Monday, February 3, 2014

Designer Lounge Furniture Solutions for Business

Lounge furniture probably isn't the first thing a person thinks about when they hear the word "office," but it can be a big part of an office environment all the same. Most public businesses have some sort of guest area, be it a waiting room, reception area, or lobby, where visitors sit and relax while they wait for the business to process their request or provide service. Because of this, the caliber of guest furniture can be crucial. This is where your clients wait for the company to come to them, so if the furniture is uncomfortable or unsightly, there's little to keep them from walking out. That's why today's post highlights all the basics: the top designer lounge furniture solutions every office welcome area should have in high quality!

Lounge Chairs

OFM InterPlay Series Lounge Chair

Lounge chairs are the staple of any good office welcome area. No business owner wants to force their guests to stand while they wait, and it's likely that most guests won't want to either. Keeping comfortable modern chairs for office lounge use around will help ensure guests remain at ease and patient. Choosing chairs is a simple task. All it takes is knowing the style you want to go with, for example contemporary, retro, futuristic, or colorful, and then shopping based on that. Some chairs are available with wheels for mobility, or tablets where visitors can set beverages, reading materials, or laptops. Most lounge chairs are available in either leather or fabric options. Choosing stylish lounge chairs  with leather upholsteries helps ensure that the furniture can be easily cleaned. Fabric furniture is warmer, and keeps guests cozy. Both options are excellent solutions for waiting rooms, lobbies, and reception areas alike, and they are often available at affordable prices for buyer convenience.

Love Seats

Global Citi 7876 Love Seat

If your welcome area is tight on space, you may decide to furnish your place with affordable fabric love seats for office lounge use. Love seats make great choices for smaller office environments because they aren't as large as sofas, and they can usually hold more people than the average lounge chair. Two individuals can occupy one love seat often for less space than it takes to keep two chairs. Visitors love these seating solutions because they're cute, trendy, and comfortable. They feel homey rather than alien, which often relaxes guests. Most popular lounge furniture sets offer a love seat design somewhere in their collection, because buyers love their compact size and discount price. If you're thinking of decorating your lounge furniture space, a stylish love seat like the one from Global's Citi collection might just be the thing to make your welcome area pop!


Lesro Siena Sofa

For those that have the room for one, choosing sofa for the office welcome area is a great decision. Like love seats, sofas can often house more occupants for less space than it would take to occupy the same amount of people with lounge chairs alone. Of course, many businesses often forego the sofa on the assumption that they would be more expensive than other seating solutions. Well, they couldn't be more wrong! Designer lounge furniture manufacturers have taken the impact of price into account, and so they have begun producing sofas that are much less expensive than most would anticipate. Many sofas by Lesro and Flash Furniture feature professional designs at prices that can't be topped by anyone else, and choosing designer sofas for guest lounge use in offices is a great way to showcase a businesses commitment to customer satisfaction.

Waiting Tables

56005 Modern Glass Coffee Table by Calico Designs

Any office lounge area needs at least one table to satisfy customers. When visitors enter a waiting room or reception area, they expect some sort of entertainment, often in the form of a wall mounted television or a stack of magazines. Having a place to set reading materials and beverages is vital to every office lounge environment, but don't worry, there are lots of options to choose from. Many manufacturers such as Mayline are known for their office desks, but they also excel in producing stylish coffee tables and end tables that work in both homes and business applications. Beautiful glass tables, like the designer 56005 Modern Glass Coffee Table by Calico Designs or the Santana Table by Woodstock catch the eyes of customers with subtle curves and clean looks, but watch out! The affordable prices have been known to make buyers swoon.

Beam Seating

OFM Net Series Beam Seating

Beam seating is a relatively new addition to the office furniture world in comparison to things like lounge chairs, but these seating solutions are rapidly becoming favorites! Designer beam seating solutions rely on incredible modern design, bright colors, and exquisite convenience. For offices that see lots of guests in a short amount of time, there is no better choice. Beam seating is highly customizable, so buyers can choose how many seats they want on one beam, and if they want an end table attachment as well. These waiting chairs save space, and are a janitor's dream because they are so easily cleaned around. They're typically available in numerous color choices to better match office decor, and the seats are molded to promote user comfort. Best of all, they are often the most affordable of any lounge furniture seating solution out there, allowing businesses to seat more customers for much less! If you have a lot of guests and a high activity workplace, nothing is better than designer beam seating solutions for waiting room use.

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