with full body support and even a gas lift for height adjustment, and its only $384.45!

Monday, August 26, 2013

10 Popular U Shaped Executive Desks for Sale

The most popular of all office furniture configurations are those with U shaped designs. These space saving solutions are ideal for executive work environments and boast excellent benefits for the home and business. Today's article highlights the top 10 U shaped executive desk configurations available in 2013 from the industries hottest brands.

1.) EZP01 Mayline e5 Desk Configuration

EZP01 Mayline e5 Desk Configuration

First up, the EZP01 typical from the new Mayline e5 series of modern casegoods. This contemporary furniture set boasts a two tone design that combines metal, glass, and laminate surfaces for a totally unique look. With ample storage and cutting edge features, the EZP01 showcases office innovation at it's finest.

2.) Cherryman Industries AM-377 Amber Executive Desk
AM-377 Cherryman Amber Executive Desk

Priced at only $1524.99, it's hard to ignore the benefits of the AM-377 suite. This set includes 8 pieces designed around creating the perfect executive work environment. The Cherryman Amber Series also includes a variety of matching office furniture to further enhance your corporate decor on a shoestring budget.

3.) Mayline BT7 Brighton Typical

Mayline BT7 Brighton Typical

Available in 2 in stock finishes the Mayline Brighton Series is an excellent value that's perfect for those in need of new furniture in a hurry. The everyday low price point of this top selling office furniture collection makes it a great choice for both home and business use.

4.) Global Princeton Series Furniture Set A3R
Global Princeton Series Furniture

The modular office furniture has officially begun! Units like this Global Industries Princeton series configuration provide modern executives with the ability to grow their furniture setup with the needs of their business. With a seemingly limitless array of components in a variety of sizes, Princeton is the most versatile desking solution of 2013.

5.) Mayline Napoli Series Typical NT31

Mayline NT31 Napoli Typical

If you love modern office desks, the NT31 will be an instant favorite! Available in 3 wood veneer finish combinations, this line of furniture offers glass and metal accents that create the perfect blend of commercial appeal with luxury style. Matching Napoli series modern conference tables are also offered for high end boardroom applications. Rest assured, the Mayline Napoli Series is a real winner!

6.) VL-692N Cherryman Verde Series Desk Configuration

Cherryman Verde Furniture

Talk about wow factor! The Cherryman Verde Furniture collection offers everything you'll need to outfit your business with modern products designed for professional use. This full service line includes the VL-692N configuration in your choice of Espresso or Latte finish. With an everyday low price of $2376.99, this 5 piece set is truly an excellent value.

7.) Mayline ST4 Sorrento Desk

Mayline Sorrento Furniture

Those shopping for U shaped executive desks for sale with luxury style will love the Mayline Sorrento Series ST4 typical. The first thing you'll notice about this popular line of Mayline Workstations is the stunning finish! Once you're done complimenting, you'll surely be drawn in by all of the modern features this traditional line has to offer. Priced a bit higher than most furniture collections, Sorrento's features and classy look far outweigh comparable lines at even twice the price.

8.) Offices To U Shaped Desk
Offices to Go Furniture

When it comes to office desks, keeping it simple is always a good idea. The no frills approach to workplace furnishings provides a neutral canvas sure to match any decor. This set from Offices To Go Furniture includes all the necessary components to get your executive space started on the right foot without breaking your budget.

9.) Luminary EUB3 U Shaped Executive Desk

Mayline Luminary Furniture

Designed for both professional and home office furniture needs, the Mayline Luminary Series boasts affordability without sacrificing valuable style. The U shaped corner desks for sale like this EUB3 model offer ample storage, a bow front design, and choice of 2 stocked finishes.

10.) Cherryman Industries Ruby Series RU-258 Desk Configuration

Cherryman Ruby Furniture

Last but certainly not least, we reach this stylish configuration from the Cherryman Industries Ruby Series casegoods collection. Named for it's rich finish, the Ruby line of executive office desk layouts is available with left or right hand returns and valued storage components for improved workplace organization. The unique front section of this configuration is sure to catch your attention along with the curved modesty panel. A truly impressive desk if there ever was one!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting The Most Out of Your Office Chair

Spending thousands on a high end ergonomic office chair only gets you so far. Sure you might have the most stylish and advanced seating solution on the market, but if you don't know how to properly operate it, it's sure not worth much! Understanding the capabilities of your office chair and how to properly operate it will help you maximize your workplace potential and office efficiency.

