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The 5 Best Times To Buy Office Furniture

Keeping up with the best times to get great deals can be a tough undertaking. Almost everybody knows that Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer lots of savings, but those only come around once a year. Trying to decide when to buy expensive office furniture depends on your time as well as the time on the calendar. Most people don't have the luxury of waiting around for deals that only comes once in a great while. However, many furniture dealers recognize this fact, and offer deals year round! If you need a bit of help, here are five great tips to help you shop smart for your furniture.

Save up

Save Money

Even if you'll still be spending the same amount on furniture at the end of the day, one of the best ways to save money on furniture, is to save it up.  If you don't need that office furniture right away, knowing your budget and setting aside a bit of cash for several months is a great way to keep yourself from having to eat ramen noodles every night in the weeks after you buy. Budgeting your money and biding your time may also bring you closer to a date when a sale might surface. Choosing to wait gives you the opportunity to do your research and shop smarter. Clearances, factory closeouts, and holiday sales are all great buying opportunities that make come later if you have the patience to wait around for them. Who knows? You may even find a product you like better than the one you almost bought several months ago.

Subscribe to Newsletters

Email Newsletters

Subscribing to dealers' newsletters is one of the best ways to know when great deals are coming up. Most office furniture websites have blogs and newsletters available for subscription just so their customers can know when the best times to shop are. Of course, for those of you that hate junk emails clogging your inbox, newsletters can seem like an unnecessary hassle. That's why it's best to take a tip from the experts! Avid shoppers of all kinds often create separate emails just for "deal mail." This is the email address they give to food franchises, furniture dealers, and clothes companies, and that is where all the coupons, newsletters, and deal offers get sent. This way, personal emails aren't inundated with tons of impersonal mail. When shoppers are ready, they just go into their separate email to do a search for emails from the company they're ready to shop from. Setting up a "Shopper's Email" is an excellent way to know when the deals are without getting pestered by companies, and when you're trying to buy discount office desks for executive use, it certainly saves a bundle!

Roll With the Seasons

Four Seasons

Just like the world of fashion, the office furniture world spins on a tilted axis, which means that seasonal shopping is a must! Most furniture companies offer deals year round, but especially great times to buy are in months of clearance. Choosing to shop office furniture by brand in January and July are typically the best times to get deals before the furniture dealers who represent the brands have to switch out their inventory. For most companies, the inventory switch happens in February and August. That means that in January and July furniture dealers are often offering a lot of clearance sales and marked down prices on furniture that's been on the market for a while. However, while the first (Jan/ Feb/ Mar) and third (Jul/ Aug/ Sep) quarters are the better times to shop, most dealers offer monthly sales or discounts in the second (Apr/ May/ Jun) and fourth (Oct/ Nov/ Dec) shopping quarters as well. If you want to know for sure what will be on sale, subscribe to a monthly newsletter, or give the furniture dealers a call and see if they aren't willing to offer you a deal on the spot!

Know Your Holidays

Holiday Calendar

Holidays, as a rule, are excellent time to shop for all things, and office furniture is no different. Furniture dealers often have super great discounts and sales on for holidays big and small. New Years, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and everything in between all make for fabulous shopping days. Since stylish office furniture for sale can get pretty pricey depending on what you want to buy, these holiday deals are a must do. Things like leather office chairs with ergonomic features can often rise in excess of several hundred dollars, and the ones that offer healing benefits may even cross a thousand. Taking advantage of a holiday sale however may reduce the price you pay significantly. Holidays are loved for a variety of reasons, but for furniture freaks, they're the best days of the year. After all, if you're off work anyway, what better way to spend the day than by treating yourself to a little reward?

