Monday, August 5, 2013

The 8 Things Guests Want from Your Office Waiting Room

Stylish Waiting Room Area

The waiting room of any business is where first impressions are formed. This important space should be designed with the needs of your guests in mind. That being said, this article highlights the top 8 things your business visitors look for in a professional lounge, lobby, and waiting area.

1.) Friendly Greeting

Acknowledging guests with a simple hello will go a long way in terms of professionalism and providing a welcoming feel. Several businesses have gone so far as to employ professional greeters like those seen in major department stores. This practice makes a great first impression that's truly priceless.

2.) Stylish Design

If you haven't heard, the modern look is in! Business guests are looking for updated spaces that showcase style and class. From modern lounge furniture to office tables with contemporary design, 2013 has brought with it innovative new products sure to enhance your office waiting room. Using modern products is a great way to spark conversation with your guests while keeping them interested in your innovative decor!

3.) Welcome Desk

A welcome desk shows your customers where to go to get the information needed for their visit. Several of the top reception desks for sale in 2013 provide helpful characteristics that will greatly improve your corporate decor while simultaneously making visitors feel at home.

4.) Helpful Employees

Most businesses these days require guests to sign in for any important meeting. Offering clients helpful tips and suggestions for their visits is something that, when provided, makes a big difference in the overall impression of your business.

5.) Customer Service

This ones a must! Regardless of what product your selling or service you provide, customer service is king. Good customer service will help to create long term business relationships while one bad experience can be extremely difficult to overcome.

6.) Reading Material

As simple as it sounds, magazines are one of the most commonly requested items by those spending time in the waiting room. Offering well organized and current magazines will keep those potential clients interested while waiting. Several discount literature organizers are available for sale from brands like Safco that should definitely be considered by any business just setting old magazines on a coffee table!

7.) Comfort

Have you ever visited your doctor and been stuck there for hours? Nothing is worse than a long wait that's also uncomfortable. Proving comfortable waiting room furniture will take your patients mind of the extended wait and help to increase their patience for those often nerve racking results.

8.) Business Organization

If you have an appointment for 11:00 and don't get called back until 1:00 you're probably not a happy camper! Keep that in mind as business organization makes the biggest impression on your guests. It's vital to have your scheduling staff keep appointments well organized and handled in a timely manner. Over scheduling and long waits are a sure fire way to loose business. On the other hand, appointments handles efficiently shows professionalism and quality training that's always appreciated. In the long run, time is money for both your business and your visitors. In the event long waits are unavoidable, using the other factors highlighted in this article like comfortable chairs for waiting rooms will definitely benefit you in a major way.

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