The most common adjustment standard on all office chairs with ergonomics is the pneumatic cylinder. This important piece controls the height of your chair and the level at which you operate. Believe it or not, the average worker never adjusts their pneumatic cylinder while ergonomic experts will adjust several times per day. Working at a comfortable height improves blood flow and posture and is a key feature to consider for those looking to get the most out of their work day.

Another seldom used feature standard on most office seating is the tilt mechanism. From single position tilt lock to infinite tilt lock models getting the most from your chair involves utilizing this key feature. While working, most individuals lean forward and rely solely on the chair seat for support. This leaves their backs never touching the chair back. While this is acceptable for short periods of time, during long work days it far more ideal to lean your chair back slightly forward. Working at an optimal angle via an adjusted back will keep you far more comfortable through extended periods of operating.

The lumbar support is often sought after when shopping but rarely used. As one of the most user friendly and comfort improving features available, it's a real shame! Finding a quality office chair with lumbar support will offer excellent adjustment capabilities designed to support both the upper and low back. Models like the Tri Tek Ergonomic Chair provide a built in lumbar solution that is depth and height adjustable to meet your individual needs. High end and luxury desk chairs for offices like the RFM Verte chair mold themselves to your back while providing the highest levels of functionality possible.

Spending hard earned money on features like adjustable arms is an excellent value... if you use them! The top rated executive chairs with adjustability on the market today allow you control the width, height, and angle at which your arms sit. Products like the G20 series chair even feature side to side arm cap movement. Larger individuals will appreciate features like width adjustable arms on big and tall chairs for sale from their preferred brand. The ability to spread the arms apart makes for an easier sit down and exit. Understanding the capabilities of your arms will help you sit more comfortably while working more efficiently.

Those in the market to purchase new office chairs for sale in 2013 will be at a huge advantage in terms of comfort. Several new models like the OFM ORO series executive chair offer incredibly versatility and cutting edge features that are built for office success. That being said, doing your homework upfront and researching several models will help you achieve more with your office chair in the long run. Meeting with your physician or an ergonomic seating specialist will greatly increase your knowledge, help you to better understand your body type, and provide helpful insight as to what products will work best for you.

If you're looking to maximize your work potential, finding the perfect chair is half the battle! With so many options available on the market today it's hard to know which to choose. Reputable brands like Eurotech Seating, Global Industries, and office chairs by RFM are all a great place to start your search. If you're stuck with an old hammy down chair from a previous employee, it's time to upgrade. Too many affordable office chairs are available that will save your work day while helping to prevent back pain. If the budget is too tight, determine what chair your sitting in and research it. Ergonomic forums are a great place to find reviews and features you might not know about your chair.

Friday, August 16, 2013

How to Properly Secure Your Office

One of the most commonly asked questions amongst furniture shoppers is how to properly secure their office spaces. Believe it or not, it's actually quite simple! From password protecting your computer to keeping track of your cabinet keys, plenty of easy to follow practices ensure a well protected workplace. This article covers the top ways to properly secure any home office or business work environment.

One of the most simple to follow security measures for any workspace is to set a computer password. Once you've done it, anyone looking to use your workstation will need your password for access. Commonly, individuals avoid setting a password at home and business. All to often computers can be quickly accessed by anyone. Most people simply don't want to take the time to enter a 7 key password everyday. You however should be smarter than that!  Considering that most computers hold financial records, personal information, and priceless family photos, take the 10 seconds a day to ensure your digital files and password protect your desktop. When choosing a password, think of something creative yet easy to remember. Using password as your password is a self defeating practice and provides little to no security for your important documents.

If you're looking to add additional security to your executive furniture and the modular workstations at your home and business ample accessories are available to get the job done! Budget friendly products like CPU holders with locking features are definitely a great way to advance your office and computer protection. Manufacturers like ESI Ergonomic Solutions offer a wide range of lockable CPU products that also provide excellent workplace benefits. Top selling CPU holder solutions like the CPU05 allow for a wide range of adjustments including swivel and retraction that greatly improve office versatility as well as computer security. Not only will a retractable CPU holder keep your most valued office item locked for theft protection, they also mount underneath the work surface to help prevent against water and flood damage. Talk about useful!

