Monday, January 13, 2014

Top 5 Eco Friendly Office Desks by Mayline

Thinking of giving your office a makeover, but don't want to waste money? Believe it or not, going green is one of the best ways out there to save a buck. That's right! Because eco friendly furniture is often manufactured of recycled materials, buyers get the all the benefits of new furniture without having to pay the typical new furniture price for it. Mayline is one of the best manufacturers of stylish, eco-friendly furniture around. Their desks are sturdy, gorgeous, affordable, and guilt-free! Facelifting any room can cost a bundle, but with this handy guide showcasing some of the greatest environmental office desks out there by Mayline, you can sit back and relax knowing that going green doesn't have to make the green in your wallet go anywhere!

Brighton Office Desk

Mayline Brighton Executive Desk

Mayline is a great brand to start with if you're looking for green office furniture. Not all of their furniture is entirely eco-friendly, but a great deal of their stylish wood office desks are made of sustainably harvested wood. Much of the furniture in their Brighton collection, for example, the BT7 Brighton Executive Desk by Mayline, is made of all laminate construction as part of the company's "green" policy. Of course, being from Mayline, their desks never lacks for style by any means. This Brighton desk is available in either a bright cherry or a mocha finish to better match office decor. It looks wonderful in both home and commercial offices too. With a few desk plants, this "green" desk never looked better!

e5 Furniture Desk Set

Mayline e5 Office Furniture Configuration

Ideally designed to fit into home environments, the E5 Mayline Office Furniture Configuration is the perfect thing for an office makeover. This furniture set is equipped with everything you need for your new office, including a desk and three separate cabinets to provide amazing storage. This affordable eco-friendly product offers numerous color options for your convenience. It looks fabulous in home environments, but is no stranger to commercial and executive offices either, and makes the transition seamlessly. This desk set is super easy to specify, install, reconfigure, and power. It's a snap to set up, a snap to use, and it's one of the best professional environmentally friendly desk sets you can find!

Brighton Multi User Workstation

Mayline Brighton Series Workstation BT24

Need a way to save space at the corporate office but still want to go green? The BT24 Brighton Executive Workstation by Mayline is definitely your answer! This desk configuration saves space by eliminating all the scattered islands of office desks in a room, and replacing them with a few simple multi-user workstations. This desk from Mayline's Brighton collection does just that, allowing users ample room of their own to make use of at the same time it saves space. Like most Brighton furniture, this workstation is available in both a mocha and cherry finish. Coming from their most affordable, eco friendly line, this desk is a steal at it's affordable price!

Mayline e5 Desking Typical

Mayline e5 Desking Typical

Wan't to go green without anyone having to know you're green? Don't worry. Mayline's taken care of that too. The EXP01 e5 Desking Typical by Mayline manages to keep the sleek progressive look of the future while simultaneously working the eco friendly element under the surface. Like all e5 products by Mayline, this desk is super office efficient no matter where you put it. It's incredibly simple to specify, install, power, and of course, afford! This desk puts the environment first without losing that cutting-edge futuristic look. It makes the compromise between eco and ergo with ease, and it certainly looks good doing it!

Mayline Aberdeen Reception Desk

Mayline Aberdeen Reception Desk

Want to greet guests with a green mindset? Look no further than the ARD7236-ARDTC Reception Desk by Mayline for your lobby. This desk features superior style unmatched by other reception desks at the same affordable price. This beauty is available in three eye-catching finishes: mocha, maple, and cherry. It even boasts a sleek chrome accent that lets visitors know your business is prepared for the future! The Aberdeen Reception desk by Mayline is one of the best eco-friendly reception desks out there, not that you'd know it by it's affordable price tag. Trust us when we say however that its a winner on all fronts that's sure to impress!

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