Back To School

Back To School

Even if you don't have kids, there is perhaps no better time to shop for office furniture than the back to school season. Throughout the month of July, students all across the nation are mourning the loss of their freedom while parents excitedly take them school shopping to celebrate the dawn of theirs. From elementary to high school to college, students are sending notebooks, folders, binders, and pens flying off the shelves, along with affordable computer desks for bedrooms and classroom use. Freshman decorating their dorms are shopping stylish office desks for students both online and in person, while dealers are busy offering sales and discounts unmatched even by Black Friday standards. To recap, July and the months closest to it are the ultimate times to shop office furniture. If you can wait until after August, sales will likely be even better. So whether you're shopping for yourself, your workplace, or your student, be sure to save big this summer!

End of January Office Desk Sale!

As January comes to a close, we thought what better way to end an awesome month than with 10 office desk deals! In today's post we'll be showcasing several of our top selling desk configurations at their lowest prices ever. As always, all of the products highlighted below also include free shipping for added value. In addition, please see our newest coupons listed at the bottom of this article available now through Valentine's Day. Happy shopping!

1.) VL-605N Cherryman Verde Series Desk - $891.99 + FREE Shipping!

Verde Desk by Cherryman

2.) AM-369 Cherryman Amber Series U Shaped Desk Set - $1559.99 + FREE Shipping!

Cherryman Amber Furniture

3.) AM-331N Cherryman Amber Series Bullet Shaped L Desk - $588.99 + FREE Shipping!

Amber Series Desk for Sale

4.) BT21 Mayline Brighton Series Desk Set - $725.99 + FREE Shipping!

Mayline Brighton Series Desk BT21

5.) BT19 Mayline Brighton L Shaped Office Desk - $583.99 + FREE Shipping!

Mayline Brighton Desks

6.) ABD7242 Mayline Aberdeen Series Bow Front Desk - $363.99 + FREE Shipping!

Mayline Aberdeen Desks for Sale

7.) Offices To Go Wood Veneer L Shaped Executive Desk - $1110.99 + FREE Shipping!

Offices To Go Ventnor Desk

8.) OFM Venice Series Cherry Office Desk 55145 - $715.99 + FREE Shipping!

OFM Office Desk 55145

9.) OFM L Shaped Workstation 55196 - $500.99 + FREE Shipping!

OFM L Shaped Workstation 55196

10.) OFM Mesa Series Single Pedestal Teachers Desk 66348 - $504.99 + FREE Shipping!

OFM Teachers Desk

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Best of January: 5 Top Selling Office Desks with Modern Style

January was a big month for both home and business desks. In today's article we'll showcase 5 of this month's most popular desks for sale on the market. From the Mayline Vision Desk to an awesome configuration from the Cherryman Jade collection, this post is a great place to start your shopping for new office furniture. Enjoy!

Mayline 972 Vision DeskFirst up, the Mayline 972 Vision series computer desk with glass accents. Those in search of a modern computer desk that won't break the budget will love this awesome product. Priced at only $149.99, the Vision desk was a big time seller in January. Cool features like the smoked black glass center inset and sleek steel cross leg design take this versatile product over the top. A retractable keyboard tray is also included that saves desk space and adds several excellent ergonomic benefits to any workspace. Not feeling the dark tones? No problem! The 972 is also available in a stylish cherry finish combination that really pops.

Sit to Stand Height Adjustable DeskNext up, the HE3048MS Electric Height Adjustable Desk by Global. It's no secret that ergonomic office furniture is selling like hot cakes. This simple yet sophisticated product is a big reason why. The HE3048MS offers simplistic style details with high end features designed specifically to improve versatility and comfort in the workplace. This awesome product allows users to work from both the sitting and standing position with the touch of a button. At $1697.99, this station is very comparable to similar models on the market in terms of price but greatly outperforms the competition in terms of functionality. The HE3048MS is available in a wide range of surface finish and frame color options to match the decor of your office space with ease.