Locking FIle Cabinets
Next take a minute to locate all of the keys to your file cabinets that lock and overhead storage units. When most new office furniture is installed, keys are left in the locks so that you can easily locate them. Unfortunately, they are typically left there for years to come. This just isn't safe! Your lateral filing cabinets lock for a reason. Take advantage of the benefits your storage products for offices have to offer and protect your office effectively. From desk pedestals with mobility to pencil drawers, most every personal product of the office can lock for protection. Let's be honest though. Keeping track of 10 different office keys can be difficult! To avoid this, label all your keys except for one and place them in a zip bag. Place the singled out key on your key ring. Once complete, lock the remaining keys in the cabinet cohesive with the key you kept out. Now you know where to find your important keys when needed. As a side tip, you can ask your office furniture provider to have your office desks keyed alike. This will greatly cut down on the number of keys you need to keep track of!

Fire Proof File Cabinet
The addition of a fire proof safe to your home or business workspace is just plain smart! While it's not the absolute best protection against thieves, it ensures that if a fire breaks out, your most valued items are secure. Products like the Sentry Safe Fire Proof File Cabinet 1170 are ideal for birth certificates, social security cards, and important home information. Units like this are also small enough to fit inside other locking cabinets for a further improved security measure if necessary. The top Sentry Safe Fireproof Safes like this are protected up to 1550 degrees for a half hour! Protection against theft is always a concern at home and in business. Popular products like the 7150 Wall Safe For Sale can be hidden easily by any piece of framed wall art. Taking things a step further, units like the 7250 floor safe are also an option but a bit harder to install without help.

Last but certainly not least, remember the little things! When you leave work, make sure to lock your office door. When at home, make sure to shut down your computer completely. Making a simple mental security checklist goes a long way. The three main concerns to consider when it comes to office protection are theft, fire, and water damage. Simply keeping your important documents off the ground, locking up properly, and using a reputable fire safe or safe deposit box will surely help you sleep better at night in terms or office security

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Innovative New Office Products for the Modern Workplace

The world of office furniture and seating is more exciting than ever! With incredible ergonomic innovations, you'll be working faster and more effectively in no time. This article highlights several of the top new office products sure to improve your work day efficiently and without breaking your budget. Enjoy!

Chakra Office Chair by Eurotech SeatingIn 2013, working smart is all about the office chair you choose for your space. Several top office chairs with ergonomics from brands like Eurotech Seating are consistently raising the bar in terms of workplace comfort and ensure a back pain free working experience. Products like the incredible new Chakra office chair with zoomorphic structure offer user friendly attributes and an incredibly modern look. Priced at only $343.99, this modern office chair will boost your spaces wow factor instantly. Available in 5 cool color combinations, the Chakra is capable of matching any modern decor with ease. This products truly represents seating technology at it's best!

iPad Tablet MountTechnology has brought with it a variety of cool products that have rapidly become regular fixtures in the office world. Personal tablets are being used regularly in healthcare environments and other design based businesses for visual support and improve organization. Needless to say, leading manufacturers of ergonomic products for offices took note! Brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions have created awesome iPad tablet mount solutions that easy attach to almost any work surface. Able to accommodate screens from 7"-11", you'll be able to quickly and securely reach your tablet of choice while enjoying extensive adjustment capabilities. The Orion mounts in seconds. Simply attach your tablet, then slid the base clamp on to your desk and tighten down. At only $149.99, this is one product any iPad owner can't live without.
Height Adjustable Desk by Mayline

If keeping your office on the cutting edge is a goal, you probably already know about the benefits of height adjustable desk solutions from brands like Mayline and Ergonomic Concepts. Lines like the Mayline VariTask Table series can be customized to include adjustable keyboard trays and other awesome accessories that improve day to day comfort. Both electronic and hand crank adjustment models are available in a variety of sizes including office desks for corners for smaller spaces. In addition to ergonomic desks for sale in 2013, several height adjustable work bench solutions are also available for heavy duty yet ergo friendly warehouse and workshop applications.
Mayline TransAction Conference Table

Creating a high tech conference room is a sure fire way to keep your visitors and employees awake during those long meetings! Products like the TransAction Conference Table collection from Mayline will surely get your boardroom makeover project kicked off right! These powered conference tables for sale are designed specifically for multi media applications. Available in 3 surface shapes with a choice of 2 finishes, the TransAction series is all about business efficiency and modern style. Those looking for a more simplified option will enjoy these same tables without the technology ports at a lower cost. Mayline has really covered all the needs of the innovative business. Their cutting edge products are not only effective, but affordable as well!

