Thursday, October 31, 2013

Helpful Tips For Avoiding The Office Bug During The Holidays

Avoid Getting Sick at Work
In addition to the fun and festivities, the holiday season is notorious for colds, flu, and other bugs that can leave you sidelined at work. Today's article shares helpful tips and practices to remember that will increase  your chances of making it through the season at full strength. From eating right to getting a full 8 hours of sleep, you'll be working effectively and as productive as possible.

Eating healthy is a great way to protect yourself against a variety of common ailments typically passed around the workplace during the holidays. Boosting your immune system with foods rich in vitamin C will give you the extra edge needed avoid downtime from sickness. Bringing in snacks like orange slices works great along with drinking a healthy glass of OJ with breakfast. In addition, eating healthy at home will help you get through the season without gaining too much extra weight while helping you to avoid those groggy holiday blues.

Eat Healthy

Taking vitamins on a regular basis will also help to protect you against the office bug. Before taking vitamins of any kind you'll definitely want to meet with your family physician. Scheduling an appointment with your doc will also provide valuable insight an additional tips to practice to avoid getting sick at work. If given the go ahead, simple one a day tablets are typically great. Other over the counter options like EmergenC and Airborne tablets can also be taken daily and have great reviews. Staring a vitamin regiment now will ensure your body is at full stability and strength when needed most!

Avoid Office Germs

It's no secret that germs get us sick. Avoiding germs can be a full time job these days, but a few simple techniques and good habits will go along way in preventative cold maintenance. Washing your hands regularly and using anti bacterial hand gel is an absolute must this time of year. Awesome products are available in most grocery store lines these days that can be easily attached to your key chain. These make great reminders that also help to prevent those unwanted germs! If you work in shifts at shared office cubicles make sure to wipe down the phone, keyboard, and computer chairs for office stations on a daily basis.

The only thing worse than catching the office bug is starting it! To avoid being the flu starter at your place of business, form healthy habits at home. One of the main ways your office gets sick is through your kids. At school germs are passed around in abundance. Your kids bring home those germs, you take them to work, and bingo you've successfully spread a virus without knowing it. Getting your little ones in the habit of washing there hands, not sharing food, and rubbing their faces are all great ways to take action. Eating healthy at home and providing nutritious lunches will also increase your families chances of staying well.

Getting A Good Night's Sleep

Last but certainly not least, never under estimate the power of a good nights sleep! Most of us spend time every day wishing we'd of gone to bed earlier instead of watching that catchy late night program. Getting your full 8 hours per night will ensure your body is ready and rested for a full work day. For all those out there that can easily relate, it's time to take action! Stop sitting at your desks and workstations and take action. Set yourself a maintainable bedtime. Make sure to set you alarm for an early enough time to allow you to properly wake up and eat a quality breakfast. Do these things on a regular basis and you'll reap the rewards while preparing yourself to avoid common sicknesses through the holiday season!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

5 Nutritious Snacks for Office Energy

If only our jobs were more like Kindergarten. The naps, recess, and snacks would keep us all more motivated and ready to perform at our best. While convincing our bosses to allow naps and recess is a long shot, eating delicious snacks is not! Today's article highlights 5 super tasty and nutritious snacks sure to provide you with extra energy throughout the workday.

One delicious and nutritious snack that will have your coworkers clamoring for a taste is homemade granola. A variety of delicious recipes can be found easily online that only take a few minutes to make. One key plus is that this is an incredibly affordable way to enjoy an afternoon snack. Making a large batch will save you a bundle and lasts for quite awhile. Adding nuts to the mix is also a great source of energy that will give you that much needed boost throughout the day. Just for fun, try getting the office involved by suggesting a granola contest. Everyone can bring in a bag of their favorite homemade granola concoction, and you'll get inspired by the individual flavors. Best of all, you'll be snacking healthy at work while networking!

Homemade Trail MixTrail mix is another awesome snack that's easy to make at home and can be easily stored at work for when those cravings occur. While a variety of exotic recipes can be tried, a simple combination of peanuts, raisins, chocolate pieces, and dried fruit makes for a tasty treat you'll surely love. Feeling adventurous? That's great! Making trail mix is a great way to get creative. Getting the kids involved at home also provides a great bonding experience that you'll surely remember while grabbing your snack at work. A zip lock bag works great for storage and using smaller bags will definitely help with portion control. Needless to say, homemade trail mix is delicious and you don't want to find yourself eating more than you need.