Cherryman Verde Series Desk Configuration VL-749N

If it's office furniture with modern style you love, look no further than the Verde collection by Cherryman Industries. Products like the Verde VL-749N executive desk set where incredibly popular this month. Available in two unique finishes, this package is the perfect way to boost your office decor. The VL-749N includes 7 pieces focused around the main table desk with white modesty panel. The metal leg design adds industrial flair while the ample array of storage components provide excellent organizing potential. Priced at only $2510.99, this package is an excellent value that was an absolute hit in January! Look for the popularity of the Verde series to continue it's rise in the coming months.

Amber AM-390N Desk and Credenza SetInterior design teams and consumers alike are in love with the revamped Amber line of furniture by Cherryman. While the Verde mentioned above boasts an over the top modern appeal, the Amber series is more geared towards the everyday user. Products like the Amber AM-390N desk and credenza set offer the perfect blend of traditional and modern qualities sure to earn any office a host of positive compliments. At an everyday low price of only $1567.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better set on the market today. Available in 5 popular finishes, this 8 piece package boasts glass accented hutch doors and plenty of storage. The bow front office desks for sale from the Amber collection can be purchased in sets like this or individually for those looking to add on components in the future.

Cherryman Jade Series Executive Desk SetLast but certainly not least, the JA-177 Jade series executive desk package was a must for today's article. This popular set works great in both modern home and business environments. With 8 pieces in total this configuration includes everything you need to get your executive office makeover started on the right foot. The Cherryman Jade Series also includes a wide variety of matching products for other office areas including the conference room and reception area. This full service line is highly recommended by industry professionals. The in stock status makes Jade furniture an even better solution for those looking to meet a tight project deadline. Stay tuned for more exciting desks from this popular collection in February!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

5 Ergonomic Office Chairs for Relieving Back Pain

Anyone that has ever had back problems at work knows how detrimental it can be. Not only is back pain uncomfortable, but it can also hamper your productivity, work ethic, and concentration too. That's likely why so many business owners have made the switch to ergonomic office chairs for their company. Healthier employees makes a faster, more competitive, less expensive work environment, and best of all, everyone's comfortable. If back pain is causing your work to suffer at the office, here are some great chairs to bid it goodbye!

Ergo Contract Furniture Boost Mesh Back Task Chair
If you're shopping adjustable ergonomic furniture for your employees, a good place to start is with brands like Ergonomic Contract Furniture. Choosing comfortable ergonomic mesh chairs like the MMX191M Ergo Contract Mesh Task Chair for your office is an excellent way to refurbish with style and health as a priority. Not only is this chair affordable, but it also boasts excellent ergonomic benefits like a padded seat, swing pivoting adjustable arms, and a versatile height adjustment feature. The air fresh mesh back allows cooling air flow to reach the chair's occupant, preventing the build up of heat and sweat, and the spread of germs for a healthier office. Its patterned design on the back is almost as appealing as its price tag, and best of all, it relieves pain. Searching for a chair your employees will swoon over has never been easier!

Global Tri Tek Ergo Chair
Next on our list of the top ergonomic chairs for back pain is the chair that kicks low back pain out of the park! Available in three designs and sizes to accommodate every body shape,  the 7491-3 Tri Tek Ergo Task Chair by Global offers superior comfort unmatched by chairs at the same affordable price point. This medium back tilter features a special, molded memory foam "spine pad" it its back. The pad is activated by pressure and body heat, molding to the unique shape of the individual and easing tension on the spine's pressure points for maximum comfort. The lumbar support features all sorts of clever gadgetry in its design, allowing height and depth adjustment as needed for greatest support. Even the top of this chair boasts a slender, unobtrusive shape that allows free side to side movement for those that spend their office days reaching for phones, papers, files, and other things. The Tri Tek makes a great solution to back pain, and an even better solution to office efficiency!

