Friday, August 16, 2013

How to Properly Secure Your Office

One of the most commonly asked questions amongst furniture shoppers is how to properly secure their office spaces. Believe it or not, it's actually quite simple! From password protecting your computer to keeping track of your cabinet keys, plenty of easy to follow practices ensure a well protected workplace. This article covers the top ways to properly secure any home office or business work environment.

One of the most simple to follow security measures for any workspace is to set a computer password. Once you've done it, anyone looking to use your workstation will need your password for access. Commonly, individuals avoid setting a password at home and business. All to often computers can be quickly accessed by anyone. Most people simply don't want to take the time to enter a 7 key password everyday. You however should be smarter than that!  Considering that most computers hold financial records, personal information, and priceless family photos, take the 10 seconds a day to ensure your digital files and password protect your desktop. When choosing a password, think of something creative yet easy to remember. Using password as your password is a self defeating practice and provides little to no security for your important documents.

If you're looking to add additional security to your executive furniture and the modular workstations at your home and business ample accessories are available to get the job done! Budget friendly products like CPU holders with locking features are definitely a great way to advance your office and computer protection. Manufacturers like ESI Ergonomic Solutions offer a wide range of lockable CPU products that also provide excellent workplace benefits. Top selling CPU holder solutions like the CPU05 allow for a wide range of adjustments including swivel and retraction that greatly improve office versatility as well as computer security. Not only will a retractable CPU holder keep your most valued office item locked for theft protection, they also mount underneath the work surface to help prevent against water and flood damage. Talk about useful!

Locking FIle Cabinets
Next take a minute to locate all of the keys to your file cabinets that lock and overhead storage units. When most new office furniture is installed, keys are left in the locks so that you can easily locate them. Unfortunately, they are typically left there for years to come. This just isn't safe! Your lateral filing cabinets lock for a reason. Take advantage of the benefits your storage products for offices have to offer and protect your office effectively. From desk pedestals with mobility to pencil drawers, most every personal product of the office can lock for protection. Let's be honest though. Keeping track of 10 different office keys can be difficult! To avoid this, label all your keys except for one and place them in a zip bag. Place the singled out key on your key ring. Once complete, lock the remaining keys in the cabinet cohesive with the key you kept out. Now you know where to find your important keys when needed. As a side tip, you can ask your office furniture provider to have your office desks keyed alike. This will greatly cut down on the number of keys you need to keep track of!

Fire Proof File Cabinet
The addition of a fire proof safe to your home or business workspace is just plain smart! While it's not the absolute best protection against thieves, it ensures that if a fire breaks out, your most valued items are secure. Products like the Sentry Safe Fire Proof File Cabinet 1170 are ideal for birth certificates, social security cards, and important home information. Units like this are also small enough to fit inside other locking cabinets for a further improved security measure if necessary. The top Sentry Safe Fireproof Safes like this are protected up to 1550 degrees for a half hour! Protection against theft is always a concern at home and in business. Popular products like the 7150 Wall Safe For Sale can be hidden easily by any piece of framed wall art. Taking things a step further, units like the 7250 floor safe are also an option but a bit harder to install without help.

Last but certainly not least, remember the little things! When you leave work, make sure to lock your office door. When at home, make sure to shut down your computer completely. Making a simple mental security checklist goes a long way. The three main concerns to consider when it comes to office protection are theft, fire, and water damage. Simply keeping your important documents off the ground, locking up properly, and using a reputable fire safe or safe deposit box will surely help you sleep better at night in terms or office security

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