Friday, February 14, 2014

Brand Showcase: Top Mid Back Chairs by Eurotech

In the world of office chairs, Eurotech has made a name for itself as one of the best brands, committed to ergonomic perfection and style. Their affordable chairs can be found everywhere from executive offices to cubicles, and in every location across the country. Chairs like the Wau, the Hawk, and the Bodyflex have all been praised for their comfort and superior design. Of course, Eurotech is known for their quality chairs of all shapes and sizes, but today, we're highlighting their top five mid back chairs for office use!

Eurotech Seating Wau Series Mid Back Office ChairThe first chair on our list will definitely have you saying "wow" for sure. The WAU-MID Eurotech Mid Back Chair is available in both a mid-back and high-back design for those who that want a little more upper body support, but for those that are satisfied with just the lumbar, the mid-back solution is just fine. The Wau is a stylish chair offered in two color combos, with a mesh back for breathability. In addition, the Wau also features tons of ergonomic benefits, such as tilt tension control, a synchro-tilt, and even a waterfall seat to improve circulation. Users love it's fluid ergonomic design. It's a steal at it's affordable price!

Eurotech Hawk Series Burgundy Mesh Back Chair For a chair that gets the job done, few things are better than the MF22-BURG Hawk Series Mesh Back Chair by Eurotech for you office. Available in five stylish colors, this chair boasts amazing style for an incredible price. Being from Eurotech, the Hawk naturally boasts some great ergonomic benefits, including tilt controls and a waterfall seat. It's mesh back upholstery allows air flow to reach the occupant, reducing the build up of heat and germs on the user. It makes the perfect compliment to any office tasking application or cubicle.

Eurotech Seating Bodyflex Office Chair
Want a chair that moves with you? The 5100FPGRN Eurotech Bodyflex Office Chair is the one for you. The Bodyflex features a self inclined mechanism that balances body weight, resulting in a smooth, effortless sit for the long work day. Although the one featured here is upholstered in green, this chair is also available in five color options, including orange, gray, and black to better match existing decor. In addition, this chair is also offered in a convenient guest chair design. No matter what version you choose however, the Bodyflex is an excellent, affordable choice that should never be passed up.
Eurotech Seating Tuscany Leather Computer Chair

The LT5213 Tuscany Series Leather Chair by Eurotech Seating is the perfect affordable chair for the cost and comfort conscious. Boasting pneumatic seat height adjustment and ergonomic capabilities, the Tuscany offers cushy, tufted leather comfort that users are sure to appreciate. This chair makes an ideal addition to the modern office desk or cubicle, and is a great choice for anyone that wants superior comfort without the superior price.

Eurotech Seating Microsuede Wing Office Chair
And last but not least, we leave you with one of Eurotech's most popular chair solutions. The SE804-GRY Microsuede Wing Office Chair by Eurotech is just one of the three stylish Wing chairs available, all of which make fashionable solutions to any office. The Wing chair is equipped with plenty of convenient ergonomic features that users are sure to appreciate. In addition, this chair also boasts a super soft microsuede upholstery that leaves occupants feeling pampered and cared for. The Wing office chair has been a favorite of those working at office desks and tasking applications, but it would make a splendid addition to any executive office with ease!

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