Peanut Butter and Banana SnackUp next is the classic combo of peanut butter on banana slices. Talk about tasty! This little treat is always nice during a long day and is sure to provide a boost of healthy energy. Perhaps the best part is the 0 prep work required the night before. Simply bring in a few bananas and a jar of your favorite peanut butter and you're all set. When the craving hits simply peel a banana, open the jar, and enjoy. You'll need a knife for spreading of course. Dipping the banana directly into the peanut butter may be acceptable at home but rest assured you'll get a few funny looks doing it at work!

Orange Slices
Most of us are subject to bad eating habits at work. The evidence of unhealthiness can be easily uncovered by the wrappers under our office desks for work and hidden within the office filing cabinets along our exterior walls. That being said, it takes time to form better eating practices and foods to supplement those sweets we all love. If you're one of the many who suffers from a sweet tooth at work, fruit is the cure! Cutting up some orange slices the night before work makes for a nutritious office snack that will keep your mind of the junk food. Oranges are quite inexpensive and are also great for kids. There's no reason not to add a few slices to a zip lock bag for you when getting those lunches ready!

Hummus IngredientsLast but certainly not least, hummus is a great snack that's filling and provides excellent energy. While making quality hummus at home is relatively simple, excellent store bought brands are available that can be picked up at your local grocery store. Those looking to make their own will need basic ingredients such as chic peas, lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil. Adding a bit of zing with olives or by using tasty crackers for dipping is a must in our opinion! This is yet another simple and healthy snack that will allow you to get creative. Boring snacks are nothing to get excited about. However, homemade hummus with black olives paired with crispy Parmesan pita chips is.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Sale - Desks, Chairs, and New Coupons for You!

Halloween is one of the teams favorite holidays. That being said, we thought it would be great to pass along some awesome deals for Halloween. From desks to modern office chairs, these specials are so good they'll scare you! As always, all of our furniture and seating also includes free shipping for added value. Make sure to take a peek at the coupons listed below as well!

 Mayline Bow Front Office Desk - $410.99 + FREE Shipping!

Mayline Bow Front Office Desk

Offices To Go Executive Desk - $283.99 + FREE Shipping!

Offices To Go Executive Desk

Verde Furniture by Cherryman Industries On Sale - Call For Our Lowest Pricing Ever!

Cherryman Verde Series

OFM GT3977 Glass Top Conference Table with Metal Base - $1021.99 + FREE Shipping!

OFM Glass Conference Table with Metal Legs

RFM Office Chairs On Sale - Call for Our Lowest Pricing Ever on All Models!

Modern Executive Recliners On Sale - Too Many Models To List!

Modern Recliner

Global Kate Lounge Chair and Ottoman Set - $1083.99 + FREE Shipping!

Kate Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Boss B9406 White Leather Office Chair - $215.99 + FREE Shipping!

Boss B9406 White Leather Office Chair

Modern Bar Stools On Sale - Prices Starting at $59.99 + FREE Shipping!

Modern Bar Stool with Wood Frame

In addition to the office furniture and seating deals listed above, please enjoy the below coupons available now through November 1st.

1.) Save 5% On Mayline Napoli Furniture with Coupon Code: NAPOLI


2.) Save 5% On Mayline Sorrento Furniture with Coupon Code: SORRENTO


 3.) Save 5% On Mayline Luminary Furniture with Coupon Code: LUMINARY


4.) Save 5% On Mayline Corsica Furniture with Coupon Code: CORSICA


 5.) Save 5% On Mayline Aberdeen Furniture with Coupon Code: ABERDEEN


6.) Save $25 + FREE Shipping On Any Purchase of $499 or More with Coupon Code: FP3400

7.) Save $50 + FREE Shipping On Any Purchase of $999 or More with Coupon Code: FP3900

Monday, October 21, 2013

Top Luxury Executive Chairs for Back Pain

Years of hard work have no doubt left many of today's top executives dealing with back pain on a daily basis. Staying properly supported throughout the work day is an absolute must that ensures productivity and effectiveness. In order to stay working at the highest levels of efficiency possible, a quality executive chair with beneficial ergonomic features is the only way to go. Today's article highlights the best luxury executive chairs designed to ease back pain while simultaneously improving your office decor.

