Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Office Upgrades Under $500

There are lots of people out there wanting to upgrade their office space, but we all know that desks, comfortable chairs, and office accessories can really take a toll on a budget. Some give up before they even start looking. Office furniture and supplies are just too expensive, right? Nope! The great news is that there are plenty of fabulous office desks and chairs out there that cost way less than you think, without losing any quality of design! Check out these great office solutions that, at less than $500, deliver awesome style and functionality without breaking your bank!

Desk - Calico Designs Jameson LS Work Center - $225.99

Calico Designs Jameson LS Work Center

If you are searching for a top quality desk that is less a few hundred dollars when you hit the web, you may start to think very quickly that all hopes are lost. Well, we're here to tell you that while quality office desks with versatility can take a bite out of your wallet, there are tons of spectacular options out there that won't. Desks like the Calico Designs Monterey LS Glass Desk have and the Safeco Xpressions Computer Workstation have fabulous versatility, and both cost less than $500. But if you want the ultimate in total office style and functionality, you can't go wrong with the Calico Designs Jameson LS Workcenter for your workplace. This little beauty is a paragon of modern office desks that will leave you speechless. With a clear tempered safety glass worksurface and shining silver frame, this desk has style written in every curve and corner. Complete with floor levelers for uneven surfaces and a rear crossbar for stability, this desk is built to last, and for only and incredible $225.99!

Cabinet - OFM Sliding Door Credenza Cabinet - $480.99
OFM Sliding Door Credenza Cabinet
There are all kinds of cabinets out there that are incredibly useful. Having great file cabinets and bookcase solutions are often just the thing to complete an office with a dash of style. At less than $500 or less, its hard to beat the Global Multi Stor Exhibit Cabinet and the Safeco Apres Modular Bookcase for capacity. But whether you are searching for stylish storage cabinets for offices for your home or your office, the fabulous OFM Sliding Door Credenza Cabinet is never a bad choice. This cabinet is absolutely beautiful, and it won't cost you any more than $480.99. No tools are required for assembly, and it comes with leveling guides, and inside shelf, self edge banding, and a smooth sliding door to make your office as chic and functional as possible without breaking your bank.

Office Accessories - Allure 1 Ergonomic Monitor Arm by Symmetry - $201.99

Allure 1 Ergonomic Monitor Arm by Symmetry

Adding ergonomic computer monitor arms to your workplace may be the best office furniture decision you ever make. Not only do these babies keep you from crawling halfway across your desk just to see your computer, but they also clear up desk space and promote good posture and health. Businesses everywhere have recognized the benefits of adding office accessories like monitor arms and flatscreen TV mounts for improving the health and happiness of employees and guests alike. The awesome news about ergonomic monitor arms though is that almost all monitor arms that support less than six computer screens cost much less than $500, and really, for all the beneficial qualities they provide, its a spectacular deal. If you're searching for a monitor arm, try looking at the Allure 1 Monitor Arm by Symmetry for your computer screen. This arm mounts to the desk rather than the wall, and it provides wonderful adjustability and great reach that is sure to keep the pain out of both your back, and your pocket book!

Mobile Carts -  Mayline Eastwinds Series Mobile Storage Cart - $125.99

Mayline Eastwinds Series Mobile Storage Cart

Mobile carts are good decisions that will never go wrong. No matter what you buy them for originally, you can always use them later on to hold everything from files, to books, to printers, papers, and more. Even though all carts are incredibly versatile, there are mobile office carts that serve all sorts of specific purposes. Some can be used as printer stands and utility tables, some as utility carts, some as file trucks, and even some as food and beverage carts for break rooms or hotel use. One example of a great mobile cart that can double as a machine stand is the Mayline Eastwinds Series Mobile Storage Cart for home and office use. Not only does this cool cart support machinery such as computers or printers, but it also offers a shelf for extra storage. Carts like this are wonderful in offices or in school classrooms, and are great ways to free up desk space and keep everything together. Just roll it into a corner or closet and get even more space out of the whole room when you're done!

Office Chair - OFM ORO Series Designer Multi Task Office Chair - $384.45

OFM ORO Series Designer Multi Task Office Chair
Perhaps one of the easiest ways to upgrade your office is by adding ergonomic office chairs to the mix. Quality comfortable chairs for offices can cost a fortune, but you shouldn't have to sacrifice your comfort for your paycheck. There are tons of quality chairs out there that can support both you and your pocket book with ease, and you won't even have to spend $500 to get them! Whether you're looking for guest chairs, or mesh back chairs, or just some old fashioned cool task chairs to surf the web from, chances are the good ones won't even cost you more than a few hundred bucks. One of the best deals you will find is on the OFM ORO Series Designer Multi Task Office Chair complete with an adjustable tablet on the side! This beautiful chair is ergonomic, Greenguard certified, and comes with full body support and even a gas lift for height adjustment, and its only $384.45!

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