Via Seating Swopper ChairIt doesn't get much cooler than the Via Seating Swopper Stool in your choice of 5 awesome colors. This ergonomic office stool was designed by a renowned osteopath for individuals suffering from low back pain.  Use it as a stool or task chair for your space and reap the rewards! The Swopper chair is incredibly versatile and provides comfort unmatched by most luxury office chairs priced 3 times higher. Mobilized models are available for those looking to scoot around. In addition, a super stylish back attachment is also offered for an additional $299.00. Rest assured, these office stools that adjust mean business! The wide range of motion and simplified user experience makes for a comfortable sit and improved workplace support that can't be overlooked in 2013.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Top 5 Must Haves for Every Home Office

Home offices are often an essential part of keeping a great home. But if you are planning to add one to your house, you may need a few tips on where to start. Home offices should be productive and comfortable spaces for their users. If you are looking to amp up your home office space, you've come to the right place. This article will highlight the top five things you need to have to make your home office  perfect for you!

What Will My Home Office Do?
Home Office

The first thing you need to consider when adding a home office to your workplace is what you will need it to do. Consider things like: How many people will be using this office? Will it just be me or will my spouse and kids need the space also? How much time will I spend in this office? How do I want it to look? What sort of decor and accents will make this environment comfortable and productive for its users? And most importantly: What will this office be used for?
Now, of course these are a lot of questions to ask yourself, and it may take some time to sort out the answers but this is an important part of creating your office. Your office should reflect you so that you can do your best there. Once you decide these things you can move on to sketch out some plans, pick out the best room for your office, decide on a color scheme you like, think about decor options, and choose the best office furniture for home use.


Decorated Home Office
One part of the home office (or any office as a matter of fact) that is hugely underestimated is the importance of decor. The productiveness of an office is very dependent on the way it is decorated. When decorating your home office, try to find furniture that is not only functional, but also speaks to you as an individual. Studies show that when workers are not comfortable in their environment, it can lead to a lapse in work ethic, inefficiency, and can even cause depression.
With a home office, you have the tremendous opportunity to make your space all your own. Give yourself plenty of reason to want to keep returning to your office space by choosing furniture and colors you like. Try to place your office near a window with a view to the outside world so you don't feel trapped, or if that isn't possible, add artwork and pictures to create your own windows! Make sure you have plenty of lighting so that you don't strain your eyes when working, and bring in a little touch of the good outdoors. Adding a fish bowl or a few plants can do wonders for a place that feels lifeless or lonely. Whatever you choose to do, no matter how crazy or bizarre it may seem, if it makes you feel happy, go for it!

Decide on a Desk

Mayline Napoli Series Sierra DeskThe next thing you'll need to do is decide on an appropriate desk for your needs. The best way to figure out what desk can do the most for you is to ask yourself how much time you'll be spending in the office and what you'll be doing in there. You don't want to go buying huge, executive desks if you're not gonna spend more than thirty minutes a day in your office. If you're an artist, the last thing you'll want to go shopping for are fancy reception desks with stylish design to smear graphite, glue, and paint all over when you could buy sturdy drafting tables instead.
Another important question to answer regarding office desks is whether or not it will fit in your space. If you plan for your home office to sit in the corner of your bedroom or if you're a college student trying to cram all your things into a tiny dorm room, say "yes" to small computer desks for your space. You may even want to consider folding tables or office desks for students that can be easily stowed away when not in use.

The Perfect Chair

Offices To Go Mesh Back Chair

Everyone knows how important having a comfortable chair is when working for long periods of time, but there are thousands of seating options out there! How do you know what will be best for you? Well, just as you did when choosing a desk, consider how much time you will spend in the office. Those wonderful leather executive chairs may look tempting, but if you're just using your office to pay the bills or surf the web for a few minutes on a regular basis, simple task chairs may be better for you. On the contrary, if you know you'll be spending all day in your office, ergonomic office chairs are fantastic choices that you will never regret. They are comfortable, stylish, and adjustable, perfectly suited to fit their users' seating needs. Some even come with massaging features! You may even choose to go with luxury recliners for office use instead of typical office chairs for a truly at-home feeling. With any of these amazing choices, you'll never have to worry about stiffness or back pain ever again!

