Friday, October 4, 2013

Affordable Break Room Tables for Sale Online

The importance of the office break room cannot be under estimated. This valuable area is where employees gather and congregate during lunch and other times throughout the day. Designing a professional break room with quality furniture shows your employees you care and can actually be achieved on quite a small budget. Today's article showcases the most affordable break room tables for sale online that will improve your office decor and keep your associates comfortable.

Cherryman Verde Table
Often used in small areas where round conference tables are a must, the Cherryman Verde Series round table VL-869 is also a great choice for break room areas. Priced at $533.99 this table is an excellent value. The 47 1/4" round surface provides ample elbow room while the silver legs add a modern touch that's sure to earn a host of aesthetic compliments.

Mayline Bistro TableOne of the biggest benefits of choosing Mayline Office Furniture for your break room is that they are a full service office provider. This means you can outfit every room of your of business with cohesive products from one reliable manufacturer. As for the break room, you'll be at no shortage of high quality solutions to choose from. That being said, the Mayline CA30RHS round bistro table is a preferred model of interior design teams and consumers alike. Priced at only $225.99 the CA30RHS features a stainless steel base that adds an industrial element to any office common area. This particular model is available in 3 quick ship finishes to meet your current decor and style. These discount office tables can also be used in a variety of complimenting areas like cafeterias, lounge areas, and more.
OFM Net Series Table NGT-1

This year OFM office furniture is no doubt amongst the industry leaders in terms of innovation and creativity. With several of the most popular office chairs for sale on the market already, this revolutionary manufacturer set out to expand their offering with some of the hottest new tables on the market. The NET series NGT-1 glass top table is no doubt their top seller. The frosted top and brushed stainless base make this $265.99 table a true bargain. As an added bonus, the NET series also includes a bar height bistro table to further accent your area with a cafe style look that's sure to impress.

OFM Square TableIn addition to the NET line of OFM tables for sale, the new OFM model FT36SQ square table is also a top choice for break room areas. The simple design makes for a great match to any decor. The FT36SQ is available in 4 in stock surface finishes and is highlighted by a nesting base design that saves ample space when not in use. The folding top makes for easy to clean spaces and storage. At the everyday low price of $285.99 it's hard to pass up on this line of office tables for break rooms in 2013. If you're considering an office makeover that requires tables of any kind, take a look at the solutions available for today's modern businesses by OFM. You'll be glad you did!

Alba Meeting TableInterior design teams love Global Total Office products. The innovative ergonomic office chairs and high quality conference tables with metal legs from this industry leading brand are always among the years top selling workplace solutions. Their break room and meeting tables for sale are no exception. With several stylish models and sizes available to meet the needs of any space, Global takes the cake in terms of versatility. The Alba GC36CF round table is just one of their awesome products to consider for your break area. These break room tables at discount prices feature metal legs and a choice of 10 laminate surface finishes. The metal legs of the GC36CF can be finished in black or tungsten for a more stand out or mellow look. The contemporary design and everyday low price of $299.99 make Alba a real winner in the workplace!

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