RFM Verte Chair 22011If it's quality and style you're in search of, office seating by RFM is a great place to start your shopping experience. This industry leading brand offers an extensive lineup of innovative products built to provide optimal levels of workplace comfort. RFM's top of the line model is no doubt the 22011 Verte Office Chair that mimics the human vertebrae. The 22011 combines ergonomics, form and function to produce the ultimate in seating posture and comfort. A decade in the making, the Verte was created by a team of engineers, designers, and ergonomists, and is truly one of a kind. Sit in it once, and you’ll never settle for anything less. All factors considered, this awesome product is not ideal for those on a limited budget. While thhe $1413.99 price tag is a bit much for the average office employee, those that can afford the Verte will definitely get what they paid for. A truly awesome product that's sure to improve your posture while reducing back pain in a major way!

Eurotech Seating Ergohuman Office ChairMost modern business executives find themselves to busy to shop for office chairs online and for that reason end up settling for an older chair that doesn't properly support their frame. That being said, office chairs by Eurotech Seating are incredibly simple to spec and come standard with all the features you'll need to keep you're back happy throughout those strenuous hours behind the desk. Products like the LE9ERG Ergohuman High Back Chair in Leather offer the perfect example of Eurotech's high quality solutions for executive applications. This line of luxury ergonomic office chairs are a top choice of seating specialists and interior designers alike. With ergo features like tilt tension control, tilt lock, back angle adjustment, synchro tilt and much more you'll be at no shortage of ways to get comfy.

Global Total Office Pulsor ChairThose looking for the absolute best modern executive chairs for back pain can officially stop their search. The Global Concorde Pulsor Massage Chair is the premier solution for modern executives looking to impress while still providing themselves with the ability to kick back and relax! The Pulsor is available in both fabric and leather options to meet  your specific office decor needs. With the ability to run on an AC adapter or via the rechargeable battery, the 2406-18 is guaranteed to never leave you hanging when a mid day massage is a must. Priced at $2098.99, this high quality chair is worth every penny and is sure to provide years of long lasting back support.

Via Seating Swopper Chair with Back SupportThose looking to add a bit of wow factor when creating an ergonomic work space will absolutely love the Via Seating Swopper Chair with Back Rest and choice of 5 cool colors. This award winner features multidimensional movement capabilities designed with German engineering. The Swopper is incredibly original and unique. Developed by an osteopath for people with low-back pain, the Swopper can be used effectively as a chair or stool. Top benefits of the Swopper include improved posture and stabilization of the spine, fast relief of back pain, strengthening of muscles and abdomen, nourishment to the inter-vertebral disc, and improved circulation to the lower extremities.

OFM ORO100 Model Office Chair

Always a notch above the competition, office chairs by OFM offer cutting edge features and style that will surely impress your office guests while improving your versatility. In 2013, along with their repertoire of modern furniture for office lounge area use, OFM has brought to market the incredible new ORO series. This line of Big and Tall Chairs for Executives includes several models with adjustable tablet arms that are just plain cool! The ORO100 model OFM executive chair is the top of the line model from this new series. Features like the adjustable height headrest, padded arms, 27" base, and supple bonded leather upholstery make the ORO100 an excellent value at only $461.37.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

5 Cool Recliners for Any Modern Man Cave

Every guy hopes to have an awesome man cave that showcases his personal style. The hardest part is finding products that are affordable enough to get the job done under budget. That being said, one key part of any man cave is the emperor's chair! Having a comfy recliner to watch all the big games from is an absolute must. Today's article highlights 5 of the coolest reclining chairs for modern man cave applications that any guy will appreciate.

OFM Power Rest Recliner 680
First up, the OFM Power Rest Recliner 680 upholstered in your choice of black or burgundy easy to clean vinyl. At first glance one might believe the 680's are just another line of popular leather executive chairs to use in the office. However, the Power Rest is more than ready to make a quick transformation into a reclining chair when needed. This versatile chair will have your buddies asking "where did you get that!" on a regular basis. Priced at only $351.99, this awesome product fills 2 needs for the price of one. Now that's a bargain! The sturdy 1 1/4" steel frame along with the 2.5" padded thick footrest make for a durable product with superior comfort. Enjoy relaxing in 5 different positions available with the 680 Power Rest to meet your specific needs.

