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Top 5 Must Haves for Every Home Office

Home offices are often an essential part of keeping a great home. But if you are planning to add one to your house, you may need a few tips on where to start. Home offices should be productive and comfortable spaces for their users. If you are looking to amp up your home office space, you've come to the right place. This article will highlight the top five things you need to have to make your home office  perfect for you!

What Will My Home Office Do?
Home Office

The first thing you need to consider when adding a home office to your workplace is what you will need it to do. Consider things like: How many people will be using this office? Will it just be me or will my spouse and kids need the space also? How much time will I spend in this office? How do I want it to look? What sort of decor and accents will make this environment comfortable and productive for its users? And most importantly: What will this office be used for?
Now, of course these are a lot of questions to ask yourself, and it may take some time to sort out the answers but this is an important part of creating your office. Your office should reflect you so that you can do your best there. Once you decide these things you can move on to sketch out some plans, pick out the best room for your office, decide on a color scheme you like, think about decor options, and choose the best office furniture for home use.


Decorated Home Office
One part of the home office (or any office as a matter of fact) that is hugely underestimated is the importance of decor. The productiveness of an office is very dependent on the way it is decorated. When decorating your home office, try to find furniture that is not only functional, but also speaks to you as an individual. Studies show that when workers are not comfortable in their environment, it can lead to a lapse in work ethic, inefficiency, and can even cause depression.
With a home office, you have the tremendous opportunity to make your space all your own. Give yourself plenty of reason to want to keep returning to your office space by choosing furniture and colors you like. Try to place your office near a window with a view to the outside world so you don't feel trapped, or if that isn't possible, add artwork and pictures to create your own windows! Make sure you have plenty of lighting so that you don't strain your eyes when working, and bring in a little touch of the good outdoors. Adding a fish bowl or a few plants can do wonders for a place that feels lifeless or lonely. Whatever you choose to do, no matter how crazy or bizarre it may seem, if it makes you feel happy, go for it!

Decide on a Desk

Mayline Napoli Series Sierra DeskThe next thing you'll need to do is decide on an appropriate desk for your needs. The best way to figure out what desk can do the most for you is to ask yourself how much time you'll be spending in the office and what you'll be doing in there. You don't want to go buying huge, executive desks if you're not gonna spend more than thirty minutes a day in your office. If you're an artist, the last thing you'll want to go shopping for are fancy reception desks with stylish design to smear graphite, glue, and paint all over when you could buy sturdy drafting tables instead.
Another important question to answer regarding office desks is whether or not it will fit in your space. If you plan for your home office to sit in the corner of your bedroom or if you're a college student trying to cram all your things into a tiny dorm room, say "yes" to small computer desks for your space. You may even want to consider folding tables or office desks for students that can be easily stowed away when not in use.

The Perfect Chair

Offices To Go Mesh Back Chair

Everyone knows how important having a comfortable chair is when working for long periods of time, but there are thousands of seating options out there! How do you know what will be best for you? Well, just as you did when choosing a desk, consider how much time you will spend in the office. Those wonderful leather executive chairs may look tempting, but if you're just using your office to pay the bills or surf the web for a few minutes on a regular basis, simple task chairs may be better for you. On the contrary, if you know you'll be spending all day in your office, ergonomic office chairs are fantastic choices that you will never regret. They are comfortable, stylish, and adjustable, perfectly suited to fit their users' seating needs. Some even come with massaging features! You may even choose to go with luxury recliners for office use instead of typical office chairs for a truly at-home feeling. With any of these amazing choices, you'll never have to worry about stiffness or back pain ever again!

Storage Options

OFM Milano Series Wall Cabinet CredenzaUnfortunately for most home offices, square footage can be an issue. Finding a place to put things can be a big problem when you don't really have the floor space for it. This is where home office furniture can be super handy. Furniture manufacturers have recognized the storage difficulties often accompanying the addition of home office furniture and they have found some great ways to rectify it. Since desks usually take up the most room, they have designed complete modular workstations with fantastic storage solutions such as overhanging cabinets that keep things out of the way until they are needed. Another great way to keep things off the floor is by adding utility carts, which are not only compact but also mobile. If binders and books are a problem for you, shelving and bookcases are stylish solutions that keep everything out of the way until you might have need of them.

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