Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tricked Out Office Cubicles That Will Amaze You

When people hear the words "tricked out" odds are they're probably not going to picture office cubicles. However, after a quick glance at these babies, you'll definitely want to broaden your definition! The cubicles of today are nothing at all like the boring plastic-walled spaces that made their inhabitants cringe ten years ago. The modern age has brought with it amazing innovations and modern designs that have turned the office furniture world into a paradise of comfort and efficiency. Creative companies everywhere have allowed their interior designers free reign, and been rewarded with some amazingly cool cubicles rife with imaginative design! Here's a just few ideas to inspire you!

Google Cubes

Google Cubicles

Can we really expect anything less of the company that's heralded as one of the greatest places to work for? Looking at these kickin' cubicles, we guess that Google definitely delivers! These fancy workstations are loaded to the gills with fabulous style. The whole Google office looks like a kid's paradise, and with each cubicle bearing a different theme, it definitely qualifies as one. The Google company has made it their mission to provide their employees with plenty of inspiration for innovation, which is probably why they gave the task of designing their workspaces to famous design firm Camenzind. The company definitely took creativity to new heights as each cubicle features a different theme, from Arctic igloo, to snowy Swiss mountains, to underwater cubicles, complete with fish in the floor! Google's goal was to provide an open environment that would inspire their employees to think outside the box. Who would have known that to think outside the box, all they'd have to do was enter one?

Studio 53

Studio 53 Cubicle

If you want a warm, cozy place to get your office work done, try convincing your boss to get a few of these comfy cubes! The Studio 53 cubicle was designed by a company called Steelcase for a furniture trade show back in 2006. The idea was to create a meeting place where co-workers could go to find comfort while they worked. Because of today's growing trend of open-plan work environments, the cubicles were such a huge hit that several companies at Chicago's NeoCon (where the trade show was held) offered to buy the cubicles up front just as they were! They're now providing cool comfort for companies all over the place, and users just can't get enough!

Pixar's Cubicles

Pixar Cubicles

Leave it to Pixar to come up with such a unique concept for their company's cubicles. If you thought a rat-chef and a house flying to South America on hundreds of balloons were innovative ideas for movies, just wait until you get a look at the cubes those movies were made from! Pixar's whole idea behind their cubicles was that employees should have a homey environment that makes them feel comfortable. That's why each cubicle features a hut-like design that's both open at the same time it's private. Each one of the little Gnome huts has its own address so employees feel like they each have their own place where they belong. Coming from a company that's known for it's heart, innovation, and creativity, we can hardly expect anything less!

OFM Rize Workstations

OFM Rize Workstations

While all of the cubicles listed above certainly feature amazing designs, for companies that can't afford them, they're still just wishful thinking. That's why office furniture manufacturer, OFM, has designed this affordable office solution that features both amazing design and adaptability. OFM's stylish cubicles for office use are perfect for most office environments. They provide modular design that allows cubicles to be added or removed to easily adjust to a changing work demographic. They're also extremely easy to power. Each cube features semi-seethrough windows that compliment an open work environment while, at the same time, offering a sense of privacy. Adding stylish office products by OFM is a great way to gain accessibility and design without having to pay a designer price!

Modular Workstations

Modular Multi User Workstations

Want a cubicle that doesn't resemble a cubicle at all? With today's increasingly open work environments, its no wonder that the cubicle walls are coming down. Still, that doesn't mean your company has to sacrifice the efficiency of the traditional cubicle design. Choosing open workstations with modular design, such as any of the modular desks by Cherryman Industries, is a great alternative to the typical cubicle. Not only do these high tech desks look modern, but they also feature a "modular" design that keeps the whole everything users need within arm's reach, just like a cubicle! In addition to being great space savers, they're also incredibly easy to power. As if that weren't enough, there are also tons of great modular workstations with multi user designs so that numerous individuals can work comfortably within the same station! All it takes to complete the stylish look are a few mesh task chairs for office use, and your new workspace is ready to go!

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