Monday, November 4, 2013

Simple Ways To Protect Important Office Documents

Nothing is worse than loosing an important presentation, document, or file when you need it most. While this unfortunate event has plagued us all at one time, there are some simple ways to prevent a recurrence in the future. From backing up documents to disc to locking file cabinets properly, you'll be securing your valued documents in no time!

Password ProtectionWant to learn how to secure your office in a nutshell? Stop using the word password as your password! Lets be honest here, when setting up a new computer excitement is in the air. Testing the speed, latest computer game, and other programs are top priority. That being said, taking a few seconds to choose a proper password can prevent some major headaches in the future. If you're operating on a family computer this might not be a viable option. However, password protecting your files is! Those that work from home should strive to keep digital files well organized and separated from the kids school papers and moms favorite recipe list. Creating a main file folder location for each family member and password protecting the individual file will prevent those "He deleted my school project!" arguments. It also ensures your work is kept safe when you need it most. Lastly, those that keep family documents scanned into the computer such as birth certificates and social security cards will greatly benefit from password protection in the event of theft. Protecting your families identities from theft is one of the most highly recommended safety practices by the authorities in 2013.

Save Your Documents ProperlyHave you ever written a paper in a word document and closed the page without saving? Rest assured, you're not alone! This frustrating and time consuming process is a real bummer to say the least. By forming simple saving habits you can eliminate this problem once and for all. Saving your work every 30 minutes is and excellent practice that only takes a few seconds to complete. In addition, when your papers and presentations are complete, don't rely on your computer alone for storage. Backing up important files to a disc is always recommended as an extra security precaution that will surely come in handy in the event of a major power surge, electrical storm, or computer theft.

Fire Proof File Cabinet

Fire is another major concern that can wipe out both digital and physical documents in one ferocious swoop. Luckily, high quality cabinets for files are available that protect against fires and even floods! Manufacturers like Sentry Safe are highly regarded as industry leaders in this field and provide a broad range of solutions that are sure to meet your needs and budget. Small home cabinets are great for protecting valuables and that back up disc you'll find mentioned above, while large storage cabinets for business use are typically loaded with important company files. As a side tip, these units are often quite heavy. Those considering the purchase of a fire file storage solution should make note of the weight and be prepared for installation with the help of a partner.

CPU Holder

Once thought of purely as ergonomic office products for improved workplace productivity, locking mounts for CPU's are now considered one of the most effective ways to quickly and easily secure your computers power source. As the most valuable part of any computer configuration, the power source holds all your important digital records and should be protecting accordingly. Criminals highly target CPU's as they often hold bank records, personal documents, passwords, and much more that can leave you in world of hurt and at the very least frustration! Simple mounts like those from ESI can be purchased for less than $200 and are worth every penny. As an added bonus these simple products also provide security from flood protection along with a wide variety of ergo benefits that will surely improve your office efficiency.

File Cabinets That LockWhile most office environments are already outfitted with lateral file cabinets that lock, all too often the keys are not accounted for and left sitting in the lock! If this is the case, it's time for a change! Your filing cabinets lock for a reason and that reason is protection. To best protect your important office documents, file cabinet keys should be labeled, accounted for, and stored securely on a nightly basis. During the day cabinets can be left unlocked if it's a must. However, free over night access is just plain scary. Burglars and even curious maintenance or cleaning personnel will have nothing more than a simple drawer pull to separate themselves from employee records. Don't leave your business open to potential problems that can be easily and quickly avoided on a daily basis. Forming simple security measures to ensure document protection will go a long way and it all starts will keeping track of those file cabinet keys.

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