Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Best Modern Office Furniture Collections of 2014

The results are in! With the first month of the new year officially passed, the first emerging trends in the office furniture world have gotten under way. Everywhere, buyers are choosing the most popular furniture to indicate the latests fashion trends for the workplace. If you are considering an office makeover, here are the top office furniture collections of 2014 to inspire you!


Cherryman Verde Modern White Glass Executive Desk Set

The Verde office furniture series by Cherryman Industries is in high demand as of late, and it isn't hard to see why.  The style of this series is tailored perfectly to the most popular modern fashion trends. The Verde collection boasts tables and desks clad in wood, accented by chrome for a contemporary touch, and the finishes are available in either a rich espresso or latte coloring. All of the furniture features quality design, with desks that have ample storage and organizers almost always included. Any of the furniture in this series is capable of being easily matched to other Verde furniture, so as business grows, more furniture can be added without clashing. The Verde is a favorite of buyers for it's incredible modern style and reasonable price.


Mayline Napoli Series Reception Station

The Napoli furniture collection by Mayline has become an absolute favorite for all sorts of office environments. The furniture in this series offers incredible versatility, with desks and tables of all different shapes, sizes, and colors under the sun. Napoli conference tables make excellent additions to professional boardrooms and conference areas, while salons, lobbies, and reception areas love Napoli welcome desks. Most furniture in this series is manufactured of true wood veneer, finished in one of three stylish color choices, usually cherry, mahogany, or maple. In addition, the Napoli series boasts matching accent furniture, such as bookshelves and cabinets for easy decoration.


Mystic Series Guest Furniture by Lesro

In search of furniture for a waiting area? Look no further than the Mystic furniture series by Lesro for your space. The Mystic collection highlights the beauty of simplicity. Their chairs and tables bring minimalist design to the forefront of classy decorating. All the furniture in this collection offers plenty of versatile color choices to make designing guest areas a snap. Every table and chair is geared to meet the needs of reception areas, lobbies, waiting rooms, or conference areas. Whether you want the furniture mobile, stationary, attached, or single, the Mystic collection can usually deliver. That, and an affordable price, makes this series an excellent choice for any office frequented by visitors.


Cherryman Amber Series Executive Desk Station

Much like the Verde collection, the Amber collection by Cherryman boasts furniture of the highest quality. However, many users find that Amber furniture is much more versatile. This collection offers tables for conference rooms, office desks, modular desks, meeting tables, executive guest chairs, cabinets, and more. Users who furnish their workplace from this line can usually find whatever they need to match the rest of the furniture in their office, which is why this line has seen so much success. Amber furniture fits well in both home and office environments, and turns heads with ease! If you're looking to re-do your office space, considering the trendiness of the Amber series is certainly worth some thought!


Mayline e5 Executive U Desk Typical

Lastly, we leave you with the rising star of the office furniture world. The Mayline e5 office furniture series is one of the most popular on the market largely because of it's highly versatile style. Desks sets have been known to run high in price, but with this collection, your business can save money on a decision that won't be regretted. The e5 series offers desks and cabinets available in numerous color choices for easy decorating. If technology is a big thing for you, don't worry. These desks are built tech-friendly. They're just as easy to power as they are to set up. The e5 collection is loved by users because of the clean modern look that's sure to impress. It would make an ideal addition to any home or business office without fail!

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