Global Obusforme Office Chair 4470
Another great series to consider if you're plagued by back pain is Obusforme. Global has dedicated this furniture line's whole existence to reducing back pain through clever ergonomic chair designs. Chairs like the 4470 Global Obsuforme Office Chair are sculpted to support the natural S-curve of the spine, which can get bent out of place by other office chairs, causing the pain many of us are all too familiar with. The Obusforme chair relives the aches by gently guiding your back into the ideal position, actually improving your posture. Not only that, but the S-curve in the chair also flexes to your body, moving as you do for amazing office efficiency. Both the chair and it's matching headrest come in an array of brilliant colors to easily match office decor, and the price is pretty tough to beat for all you get out of this incredible work of art.

Global Arti Series Polypropylene Back Chair
This next chair is one that has swept the nation time and again as one of the best chairs for relieving back pain. The 6670-2 Global Arti Series Polypropylene Office Chair features a high tech design by the world renowned chair designer Zooey Chu, and she certainly did not disappoint. The Arti a brilliant back rest linked together by internal steel cables and highly graded springs, supported by horizontal flexible wings, which mimic and articulate to the user's spine. The chair immediately and superbly responds to human body movement, so it's wonderful for anyone, especially those with office aches. Those that love the environment will be happy to know that this chair is manufactured from highly engineered graded plastics, and the chair's materials are almost totally recyclable. Available in tons of colors to easily match decor and affixed with a price that puts other ergonomic chairs to shame, it's no wonder the Arti has become a favorite.

RFM Preferred Seating Verte Ergonomic Office Chair
Finally, we leave you with the best of the best! The 22011 Verte Ergonomic Office Chair by RFM is the company's pride and joy, and with good reason. This chair has been herald by experts as one of the most comfortable modern ergonomic office chairs in the world, and it is the absolute best answer for those with back pain. Inspired by the human vertebrae, the Verte features a total of eleven torsion spring loaded joints that instantly articulate themselves to the one-of-a-kind shape of each user. The joints take an exact impression of the human spine and can be locked in place for maximum adjustability and support to send your back pain away for good. Available in RFM's vast array of signature colors, this high tech piece of machinery will mold to any office decor just as easily as it does the user's back. The Verte just goes to show that ten years of intensive design by a trained team of designers, engineers, and ergonomists truly produces excellent results that are sure to impress!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Product Reviews: Alba Conference Tables by Global

Global is a furniture company that is well known for producing top quality office products. Examples of their amazing collections of chairs, desks, storage units, and lounge furniture can be found in offices all over the nation. Business owners everywhere have recognized the immense craftsmanship and design that goes into Global's furniture, and home office users have turned the company's chair and desk series into some of the most popular on the market today. However, few things exemplify Global's commitments to great products and happy customers like their conference tables. In fact, the Alba line has become a favorite among users everywhere. These five tables are just a few reasons why!

Global Alba Elliptical Conference Table
First up, we give you the ever stylish GEL10WSTM Global Alba Elliptical Conference Table for your office. This little gem comes in a total of ten beautiful finish options for the tabletop to better match decor, and it even features a unique metal base that's sure to impress. The base is also available in either a black or tungsten finish to provide color contrast if desired. This table is the ideal addition to all sorts of conference environments because it easily combines modern charm and classic professionalism into one clever design. It also works wonderfully in break rooms, upscale cafeterias, or boardrooms as well. The table is perfect for the average-sized office, as it is not too big, nor too small, but just right in terms of it's size!  Easy to assemble, it's not hard to see why this beauty is one of the more popular tables in Global's stock.

Global Alba Rectangular Conference TableIf you're on a tight budget, this next table is definitely worth some consideration! The GR6LTM Global Alba Recetangular Conference Table puts many Global's other tables to shame in terms of the price tag, which is really saying something, given the fact that all of Global's tables are already incredibly affordable when compared to other conference furniture. In addition to a great price, this table also boasts incredible versatility. Not only could it be of equal use in a conference room, boardroom, break room, and cafe, but the table is also available in nine total sizes and ten great colors to fit in virtually any office space. Of course, being from the Alba collection, this table heads the pack in style, boasting a metal base to showcase modern trends. If you're looking for a sleek, cool addition to your office space that won't break your bank, you'll be hard pressed to find anything better than this rectangular masterpiece.