San Marino Recliner

When it comes to affordability, nobody beats Flash Furniture's extensive selection of products for the home and business. With their successful line of modern computer desks and chairs to outfit any space, it's no wonder why this industry leader decided to expand their horizons. This year has brought with it a variety of cool new Flash Furniture products including this SanMarino Two Tone Recliner with heavy padding. The SanMarino features a blend of micro fiber and dark vinyl upholstery to form a totally unique look any man will be proud to find a home for in the cave! Priced at only $345.99, the durability and quality of this recliner is simply unmatched by products even twice the price.

Modern Flash Furniture Recliner with Ottoman

Looking for something a bit more modern to help you create a cool home office man cave? No problem! The Calcutta series is just what you need. Available in black and brown leather along with a dark brown fabric upholstery option, this modern recliner and ottoman set is a great way to impress your man cave guests. The polished chrome base and frame offers a luxury look that look far more high end than the $216.99 price tag would indicate. The curved arms, plush padding, and recline tension knob ensure a comfortable sit every time the big game comes on. Needless to say, if you don't get it first, your next door neighbor will. Flash has indicated that this model will be a hot ticket item around the holiday season and the expect to sell out quite quickly. Make sure to get yours now while supplies last!

Brown Leather Massaging Recliner

When shopping for man cave recliners for sale in 2013,  you'll definitely want to consider a few of the hottest new massage chairs that recline available on the market today. Once thought of as a luxury item only found in specialty stores for thousands of dollars, discount massaging recliner solutions are now available to fit your needs and budget. Products like those from the 70186 series by Flash offer excellent features and high quality functionality that should not be overlooked during a man cave makeover project. It's hard to believe this super cool product is available now for as low as $189.99 with free shipping from a variety of retailers! The 70186 is highlighted by the timer control, heat control, 9 massage modes, and 5 intensity levels. This product is more than ready to assist with back, lumbar, thigh, and leg pain with a quickness!

White Vinyl Kids Recliner by Flash Furniture

Last but certainly not least, any man cave should make sure to save room for the little man! Adding a cool kids recliner is a great way to make your chile feel included while watching sports. That being said, the luxury look of the 7950 white chair make it a perfect way to highlight your space without leaning towards a juvenile look. Those thinking white is no way to go for kids will be impressed with the easy to clean vinyl upholstery and cup holder that helps to eliminate spills. This line of leather chairs for lounge area applications is also incredibly affordable. Priced at $110.99, the 7950 makes another great gift idea to keep in mind around Christmas. Not feeling the white? No problem a variety of other upholstery options are available including camo blends that any lil guy and dad will love!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Contemporary Furniture for Office Lounge Areas

Designing a professional lounge area for your business is a great way to showcase your individual style. This important makeover project should aim to inspire your clientele while keeping them comfortable during their visits. This article showcases the top selling contemporary furniture for office lounge area use in 2013. The awesome products reviewed here are from the absolute best manufacturers in the business and ensure your lounge area design project is a breeze!

OFM InterPlay SofaWhen shopping for modern furniture for waiting room and lounge area applications it's best to give yourself ample options. That being said, the OFM furniture brand understands the needs of any contemporary business and offers an extensive line of product offerings sure to get your makeover completed in a timely fashion. The budget friendly products available from OFM are best exemplified by the new InterPlay series of sofa and lounge seating with super stylish two tone upholstery options. The OFM InterPlay Sofa features an anti microbial seating surface that's easy to clean and ideal for modern healthcare seating applications. The tablet arm design adds versatility your guests will love along with durable casters for ease of mobility.

Global Total Office Sirena Chair

Looking to add some wow factor to your office lounge? If that's the case, look no further than the stunning new Global Sirena Series Tablet Arm Lounge Chair in your choice of leather. The Sirena 3372LCMLTM lounge chair features a swivel tablet and lower storage shelf that compliments the contemporary design to perfection. In addition to this stylish chair, the Sirena line now includes contemporary reception tables and a wide variety of 2 and 3 seat sofa models to complete the look. The subtle casters add an element of modularity that makes for easy to clean spaces and quick reconfiguring any business will surely appreciate. If you're in search of a more simplified solution, this versatile collection also includes fabric models without the tablet and lower shelf.

