Thursday, October 31, 2013

Helpful Tips For Avoiding The Office Bug During The Holidays

Avoid Getting Sick at Work
In addition to the fun and festivities, the holiday season is notorious for colds, flu, and other bugs that can leave you sidelined at work. Today's article shares helpful tips and practices to remember that will increase  your chances of making it through the season at full strength. From eating right to getting a full 8 hours of sleep, you'll be working effectively and as productive as possible.

Eating healthy is a great way to protect yourself against a variety of common ailments typically passed around the workplace during the holidays. Boosting your immune system with foods rich in vitamin C will give you the extra edge needed avoid downtime from sickness. Bringing in snacks like orange slices works great along with drinking a healthy glass of OJ with breakfast. In addition, eating healthy at home will help you get through the season without gaining too much extra weight while helping you to avoid those groggy holiday blues.

Eat Healthy

Taking vitamins on a regular basis will also help to protect you against the office bug. Before taking vitamins of any kind you'll definitely want to meet with your family physician. Scheduling an appointment with your doc will also provide valuable insight an additional tips to practice to avoid getting sick at work. If given the go ahead, simple one a day tablets are typically great. Other over the counter options like EmergenC and Airborne tablets can also be taken daily and have great reviews. Staring a vitamin regiment now will ensure your body is at full stability and strength when needed most!

Avoid Office Germs

It's no secret that germs get us sick. Avoiding germs can be a full time job these days, but a few simple techniques and good habits will go along way in preventative cold maintenance. Washing your hands regularly and using anti bacterial hand gel is an absolute must this time of year. Awesome products are available in most grocery store lines these days that can be easily attached to your key chain. These make great reminders that also help to prevent those unwanted germs! If you work in shifts at shared office cubicles make sure to wipe down the phone, keyboard, and computer chairs for office stations on a daily basis.

The only thing worse than catching the office bug is starting it! To avoid being the flu starter at your place of business, form healthy habits at home. One of the main ways your office gets sick is through your kids. At school germs are passed around in abundance. Your kids bring home those germs, you take them to work, and bingo you've successfully spread a virus without knowing it. Getting your little ones in the habit of washing there hands, not sharing food, and rubbing their faces are all great ways to take action. Eating healthy at home and providing nutritious lunches will also increase your families chances of staying well.

Getting A Good Night's Sleep

Last but certainly not least, never under estimate the power of a good nights sleep! Most of us spend time every day wishing we'd of gone to bed earlier instead of watching that catchy late night program. Getting your full 8 hours per night will ensure your body is ready and rested for a full work day. For all those out there that can easily relate, it's time to take action! Stop sitting at your desks and workstations and take action. Set yourself a maintainable bedtime. Make sure to set you alarm for an early enough time to allow you to properly wake up and eat a quality breakfast. Do these things on a regular basis and you'll reap the rewards while preparing yourself to avoid common sicknesses through the holiday season!

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