Tuesday, January 7, 2014

5 Ways to Create an Out of This World Conference Room

A state of the art conference room makes for improved meeting efficiency and productivity. In today's article we'll showcase 5 awesome ways to help you achieve just that! From powered tables to advanced multi media presentation aids, you'll be armed with the ideas needed to take your boardroom over the top!

Use A Powered Table

Zira Series Conference Room TableMulti media meeting areas are a huge hit. The latest powered conference table models like those from the Zira collection by Global offer customizable modules to meet  your specific needs. From HDMI ports to standard 3 prong outlets, Zira tables are some of the most state of the art products on the market today. Needless to say, manufacturers like Global understand the growing needs of your business and the importance of productivity. If you're looking to take your boardroom to the next level, a powered table is the first place to start.

Add Attractive Storage Cabinets for Organizing

Cherryman Verde CabinetNeedles to say, a cluttered meeting area does not leave a great impression on valued clientele. A well organized space is a much different matter however! Adding stylish and versatile office organizing products like metal storage cabinets for sale from brands like Mayline with industrial appeal add aesthetic value to any conference space. Those limited by square footage can still utilize space saving products like stacking cabinets and mobile hospitality carts that can be moved easily when necessary. A well organized and professional space shows the sophistication needed to take your meeting area to the upper echelon of interior success. Looking for a product suggestions? No problem! Units like the Cherryman Verde VL-617N cabinet with lateral file drawers and storage drawers will have your space looking
fantastic in no time!

Think Outside The Box

Elliptical Conference TableIf you want an incredible conference room space for your business you have to think outside the box. While traditional boat shaped, racetrack, and rectangular tables will always have their place, unique surface shapes are also available that add plenty of wow factor. Products like the S1896KF Lesro Mystic Series Elliptical Table are a great way to showcase this trend in action. The sleek design adds commercial and contemporary appeal and is also quite cost effective. Using shapes like the Mystic's elliptical surface shows design ingenuity and class in the workplace. This in turn results in ample compliments for your space!

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

White Leather Conference ChairComfort should be a top priority in the boardroom. To achieve optimal ergonomic support during those long meetings you'll need high quality seating for yourself and guests. While high end office chairs can often be quite expensive, there are definitely budget friendly ways to accomplish this important goal. Products like the GO-1297M-MID-WHITE-GG White Leather Designer Office Chair by Flash Furniture offer a unique appeal that comes at the minimal cost of only $146.99 each. The use of white in the boardroom has also become incredibly popular. Those looking to create a truly innovative space will surely want to take a closer look at this trend. White upholstery makes for an open look and neutral canvas that makes a statement without distracting from the table as your areas focal piece. While there are several other leather conference room seating solutions on the market, those from Flash Furniture are a great place to start your shopping. The style, affordable price point, and ergonomic features make them an absolute value when compared to other models at even twice the price.


AVPB Brighton Presentation BoardLast but certainly not least, adding conference room accessories to assist with presentation needs is a great way to take your space to the next level. Items like the AVPB Brighton dry erase presentation board and mobile beverage carts add versatility as well as aesthetic value to any meeting area. In addition, multi media accessories like lap top stands, monitor mounts, and adjustable lecterns make for excellent enhancements with ergonomic attributes. No matter the accessories you decide to incorporate to your space, consider the needs of your guests, how often products will be used, and the benefits gained. Not every product is a necessity and over doing it can detract from the effectiveness in the long run. Meeting with industry professionals will also provide valuable insight into popular items sure to improve your workplace productivity.

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