Friday, January 24, 2014

Mira Series Executive Desks by Mayline

The Mira collection is one of Mayline's most popular furniture series, and it isn't hard to see why. This furniture is great for both home and business use. It is stylish, modular, convenient, and it offers the perfect blend of traditional charm and modern sophistication. The Mira collection is one of Mayline's largest, offering bookshelves and tables alongside files and cabinetry, but by far, the most popular items in this collection are the Mira executive desks. So what makes these stylish desks so popular? Well, lucky for you, that's what today's post is all about. Here's Office Anything's reviews of the five most popular Mira executive desks by Mayline!

Mayline Mira Series Executive Corner Desk
First on our list is the MCU6 Mayline Mira Executive Corner Desk for your office. Featured here in the Mira collection's signature medium cherry finish, the desk is also available in a darker rich espresso finish to better match existing office decor. The design makes this desk super accommodating of any office environment, since it doesn't require a whole lot of interior design sense to decide where it should go. It is excellent for those that like to work in corners. Not only does the shape make it discreet, but the desk also opens up the rest of the room for more floor space since it sits out of the way. The MCU6 makes a great addition to both home and commercial business environments, as long as it stays in a corner. It is the perfect desk to keep up against the wall or underneath a window for a great view. As far as features go, the desk boasts plenty of leg room and two stylish pedestals for extra storage space. Because it looks best in corners, it makes a great addition to any office that isn't frequented by visitors.

Mayline Mira Series Executive Office Furniture Suite
For a similar desk that doesn't take up a whole lot of room, MIRAPACK Mira Series Executive Office Suite by Mayline is definitely the one for you! This desk set is much like the corner desk listed above in that it certainly leaves plenty of floor space for the rest of the room. However, the desk itself is designed to face the interior of room, making it an excellent choice for those in small offices where visitors are a common sight. Guests love the welcoming look of this desk set. It's not overly large or imposing, so it is  a popular choice with psychiatrists and school officials whose guests might be a bit overwhelmed by big furniture. One of the greatest aspects of this desk set is that it offers tons of storage space. The Mira Suite Set not only includes a stylish office desk, but also a large credenza with ample drawer and shelf space, and a bookcase for added organization. As with all Mira products, this desk set is available in either a medium cherry or espresso finish. It makes a beautiful, non-intimidating addition to both home and commercial offices alike.

Mayline Mira Series Executive Typical
Want a great all-in-one desk? Then say hello to the MEUB3 Mira Series Executive Desk by Mayline for your business needs. This large, u-shaped desk is a great choice for both homes and businesses alike. It's u-shaped design allows this desk to do it all. One side can sit comfortably against a wall or window, while one side can serve as the primary work area, and the third side can be left to face a room's interior to greet guests. It offers amazing leg room on all three sides, and still has plenty of space left over for the two stylish pedestals for office storage. The subtle curves offer just the right sense of professionalism while either of the rich finish options provide an equal sense of traditional charm. Despite it's size, the MEUB3 still manages to save space by keeping one side against a wall. It is a brilliant choice for the do-it-all office worker.

Mayline Mira Series Executive Typical MEU1
Next up, we give you the MEU1 Mayline Mira Series Executive Typical for your appreciation. Now this is a desk set that certainly deserves a round of applause! The MEU1 makes a great desk for the active office worker because it offers a unique modular design aimed to increase efficiency and productivity. This U desk with hutch offers plenty of storage space, boasting everything from cabinets, to pedestals, and even a credenza to boot. It's design is centered entirely around the user so everything is within arm's reach to improve work speed and capability. The large back side looks best when set against a wall, but it can be set up virtually anywhere in the room aside from that. The wraparound front makes a great reception station for when guests visit, and the tall back offers a commanding view of any room. Available in either medium cherry or espresso, the MEU1 is a super stylish choice for home and business office use alike.

Mayline Mira Series Executive Typical MEU5R
And finally, we leave you with the ever stylish MEU5R Mira Series Executive Typical by Mayline for your workplace. One day at this grand desk, and you won't settle for anything less. The MEU5R boasts incredible storage space. It offers a credenza, hutch, pedestal, bridge, and even an optional wall cabinet with three shelves, two drawers, and a coat rack for maximum style. The cabinets even have frosted glass doors for the ultimate in executive appeal. The stylish P-shaped design of the desk is part of what makes this desk so incredibly popular as it provides extra work space. Compared to other modern desks for executive use, the MEU5R is a steal at its affordable price. The back side of the desk is meant to be set against a wall, but the rest of the desk certainly offers a commanding view that visitors are sure to find impressive. With a matching guest chair or two at the front, this luxury executive desk would be fit to receive the prince of Persia!

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