Contemporary Gray Lounge Chair with Pillows
While most in search of contemporary lounge furniture are in search of leather, items upholstered in fabric are still quite popular and allow interior design teams the ability to get a bit more creative! Lines like the 3850 series from Flash Furniture offer incredibly affordable fabric lounge chairs for sale in a flannel seal fabric that's sure to impress. The matching pillows including with this chair add a nice touch that will earn you plenty of compliments on your business decor. Priced at $577.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better value for your space. The 3850 series also offers a compelling look that provides an at home feel that resonates well with office guests.

Leather Lounge FurnitureFinding the perfect leather furniture for reception area use can be a challenge. Most businesses find themselves looking for a complimentary blend of both modern and traditional styles to appease all guests design preferences in some way. If this is the case for you, the Santa Cruz line of lounge furniture by Mayline is a great place to start your search. With an extensive selection of both leather office sofas and chairs, Santa Cruz offers just what you need. Available in both almond and black leather upholstery options, this in stock line of leather furniture for lobby use easily adapts to fit both traditional and contemporary areas with ease. The Santa Cruz VCCM Lounge Chair is the most popular item from this collection and is priced starting at only $517.99. Those in search of new office furniture in a hurry will love the VCCM as it's typically in stock and ready for quick shipment.

Global Citi Coffee Table 7889
Last but certainly not least, no office lounge area would be complete without the addition of coffee tables with modern style to accent your new seating. Products like Global Total Office 7889 Citi Coffee Table are a perfect example of what you should hope to achieve when adding new lounge area tables to match your furniture configuration. The 7889 is made to order due to the extended offering of laminate finishes and leg colors. This customizable coffee table is highlighted by the glass top and and lower storage sections that work perfectly for your reading material.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Top 5 Mesh Back Chair Styles

Since their invention, mesh back chairs have had a huge rise in popularity among businesses and home office workers alike. Because of the chairs' breathability through the mesh backing, people find themselves feeling much more refreshed, relaxed, and ready to tackle the day. Both manufacturers and buyers have recognized the benefits of these fabulous chairs, and have worked hard to make them available in a number of different styles and designs for all workplace applications. Here's a few styles of mesh back chairs your office should never be without!

Global Arti Series Ergonomic Mesh Back ChairErgonomic Chairs 

For those familiar with the office furniture world, it may come as no surprise to know that ergonomic mesh chairs are the most popular style of mesh back chair out there. These chairs are comfortable, stylish, and usually available in tons of color options so that they match stylish cubicles and other office decor with ease. Of course, all ergonomic office furniture for sale is incredibly comfortable, and mesh back chairs are no exception. Because of the ergonomics involved, these chairs are not only comfortable, but they also provide spectacular health benefits as well. Ergonomic chairs are famous for alleviating back pain, knee joint pain, and many other ailments as well. Whether you are looking for a chair to help alleviate your pain or just something cool and comfortable to sit in all day, ergonomic mesh back chairs are never a bad choice!

Baez Series Mesh Mid Back Chair by WoodstockConference Chairs

The goal of most conference room furniture is to make great impressions on visitors. Most interior designers try to do this through decor, but any designer worth their salt will surely recognize the importance of functionality, and comfortable mesh back conference chairs are some the most impressive office chairs on the market. Chairs like the Baez Mesh Mid Back Chair by Woodstock are both pleasant and fashionable enough to leave a great impression on just about anyone who sits in them, and if the goal of conference chairs in the office world is to leave an impression, you will never lack for anything with these babies! Just sit in them one time, and enjoy the blissful, cloud-like comfort... at least until the conference begins.

Guest Chairs

Boss Mesh Back Guest Chair
Much like all other mesh back chair styles,  mesh guest chairs have also experienced a tremendous rise in popularity since they've arrived on the market. Now of course, mesh guest chairs have captured hearts (and not to mention booties) for the natural breathability and support all mesh chairs are known for, but mesh back guest chairs have another trick up their seats! They're nearly always incredibly affordable! That's right, the best of most of these chairs are often under $200, delighting not just your guests, but also your budget. In fact, several space efficient beam seating solutions utilize mesh backs for their seats as well! These affordable office chairs always make a great addition to any set of waiting room furniture collections or lounge furniture sets, but no matter what you use them for, rest assured that your guests will never lack for leisure.

