Friday, February 7, 2014

5 Scents to Improve Focus at the Office

Office gigs can be tough, especially day to day. Sometimes, when a person hasn't had quite enough sleep, computer keyboards can definitely start to look like a comfy place to rest your head for just a few minutes… until your boss wakes you up for sleeping on the job. Trying to stay vitalized in the office can be a challenge, but there is a way to keep yourself awake without asking a co-worker to pinch if you start to nod off. Aromatherapy is an ancient way of treating all sorts of ailments, from boredom to headaches, and there are many that can even help you improve concentration. If you have trouble paying attention at work, try adding some of these super scents to keep you fresh and focused!


Cinnamon Scent

Most of us catch a whiff of this yummy scent around the holidays. It is a special favorite during the fall season because of the spicy, cozy feelings it induces in those who have spent their youth learning to associate this scent with holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Many psychologists have noted that this scent often results in revitalization. The zesty smell is reputed by many to keep them from falling asleep, and has been known to help fight mental fatigue and improve focus. If you and your co-workers are finding that the keyboard trays for office use are beginning to look more like pillows than work tools, a cinnamon scented plug-in or air freshener might be just the thing to keep you all focused!


Jasmine Tea

Feeling a bit on edge? Well, a whiff of jasmine the night before work might be just the thing to calm your nerves. This fragrant herb has been a favorite for literally thousands of years, and is still in wide use today. It can be used in foods as seasoning, but is more commonly bought by tea drinkers for it's ability to relax the nerves. Discovery Health has noted that jasmine helps sedate the nerves, promoting calmness and relaxation. They have also reputed that jasmine makes a great holistic cure for headaches, insomnia, and depression. If you find yourself with jangled nerves at work, taking cup of jasmine tea or lighting a jasmine-scented candle to help you snooze a hour before bed is a great way to ensure you wake up refreshed, stress free, and ready for the new day when you head to work. If you still find yourself or employees creeping into anxiety, try keeping a bit of jasmine scented oil in the private cubicles for office use to rub on the wrists when things get tense. It should calm the nerves and help keep everyone cool.


Rosemary Plant

If your workplace doesn't allow scented candles because of the stylish new modern executive desk the boss just got, don't worry. This next focus boosting scent works in all sorts of ways. Rosemary is a favorite seasoning in all sorts of foods, so even the aftereffects of a rosemary-scented snack like crackers or grilled chicken may help boost your focus. However, a much more effective way to ensure it's effects would be to keep rosemary plants on the corners of stylish corner desks for office use. Keeping live desk plants is a great way to improve the energy of offices both visually, and olfactory senses! Not only do plants help improve air quality, but scented herbs like rosemary have even been proven to improve memory, fight exhaustion, and improve mental fatigue.


Peppermint Plant And Candy

Got the office aches? Back pain and muscle cramps can be a huge pain in the workplace. While it is widely acknowledged that the best way to cure these pains is through the use of affordable ergonomic office chairs with modern design, it's almost certain that you'll still have to sit through the snail mail. The good news is that peppermint is a great pain reliever for common aches while you wait! Believe it or not, peppermint has been shown through studies by many universities to assist in pain relief. McMaster University in Canada, the Mymensingh Medical Journal, an article in American Family Physician, and many more reputable sources have all stated that peppermint oil is especially adept at treating things like intestinal problems, pain caused by irritable bowel syndrome, and common pains like headaches, migraines, and muscle cramps. All these reasons and more are a great excuse for keeping a few aromatic peppermint plants, teas, and some of those yummy candies around. Without the pain to distract you, it's much easier to stay focused!


Citrus Plant

For great health overall, few things are better than a bit more citrus in life! Whether you eat it, smell it, and yes, even wear it, citrusy scents like lemon and orange are amazing ways to improve focus, relieve pain, and even make you look better. Beauty experts everywhere revere the lemon as an excellent way to improve skin health, as it has been known to relieve acne, reduce oily skin, whiten teeth, and brighten hair. In the office though, lemon and orange are especially adept at keeping everyone awake. Unlike some of the other scents in this list, citrus is probably the friendliest to everyone, meaning almost everybody either likes, or doesn't mind the scent. The clean smell of lemon and orange has been reputed to enhance mood, awareness, and energy. In fact, lemon balm is actually a low-maintenance plant that gives off an energizing lemon-scent, and is adept at removing harmful VOCs from the air, improving cognition. They're almost like discount air purifiers for office use that can sit on your desk! However, even if your office doesn't allow scented candles or office plants, a little lemon in some ice water could still improve overall health, and keep you and your coworkers from sleeping against the adjustable monitor arms for computer use.

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