Global Alba Racetrack Conference TableWant the epitome of contemporary fashion in your office? Then checking out the GRT8WLTM Alba Oval Top Conference Table by Global should be the first on your list to look at. Unlike the other tables we've showcased so far, this item boasts a fashionable racetrack top that's sure to draw a few eyes. Racetrack tables have become all the rage in recent years, and it isn't hard to see why. The design offers the length needed for practicality, but combines it with the graceful curves that give furniture a taste of the modern era. Like all furniture in the Alba line, the GRT8WLTM is available in ten colors to better match office decor. It also boasts a retro-esque metal base offered in either a solid black or shimmering tungsten finish. If you're worried about whether or not this baby will fit into your conference room, fret not. Like the table listed above, this table is also available in nine great sizes for your convenience, and the best part is, it won't cost you an arm and a leg!

Global Racetrack Conference Table
This next table definitely makes a great icebreaker if you're in a room with a crowd. Designed by the world-renowned Zooey Chu, you can bet your bottom dollar that the GRT10WLTM Alba Racetrack Table by Global will bring superior style to any room it sits in. Featured here in what appears to be a rich espresso or tiger mahogany finish, this table offers the most variety of any table in this list. It is available in a swath of colors larger than any choice collection Global offers, from a bright avant cherry to a brushed cobalt, tiger maple, and even a silky avant honey. The frame is available in your choice of a black or tungsten finish to fit in with current trends, and if you're worried about size, don't bother. This table is available in numerous sizes to fit in conference rooms both large and small. It makes a remarkable addition to any casual business meeting area for an affordable price!

Global Alba Laminate Conference Table
And finally, we leave you with what is probably the most popular table in the entire Alba line, if not the most popular conference table by Global itself. The GEL8WSTM Global Alba Laminate Conference Table is one of the most trendy tables for modern conference use on the market today. It's design features an elliptical tabletop that doesn't sacrifice professional design for contemporary appeal. The GEL8WSTM features a protective T-mold edge that keeps the table's edges from getting dinged up or scuffed during transport, assembly, or years of consecutive use. Of course, the table also offers a shining metal base to appeal to young, contemporary executives. Repeat users and guests alike will love the superior design of this affordable table, and available in so many sizes, chances are, it will fit in your office without hassle!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Mira Series Executive Desks by Mayline

The Mira collection is one of Mayline's most popular furniture series, and it isn't hard to see why. This furniture is great for both home and business use. It is stylish, modular, convenient, and it offers the perfect blend of traditional charm and modern sophistication. The Mira collection is one of Mayline's largest, offering bookshelves and tables alongside files and cabinetry, but by far, the most popular items in this collection are the Mira executive desks. So what makes these stylish desks so popular? Well, lucky for you, that's what today's post is all about. Here's Office Anything's reviews of the five most popular Mira executive desks by Mayline!

Mayline Mira Series Executive Corner Desk
First on our list is the MCU6 Mayline Mira Executive Corner Desk for your office. Featured here in the Mira collection's signature medium cherry finish, the desk is also available in a darker rich espresso finish to better match existing office decor. The design makes this desk super accommodating of any office environment, since it doesn't require a whole lot of interior design sense to decide where it should go. It is excellent for those that like to work in corners. Not only does the shape make it discreet, but the desk also opens up the rest of the room for more floor space since it sits out of the way. The MCU6 makes a great addition to both home and commercial business environments, as long as it stays in a corner. It is the perfect desk to keep up against the wall or underneath a window for a great view. As far as features go, the desk boasts plenty of leg room and two stylish pedestals for extra storage space. Because it looks best in corners, it makes a great addition to any office that isn't frequented by visitors.