Sweetwater Gray Mesh Office Chair by Woostock
Task Chairs

For office workers everywhere, mesh back chairs have become a saving-grace. No longer are office chairs the uncomfortable, unhealthy office seating solutions that they once were since the invention of mesh back task chairs. For anyone stuck in a hot office all day, these chairs are a fantastic answer to a sweaty (and sometimes stinky) problem. Because of mesh task chairs for office applications, office workers have the option of choosing a style of chair that can support them, that feels good to work from, and also provides cooling air flow to bodies that could get hot when crammed against leather or fabric upholstery all day. Task chairs are some of the most versatile mesh chair types out there. They can be mobile, stationary, ergonomic, or complete with headrests and armrests as needed, making them wonderful for all types of office environments. However, perhaps the best part of these chairs is that, much like mesh guest chairs, they are much more affordable that other office and popular computer chairs can be. In fact, chairs like the Eurotech Marlin Series Adjustable Mesh Task Chair will likely run you no higher than around $200!

Stacking Chairs

OFM Moon Stack Chair
Finally, we leave you with the pick of the lot from the realm of stacking chairs! Its not always the easiest thing in the world to find mesh stylish stacking office chairs for businesses, but if you look hard enough, you'll  make a discovery that you'll never regret! Mesh stacking and folding office chairs have always got style in spades when compared with the plastic varieties. Chairs similar to the OFM Moon Stack Chair often have a colorful, youthful-looking appeal to them that makes them popular in schools, libraries, and even salons! Don't worry though. The manufacturers didn't forget the practicality of the stackable chair when they designed the awesome mesh back versions. These chairs are just as space-saving and convenient as all other stacking chairs, so you can always have room to spare. Just move them out of the way when they're not in use. But we warn you: you'll never want them in the closet for very long!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

High Quality Metal File Cabinets

One of 2013's hottest trends is the use of industrially styled office products to enhance corporate appeal. That being said, the use of high quality metal file cabinets is a great way to contribute to this look. While metal cabinets have been around for years, several of the industries most reputable brands are revamping their offering to comply with the demands of modern consumers. Today's article highlights the best new metal filing cabinets to help keep your office organized and looking great!

Global Total Office Multi Stor CabinetWhile Global Total Office is often recognized for their wide selection of ergonomic office chairs with superior comfort, their offering of office organizational products should not be overlooked! This industry favorite brand provides several collections of professional metal storage cabinets including some super cool multi store cabinets that fill a variety of common office needs. The Global 9300 series 9336P-5FX cabinet is an excellent example of just how versatile you can make your office space with one single product. This awesome cabinet combines high quality metal construction in a choice of several paint finishes along with 2 lateral file drawers and 3 open shelves.2 Drawer Vertical File Cabinet

Those in search of a more traditional filing solutions to accompany office furniture will love the Global 26-200 vertical file cabinet for their space. This 2 drawer model locks for excellent security and is available in 3 quick ship paint finishes including black for a totally modern look that really pops! Priced at only $161.99 it's easy to see the value the 26-200 has to offer. The 2600 series by Global is one of the most commonly suggested filing and organizational lines by industry professionals and interior design teams. Whether your space is large or small, this collection offers a product to meet your specific needs. While vertical filing solutions are becoming extinct, those still in need will have no problem finding top notch products from Global!

Mayline File CabinetNext up, the Mayline C843H Lateral File Cabinet available in 4 stocked paint finishes. This line of locking lateral file cabinets from the Mayline CSII Series sets the standard for what consumers should expect when buying organizational products for their space. This versatile product features a sleek look with stylish handle pull design that's sure to compliment your space. No more settling for eye sore cabinets in the corner. The CSII line is sure to be a highlight of any workspace while simultaneously providing the organizing qualities you need to have productive work days.

