Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Top 10 Rectangular Conference Tables for Business Use

It's no secret that conference rooms are an imperative part of many businesses. For anyone that has ever decided to shop these tables though, it can be hard to know which is the best for your office's unique needs. Racetrack, boat shaped, round, square, and modular are all different types of conference tables, and each comes with great features and a huge array of sizes that can make shopping a daunting task. However, for businesses that tends to lean towards a more geometric decor, it can be hard to beat the professional executive style of a rectangular conference table. Here's a list of our top ten to get you started!

Global Alba Rectangular Conference TableFirst on our list is the gorgeous GR6TLM Global Alba Rectangular Conference Table. This pretty little gem is probably one of the most versatile tables out there, capable of fitting into almost any conference room. Global was considerate enough to offer this table in a total of nine available sizes, all reasonably priced for buyer convenience. In addition, it also offers ten great finish options, including colors like Avant Cherry, Tiger Mahogany, and Willow Gray. The frame is offered in either a black or tungsten finish to better match existing office decor. The wonderful style of the Global Alba rectangular table makes it the ideal addition to any executive office conference area.

Mayline Sorrento Rectangular Conference Table SC8
The SC8 Rectangular Sorrento Conference Table by Mayline offers a stunning look that any conference room would be made better by. This table features a luxury appeal captured by the sumptuous bourbon cherry finish. It's unique design is certainly enough to impress any visiting office executives, but if it doesn't, the optional matching presentation board certainly will. Users love the ability to take notes and leave reminders on the convenient dry-erase board. All in all, the whole set makes an invaluable asset that any conference or break room should never be without.

Global Zira Series Rectangular Conference Table
Next up, the Global Zira! This beautiful conference table blends professionalism with just the right touch of modern style. The Zira collection by Global is one of the brand's most popular lines. Executives just love the unique contemporary features of this rectangular conference table and its matching counterparts. Available in more than fifteen amazing finish options, this table can look great in virtually any conference room. It matches existing office decor with ease, and even features an base trim finish to enhance the professional appeal of your conference room and keep you on the cutting edge!

OFM Mesh Base Conference Table
Perfect for any conference room of average size, the T3672MB Mesh Base Conference Table by OFM is ideal for the everyday use. It is wonderful for office executives with guests and employees working on company projects. The table comfortably fits up to six people and even allows for a little extra elbow room. A durable high pressure laminate top and theT-molded banding around the edge are designed to protect the table from bangs and scuffs during transport, assembly, and years of frequent use.  Available in either an English Oak, Gray Nebula, or Mahogany Laminate finish, this table offers enough versatility to match several office interiors, but the best part of all is the affordable price!

Mayline Toscana Conference Table TC96
For a classically styled table that should never be passed up, look no farther than the TC96 Mayline Boardroom Table from the Toscana collection for your business. This table was designed with with the highest quality professional style in mind. It features beautiful hardwood inlays and cross directional veneers for diversity and is available in either a beautiful mahogany or sierra cherry veneer with light/dark gradients that are sure to impress.

Global Laminate Rectangular Conference Table
The GCT8WRX Rectangular Laminate Conference Table by Global is one of the best deals around. For just a few hundred dollars, the Global Rectangular Table can turn your conference room into a cutting edge revolution. The table features a particle board top glazed with a high performance thermally infused laminate for durability. Available in three sizes and more colors than any conference table has a right to boast, the GCT8WRX is one conference table that no potential buyer should ever leave out of their lineup.

OFM Large Mesh Base Conference Table
Looking for a table with loads of modern style? The T4896MB Large Mesh Base Conference Table by OFM is probably the one for you! This contemporary conference table boasts a the ability to comfortably seat up to eight people. A snap to assemble, this hassle free table comes in three cool colors to better match existing decor. The T-molded banding protects it from getting dinged up during assembly, transport, and everyday use. Complete with convenient leveling guides, this table can be yours for just a few hundred dollars - a price that few conference table manufacturers can ever hope to match.

Mayline Geneva Conference Table
Available in a rectangular, racetrack, or boat shaped design, the CT7236RL Mayline Geneva Conference Table offers enough versatility to satisfy a host of business needs. The Geneva is available in a stylish Nebula Gray, mahogany, or pearwood laminate to better match existing office decor with ease. Executives love its optional shapes and protective T-mold edge. It's super easy to assemble through metal-to-metal connections, but best of all is the affordable price!

Lesro Contemporary Series Conference Table
For a simple, contemporary design, look no further than the V1772T5 Contemporary Conference Table by Lesro for your office. This table features a genuine solid oak construction that's beautiful and built to last the ages. The oak is prepared using a five step hand rubbed finish that no other manufacturer can seem to match. Available in six handsome finish colors, this enduring conference table will pay for itself time and time again in no time at all!

OFM English Oak Laminate Conference Table
And last, but certainly not least, we leave you with the alluring T3672MB English Oak Laminate Conference Table by OFM for your workplace. As one of the most affordable stylish rectangular conference tables available, the English Oak table is a very popular option. With the ability to comfortably seat up to six people, this table meets the needs of almost every company in some form or another. It makes an excellent addition to either conference rooms, break rooms, or even training areas. The T-molded edge protects the table from damage, and it's a snap to assemble. Focus groups love it just as much as executive guests do! At its affordable price, its a wonder OFM hasn't run out of them!

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