Mayline Mira Series Executive Office Furniture Suite
For a similar desk that doesn't take up a whole lot of room, MIRAPACK Mira Series Executive Office Suite by Mayline is definitely the one for you! This desk set is much like the corner desk listed above in that it certainly leaves plenty of floor space for the rest of the room. However, the desk itself is designed to face the interior of room, making it an excellent choice for those in small offices where visitors are a common sight. Guests love the welcoming look of this desk set. It's not overly large or imposing, so it is  a popular choice with psychiatrists and school officials whose guests might be a bit overwhelmed by big furniture. One of the greatest aspects of this desk set is that it offers tons of storage space. The Mira Suite Set not only includes a stylish office desk, but also a large credenza with ample drawer and shelf space, and a bookcase for added organization. As with all Mira products, this desk set is available in either a medium cherry or espresso finish. It makes a beautiful, non-intimidating addition to both home and commercial offices alike.

Mayline Mira Series Executive Typical
Want a great all-in-one desk? Then say hello to the MEUB3 Mira Series Executive Desk by Mayline for your business needs. This large, u-shaped desk is a great choice for both homes and businesses alike. It's u-shaped design allows this desk to do it all. One side can sit comfortably against a wall or window, while one side can serve as the primary work area, and the third side can be left to face a room's interior to greet guests. It offers amazing leg room on all three sides, and still has plenty of space left over for the two stylish pedestals for office storage. The subtle curves offer just the right sense of professionalism while either of the rich finish options provide an equal sense of traditional charm. Despite it's size, the MEUB3 still manages to save space by keeping one side against a wall. It is a brilliant choice for the do-it-all office worker.

Mayline Mira Series Executive Typical MEU1
Next up, we give you the MEU1 Mayline Mira Series Executive Typical for your appreciation. Now this is a desk set that certainly deserves a round of applause! The MEU1 makes a great desk for the active office worker because it offers a unique modular design aimed to increase efficiency and productivity. This U desk with hutch offers plenty of storage space, boasting everything from cabinets, to pedestals, and even a credenza to boot. It's design is centered entirely around the user so everything is within arm's reach to improve work speed and capability. The large back side looks best when set against a wall, but it can be set up virtually anywhere in the room aside from that. The wraparound front makes a great reception station for when guests visit, and the tall back offers a commanding view of any room. Available in either medium cherry or espresso, the MEU1 is a super stylish choice for home and business office use alike.

Mayline Mira Series Executive Typical MEU5R
And finally, we leave you with the ever stylish MEU5R Mira Series Executive Typical by Mayline for your workplace. One day at this grand desk, and you won't settle for anything less. The MEU5R boasts incredible storage space. It offers a credenza, hutch, pedestal, bridge, and even an optional wall cabinet with three shelves, two drawers, and a coat rack for maximum style. The cabinets even have frosted glass doors for the ultimate in executive appeal. The stylish P-shaped design of the desk is part of what makes this desk so incredibly popular as it provides extra work space. Compared to other modern desks for executive use, the MEU5R is a steal at its affordable price. The back side of the desk is meant to be set against a wall, but the rest of the desk certainly offers a commanding view that visitors are sure to find impressive. With a matching guest chair or two at the front, this luxury executive desk would be fit to receive the prince of Persia!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Top 10 Rectangular Conference Tables for Business Use

It's no secret that conference rooms are an imperative part of many businesses. For anyone that has ever decided to shop these tables though, it can be hard to know which is the best for your office's unique needs. Racetrack, boat shaped, round, square, and modular are all different types of conference tables, and each comes with great features and a huge array of sizes that can make shopping a daunting task. However, for businesses that tends to lean towards a more geometric decor, it can be hard to beat the professional executive style of a rectangular conference table. Here's a list of our top ten to get you started!