Mayline Rotary File CabinetWhile we've showcased a variety file cabinets with compact size up to this point, it's time to highlight one of the big boys! The Mayline ARCB24827S 7 Tier Rotary Cabinet is designed for high density applications where space is at a premium. These unique products feature a double sided approach that easily rotates to maximize file storage. These heavy duty shelving units can be purchased pre assembled for ease of install and also lock for added office security. The top Mayline file cabinets for sale from the rotary collection are ideal for warehouse, healthcare, and law firm storage applications. In addition to the 7 tier model, those who like the look and features of this line but find themselves limited by square footage will also enjoy smaller variations for their space. All things considered, those in search of products to assist in the organization of your business should definitely consider the Mayline brand. This full service manufacturer is more than capable of meeting the needs of any space from home office to luxury executive spaces.

Last but certainly not least we reach the super cool and heavy duty metal file carts from Datum. The BFC-2TD is Datum's top selling model of 2013 and features a roll down front door for security. These mobile office carts are perfect for doctor's office and medical records facilities as they provide excellent storage, durability, and of course security! A long time manufacturer of top quality office products, Datum prides themselves on providing products that are truly built to last.

In the long run, keeping your office operating at the highest levels of productivity is essential. A well designed space highlighted by lateral or vertical file cabinets available from any of the reputable brands mentioned in today's article will surely help you to achieve just that. Meeting with an industry professional to discuss your specific filing needs will also help you purchase models that leave room for future growth while saving you valuable square footage.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Affordable Break Room Tables for Sale Online

The importance of the office break room cannot be under estimated. This valuable area is where employees gather and congregate during lunch and other times throughout the day. Designing a professional break room with quality furniture shows your employees you care and can actually be achieved on quite a small budget. Today's article showcases the most affordable break room tables for sale online that will improve your office decor and keep your associates comfortable.

Cherryman Verde Table
Often used in small areas where round conference tables are a must, the Cherryman Verde Series round table VL-869 is also a great choice for break room areas. Priced at $533.99 this table is an excellent value. The 47 1/4" round surface provides ample elbow room while the silver legs add a modern touch that's sure to earn a host of aesthetic compliments.

Mayline Bistro TableOne of the biggest benefits of choosing Mayline Office Furniture for your break room is that they are a full service office provider. This means you can outfit every room of your of business with cohesive products from one reliable manufacturer. As for the break room, you'll be at no shortage of high quality solutions to choose from. That being said, the Mayline CA30RHS round bistro table is a preferred model of interior design teams and consumers alike. Priced at only $225.99 the CA30RHS features a stainless steel base that adds an industrial element to any office common area. This particular model is available in 3 quick ship finishes to meet your current decor and style. These discount office tables can also be used in a variety of complimenting areas like cafeterias, lounge areas, and more.
OFM Net Series Table NGT-1

This year OFM office furniture is no doubt amongst the industry leaders in terms of innovation and creativity. With several of the most popular office chairs for sale on the market already, this revolutionary manufacturer set out to expand their offering with some of the hottest new tables on the market. The NET series NGT-1 glass top table is no doubt their top seller. The frosted top and brushed stainless base make this $265.99 table a true bargain. As an added bonus, the NET series also includes a bar height bistro table to further accent your area with a cafe style look that's sure to impress.

OFM Square TableIn addition to the NET line of OFM tables for sale, the new OFM model FT36SQ square table is also a top choice for break room areas. The simple design makes for a great match to any decor. The FT36SQ is available in 4 in stock surface finishes and is highlighted by a nesting base design that saves ample space when not in use. The folding top makes for easy to clean spaces and storage. At the everyday low price of $285.99 it's hard to pass up on this line of office tables for break rooms in 2013. If you're considering an office makeover that requires tables of any kind, take a look at the solutions available for today's modern businesses by OFM. You'll be glad you did!

Alba Meeting TableInterior design teams love Global Total Office products. The innovative ergonomic office chairs and high quality conference tables with metal legs from this industry leading brand are always among the years top selling workplace solutions. Their break room and meeting tables for sale are no exception. With several stylish models and sizes available to meet the needs of any space, Global takes the cake in terms of versatility. The Alba GC36CF round table is just one of their awesome products to consider for your break area. These break room tables at discount prices feature metal legs and a choice of 10 laminate surface finishes. The metal legs of the GC36CF can be finished in black or tungsten for a more stand out or mellow look. The contemporary design and everyday low price of $299.99 make Alba a real winner in the workplace!