Friday, January 17, 2014

Office Furniture Reviews: Cherryman Jade Collection

Cherryman Industries is a brand that's known for it's quality design and exceptional style. Their desks and tables have taken the office furniture realm by storm and can be found in all sorts of luxury executive offices all over the nation. All Cherryman furniture collections, from the Ruby series to the Amber, feature gorgeous wood laminates and veneers in all sorts of styles and colors, but few collections showcase their commitment to gorgeous, functional furniture like the Jade collection. This collection boasts desks, tables, chairs, and reception furniture sure to turn heads in any office. It's perfect for both home and commercial office environments. If you're thinking of making over or upgrading your office, Jade furniture is definitely worth a good look! Today's post highlights some of their most popular items to inspire you.

Home Office

Cherryman Jade Collection U Desk Configuration

One of the biggest reasons Cherryman is such a successful furniture manufacturer is because their products are extremely versatile. Their desks and tables can fit just about anywhere, and always end up being the highlight of a room! Although their furniture is better known for fitting into commercial office environments, the Jade collection is no stranger to home environments either. In fact, desks like the JA-176N Jade U-Desk Configuration by Cherryman have become the standard for quality home business furniture. This desk hails from Cherryman's popular Jade collection, featuring all the things any home office would need, and more. This desk configuration comes with a pedestal, credenza, hutch shell, glass cabinet doors, and even a bookcase. You'll be hard pressed to find a configuration that offers better storage features than this one for the same affordable price. Like most furniture in the Jade collection, this desk set comes in either a stylish mahogany or rich cherry finish. It's a stunning piece of equipment that's as functional as it is gorgeous.

Executive Office

Cherryman Jade Collection U Desk Set

On the commercial office front, few things capture attention better than the JA-178 Cherryman Jade U-Desk Set when a guest enters the office. When given a commanding view of the room, desks like this let visitors know that your business is manned by professionals who care about, and are capable of attending to their unique needs. Also from the Jade collection, the Cherryman Executive Workstation is perfect for executive offices because of its large size. It is equipped with a desk, credenza, bridge, pedestal, hutch shell, glass doors, and even a wardrobe cabinet for unmatched storage. Available in both mahogany and cherry, it matches easily with other Jade furniture for a uniform look that's sure to impress. Commercial businesses everywhere have already recognized the wonderful executive benefits of the Cherryman Jade collection. Don't miss out on this wonderful executive style!

Welcome Area

Cherryman Jade Collection Reception Desk

If guests are impressed by the great style of the desk in your executive office, they'll swoon over your Cherryman Jade reception area. Of course, customer satisfaction ultimately comes down to the way your business representatives handle visitors, but if the JA-124N Jade Reception Desk by Cherryman greets your guests first, they'll have nothing to complain about. As far as looks go, the Jade reception desk is definitely in the top ten, if not number one. It is available in either cherry or mahogany, as all Jade furniture is, and it even boasts a sleek glass transaction counter for a modern touch. In terms of functionality, your receptionist won't settle for anything less after a day at this desk. Its compact design allows for plenty of wiggle room, and still manages to keep all the drawers at arm's reach. This is a desk that looks wonderful in the center of a room, and looks even better saving space if it's up against a wall. With desks like this on the front lines of your business, guests won't stand a chance against the charm!

Conference Room

Cherryman Jade Conference Table

Anyone familiar with Cherryman knows they lead the pack in the realm of stylish conference furniture. This brand is one of the biggest dealers in luxury conference tables, chairs, and presentation boards in the nation, and for a good reason. Cherryman's conference tables are made of the finest wood, and finished in a multitude of beautiful tones. The Jade collection, of course, offers tables in either mahogany or cherry, but that isn't the only reason they are so popular. Tables like the JA-161N Jade Conference Table by Cherryman and its counterparts are available in many sizes to fit ideally into all sorts of diverse conference spaces. The Jade collection also features matching conference room accessories like the affordable J120 presentation board that can be purchases separately. Tables from this series are offered in all sorts of styles and designs, including large, small, medium, round, and racetrack shaped tables. Storage cabinets and drawers are available to round out the look of any conference room, resulting in a modern professional space that guest executives will undoubtedly appreciate.

Guest Area

Cherryman Jade Collection Occaisional Table

While Cherryman is better known for their popular office desks and conference tables, their guest furniture should never be overlooked. If you plan to deck out your workplace in top-of-the-line Jade collection products, be sure you don't miss out on their great guest tables and chairs. Furniture like the J132 Jade Occaisional Table by Cherryman is one of the most stylish tables for office reception use around. Standing beside a few great Jade collection reception chairs and the stylish welcome desk featured above, your lobby, waiting room, or guest area will be the hit of the office. Choosing Cherryman is one of the most affordable ways to decorate a visitor area in a modern office, and thousands of corporate offices have already made the decision. With all the beautiful options in the Jade collection, it's impossible to go wrong!

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