Storage Options

OFM Milano Series Wall Cabinet CredenzaUnfortunately for most home offices, square footage can be an issue. Finding a place to put things can be a big problem when you don't really have the floor space for it. This is where home office furniture can be super handy. Furniture manufacturers have recognized the storage difficulties often accompanying the addition of home office furniture and they have found some great ways to rectify it. Since desks usually take up the most room, they have designed complete modular workstations with fantastic storage solutions such as overhanging cabinets that keep things out of the way until they are needed. Another great way to keep things off the floor is by adding utility carts, which are not only compact but also mobile. If binders and books are a problem for you, shelving and bookcases are stylish solutions that keep everything out of the way until you might have need of them.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Space Inspirations: Impressive Conference Room Configurations

Having a high tech conference room that's highlighted by modern furniture prepares your business for meetings of any kind. This article highlights 5 of the coolest conference and boardroom environments you'll ever see while showcasing the furniture you'll need to create a space of equal merit. Enjoy!

Corsica Conference RoomThe Mayline Corsica Series is the perfect blend of traditional elegance with modern benefits. The stunning Mahogany and Sierra cherry finish combinations boast a successful look that's sure to earn your business compliments for years to come. This lines traditional look is great for law office and executive meeting spaces. The Corsica conference table features a boat shaped design and is available with or without power options. Accenting furniture includes an executive wall cabinet and matching presentation board for visual assistance. Overall, this collection is an absolute winner and quite budget friendly. As not all businesses can have the luxury of arched windows and natural brick walls, the Corsica boardroom furniture collection is more than capable of being the focal point of any space!

When it comes to OFM tables, you'll be at no shortage of modern solutions ready to accommodate your meeting area. With products like the new GT4794 Glass Conference Table an industrial look with commercial appeal is one simple purchase away. Spaces looking to capitalize on the benefits of modular office furniture will love models like the 55118. This 8 foot conference table features a metal leg look that's growing in popularity by the minute. As an added bonus, the 55118 can easily be assembled without tools. Talk about versatility! In addition to the tables, the OFM furniture collection also includes a variety of wood wall cabinets for sale for conference room storage.

Bungee Table SetOne of the hottest workplace trends of 2013 is the use of modular conference room furniture to achieve multi purpose areas that save space, time, and money. Lines like the Global Bungee Table collection are the perfect way to achieve a meeting environment with these valuable attributes. Affordable Bungee Table Set solutions are available in 11, 13, and 15ft. variations to meet your individual space requirements. Customizable options are also in abundance with the Bungee series. A choice of straight leg or spider leg option is available along with floor gliders or casters at no additional charge. Ten laminate surface finishes and two metal leg finishes are also offered that allow design ingenuity to shine! These conference tables with modular design offer extensive configuration capabilities and flip top designs that allow training areas and boardrooms to combine with ease.

Cherryman Verde Series Conference RoomWhen the Cherryman Verde Series was introduced into the world modern office furniture, it revolutionized the industry. The stunning good looks, contemporary touches, and gorgeous finish options where simply unheard of at the everyday low price point this collection boasts. In addition to luxury office desks with style, Verde includes a variety of matching conference tables for sale that offer an innovative design highlighted best by the white glass leg inserts. A choice of 8, 10, and 12 ft. Verde Conference Table models are offered from Cherryman with boat shaped surfaces. The matching presentation board and Verde storage cabinet makes for a totally modern conference room capable of technology intensive meetings or casual sit downs.

TransAction Conference RoomIf you're company isn't hosting meetings in a powered conference room, you're office is out of date! Incredible new products like the Mayline TransAction Table line are available with technology intensive options sure to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your corporate gatherings. The style and design of these powered conference tables make them ideal for multi media directed spaces. Rest assured, this line creates state of the art areas with top notch modern style. A choice of 3 surface shapes and two finishes make for a customizable look that meets your individual decor. Those not ready to step into the new world of furniture can also make use of non powered models with lower price tags and without technology ports. This line is best accompanied by Aberdeen Series by Mayline products and TSH1 Valore Chairs in your choice of mesh back color. If it's cutting edge you're looking for, TransAction is the choice for you!