Wednesday, January 29, 2014

5 Ergonomic Office Chairs for Relieving Back Pain

Anyone that has ever had back problems at work knows how detrimental it can be. Not only is back pain uncomfortable, but it can also hamper your productivity, work ethic, and concentration too. That's likely why so many business owners have made the switch to ergonomic office chairs for their company. Healthier employees makes a faster, more competitive, less expensive work environment, and best of all, everyone's comfortable. If back pain is causing your work to suffer at the office, here are some great chairs to bid it goodbye!

Ergo Contract Furniture Boost Mesh Back Task Chair
If you're shopping adjustable ergonomic furniture for your employees, a good place to start is with brands like Ergonomic Contract Furniture. Choosing comfortable ergonomic mesh chairs like the MMX191M Ergo Contract Mesh Task Chair for your office is an excellent way to refurbish with style and health as a priority. Not only is this chair affordable, but it also boasts excellent ergonomic benefits like a padded seat, swing pivoting adjustable arms, and a versatile height adjustment feature. The air fresh mesh back allows cooling air flow to reach the chair's occupant, preventing the build up of heat and sweat, and the spread of germs for a healthier office. Its patterned design on the back is almost as appealing as its price tag, and best of all, it relieves pain. Searching for a chair your employees will swoon over has never been easier!

Global Tri Tek Ergo Chair
Next on our list of the top ergonomic chairs for back pain is the chair that kicks low back pain out of the park! Available in three designs and sizes to accommodate every body shape,  the 7491-3 Tri Tek Ergo Task Chair by Global offers superior comfort unmatched by chairs at the same affordable price point. This medium back tilter features a special, molded memory foam "spine pad" it its back. The pad is activated by pressure and body heat, molding to the unique shape of the individual and easing tension on the spine's pressure points for maximum comfort. The lumbar support features all sorts of clever gadgetry in its design, allowing height and depth adjustment as needed for greatest support. Even the top of this chair boasts a slender, unobtrusive shape that allows free side to side movement for those that spend their office days reaching for phones, papers, files, and other things. The Tri Tek makes a great solution to back pain, and an even better solution to office efficiency!

Global Obusforme Office Chair 4470
Another great series to consider if you're plagued by back pain is Obusforme. Global has dedicated this furniture line's whole existence to reducing back pain through clever ergonomic chair designs. Chairs like the 4470 Global Obsuforme Office Chair are sculpted to support the natural S-curve of the spine, which can get bent out of place by other office chairs, causing the pain many of us are all too familiar with. The Obusforme chair relives the aches by gently guiding your back into the ideal position, actually improving your posture. Not only that, but the S-curve in the chair also flexes to your body, moving as you do for amazing office efficiency. Both the chair and it's matching headrest come in an array of brilliant colors to easily match office decor, and the price is pretty tough to beat for all you get out of this incredible work of art.

Global Arti Series Polypropylene Back Chair
This next chair is one that has swept the nation time and again as one of the best chairs for relieving back pain. The 6670-2 Global Arti Series Polypropylene Office Chair features a high tech design by the world renowned chair designer Zooey Chu, and she certainly did not disappoint. The Arti a brilliant back rest linked together by internal steel cables and highly graded springs, supported by horizontal flexible wings, which mimic and articulate to the user's spine. The chair immediately and superbly responds to human body movement, so it's wonderful for anyone, especially those with office aches. Those that love the environment will be happy to know that this chair is manufactured from highly engineered graded plastics, and the chair's materials are almost totally recyclable. Available in tons of colors to easily match decor and affixed with a price that puts other ergonomic chairs to shame, it's no wonder the Arti has become a favorite.

RFM Preferred Seating Verte Ergonomic Office Chair
Finally, we leave you with the best of the best! The 22011 Verte Ergonomic Office Chair by RFM is the company's pride and joy, and with good reason. This chair has been herald by experts as one of the most comfortable modern ergonomic office chairs in the world, and it is the absolute best answer for those with back pain. Inspired by the human vertebrae, the Verte features a total of eleven torsion spring loaded joints that instantly articulate themselves to the one-of-a-kind shape of each user. The joints take an exact impression of the human spine and can be locked in place for maximum adjustability and support to send your back pain away for good. Available in RFM's vast array of signature colors, this high tech piece of machinery will mold to any office decor just as easily as it does the user's back. The Verte just goes to show that ten years of intensive design by a trained team of designers, engineers, and ergonomists truly produces excellent results that are sure to impress!

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