Global Alba Rectangular Conference TableFirst on our list is the gorgeous GR6TLM Global Alba Rectangular Conference Table. This pretty little gem is probably one of the most versatile tables out there, capable of fitting into almost any conference room. Global was considerate enough to offer this table in a total of nine available sizes, all reasonably priced for buyer convenience. In addition, it also offers ten great finish options, including colors like Avant Cherry, Tiger Mahogany, and Willow Gray. The frame is offered in either a black or tungsten finish to better match existing office decor. The wonderful style of the Global Alba rectangular table makes it the ideal addition to any executive office conference area.

Mayline Sorrento Rectangular Conference Table SC8
The SC8 Rectangular Sorrento Conference Table by Mayline offers a stunning look that any conference room would be made better by. This table features a luxury appeal captured by the sumptuous bourbon cherry finish. It's unique design is certainly enough to impress any visiting office executives, but if it doesn't, the optional matching presentation board certainly will. Users love the ability to take notes and leave reminders on the convenient dry-erase board. All in all, the whole set makes an invaluable asset that any conference or break room should never be without.

Global Zira Series Rectangular Conference Table
Next up, the Global Zira! This beautiful conference table blends professionalism with just the right touch of modern style. The Zira collection by Global is one of the brand's most popular lines. Executives just love the unique contemporary features of this rectangular conference table and its matching counterparts. Available in more than fifteen amazing finish options, this table can look great in virtually any conference room. It matches existing office decor with ease, and even features an base trim finish to enhance the professional appeal of your conference room and keep you on the cutting edge!

OFM Mesh Base Conference Table
Perfect for any conference room of average size, the T3672MB Mesh Base Conference Table by OFM is ideal for the everyday use. It is wonderful for office executives with guests and employees working on company projects. The table comfortably fits up to six people and even allows for a little extra elbow room. A durable high pressure laminate top and theT-molded banding around the edge are designed to protect the table from bangs and scuffs during transport, assembly, and years of frequent use.  Available in either an English Oak, Gray Nebula, or Mahogany Laminate finish, this table offers enough versatility to match several office interiors, but the best part of all is the affordable price!

Mayline Toscana Conference Table TC96
For a classically styled table that should never be passed up, look no farther than the TC96 Mayline Boardroom Table from the Toscana collection for your business. This table was designed with with the highest quality professional style in mind. It features beautiful hardwood inlays and cross directional veneers for diversity and is available in either a beautiful mahogany or sierra cherry veneer with light/dark gradients that are sure to impress.

Global Laminate Rectangular Conference Table
The GCT8WRX Rectangular Laminate Conference Table by Global is one of the best deals around. For just a few hundred dollars, the Global Rectangular Table can turn your conference room into a cutting edge revolution. The table features a particle board top glazed with a high performance thermally infused laminate for durability. Available in three sizes and more colors than any conference table has a right to boast, the GCT8WRX is one conference table that no potential buyer should ever leave out of their lineup.

OFM Large Mesh Base Conference Table
Looking for a table with loads of modern style? The T4896MB Large Mesh Base Conference Table by OFM is probably the one for you! This contemporary conference table boasts a the ability to comfortably seat up to eight people. A snap to assemble, this hassle free table comes in three cool colors to better match existing decor. The T-molded banding protects it from getting dinged up during assembly, transport, and everyday use. Complete with convenient leveling guides, this table can be yours for just a few hundred dollars - a price that few conference table manufacturers can ever hope to match.

Mayline Geneva Conference Table
Available in a rectangular, racetrack, or boat shaped design, the CT7236RL Mayline Geneva Conference Table offers enough versatility to satisfy a host of business needs. The Geneva is available in a stylish Nebula Gray, mahogany, or pearwood laminate to better match existing office decor with ease. Executives love its optional shapes and protective T-mold edge. It's super easy to assemble through metal-to-metal connections, but best of all is the affordable price!

Lesro Contemporary Series Conference Table
For a simple, contemporary design, look no further than the V1772T5 Contemporary Conference Table by Lesro for your office. This table features a genuine solid oak construction that's beautiful and built to last the ages. The oak is prepared using a five step hand rubbed finish that no other manufacturer can seem to match. Available in six handsome finish colors, this enduring conference table will pay for itself time and time again in no time at all!

