Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Brand Showcase: Top 7 Drafting Tables by Studio Designs

In need of a great gift for an artist or craftsperson you know? What could be better than something that helps them do what they love the most? Artists can be a little bit kooky, but few things can show you care about them and what they pursue than a gift like a drafting table, and when it comes to drafting tables, no one knows them better than Studio Designs! This brand is famous for manufacturing high quality tables for artists and drafters everywhere. Their tables are stylish, affordable, and built to last; always assured to be great tools for the talented person in your life. Not sure which one to get? Here's a list of the top seven drafting tables by Studio Designs to help you out!


Studio Designs Ultima Fold A Way Table

Got a kid in your life that aims for the paints and the pencils? The STU-19652 Ultima Fold-A-Way Table by Studio Designs is the perfect gift! This table is ideal for young artists and students in dorms or apartments because it folds flat for easy storage. When not in use, it conveniently slides into closets or under beds to stay out of sight until the paints are broken out again. It features a storage tray equipped to hold pens, pencils, and paintbrushes, among other things. The height and angle of the table can also be adjusted as needed. Whether you're a novice or an experienced designer, this table is a must have for  those days when an artist just has to create!

Deluxe Craft Station

Studio Designs Deluxe Craft Station

For the intense crafter, it doesn't get much better than the STU-13252 Deluxe Craft Station by Studio Designs as far as creation goes. This craft station is equipped to handle the works from painters, scrapbookers, crafters, drafters, hot gluers, and those that do it all! And the best part is, it's super affordable. It features drawers for easy storage, a drip tray to catch messes, and a finger touch adjustable angle top for added convenience. It's a tough act to beat, which is why its one of the most popular craft stations on the market today!

Futura Tower Draft Station

Studio Designs 10057 Futura Tower Drafting Station

The STU-10057 Studio Designs Futura Drafting Tower makes an excellent tool for drafters and handy people. This table offers adjustability, cup holders, tower shelves for easy storage, removable art trays, and magnetic cork board combo for added utility. It even includes a stylish tempered blue safety glass for a smooth work surface. Anyone that likes to plan and sketch blueprints will surely appreciate the high tech design of this cool drafting station.

Cascade Magnetic Table

Studio Designs Cascade Magnetic Table

Whether you draft, draw, paint, or craft, the 410608 Cascade Magnetic Table by Studio Designs is never a bad thing to have in your creative arsenal. This incredibly affordable table is ideal for studio use in both home and commercial capacities. Its compact design features four removable art trays, a tempered safety glass top for a smooth work surface, a durable steel frame, and a magnetized table complete with four magnets to hold down art pieces and keep them still while working.

Wing Drafting Table

Wing Drafting Table by Studio Designs

Want a drafting table with a superior style of its own? Look no further than the STU-13290 Studio Designs Wing Table for your artsy friends. This table is features a top that folds flat so it can be used as both a regular table and an artist's tool. It is also stylish enough to be left out in the open so users don't have to spend a lot of time packing it up and putting it away or hiding it in a studio. The Wing drafting table features an adjustable top, and three storage drawers. It makes an excellent art table for children and adults alike!

Ultima Drafting Set

Studio Designs 4 Piece Ultima Drafting Set

The STU-32609 Ultima Drafting Set by Studio Designs is a great all-in-one drafting table for artists of all ages. This stylish drafting set includes the convenient fold away table that's first on this list, and ties it in with a Deluxe desk chair, adjustable lamp, and an Optima art tray all for an affordable price. The convenience of this stylish collection makes it one of the most popular choices both for those who are just exploring the art world and those who have delved into it time and time again!

Catalina Split Top Work Center

Studio Designs Split Top Catalina Table

Finally, we leave you with the creme de la creme of drafting tables. The STU-10080 Catalina Split Top Workcenter by Studio Designs is not really for the novice artist. This professionally designed table is better suited to fit the needs of those who produce art pieces and drafts on a daily basis. It consists of two tempered safety glass tables that can be lit from beneath and adjusted thirty degrees for convenience. However, although this table is designed primarily for use by artists, it also makes an excellent computer desk for those that want style without having to pay a high price. The Catalina Split Top Table is truly the king of affordable tables for drafting purposes!

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