Monday, September 23, 2013

Versatile Modern Office Furniture for Students

Now that school has been back in session for a few weeks, teachers are going to start kicking things up a notch. Kids everywhere are going to be bringing home more homework than they're likely used to, but you shouldn't have to surrender your office desk or kitchen table so the kiddos can get their homework done. Why not set them up with their own mini office right in their bedroom or dorm? Today's post is going to be all about small, affordable student furniture for bedrooms and classrooms alike, so whether you're a parent, a teacher, or a student, this article will inform you of everything you need to get your work done in a tight space!

Safeco Xpressions Computer Workstation
Student Desks

The best place to start when picking office furniture for students is definitely picking a desk. Desks are typically the focal point of any office, so its important that they're both functional as well as stylish. Student desks tend to run fairly smallish as most students and classrooms are pretty tight on space, so keep in mind that bigger desks like executive office desks are going to be a better choice for you if you'd rather have something that fills up the space. For most students however, space saving desks such as cool student desks get the job done just fine! There are also plenty of cool computer desks for sale out there too that are wonderful for students. If you're cramped in a dorm room, some affordable small computer desks can even be folded up like some student desks to fit conveniently underneath beds or in closets when not in use! Many of these desks are even available as part of a set that includes matching shelves so storage is a snap. Desks like the Safeco Xpressions Computer Workstation not only comes with the option of an additional side shelf, but the tempered safety glass desk also allows the user to take notes with a dry-erase pen right on the surface of the desk with no stains or residual marks that can't be removed with a little Windex! With these desks, you'll definitely be doing homework in style!

Sweetwater Blue Mesh Office Chair by WoodstockStudent Chairs

Now that you've got a fancy new desk picked out, you certainly don't want to just stand there. No! Of course, school work is much better done sitting down! Choosing great chairs to go with office desks is one of the most fun parts about student shopping. Those plain plastic navy blue chairs are so old school. Why not make that desk pop with a chair that has a little color to match your desk? Today, seating solutions for students provide a lot of options, and even regular everyday office chairs are becoming extremely popular among students and teachers. Great modern chairs such as task chairs and breathable mesh back chairs from manufacturers like Woodstock Marketing are favorites among students both in school or in a higher education. For students that  have back problems, choosing comfortable ergonomic chairs is one of the best decisions you can make because ergonomic chairs are often specifically designed to relieve back pain and other health problems associated with desk work. In classrooms and libraries, student guest chairs are wonderful seating options with tons of color, charisma, and coolness!

Student and Classroom Storage
Mayline Luminary Series Wardrobe Cabinet

Finding a place to put your booty is easy-peasy when you've got a stylin' office chair around, but finding a place to put all your other stuff with such a small workstation... not so much. Classrooms, dorms, and bedrooms can all fall prey to the clutter-bug if there's no place to store books and papers, and lets face it, students have a lot of books and papers. Sometimes the small student desks just don't have enough shelf space to hold everything, but don't worry. The best way to clean up a place crowded with paper is to provide specific spot to keep it all. For students tight on space, this usually means shelving. Every interior designer worth their salt knows that office shelving works wonders for tight spaces. Instead of building out and taking up a bunch of floor space, shelving takes advantage of the vertical, building up to create more room. But shelving isn't the only solution. Actually, storage cabinets for students and classrooms are extremely effective ways of storing backpacks and other school supplies and they are available in all sorts of materials and color designs. Narrow bookcases are also amazing solutions, providing super-strong shelving that is made to last and mobile office carts can hold tons of items from paper to hole punchers. Their mobility makes them easy to stow away in closets when not in use, making them spectacular for bedrooms, dorms, and classrooms alike!

Mayline Eastwinds Mobile Storage Table
Classroom Accessories

Another thing to consider when setting up your student workstation is the importance of accessories. Any well dressed teenage girl can easily go on and on about the importance of accessories in a wardrobe and they are no less important in the realm of student office furniture. Actually, making sure your student has the best office accessories for classrooms around can drastically improve, not just their studies, but their health as well. Most working class citizens don't realize that students can suffer from many of the same office ailments as adults, such as back pain. Leaning over a desk to type is detrimental to the health of any office worker, including students. One great way to end the pain aside from ergonomic chairs is by adding retractable keyboard trays to the underside of a desk! Tossing CPU holders underneath the desk too is a way to keep a computer's hard drive off of the ground in case of spills or accidents, and they are super easy to adjust. Mounting ergonomic monitor arms to the wall or the end of a desk will also keep you from slouching to see your computer screen, and since we're on the subject of computers, why not see if those utility carts we discussed can double as versatile printer stands for classrooms or student offices? With any of these fancy modern gadgets, your students are sure to shine!

Classroom Furniture

OFM Rize Series Single Station UnitBy now, this article has covered just about everything any student would need for their dorm or bedroom mini-office, but what about when they're in the classrooms? Students spend on average about eight hours every weekday learning from their teachers in a group setting. Its important that their teachers and schools are well equipped with the appropriate supplies needed to educate. Its for that very reason that  this last category is dedicated exclusively to the learning experience!
We all know how important teachers are to student education, but lord knows they can always use a little extra help. Awesome devices that can provide additional help are mobile laptop carts for teachers! These are especially great for "traveling teachers" or teachers on the go by providing them with a pint-sized workstation to support their computer that they can take with them as they move from classroom to classroom. Coincidently, there are also some amazing modular multi user workstations for students that do wonders in a classroom or library setting. With any of these fabulous devices, students everywhere will be ready to go!

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