OFM English Oak Laminate Conference Table
And last, but certainly not least, we leave you with the alluring T3672MB English Oak Laminate Conference Table by OFM for your workplace. As one of the most affordable stylish rectangular conference tables available, the English Oak table is a very popular option. With the ability to comfortably seat up to six people, this table meets the needs of almost every company in some form or another. It makes an excellent addition to either conference rooms, break rooms, or even training areas. The T-molded edge protects the table from damage, and it's a snap to assemble. Focus groups love it just as much as executive guests do! At its affordable price, its a wonder OFM hasn't run out of them!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Custom Executive Office Furniture Configurations by Global

Global Total Office is a high end furniture manufacturer that prides themselves on quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, and workplace productivity. This industry leader offers an extensive selection of desk configurations to meet the needs of any space and budget. That being said, not every office can utilize an out of the box approach to their furnishings. While stocked products are great for those in need of furniture in a hurry, those in search of a one of a kind appeal will love the custom configuration capabilities Global has to offer. In today's article we'll showcase 5 modern office suites designed by Global that will inspire your office renovation.

Global Correlation Furniture

The Global Total Office Desks from the popular Correlation series have been selling out for years. This versatile line offers an excellent blend of traditional style and modern influences to form a truly one of a kind look in the workplace. The custom package above features a stand alone executive desk along with plenty of storage to keep your space well organized. The Wardrobe cabinet with file cabinet is a particularly unique piece that's a sure conversation starter. A package of this nature costs upwards of around $4000 when you include the far wall Correlation bookcase CBC72 and lateral files. All Correlation components are available in a choice of laminate color to meet your specific tastes.

Global Dufferin Furniture

If you're limited by space, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style! The office furniture with contemporary style from the Global Dufferin configuration above is sure to inspire creativity and professionalism in those small work environments. While custom packages are available from this popular line for larger spaces, we thought it would be beneficial to show just how easy Dufferin makes it to maximize areas with limited square footage. This U shaped package features a metal modesty panel with industrial appeal. The rear storage section offers organizing shelves as well as a double door cabinet that locks for office security. The blend of metal and wood surfaces make for a luxurious line with unlimited possibilities!

Global Halton Series Furniture

The modern furniture trend has been riding high in the office world. That being said, simplified and commercial solutions will always have their place. If you're looking for a straight forward furniture line that's all about business, the custom Halton furniture package above will be an instant favorite. The two tone color combination makes for an interesting look that allows you to express your style ingenuity. The L shaped design used here is great for along the wall and corner applications. This particular package includes a mobile pedestal along with suspended pedestals and an overhead hutch for storage. The commercial office desks available from this line can even be configured to create multi user workstations.

Global Total Office Princeton Series Furniture

We're happy to admit that the Princeton Furniture Collection by Global is an favorite! This innovative line offers an incredible selection of modular components that allow interior design teams and consumers alike the ability to create an unlimited array of configurations. Custom packages from the Princeton series also allow pieces to be added when the needs of your business grow. Choose from handle options, large and small cabinets for office organizing, and a huge variety of laminate finish options to meet your workspace needs. Two tone packages are also available for those looking to take their design over the top.

Global Zira Furniture Set

Last but certainly not least we reach the award winning Zira office furniture collection by Global Total Office. Rest assured, this line is sure to impress even the harshest critics. The out of this world modern style and superior component selection take Zira to the forefront of workplace innovation capabilities. Custom packages from the Zira line are easily specked to meet the needs of any sized space. In addition to the custom sets, units like the Zira furniture layout 6 are available to save you time when designing your space. Still need more to convince you of Zira's top rated status? No problem! Global has just expanded this collection to now include high end modern boardroom tables and matching receptionist stations.