Friday, October 11, 2013

Top 5 Mesh Back Chair Styles

Since their invention, mesh back chairs have had a huge rise in popularity among businesses and home office workers alike. Because of the chairs' breathability through the mesh backing, people find themselves feeling much more refreshed, relaxed, and ready to tackle the day. Both manufacturers and buyers have recognized the benefits of these fabulous chairs, and have worked hard to make them available in a number of different styles and designs for all workplace applications. Here's a few styles of mesh back chairs your office should never be without!

Global Arti Series Ergonomic Mesh Back ChairErgonomic Chairs 

For those familiar with the office furniture world, it may come as no surprise to know that ergonomic mesh chairs are the most popular style of mesh back chair out there. These chairs are comfortable, stylish, and usually available in tons of color options so that they match stylish cubicles and other office decor with ease. Of course, all ergonomic office furniture for sale is incredibly comfortable, and mesh back chairs are no exception. Because of the ergonomics involved, these chairs are not only comfortable, but they also provide spectacular health benefits as well. Ergonomic chairs are famous for alleviating back pain, knee joint pain, and many other ailments as well. Whether you are looking for a chair to help alleviate your pain or just something cool and comfortable to sit in all day, ergonomic mesh back chairs are never a bad choice!

Baez Series Mesh Mid Back Chair by WoodstockConference Chairs

The goal of most conference room furniture is to make great impressions on visitors. Most interior designers try to do this through decor, but any designer worth their salt will surely recognize the importance of functionality, and comfortable mesh back conference chairs are some the most impressive office chairs on the market. Chairs like the Baez Mesh Mid Back Chair by Woodstock are both pleasant and fashionable enough to leave a great impression on just about anyone who sits in them, and if the goal of conference chairs in the office world is to leave an impression, you will never lack for anything with these babies! Just sit in them one time, and enjoy the blissful, cloud-like comfort... at least until the conference begins.

Guest Chairs

Boss Mesh Back Guest Chair
Much like all other mesh back chair styles,  mesh guest chairs have also experienced a tremendous rise in popularity since they've arrived on the market. Now of course, mesh guest chairs have captured hearts (and not to mention booties) for the natural breathability and support all mesh chairs are known for, but mesh back guest chairs have another trick up their seats! They're nearly always incredibly affordable! That's right, the best of most of these chairs are often under $200, delighting not just your guests, but also your budget. In fact, several space efficient beam seating solutions utilize mesh backs for their seats as well! These affordable office chairs always make a great addition to any set of waiting room furniture collections or lounge furniture sets, but no matter what you use them for, rest assured that your guests will never lack for leisure.

Sweetwater Gray Mesh Office Chair by Woostock
Task Chairs

For office workers everywhere, mesh back chairs have become a saving-grace. No longer are office chairs the uncomfortable, unhealthy office seating solutions that they once were since the invention of mesh back task chairs. For anyone stuck in a hot office all day, these chairs are a fantastic answer to a sweaty (and sometimes stinky) problem. Because of mesh task chairs for office applications, office workers have the option of choosing a style of chair that can support them, that feels good to work from, and also provides cooling air flow to bodies that could get hot when crammed against leather or fabric upholstery all day. Task chairs are some of the most versatile mesh chair types out there. They can be mobile, stationary, ergonomic, or complete with headrests and armrests as needed, making them wonderful for all types of office environments. However, perhaps the best part of these chairs is that, much like mesh guest chairs, they are much more affordable that other office and popular computer chairs can be. In fact, chairs like the Eurotech Marlin Series Adjustable Mesh Task Chair will likely run you no higher than around $200!

Stacking Chairs

OFM Moon Stack Chair
Finally, we leave you with the pick of the lot from the realm of stacking chairs! Its not always the easiest thing in the world to find mesh stylish stacking office chairs for businesses, but if you look hard enough, you'll  make a discovery that you'll never regret! Mesh stacking and folding office chairs have always got style in spades when compared with the plastic varieties. Chairs similar to the OFM Moon Stack Chair often have a colorful, youthful-looking appeal to them that makes them popular in schools, libraries, and even salons! Don't worry though. The manufacturers didn't forget the practicality of the stackable chair when they designed the awesome mesh back versions. These chairs are just as space-saving and convenient as all other stacking chairs, so you can always have room to spare. Just move them out of the way when they're not in use. But we warn you: you'll never want them in the closet for very long!

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